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Adam Levine Suggests Naming His Child After His Mistress

Sumner Stroh
Screenshot from TIkTok

In egomaniacal pop star news, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine allegedly told his mistress Sumner Stroh he wanted to name his child after her.

His third child. The one he’s having with his wife of eight years, Behati Prinsloo.

Well, there’s an honor not often bestowed. I guess “Sumner” was a better choice than Fuckpuppet, Side-ho, Schmoopie…

“Ok serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s [a] boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You ok with that? DEAD serious.”

Stroh, who’s some kind of “Instagram model” in “the scene” (of what? lip injection influencers? is this a career?) titled her video “embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect.”

Okay, but you knew he was married, right? So, this lack of remorse and respect applies to you as well, Sumner? And you bravely came forward to do the right thing?

Oh, a friend was going to sell your sexts to a tabloid, and you wanted to cash in on that shit first?

Yeah, that is embarrassing.

Enjoy the sad sausage channel, CN.

@sumnerstroh embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect. #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Sumner Stroh

Levine replied to the wandering dick allegations on Instagram.

“A lot is being said about me right now and I want to clear the air. I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner. I did not have an affair; nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period in my life.”

Funny enough, a bunch of other women have come forward to say Adam used poor judgement with them too.

Behati, we’re here for you.

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    • Nah, they are too busy trying to promote their “only fans” sex toy, err model channels to think about pesky things like a conscience.

    • Millions of people do, including most chumps! I think it’s a big mistake to predicate the vast majority of decent people’s morality on the behaviour of ‘celebrities’. By definition they’re silly, selfish, shallow people, who tend to have a short shelf life. Just my tuppence worth’s. ????

    • Cheaters bat out at a high ratio, even the famous ones. Why do you think the side dishes are always melted Barbies, poxy nannies or saggy Kens? Were those the top tier choices or what cheaters had to settle for?
      We rarely hear from the potential marks who said “ew.” But the 12% increase in workplace sexual harassment/coercion claims after the start of the #MeToo movement prior to pandemic lockdowns suggests a lot of people say “ew.”

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is the point when the media began heavily pushing the sex-pozzy, anti-monogamy spin, especially trying to get women to front it. It’s not surprising to me because I worked in media. It’s jam-packed with narcs and creeps (not just male) and every one of them is panicked about the “ew” trend. If you read the 90’s book Backlash, there are precedents for honchos in media and media sponsors to push back against social momentum that discomfits them personally even if it harms the bottom line. I take the current wag-the-dog campaign to push indiscriminate, high risk sexuality with a grain of salt.

        • I’m not sure many people understand that some of their strongly held views start in board rooms filled with hungover suits. I’ve seen several spin campaigns that I know beyond a doubt are expedient garbage launched from inception, channeled through “independent” news sources, “independent” bloggers, “debunking” websites, talk show hosts, academic sock puppets, film scripts and armies of social media marketers with hundreds of separate identities each until formerly disinterested members of the public are injected with the moral license to bully strangers who don’t agree with them.

          For non-partisan corporate propaganda (over, say, whether GMOs are healthy or the icecaps are melting, etc., etc.), I estimate it takes about ten years of constant blitz to complete the process. There’s a certain high-handed, menacing tone people get when the information they’re preaching is from the spin machine. It’s different than actual moral rage. They puff up as if they can feel the nodding legions behind them ready to ransack the enemy. If you videotaped them, turned the sound off and gave them racist hate-speech subtitles, it would seem fitting.

          If I ever find myself taking that bullying tone with anyone I’m going to check my notes because it’s a sure sign of being turned into a mouthpiece for bs.

  • For some reason that piece of shit showed up on my Instagram account. I don’t follow him, I don’t follow his mistress, I don’t follow his wife so I don’t know why it was there. Did someone start another algorithm on me? Who knows. I’m about off Instagram anyway since all I see are ads.
    Mea Culpa is beginning to sound like the title of a song. For some reason this reminds me of Weinergate. As far as I know there is no shame left. We’re all flaming narcissists and all we want is our name in the public eye for our 15 minutes of fame.
    This excuse seems to run every single time someone gets caught. I did not have sex with that woman____________Fill in the blank.
    It is enough to gag a maggot!

  • I was pregnant and just gave birth to our second child when FW was actively feathering his nest with GF#1. When I found the messages he told me, just like in Levine’s official statement, that he was lonely.

    No. No one knows lonely like a pregnant chump who already has young children to take care of and a husband who coldly ignores her and disappears for days at a time with a younger woman. I’d say we cornered the market on lonely there. It was agony.

    This took me back. I feel so sorry for the wife.

    • My ex was lonely because I’d fall asleep at 8 while I was going through chemo and rads. Poor guy.

      How about an improving hobby then, eh?

      • Poor guy. FWs can’t be lonely. Also, God forbid they don’t have their needs met when they want them met.

        Once I fell asleep at 9pm or so on the first night of a family vacation (infant, toddler, 6 yo). I remember being absolutely exhausted after traveling with three little ones. A glass of wine at dinner did me in.

        Entitled FW, who NEEDED to have sex at that very moment, grabbed one of the hard decorative sofa pillows and tossed it at my face. The corner of the pillow hit my eye. Of course, I couldn’t brace for it because I was asleep.

        Guess it never crossed his mind to lovingly kiss me to try to get me aroused. A fucking rock-hard pillow to the face instead.

        I felt trapped and lonely. 3 little kids. Far from family support systems. Vulnerable AF.

        The red flags of disrespect and entitlement were waving right in front of me. I either missed or ignored them…for decades. ???? ???? ????

    • Fourleaf, I feel every word of that. So sorry you were there – married to a FW and taking care of the kids alone is the most lonely I’ve ever been.

        • Yup, although I found out that he was seeing GF#1 off and on *before* we had children, it was only after we had children that he fully committed to GF#1. He told me that he didn’t feel like I paid him enough attention; I didn’t make him feel special; he felt like I didn’t really want him around; he felt lonely; we didn’t “go out on dates anymore”; etc. etc. (I’m paraphrasing because the GF#1 years were a long time ago; it’s GF#3 that he eventually married.)

