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Camilla Queen Consort

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In breaking news, good things happen to lousy people.

Many of you have written in since Queen Elizabeth died last Thursday to express outrage that Camilla Parker Bowles/Duchess of Cornwall/Lady Horseyface of Frumpshire — mistress and wife of King Charles, tormentor of Princess Diana — is now officially Camilla Queen Consort.

(Chump Lady excuses herself to examine her split ends.)


Look, Camilla’s probably been measuring the drapes over at Buckingham Palace for awhile now. Does it matter? It’s not as if we’re going to be invited to tea and have to genuflect to one of her beagles or something. I don’t think we travel in the same circles.

But, but… she was a mistress! 

So was Anne Boleyn, and look how that turned out.

Okay, okay, Camilla’s not the quality person you envisaged for Queen. But the British Empire doesn’t exactly have a squeaky clean reputation either. Ask Ireland, Kenya, and India how they know.

But, but… tampongate!

Yes, what royal biographer won’t forget the cringetacular details of Charles’ and Camilla’s sexy talk.

CHARLES: Oh stop! I want to feel my way along you, all over you and up and down you and in and out . . .


CHARLES: Particularly in and out.

CAMILLA: Oh, that’s just what I need at the moment.


CHARLES: Oh, God. I’ll just live inside your trousers or something. It would be much easier!

CAMILLA: (laughing) What are you going to turn into, a pair of knickers? (Both laugh). Oh, you’re going to come back as a pair of knickers.

CHARLES: Or, God forbid, a Tampax. Just my luck! (Laughs)

CAMILLA: You are a complete idiot! (Laughs) Oh, what a wonderful idea

Could anything be more mortifying than the future king imagining himself as a tampon? That exchange probably did more to delegitimize the British monarchy than generations of colonial freedom fighters.

CN, what do we say here when an OW wins the sparkly turd?

Good luck with that.

Camilla wins Charles. A man who, if his eyes were set any closer together, would be a cyclops.

A guy who’s idea of foreplay is probably discussing organic soil Ph.

A schlub who didn’t get a job until he was 73 years old.

Do you envy her? This life of ribbon cuttings and silly hats?

Isn’t it punishment enough that she has to endure a public existence knowing that everyone thinks of her Tampax?

Imagine the charity fetes. Opening the Munificent Hospital for Afflicted Corgis and all attending will, at some moment, envision Her Royal Majesty’s cooch.

And they won’t stop imagining. 

When did she get her last period? The Clinton administration?

Camilla lives her karma.

All hail the Tampon Queen.

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  • I can’t even think of anything to say about her because she is a void of nothingness, like the rest of them.

  • Indeed. I hope she’s invested in some comfortable shoes, and some support stockings.

    Tip: The late Queen always wore gloves, which made shaking hands less difficult.

    Charles keeps saying he will rely on the support of his darling wife. Each time he says it, it sounds less like a promise and more like a threat.

    You win, Ma’am. He’s all yours.

  • So the news reports talk about what a steadying hand she is with Chuck and the royals. Puke. BUT..she is always mentioned in those stories in context to the cheating and Dianna. May that always be.

  • On FB many were excusing his cheating all together, because his mommy made him marry, someone he didn’t love. Eye roll. He lied to Diana, gaslighting her, colluding with his family against her. She was needed to make quality children.
    Diana wasn’t told she was a place holder, she didn’t get to choose for herself. His OW had to sneak around. Watch Charles have children, know the people loved Diana. Did not matter, she wanted the title, the money and all that someone as wonderful, as she, should have. A lying, cheating, momma’s boy.
    His son, Harry stood up. Said don’t sh@t on my wife. Acted like a man with character. Camilla won the sparkly turd. Good luck with that.

    • Meghan thought she was going to sweep in and be the star of the show. When this didn’t happen and she was expected to fit into the background and undertake duties like the rest, she threw her toys out of the pram and, disgustingly, played the race card against us to justify it.

      A man with character? Fcks off across the world and starts shit-talking his own family on Oprah Winfrey? Plans a book release, “after the Queen has died”? I think you need to fix your picker if you see this absolute snake as a man of character.

      • We see it differently in the States. Meghan didn’t need to be a member of the Firm. She had a perfectly good life prior to Harry. She certainly didn’t need the hate of the UK press. Harry likely subconsciously picked someone who wouldn’t fit in because his own mother didn’t, and then “rescued” her by leaving, resolving the major psychological wound of his childhood. Meghan is American through and through and couldn’t make the cultural leap. Prior to that Wills and Harry were constantly talking about mental health and their own struggles. Can you imagine having to welcome Camilla as his father’s wife after the crap they put his mother through?! And pretend it was all just fine? Don’t we see every day the life long damage cheaters do to their kids and their relationships in Chump Nation?

        I say we just let them all be happy. Harry’s grandmother died and he loved her. He’s a married father who talks about his feelings now. Welcome to America.

        • “We see it differently in the States.”
          “She certainly didn’t need the hate of the UK press.”

          With respect, as you point out, you’re in the States. The ‘hate of the UK press’ only began when she drew first blood. If anything, the UK press embraced what it saw as a glamorous match when they first started courting.

          “Harry likely subconsciously picked someone who wouldn’t fit in because his own mother didn’t, and then “rescued” her by leaving, resolving the major psychological wound of his childhood.”
          I’d agree with this analysis. I’d also add that he probably chose someone who would massage his ego since he’s always had something of a chip on his shoulder.

          “Meghan is American through and through and couldn’t make the cultural leap.”
          Meghan was in her late thirties and would have been briefed on what it was to be a royal. I feel that the culture leap was far less American to British and far more Hollywood posturing to dignified figurehead.

          “Can you imagine having to welcome Camilla as his father’s wife after the crap they put his mother through?!”
          I can see that one brother made the decision to move on and do his duty and that the other brother – who had previously been loved the most out of all the royals – decided to take a massive shit on an entire nation. I don’t see how Charles and Camilla’s tampon-talk gave Harry carte blanche to accuse the entire UK of racism. Not making the connection, sorry.

          “Harry’s grandmother died and he loved her.”
          I can tell how much he loved her by how he has now dedicated his life to shitting on her and her legacy. And the fact he didn’t even make it to Balmoral until two hours after her death was announced to the public.

          “He’s a married father who talks about his feelings now.”
          And Christ, we wish he’d shut up.

          • Sally, we get you love your country….but your royal court is laced is exactly why we are all here, CHEATERS! Charles, Camilla, Philip, Andrew, and the list goes on and on. The Queen knew of these affairs and had to separate herself from the because it was her duty to the country to keep her composure! When shit hits the fan she had to have her head on her shoulders. Kudos to her, she did a great job of that for her country. I loved the queen! I respect her for so many things other than her royalty. But, sadly, let’s face it….her overly stoic composure caused major damage to her entire family!!!!!!!!! She ultimately enabled narcissistic cheaters and bad behavior.

            Harry said I’m not putting up with that shit and got out. Kudos for him! Part of his book is probably a big step in his healing. Don’t forget that! You needed to heal, all of us on this platform do. And, from the sound of it….you’ve got more healing to do. But, healing takes on many forms for all of us. If writing his book is a way of allowing himself to be heard, then be ok with that. You needed and wanted to be heard as you were healing….hell, we ALL have!!!

          • Seriously get over it. You don’t know them. You’re full of hate for someone you don’t even know. It’s not attractive.

      • take your meghan hate somewhere else, i’m so glad she and Harry got out, i hope they live the very best lives

        • The echo chamber lied to you. Opposing views aren’t hate.

          May you introspect and grow. <3

        • I agree- so sick of the Meghan hate, it’s all coming out of the UK, for the way the press over there ramps up the hateometer. This post is supposed to be about Charles and Camilla anyway. Of course, it has to devolve into “Meghan is so horrible” BS.

          • Not a huge fan of Charles and Camilla…I think what they did to Diana was beyond despicable. However, I’m an American (with English relatives) and I think Meghan is a real narcissistic piece of work. I’m also of the opinion that Meghan thought she was going to be the belle of the ball with the Royals and the UK media. She wasn’t, it’s not how that crowd operates. Meghan had a hissy fit, took her ball and went home. She then went on to bash the Royals at every opportunity because they did not appreciate her specialness.