          I had just gone through two children in two years. I felt like I was constantly in pain, giving birth, or breastfeeding. Oh, and not sleeping. I was running on fumes because that’s what it’s like having babies.

          But she made him feed needed, special, and wanted, he said. I was still leaking boob milk and running on two hours of sleep a night. And I didn’t make him feel special. He said that “he deserved to be happy for once in his life.”

          What went noticeably unsaid, of course, was how no one was making me feel needed, special, and wanted. How “him being happy” had to come with the sacrifice of my happiness and sanity.

          I just can’t with these FWs. They are seriously so short-sighted.

          Epilogue: a conversation with his Dad revealed that those attitudes were fairly well ingrained. My FIL told me that I needed to take my husband out on more dates, set aside time just for him, upgrade my appearance, make my husband feel special, etc.

          I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to be single. Being single is amazing. Being a single parent is even better.

            • That is exactly what that old book about infidelity, The Script, says that cheaters do. My own FW did that first thing! YOU need to see a counselor! Why should I see a counselor because he’s a FW?

              • I asked Cheater if he was seeing someone.., he looks at me with feigned concern and said “Brit I’m seriously concerned with your mental well being.”

            • The classic war-cry of a gaslighting narcissist. Your ex must have read from the same playbook as mine. People like this need constant validation and when they don’t get it they turn nasty. Apparently when they’re caught cheating and feel bad about it and lose our shit and don’t immediately jump to make them feel better about it we’re the one with the problem.

          • Yep, same here. My poor FW “had needs” that apparently I couldn’t fulfill- right from the birth of our daughter and for the next 13 years until he got caught. It was so hard for him, you know, having a tired wife who had to do everything by herself. We used to fight about it and I said that I’d feel more sexy and supported if he’d help me around the house and with childcare because I was so exhausted doing it all plus working. He said it was my own fault because I was being a perfectionist. I begged him to take me out but he’d never commit so we never went anywhere. He used to play “cards” with his friends instead of taking me out. We’ll come to find out the cards weren’t real- he was out fucking hookers. You can’t win with these FWs.????

    • Almost the same story as you, Fourleaf. I’d like to add that I’m close to 100% convinced my daughter is named after my X FW’s affair partner. The affair partner that he had when I was pregnant and our son was one years old. He was horrible, mean and cold to me throughout most of the pregnancy. We had planned on naming the baby Natalie if it was a girl. After she was born, he yelled and screamed at me when no one was around in my hospital room. He yelled that I got to choose our sons name (not true) and that he should be able to name our daughter. I was so beaten down by that point, so I just gave in. He named her Melony and he insisted it be spelled that way, because that’s how “someone at work” spells it! A month or so after she was born he got fired from his management job. No doubt because he was was having an affair with one of his howorkers and that’s why he got fired! This Adam Levine story is no shocker to me, because FW’s do all kinds of crazy stuff, including naming their kids after their affair partner!

  • What makes me even more sick about these kind of situations is “twu wuv” isn’t even on the Fuckwit’s table (though entitlement is)… it is “how can I profit by f*cking this person”… “can I get more followers”… “I’m the real victim”… ugh.

    So pathetic. I’m so glad my 16yo has opted not to be on Social Media… hate to think of all the future entitled cheaters and fuckwits (and chumps) that are being created by this crap.

  • My fw lobbied for his ap’s child’s name to be our soon to be born baby’s name. Luckily, it didn’t work and was just another messed up realization later as to why he pushed so hard on that one point.

    • So from the comments here it seems like a thing… your kid after your AP ……so the sick fucks get a creepy thrill.I found out that one of my Ex’s longtime AP’s used the same hairstylist and dentist as me. I’m sure it was on his recommendation. Many chumps are searching their memory banks this morning. One more way in which they SUCK.

      • Mine suddenly thought short hair was sexy, and, after years of claiming to like my long hair, wanted me to cut it all off. I did, knowing it would grow back. FW’s AP had REALLY short hair.

        It has grown back, and I am never cutting it short again. I like it long….for ME.

        There were other red-flags, too, that I didn’t recognize as such at the time, but see so clearly now.

      • Yikes, so that dentist thing is a thing, huh? Story time!

        During the “full disclosure” part of the RIC fiasco, I learned that the AP had to have a root canal during the affair (likely from the buckets of sugary mixed drinks and unhealthy bistro grub she consumed on the family dime– poetic justice). So FW somehow got the AP in to our family dentist who had a two year waiting list. The dentist was near FW’s office but a bit of a haul for me once the kids started getting regular checkups. I hadn’t seen her in a while but she’s the top “green” dentist in the state for certain procedures and I’d always intended to keep her as a resource. Plus I adored this dentist which made FW’s turf-violating overlap between the sanctity of family life and his slimy bangfest even worse.

        But then I remembered why I adored this dentist and realized that FW was probably sending the AP into a trap. I could go on and on about it but the dentist reminded me so much of my favorite women’s lit professor who was the sort of fearless person I always wished I was. She was so inspiring that a pregnant student named her baby after the professor. Anyway, I was surprised to find more than one person like that in the world. Like my late professor, this dentist is funny and can chat disarmingly on any subject, but tends to draw people out and then pounces on their ethical, logical and moral inconsistencies. Testy people like that warm my heart when I know it comes from real concern for the state of humanity. But I’m guessing the AP eventually went elsewhere because it would be like having me-x-1000 sticking sharp tools in her mouth.

        Maybe it’s not a coincidence that that professor began every semester telling the story of how she started on the scholarly road and her trailblazing career. Years earlier when she was giving birth, she discovered her then-husband was doing a nurse in the same hospital. While contemplating suicide she decided to be the first in her family to get a doctorate instead.

      • God they suck. My ex FW sent his ho to my osteopath, dentist and GP. I was so angry about this and extremely hurt. It was like she was just moving in on my life. He also had a joint bank account with her-at our fucking bank! I didn’t know this was a thing other cheaters did. They suck and they are sick MFs.