            • KB22: I agree about Meghan. Leaving the monarchy fine. Bashing her husband’s family & pulling out the race card at every opportunity? That’s toxic behaviour, something she’s extended to her own father.

            • H.G. Tudor did a whole series on how Meghan is a narcissist and Harry her victim/appliance. It was quite interesting. I don’t care enough to take sides really, but there may be more to the royals’ dislike of her than race.

      • Exactly, what is it with the hate for British people here? Don’t make out either that precious meggy is holy, she too cheated on her last partner to go whoring with Harry.

      • Well I’m British and I’m thoroughly embarrassed by the vitriol expelled by what is primarily a group of very vocal British women. Led by one or two (sad to say) female “royal biographers and correspondents” and that weird Piers Morgan. Every one of which seems to have a personal chip on their shoulder.

        We have absolutely no right to say “she thought she was going to sweep in and be the star” as none of us resides in her head, although she seems to reside in yours. Was there an inevitable learning curve and potential for missteps? Absolutely. Was she treated abysmally? 100%. Just looking at side by side articles about Kate “lovingly cradling her baby bump” and Meghan “showing off and touching her baby bump in a desperate bid for attention” lets you know exactly how that hatred and vitriol were fed. Congratulations, you bought into it hook line and sinker. Seething with hate for someone who has done nothing to you and who you have no direct knowledge or experience of.

        Was the Oprah interview a great idea? Probably not. Not every choice is going to be a good one. The way some people behave towards and talk about the couple though is absolutely vile and truly evil.

      • Not everyone in the US thinks highly of Ms. Markle. I can’t stand her, least we forget she too is a cheater. While I wouldn’t want a monarchy, I respect it. I hate what happened to Diana, but she also had affairs. Was it because Charles was such a jerk? Probably. But that isn’t a get out of jail free card, though it’s hard not to weigh how complicated the whole situation was. On the other hand, many of us were treated poorly on good days and yet we managed not to commit adultery. It’s troubling, of course, but on the other OTHER ???? hand, I like to think of what great deeds she brought to the world, of which there are many, Andrew? Well…yeah. Andrew should probably just hide behind the castle walls for the good of everyone. I do think Sarah Ferguson, as flawed as she is, would be the best choice for brunch or drinks! There is always William and Kate, they appear to hold much of the grace the the Queen held.

    • Don’t forget consort tampon queen was cheating on her spouse, too. So these lying liars who lie are now each other’s cheating liar.

  • Exactly right, CL! My answer (when it has come up about Camilla) has been similar. She can stick a crown on her head and call herself Queen, but no one likes her. No one respects her. No one wants to be her. The reports have all been that she’s been doing the rounds trying to “change her image.” Good luck with that — it’s impossible to outrun the foul tampon/knickers sex talk.

    Diana was beloved and Camilla will forever be regarded with disdain. Everyone loathes Charles. (Can’t stop laughing at: “Camilla wins Charles. A man who, if his eyes were set any closer together, would be a cyclops.”).

    Let them be forced into the public eye to be ripped apart by the press and told repeatedly how everyone looks forward to William and Kate taking over.

    There’s nothing to be upset about. Being Charles and Camilla is nothing to be proud of. Charles is probably thankful he’s now not the “worst”… but Andrew will still only add to the crazy.

    Looking forward to hearing what our UK, Canadian and Australian chumps have to say on this.

    • Yes, and the irony is that the Royal Family themselves is responsible for the worship of Diana, and Charles, although pressured, chased the shiny promise of being King one day and opted to go along with the Firm and agreed to hoodwink Diana rather than follow his heart and marry Camilla. The royal family–Charles included–are the ones who worked to present the wedding of Charles and Diana as a fairy tale–and the British people obliged them. Then when the curtains parted and the machinations were bare for all to see, the public embraced the duped and chumped Diana. Oops! Karma!

    • As a Brit I’d say kick them all out. I’m not a monarchist and never will be. I had enormous respect for HM the Queen. The only other royal I can tolerate is Harry. I applaud Megan for pulling Harry out of this clusterfuck of a family, and teaching him some boundaries. Harry for his part has been nothing but supportive of his wife. Respect to them both.
      Wills is no better Charles. Cheating apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Rose Danbury anyone?!?!
      Off with all their heads. ????????