  • Yep…. He used the word “naive” to describe himself. Like he’s just a”poor timid forest creature”( love that cartoon, CL)…if there is one thing Adam Levine is NOT after all these years in show biz, it’s Naive.????I hope Behati has a great prenup.

  • My best friends ex husband named their only child after his misstress. After the divorce my friend managed to change her kids name! She got a lot of heat for it but I totally understand why she did it. Can you imagine being reminded of the other woman every time you call your child? And the cherry on top? He married the misstress. Sick!

    • Sick is right! And twisted. A guy names his daughter after his fuck toy & his ex got heat for changing it?! Probably because the APs started a PR campaign as star-crossed lovers & him wanting to be with his twu-wuv so so much that he named his daughter after the sex-mate, err, soul-mate? Yeah, looks like Levine is the cause of men not naming baby daughters forever more.

    • What does it say about someone’s intentions towards a child that they want to name the child after someone they want to screw? I can understand legacy reasons for naming a child after a parent but after a bonk target? I fear for that child.

  • What the living what…he wants a free pass? Because? And she’s the poor victim who “forgot” she was schtupping a very married guy? Oopsie? Did those lip fillers go to her brain? Huge ego much out-hotting each other? Speaking of hot, looks like it’s spontaneously combusting. Not sorry. Ick.

  • Still trying to figure out how Poltroon 7 “didn’t have an affair” but “crossed a line.” Funny how when FWs have an affair, the definition of “affair” changes. My ex-FW said that it wasn’t an affair because they hadn’t met in hotel rooms.

  • And they are also the winners of today’s Schadenfreudalicious Award!

    It’s nice to see all the comments supporting his wife and family, and all the comments holding the cheaters’ feet to the fire. Reading the comments excoriating these two is good medicine for my soul.


        Once more. With feeling. For Pete’s sake.

        Thanks for posting this, dear Tracy. The world is filled with cheater apologists and enablers, which can be so discouraging. It lifts my
        spirits to see all the comments overwhelmingly condemning what they did.

        • PS. When I was 19, and an active drug addict/alcoholic, a seriously troubled, very vulnerable individual, I was in college (near LA) and asked on a date by a much older man. Partway into the date I realized he was probably married (a tan line where a wedding ring would be, and weird comments about his “roommate”. I was pissed off and asked him to take me home immediately, which he did. As fucked up as I was, new to LA, I had a shred of decency clinging on for dear life.

          Sara Foster (Cheating Olympic gold medalist David Foster’s daughter) is taking heat for her Tik Tok response video, blaming both participants in the affair for the pain and suffering and damage. Good for her, as a child of a cheater, for standing up and speaking up to the ignorant vitriolic morons.

    • What it boils down to is Levine and the OW are typical narcissists. They want validation for the shitty things they do and when they don’t get that validation, they play the victim.

  • I love Maroon 5’s sound, I think they are amazingly talented musicians.
    Adam comes across as a most handsome, gifted but fully unconscious man-child.
    He’s hungrily shopping through life’s candy stores of too many choices, back burnered moral compass and WAY too much belief in his own entitlement hype.
    As far as having authentic character integrity?
    Well, Freddy Mercury so aptly sang it:
    ????Another one bites the dust!????

  • Cheating on a pregnant wife, the mother of 2 little girls ages 4 & 5 – it’s diabolical and it’s abuse. Full stop.

    Looks like there were some abuse allegations against Levine after the birth of their eldest child. Perhaps the allegations weren’t unfounded afterall, as was previously reported.

  • She’s only 23. That shocked the hell out of me. She looks like the women I know my age who have overworked their faces. 23 years old and she’s had so much surgery on her face she looks like a woman in her 40s or 50s trying hard to maintain their youth. I watched her talk and was just staring at how her face moves and it’s just unreal. How do you even do that much to yourself so young?!

    In this case, it appears the ugly inside is already leaking to the outside. Good.

      • My daughter and my son’s girlfriend say Botox parties are like Tupperware parties now……even in our suburban middle class area. And they’re all in their mid 20’s.WTF

        • Botox can be used as a “preventative” though I would think 30s v. 20s. Again, I am not opposed to people using fillers or Botox, nor am I opposed to anyone who doesn’t want to use them. I just wonder why people go overboard vs. a more natural aesthetic. I guess it’s true for other types of plastic surgery, though, people go overboard and leave the realm of looking human all together!

          Ps – if you clench your jaw and have tmj issues, Botox is very helpful. Off topic, but with stress often comes that clench, especially at night.

          • I do some fillers to soften marionette lines from years of frowning. They are still there but not so awful and deep that it looks like my frown extends to my chin. Botox high on my scalp and a little in my forehead helps me avoid migraines but if they overdid me, my hooded eyes would droop and I’d look angry. ????. Of course, I’m pushing fiftay (said with sass like “Fif-TAY! Woo Hoo!) and over double the age of who ever is doing the parties. Klootzak put some of these lines on my face, I’m sure, and I just did a little to not look bitter. Fillers turn my stomach to do but I feel much better about myself and how I look with the help. I think like anything, these things have their place and can be overdone. I never thought I would use such a thing but I’m very grateful for the little help I can afford.

          • Speaking of clenched jaws and grinding teeth while sleeping, I just got an invisalign-type retainer for my bottom teeth. It’s so much more comfortable than the one that clamped onto the roof of my mouth and since it’s clear plastic barely noticeable. The technology is so common now it was ready in 2 days and didn’t cost much either.

        • They are,
          Here in California Botox parties are common, just like neighborhood Tupperware parties.
          I’ve been invited to a few but haven’t been to one.

    • She was 23 when she did this, she is older now, though she can’t be much older. I wonder how the doctors / dentists do this to people. You can use Botox and fillers very naturally, to enhance, not make it look like you are wearing a mask with frozen eyebrows!

  • I guess it’s proof that no news is not necessarily good news – it’s just the sign of a good publicist. I’d thought that because I wasn’t seeing anything about Adam in the news or tabloids that there wasn’t a problem.

  • Let’s all welcome Behati Prinsloo as she joins the club no one wants to join, the Chump Club! Here’s hoping she rejects Adam Levine’s “we will get through it. And we will get through it together” reconciliation unicorn bull crap and throws his lying douche ass to the curb instead! As his affair partner (yes, her & her inflated lips suck) said, “get that boy a dictionary” when Levine tried to minimize a year long affair as “I only crossed the line with flirting”. Yeah dude, you crossed the line alright, & you drove 10,000 miles over it! Hope screwing instagram inflato-narcissists was worth devastating your marriage & family for, Levine! It wasn’t, but your tiny brain will never figure that out. Behati deserves someone wayyy better than a fuck-boy!

  • It does just show that’s it’s never about you when these numpties cheat. He’s married to a Victoria’s Secret model and they have 2 kids and another on the way. He has a career that he’s probably always wanted…. that people bust their gut to achieve in their lifetime…. but still feels the need to cheat with someone that is an ‘Instagram model’ with inflatable lips. Is that even a thing?
    There’s something terribly lacking in these cheaters. It’s never enough. It just reminds me of my ex. He was never happy. He never will be. They’re eternally looking for that external source to make them happy. Empty vessels. There’s just nothing there.

    • So true and you realize that way too late. Once they’re gone you realize what black clouds they really are. My FW always tried to convince me I was negative when he is a huge drag. You know what everyone who meets me tells me all the time? I have great energy! I bet FW never hears that.

      • Same same, Bubbachump! Everyone said (later, of course) that my ex was like having a piano tied to my ass! He literally told me that I was friendless (I understand projection so much more now) & I remember being absolutely boggled at that!

  • In her video, she said she was naive too. “I was having an affair with a man who was married to a Victoria’s Secret model. at the time I was young, naive, and quite frankly I feel exploited.” “I was unknowingly compromised.”

    How can she be unknowingly compromised if she knew the man is married, and who he’s married to? She’s claiming she’s the victim, of both Levine and the “friend” who was going to sell pictures of her. She’s not apologizing or setting the record straight. I think she’s trying to drum up interest in those pictures.

    As for Levine, his idea of naming his wife’s child after his mistress was despicable and not so covert cruelty. As Lola pointed out, his wife would be reminded of his affair every time she said or thought of her own daughter’s name.

    • I think he was saying he was going to name his boy after her. Not that it matters. What kind of cruel fucking psycho? I still reel at the cruelty my FW was capable of during his affair and still is. It’s why I stay far the fuck away from him and always will.

    • Also, I feel that she threw in the detail about the wife being a Victoria’s Secret model because she wants to brag that she attracted a guy who is with someone who is super attractive. She basically saying, “I’m this hot.”

      • Spinach, I was going to say exactly that. I think we had a thread here on CN recently where we talked about some APs getting off on thinking that they beat out the super-attractive, or super-accomplished, or super competent or well-liked, marriage partner of the FW.

    • Goodfriend, I swear these young gals are just taking a page from Monica Lewinsky. You know, THEY are the victim. I am so sick of it. They want to be adults but don’t want the responsibility or to be held accountable.

    • I feel nauseous after watching this video, him singing, then when his wife walks on the stage with his little girl and he hugs them both…,

    • All those famous women in the video….I think it was supposed to be a tribute. Wonder if they just feel used now. Let’s see if Aly Raisman has anything to say. Oh, and #girldad. Hope stbEX wife raises your daughters to demand better.

  • Omg, she’s wearing a cross necklace…does she also have a saint’s medallion around her neck?

    She’s dumb as a box of rocks. Engaging with a married man and then thinking it’s a good idea to have this pop up whenever someone decides to search your name.

    • FWs and APS are both really good at playing victim. The funny thing is they completely ignore the real victim, the Chump!

      I’m always amazed at their ability to demonize the chump as if the worst crime in the world is to live and trust your spouse. No, you’re made out to be so evil because somehow you’re the awful person who’s keeping them from being happy together.

      Forget the fact that divorce exists and FWs could easily take that route instead of engaging in affairs to begin with. Nope! They hate you too much for that. They would rather sneak behind your back and shatter you into a million little pieces than just leave you to move on and be happy. They want to be happy, but fuck if you should. That’s the absurd irony of all of it. FWs constantly whine and cry that you should want them to be happy and schmoopie makes them happy so shouldn’t you just get over it, stop being mad about all the cheating and support that? “Can’t we be friends? I was just trying to be happy?” They couldn’t care less that their actions have caused you so much pain and trauma you have to actively work through all of that to get back to even, let alone happy. I’m fortunate enough to realize that I will get through this and so I am happier now, but fuck this has not been easy. Fuck these cheaters and everything they’re all about. I don’t want them to be happy, I want them to fucking rot.

      • Agreeing Bubba! To your comment that FWs and APs (FWs also) being really good “playing the victim”…
        What I have observed is that successful DARVO requires that the FWs entirely appropriate victimhood from their victim.
        The FW goal, in other words, is stealing the victim’s legitimate victimhood and then flipping it (ie muddy the waters, poison the well etc, or creating FOG — fear obligation guilt) by accusing the actual victim of of all manner of bullshit and often most of it harmful reputationally, and then to compound this egregiousness, falsely and viciously accuse the victim of “playing the victim”. Gaslighting 101. Abuse.

        This is the kind of mindfuckery our beloved CL Tracy skewers so perfectly.

        Hell of a Chump also explains it via the “neutralization” conviction and justifications that all perps and batterers use. Bancroft sums it up that abusers intend to abuse, they plan it and they are totally aware of it.
        Cheaters are perps and they use every trick to look as innocent as Ted Bundy hobbling on crutches in the street. Birds of a feather etc.

        • “stealing the victim’s legitimate victimhood and then flipping it (ie muddy the waters, poison the well etc, or creating FOG — fear obligation guilt).” Wow, so well put. The image that comes to mind is someone planting a flag on Victim Mountain and claiming it for all eternity after kicking the actual victim into the freezing gorge.

          “accusing the actual victim of of all manner of bullshit and often most of it harmful reputationally.” I imagine there’s always the implicit threat of “You’ll never work in this town again”/”You’ll lose your children/friends/family” in DARVO attacks.You can sense a certain rehearsed tone in verbal assaults that have been a) already said to others behind your back; and b) will be said to yet more people if you don’t follow commands. It’s the telltale sound of triangulation. It’s very effective at causing blind panic, especially if the victim has already been frog-boiled and isolated for a period beforehand. At that point the whole thing becomes “kill or be killed.” The reason they threaten to destroy you is because they know the truth would actually destroy them.