        • Nope. The story was apparently traced back to one woman in online gossip, who had a possible link to Meghan’s Sussex Squad.

          How do I know this? Other online gossip …

    • I’m Canadian, why am I being dragging into this?! 🙂

      Charles and Camilla are horrendous but is everyone forgetting that Diana cheated with multiple people, including married men whose families blew apart in the aftermath? And the timelines indicate she cheated first?

      I don’t give her a pass because she seemed to be a lovely woman. They are all damaged goods.

  • Camilla’s tampon: the first thing this mere non-royal mortal here thought of when the queen died, now the press will dig up this story again and again. That’s what she gets.

    I have an arrogant, vain and cheater colleague who got beaten up by thugs hired by the chumped husband of one of his female students. One of his front teeth got broken in the beating and everytime I have to talk to this colleague I have to look away. While I don’t think anything justifies such violence (the husband belongs to an entitled oligarch family in my country) , this happened 20 years ago and people still talk about it.

    • I’m surprised the colleague hasn’t had the tooth fixed in 20 years, considering self-image and all that. Or, does he see it as a badge to keep himself in the spotlight, albeit, a negative one? He got a well-deserved ass whooopin’ 🙂

  • Incredibly hard as a Brit chump currently. My circumstances are similar in that I was left for the ‘one who got away soulmate’ after 26 years of marriage (now 3 years out). Both the ex and exgfOW were married and the affair had lasted across the Atlantic and for the full extent of the 26 years. All this talk of rekindled love sticks in my throat as the collateral damage of toxic, selfish, entitled others. I was dumped at 60 with nothing. My whole marriage was made a mockery of. I’ve needed therapy twice a week for 2.5 years to find a place of acceptance. No cheater, no matter how regal, gets my respect. I despise people who did what the ex and exgfOW and Charles and Camilla did. To me it matters.

    • Mighty: To me it matters a LOT. I never excuse cheaters and APS. They know what they are doing. I especially get upset when “The one that gotaway” is involved but all cheating is bad IMO. I have always had zero respect for cheaters and APs. Never an excuse that is a good reason IMO. May you find peace Might Warrior.

      • Perhaps someone can help me because I’ve never seen it discussed here, or maybe I missed it. My FW didn’t leave for the “one who got away.” But when I look back now, to even before we got married, I can see that he really didn’t want to marry me that much…the timing was just right. I didn’t see the red flags then, of course. I spackled. So it’s akin to always having someone else on your mind throughout the marriage, although he had no one else. It’s just that it wasn’t me either.

        I think he loved me as a friend, basically, and he realized his mistake early on, but really didn’t know how to handle it and tried to convince himself for years that he made the right choice when deep down he knew he didn’t.

        I guess that doesn’t excuse the cheating, he could have come to me and been honest, but as he said to me once, “Would you really rather I had done it sooner?” (I found out at 55 and he had been cheating at least the last six years of our 24 year marriage.) And sometimes, to myself, I actually say no, I’m glad it was later. And sometimes I even feel bad for him and even guilty because he was “trapped” and didn’t have the heart to hurt me and tell me earlier. He basically wasted his good years, too, trying hard to figure out what to do. (I think if he hadn’t had a brush with death, we’d still be in our platonic marriage and he’d have never cheated.)

        How do I change my thinking? I still feel bad for him and a bit guilty for some reason, 3 years out. I also hate him, but I can sort of understand why he did it. Does this make any sense?

        • CBN, he was not trapped. He made a free choice, and I doubt very much it was about avoiding hurting you, since he had no problem hurting you by cheating.

          My FW confessed to me after Dday that he had not wanted to get married. Thus was one of his many excuses. By pretending he did want to marry and hiding the truth from me he stole my life. If he had told me the truth I would have found somebody who did want to marry me, but he lied for the sake of his own convenience. People like this will make a permanent vow about what is actually temporary for them. They are aware that somebody they prefer could come along and will “settle” for you until that happens so they don’t have to give up the goodies they get from you. Your FW’s sad sausage play is a crock of shit. He used you until he found someone else, and he did it knowingly and willingly. Do not feel sorry for that jerk.