          • Exactly this Hell of A Chump!
            The pre-smear campaign by the Cheater in my case was already underway for years if not months and the feedback I received after D-Day when the whole thing erupted was ** crickets** ie social isolation. People avoided me in my community when they saw me… not even one phone call from anyone. To this day heaps of people whose weddings, births etc I attended still don’t talk to me. Cheater even managed to alienate with my best friend and her husband (our couple best friends) with the net result I lost everyone in my entire social scene in the separation and divorce.
            It was intended, planned, and Cheater knew exactly what he was doing. “Kill or be killed” yes as you say. It’s also the ultimate ‘bury the victim’ strategy to keep ME quiet and him socially networked.

            My conclusion is I was soul-raped-murdered-buried by the Cheater and his Accomplice. The End.

  • The comments below her Tik-Tok are awesome. So many people speaking out against her and against cheating.

    The purpose I see in her ‘setting the record straight’ is to affirm the pictures are of her and Levine, and to drive up interest from a potential buyer(s). She admits she sent the pictures to a few friends. Maybe she’s trying to follow the Kim Kardashian route to stardom.

    • Why we would give credence to references when it comes to credit, employment, and housing and none to relationships is a mystery to me.

      It seems the writing was on the wall, big, black, bold, underlined, as plain as the tattoos all over his body, and Behati chose to ignore the memo?

  • AL’s statement is straight from the cheater playbook. He’s not sorry for cheating (won’t even mention the word) but only sorry that he’s being called out in the press for being a dick.

  • Stroh said in her latest post, “I fully realize I’m not the victim of this. I’m not the one who’s really getting hurt here. It’s Behati and her children, and for that, I’m so, so sorry.” Since she didn’t say that up front, I think this is in response to the scads of unfavorable comments she got. Too little too late. She had to know showing what she claims is Levine’s text asking to use her name would hurt the wife, yet she put it out there publicly.

  • Wtf?
    Why is he asking Sumner if she’s okay with naming his baby Sumner?

    Shouldn’t he be asking his wife?’

    Oh, wait.., I get it, said to flatter Sumner and rekindle their romance.
    He’s so in love (and such a sweet guy), he’s asking to name his baby, that his pregnant wife is carrying after me.

  • This reminds me of when the Predatory Opportunistic Parasite breezed in and asked if I was interested in adopting a poodle.
    Who’s/why/how are *you* aware a poodle needs adopting? were my logical questions.
    No real answers of course. My spidey senses having immediately kicked in, my already having plenty of dogs and my absolute dislike for (sorry poodle lovers) of poodles prompted an immediate “NO”.
    Oh, its name was “Bella”–which I knew was his nickname for the town bike.

    It wasn’t long before I learned from the bike herself that she felt I’d be a good new owner for the non socialized terror she, never having owned a dog before, had brought home.
    Sorry. Not my monkey, not my circus.

    • My fw actually brought a Ferret home that a “friend” of his needed us to pet sit for. I only let that thing stay for a couple days. It stunk, it drove my dog nuts etc.

      Found out later it belonged to whore.

      To Ferret lovers sorry if I offended, but that thing was nasty. Likely a reflection of its owner.

      • sl arent they pathetic – I got APs reformer machine (I wish I’d kept the bloody thing but I didn’t do reformer at the time – just wondered what this contraption was in the garage), a television that spanned the length of the room and an oversized lamp that looked like something off the set of Dead Ringers. Sadly no ferret for me

  • My youngest son, 32, tells me I would be amazed at the number of young women who have fans only pages. They expect any man interested to pay up before they will talk to him. My son considers this a giant red flag and is immediately not interested. However, he tells me he cannot speak up, because he will be hit with a barrage of accusations of misogamy, told “my body my choice”, told he is “slut shaming” — the list goes on. He knows because he sees it happen online to others.

    He is smart enough not to be interested in someone who has values so different from his. He would like to get married and have children. He is a nice-looking young man. He graduated from college. He has a good job. He has chosen to “take a break from dating” and concentrate on his work and hobbies like fishing and going to work out a few days a week. He even planned and took a vacation on his own this year. He is not a prude, he does go to church, but he is not rigid. I know I am his mother, but I feel some young women are missing a good opportunity to meet a nice man like him. It is very sad to me.

    I saw an article online this morning that opined leaders with Narcissistic egos lead their countries into more wars, and longer wars. I guess we can add “name their children after affair partners” to that list of bad choices.

    • Oh yes, Portia, my son is the same way. He is also not a prude or anything but he is very grounded and serious. The girls with a moral compass and some common sense are apparently very hard to find. My son is a Navy officer so he really doesn’t get a lot of time for dating but hopefully at some point he will meet someone nice and decent.
      It seems the young men these days get a lot of nudes and what not from girls. Yuck, I would never have done that in my youth. I guess the young ladies do not know that those pictures can one day come to haunt them. My son is also concentrating on himself. He is no contact with his cheating father but has been hanging out a lot with his grandfather and they do things together (most recently a three day golf vacation).
      I will have to keep waiting for grandchildren.

    • Yes! I’ve got 5 sons and they’ve only shortly dated anyone. Once the girls start asking for “dick pics” and trying to send nudes my guys run. I’m very proud of them, they know that this behavior isn’t normal or acceptable (or legal with them being in HS). It’s sad to see how things are for our children.
      Still with FW working on my duckies and from what divorced friends have told me, this is how the dating world is for everyone. Meeting online, things going too fast, need to get good pics (nudes) ready. Wtf!! I’m 44, but why do I feel so out of touch?

      • Oh yes, I forgot, that is a thing now in the older age group as well. FW started sending out dick pics (which were easy to find and came in as evidence for my case). I kept asking a couple of my divorced friends that were dating “who in the hell would want pictures of someone’s genitals?” and that is where I learned it is a common practice for both men and women in my age group (over 50). WTF???????? There is no way I would do that ever because that crap will come back to haunt and be published somewhere. I guess if anyone asks me for a nude they will be disappointed (at over 50 I would think more relieved but what do I know). There are so many reasons for me to not want to date. So trust me you are not the only person who feels out of touch.
        It just makes me feel bad for my son because he would like to have someone at least steady to date instead of a series of bad first dates (he has pictures from these girls(yuck)). I really don’t think it is the norm but it seems to me the norm is being redefined by FWs and Schmoopies or maybe future FWs and Schmoopies.

      • I don’t get it either. It seems (from what you read) that young people sleep together at an early stage in their relationship where asking the other for the loan of a bus fare, would be considered presumptuous. I fear for my daughters. I’m trying to put a tent peg in the ground for old-fashioned values (as a father surely must) mostly so they know the f****** tent peg is there, and they can then gauge how far they want to stretch from it. Without such a peg, how the hell can they judge?

        • I dunno, I’ve seen a lot of the opposite. Many of the girls my teenager daughter hangs out with are hyper aware and scared of things like STDs, sexual assault, controlling boyfriends, etc. In some ways, modern awareness and warnings have really hindered their ability to normally date. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know the sexters and early sexers exist–in some ways they always have–and I’d certainly rather my kid err on the side of caution, but I also think being afraid of everyone and everything isn’t a great foundation on which a human should grow. And sometimes, especially for girls, “old-fashioned values” double as “shaming for natural and healthy sexual curiosity and feelings.”

          Parenting is always walking this crazy fine line where we don’t want our kids to do things that aren’t age appropriate for them but also we don’t want to shame them or scare them from having normal and healthy sexual relationships.

      • The dating world is what you make it, IMO. It doesn’t have to devolve into online shopping for humans and dick pics. That’s a choice. I know plenty of people who have taken a different route. One of them met her now-husband later in life in a shared soccer club. Another started dating the friend of a friend after meeting him at a backyard party–it didn’t work out but it was a fun for a while and nothing weird happened. Another met her current later-in-life partner at her gym. Another met her current boyfriend at a rock show. So…old school dating still exists. Don’t let people convince you otherwise!

        • ???? There are ways to date online or in person with dignity and self-respect. Dating is a set of behaviors consisting of what we personally will continue to accept. Not using the block button is always a choice.

          Also some of these comments are cringe – it’s kinda chumpy to think one’s sons are perfect little angels and there are these whores everywhere who are the rEal pRobLeM. ????

          • I definitely don’t think my son is perfect. he is been in plenty of pickles before but thankfully, he has matured significantly and has his boundaries in place. His basic thing is if they are sending these pictures to me after the first date, how many others has she sent them to? A valid question in this world. I try not to comment too much about it because he is an adult and has to make his choices but we have had talks about what we both consider acceptable. He has given me some good insight of how I let FW cross boundaries and I appreciate his insight. He is the one who found FW and Schmoopie’s videos of their fuck fests on his shared photo account (FW evidently did not sign out of it after he downloaded some pictures to our son).
            Right now, I am just not ready for anything other than some authentic friendships. I am going with proceed with caution on a lot of things but I have made some new friends through hobbies and volunteering. Learning to trust anyone again is a journey for me now but at least I am out of the fog and confusion for the most part. I still have some work to do though.

          • Don’t recall saying my son was perfect or a little angel. He just doesn’t want to date a girl who has a fans only page and won’t talk to men who don’t pay the price of admission. This comment seems to indicate that being happy my son has values makes me a chump. I am already part of chump nation and was a chump long before I had children. I had values my spouses did not have. Their behavior was not acceptable to me. I never claimed to be perfect either. The real problem here, IMHO, is that these young women do not believe my son has the right to prefer not to date a girl who makes men pay to see provocative pictures of her on Facebook. He doesn’t want to date someone who basically makes men pay to enjoy viewing her body parts that he considers private. If that is what a young woman chooses to do, that may well be her right, but I believe her actions are misguided and may bring her unintended consequences. I didn’t call these women whores, either.

            • Well I know lots and lots and lots of young women who aren’t on Only Fans and who don’t send nudes and who are out there livin their responsible lives lookin for a good guy. I work with them, I’m related to them, my kid knows them, etc. They are scientists, writers, lawyers, teachers, house cleaners, athletes, admin assistants, med students, daycare providers, etc. They aren’t people who trade on their looks. It’s possible your son is surrounding himself with the wrong crowd if he’s only finding Only Fans gals…or it’s possible that these “regular gals” don’t match some beauty-queen criteria that one normally finds in Only Fans women that many men tend to seek out exclusively.

              • ???? The internalized misogyny and grandstanding on behalf of men who obviously refuse to use the block function is pretty astounding here. I can’t believe we’re having to defend women against being lumped together with sex workers, but here we are.

                News flash: if your family members keep seeing sexy stuff online, after a time it’s because they themselves have shitty boundaries, and/or are actively seeking it out.

      • I worked with a middle aged, very average looking divorced woman who started dating a man who sent her pics and wanted them from her. He got her to do a whole “model” picture shoot which would have been called porno when I was young. Anyway, these pictures got out, and somehow back to her children — impressionable young women who had been raised in a church-going home. As you can imagine things did not go well. I cannot imagine having to try to explain or justify this to my sons! How humiliating and idiotic.

        The relationship did not work out, either. But her pictures will always be somewhere on the internet. I feel this is a very sad commentary on what is acceptable in the dating world.

        • Not to beleaguer this point, but this is not acceptable in all, or maybe even most, of the dating world. I know lots and lots of people (myself included) who would never do this, let alone with someone they were only dating and not in some marriage type relationship. Personal boundaries matter. I think there’s a subset of the dating world that engages in this behavior and they get a lot of air time because it’s salacious. IMO the sky isn’t falling here, but some folks should learn some boundaries.

  • Are men having a hard time defining who they are and women are just settling for some semblance of a husband? I know my ex, all state wrestler who I thought surely must have it together, was a complete alley cat looking for and opening in the storm. Certificate and law meant nothing. Finally he got wise and had a vasectomy. Who knows how many children are out there that he was spending our money on but hey Andrew has plenty of that right?

  • pacific palisades #1

    forgive me–
    you know i am sorry
    for this indiscretion, that all
    is not forgotten when someone
    is forgiven

    my words, i know, do not match
    my actions. speaking of action, what
    are you doing this friday night? i
    shower at 10 p.m. and admire
    my tattoos in the mirror–


  • Imagine how the kid would feel later in life upon learning he was named after his dad’s mistress – that his very name was a slap in the face to his own mother. Yuck.

  • I have personally been through this. After all kinds of infertility testing and finally doing IVF, I was finally pregnant. I wanted to wait to see the sex of the baby when it was born, so needed to have boy and girl names prepared. I had already removed all schmoopie names I was aware of from the girl list. Klootzak nixed every name I suggested except – SURPRISE! – the name of the OW he was banging before and while I was pregnant. I found out in month 7. I picked a new name and told him he could fuck off weighing in on it.

    Thankfully, I had a son. lol

    But yeah… fuckface was on board with me naming our would be daughter the same name as his side dish.

  • A website previously referred to Levine as the “human equivalent of testing positive for chlamydia.” They were right on the money with that description.

    Stroh’s claim that she’s 23 is the only really surprising thing in this particular train wreck; she behaves and looks transactional. The rest is the usual ‘victim’ BS and accountability dodging that both FWs and OWs/OMs peddle.

  • I just saw a show where Dr. Drew said Adam is a good guy, he just messed up.

    No Doc, he isn’t a good guy, he is a lying sack of shit.

    One of the other guests on the show a female said the model is just as guilty as Adam, she said if you are going to be a whore, don’t call yourself a victim, just say I am a whore and I do whore things, own it. The host of the show can’t stand Adam, and has made fun of him and his band for years.

      • Dr. Drew is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. An addiction medicine specialist whose own daughter is now in recovery (pot) and has an eating disorder. Drew and his wife Susan didn’t know she was a bulimic since seventh grade until Paulina told them during a break from her studies at Barnard. Her narcy mother’s first response to this revelation was for Paulina to get her teeth checked. Paulina claims to be a writer (she co-wrote a book with Drew) and is now morbidly obese. She developed the eating disorder when she was a competitive figure skater. I caught the story she published in the Columbia Spectator (student newspaper) when I was on campus in upper Manhattan.
        I used to have respect for Pinsky until he went for the TV fame. He used to host a radio show (Loveline) and I did learn a bit about addictions and recovery. Didn’t like him interrupting one of his cohosts (a woman who actually is a licensed therapist). And he had such disdain for another Amherst College alum, the writer of “Julie & Julia”, the book that was made into a movie. “Who the hell makes a living as a writer ?!” he said. Well I guess he’s supporting his thirty year old daughter, plus her brothers (Drew and Susan had triplets via in vitro).

        • Another “Loveline” cohost (the comedian Adam Corolla) used to joke “Figure skater huh. Eating disorder ?” He was spot on. I guess Drew was so busy with his medical practice, the radio show, the tv shows and all appearances as an expert that he didn’t know what the hell was going on in with his daughter. Susan was supposedly a part time swimsuit model before she married the nerdy doctor.

          • Of note. Adam Carolla is divorced from his wife Lynette since 2021. I’m not at all surprised. This blog addresses personality disorders and addictions/addictive behaviors. Adam would joke about his “me time” (porn) and drinking. Drew would offer to help with the alcohol part if and when Adam was ready. And Lynette would complain to Drew about what a narcissist Adam is. Adam has been in therapy for years, btw. His twins are the fallout

  • My ex wanted to name our child after one of the aliases he was using on dating apps behind my back when I was pregnant. Thankfully I vetoed the name and had a girl anyway, so it didn’t happen, but the fact that he tried makes my blood boil. I don’t believe for 5 minutes Maroon 5 boy didn’t have an affair, either. You don’t name your kid after someone you were only flirting with.

    • There’s a study that found about half of all rapists believe the victim “loves” them back so you really can’t put anything past a delusional psychopath. I almost didn’t tell this story to avoid putting myself in the same humble-bragging camp as Stroh. An old married creep who harassed me as an intern pushed his adult son to christen the son’s baby with my unusual name. It haunts me that somewhere in NYC there’s a girl half my age with the same name whose grandfather might have intended to “christen” her with the same treatment.

      From all the other stories here, I’m guessing this is another typical, twisted FW thing which simultaneously awful and a relief. At the time I felt saddled with one of those stories that’s was too weird to tell anyone and which only my parents understood. On the one hand, people outside that environment would chide me that the guy just innocently liked the name or was just a romantic old man having his last crush. On the other hand, there were several people within the work environment who assumed I “earned” the “honor” which I think was the bastard’s intention. It wasn’t enough to be crying in the office bathroom in fear of losing my job, either for wriggling away from handsy old FW or because of the humiliating way he openly gushed which ruined any chance of gaining allies. I still got a mark on my back that led to being targeted by worse psychos even after quitting.

      At the time it felt like a hostage situation because how could I warn or even correct the story without destroying innocent people? And who would believe everyone’s favorite Santa Claus was so destructive?

      One thing that amazes me is how people like this seem to court having the sick things they do at work spill over into their personal lives. Duper’s delight? Anyway, true disgusting story that’s still feels too weird to tell.

      • OMG, how gross. Well at least that old bastard is dead now and hopefully his grandchild never found out why they picked that name.
        Levine’s still around to annoy us with his douchebaggery, limp-dicked crooning and fugly tattoos. Worse, his daughter is going to be scarred for life by him naming her after his whore, because there’s no way she won’t find out. Fucking prick!

        • The old bastard isn’t quite dead but probably close. I hope his wife drew combat pay.

          Levine specified he wanted to name a son “Sumner.” I won’t ask. In any event, I hope his wife gives birth in the witness protection program.

  • It’s entertaining that so many mainstream media commenters from the general public are scoffing at Stroh’s claim of being “naive,” calling her on the “I thought he was getting divorced” excuse and rhetorically asking why Stroh didn’t warn or check facts with the wife rather than blabbing on social media. Public destruction of typical cheater alibis like that must stick in the craw of FWs and side dishes everywhere.

  • If we view her video from here, does it drive up her view count? Does anyone know one of the site URLs that allow us to input and watch this without helping her make $$$$ off of her own psychopathic choices?

  • This is the guy who sang Wake Up Call, which was about killing the AP after catching his girlfriend in bed with him.
    I always figured him for a massively douchey narc, so this is no surprise.

    I have rewritten the song for him:

    I had hoped you wouldn’t see us
    When I flirted with my penis
    But I’m a freaking musical genuis
    See my skin pipe? Chicks can play it
    So who the hell are you to cage it
    I’ve got the whole world’s biggest playlist

    Well they needed dick
    So I gave them it
    I won’t give a shit
    Until herpes hits
    And it’s not my fault
    ‘Cause I so deserve
    Things I never earned
    So don’t say a word

    Wake up call
    Caught me red handed
    With a skank giving me head
    I don’t care about you anymore
    Did I really ever care?
    I don’t think so
    Four inch long
    But I tell them it’s eight just to get them into bed
    They won’t cum with me, don’t know why
    Cum with me?
    I don’t think so

    When you cry it makes me happy
    I’ll write some whore a song that’s sappy
    I make my bitches call me pappy
    And now I’m finally in the hot seat
    People thinking that I’m not sweet
    But I’m good, just misunderstood

    If you needed truth
    You picked the wrong dude
    Called me names so rude
    Check your attitude
    ‘Cause it’s not my fault
    And I don’t deserve
    What’s coming now
    So don’t say a word

    Wake up call
    It’s all over Twitter
    Lots of people wish me dead
    I don’t care about you anymore
    Did I ever really care?
    I don’t think so
    Four inch long
    But I tell them it’s eight just to get them into bed
    They don’t cum with me, don’t know why
    Cum with me?
    I don’t feel so bad

    I’m sorry for the HPV
    I thought the girls were all clean
    You don’t need to be mean
    Hey, check my ass in these jeans
    Whoa, oh, oh
    I’m your baby’s dad
    I’ll make my face look sad
    I don’t think I’m bad
    No I don’t think I’m bad.

  • No surprises here. I hope his wife gets wise and gets out and gets paid. She’s gonna have three kids who are gonna learn one day that daddy stepped out on mommy, which really sucks…but maybe they can also learn that mommy did not tolerate that level of abuse and disrespect…and neither should they.

  • The PDA between Adam and his wife reminds me of the dozens (hundreds?) of times we’ve seen politicians’ wives standing by their sides as they proclaim how their family is everything to them.

    • Yep, I didn’t see the one with Adam and his wife, but I can visualize the politicians wives. The thing I remember is they all have a stoic but glazed over look on their face as if drugged. I am betting most of them are, used to be valium not sure what they use now days.

    • ????????????I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! I hope a million people make a parody of that side chick. This girl nailed it. She’s like a human bs translator. Maybe there is hope after all. Thanks for that VH…..wish I could have loved that reel a thousand times.

  • I’d just like to remind us that getting his wife to agree to name (unbeknownst to her) his third soon to-be born baby after his mistress is EXACTLY what Chris Watts did.

    Just weeks before brutally killing all of them, so he could be with the mistress.

    • Oh my soul… you are correct that is precisely what Chris Watts did! Baby Nico for mistress Nichole. I hadn’t made that connection before. Disturbing and extremely vile! Hope Behati gets her and her children out safely.

    • Having remembered that, I wonder if BJ remembered it and got freaked out. After all we don’t know the last time they were together.

      She looked pretty calm though, I remember Amber in the Peterson murder freaked out and went public with a lawyer and the PD as soon as she saw it on the news. I don’t think Amber knew he was married.

      • I got the impression that Amber Frey was approached by the well known attorney Gloria Allred because of the media tsunami headed Amber’s way. Scott drove a bit (an hour away ?) to woo and date Amber. She introduced her child to Scott soon after meeting him so not the brightest bulb but she didn’t know he was married.

    • And the OW in that case, Nichol Kessinger, lied to a newspaper and claimed that she thought the Wattses were separated, then the prosecutor’s office released their text messages proving that Nichol knew it was an affair. These liars all use the same tired script.

    • I think Nico’s name was actually a nod to Shanann’s Italian-American ancestry (on her mom’s side of the family). Her daughters were Bella and Celeste, also Italian names.
      I never heard that it had anything to do with Nichol Kessinger.

  • Dr Drew has made himself rich off publicly exploiting people at their most vulnerable so I take very little stock in a guy who is as much as a piece of shit as Adam validating his douchebaggery.

    The OW is just as much of a piece of shit as he is. Whilst I’m not condoning his actions, she knew he was married with children before she got involved with him but still had an affair and is publicly playing the victim. I have zero sympathy for this woman.

    The only people I have sympathy for in all of this is his wife and kids who are the true victims in all of this. If I were Behati, I would be getting myself and the kids the fuck outta there and lawyering up.

    • Oh I know. I have never watched his show, only seen him as a guest on another show. Everyone on that show called AL for what he is. I guess Doc has different standards for his friends.

  • Just in from Adam Levine; a book, titled:

    Famous Stupid Fuckwits and the Stupid Lives They Lead (Personally Tested By the Author for Authenticity)

  • For some reason, Inside Edition aired model Emily Ratajkowski’s opinion on this situation. She doesn’t understand all the hate against BJ Lips since BJ is a victim and was exploited by a much older man. ???? Good grief.

  • Also, apparently this is indeed a thing with some men, where they want to name their daughter after an ex-girlfriend (or their AP).

    It’s weird and disrespectful. With all the names out there to choose from, why the hell would anyone do that?
    I’ll be damned if I carry a child only to have my husband name it after some girlfriend or fuck buddy. No thanks!

    I also know this guy who didn’t name his daughter after the ex-girlfriend, but after the ex-girlfriend’s own child.
    After they broke up, she had a baby with somebody else and her daughter is named Savannah. The guy got married, had a daughter with his wife, and named this little girl something very close to Savannah.

  • >