          I also found out about 5-6 years (that I know of) of cheating when I was in my 50s. There is no excuse for the theft of another person’s life. If these jerks cared about our feelings at all they’d have let us go early on so we could find genuine, reciprocal relationships. But we were useful to them so they lied. You are giving the FW credit for noble motives he was not operating on.

          • Hard though it is to read, CBN, OHFFS is spot on accurate. Many of us were used shamelessly, for years and years, depriving us of the opportunity to explore other options. We were a convenience. That’s part of the cruelty and abuse that is cheating. It’s about power and entitlement as much as anything else. I can still cry over the way I was used. I don’t miss the ex in any way. I love my single life and I will remain single for the rest of my life. But I still cry for the lost me who went through so much. I try to show compassion for myself. I stopped caring about me and solely cared about the ex. He accused me of many wrongs (the affair was never admitted but I found explicit emails after he’d left). On one accusation he was correct: he said I self-harmed. He was right about that. There was an abandoned me lost inside this deranged (the only world I can find that’s strong enough) body desperately trying to stop the deranged me from reacting to impulse and hurting myself more. The ex could see that vulnerability. Every time the lost me dared to peer out and express herself, he squashed her down as hard as he could. He did that because it suited his convenience. He exploited my loyalty and love. My responsibility was to protect the lost me, to nurture and encourage and mentor her. Instead I nurtured, encouraged, and mentored a person who did not have any part of my interests at heart. This is a painful realisation, that he spoke the truth, for once, when he said I self-harmed. But the fact that he said it is evidence that he knew the vulnerability was there and he exploited it, intentionally, deliberately, to get what he wanted (I was a convenient cash cow). Until I can compassionately look at this truth about myself, I am doomed to keep making the same mistake (explaining my desire to remain single). It’s no comfort to you, I know, but it gives you a tiny sliver of hope that you can control your love and encouragement for the lost you peering out from the mire into the light. You are a giant; let her stand on your shoulders.

        • CBN, I am sorry. I don’t know exactly what to say to you, apart from to say that three years isn’t so very long in terms of rebuilding self esteem. It’s been six for me, and if I look back to three years ago, I still felt like somebody’s crappy discard. I didn’t stop feeling that way until I stopped defining myself through FW’s eyes.

          I do wonder a whether you have internalised his excuses, and my counter-arguments would be:

          – There is always a choice in any relationship to limit its growth and potential by focusing on doubts.

          – Thousands of platonically-skewed relationships are loyal and honest (and aren’t friendship, realism and humour the defining characteristics of most happy long term relationships?)

          – Also, it’s very much in the cheater’s interests to rewrite your shared history and present it as fact. He’s been busy redefining the narrative for the full six years he was cheating.

          Be angry, not sorry, at the utter arrogance of someone who failed to invest in you fully, and who knowingly wasted your chance of being happy – that’s not kindness or care, it’s a particularly patronising and cowardly brand of entitlement.

            • Thank you all. I may not have acknowledged everyone who responded, but I cannot tell you how much your responses mean to me. I have started to re-frame things a bit since reading your responses.

        • CBN,

          It’s O.K. to have compassion for yourself. No need to feel down on yourself for not feeling the “right” way toward your ex.

          It took me a long while to see how bad mine was:
          Imagine my brain was a filing cabinet which had a drawer called “why did he do that?”

          Every time he did something unkind, I’d file it away. For example, if he shouted at me I’d put it in the He Had A Bad Day At Work folder. If he didn’t keep a promise, I might put it in the He’s Really Stressed folder. There were also the He’s Tired folder, He Doesn’t Know Any Better folder, and He Had A Rough Childhood folder. That one was overstuffed.

          This blog helped me realize I was missing the Because He’s An Asshole folder.

          The more I read here, the more I came to realize most of his actions belong in that last folder. I am continuously refiling.

    • Mt heart goes out to you MightyWarrior. Coronation: TRIGGER WARNING!!! The absurd fairytale if “the heart wants” deliberately ignoring the collateral damage. Not to mention, the wilful ignoring of decent values.

    • Even if he never lifted a finger, your ex sounds like a terrible abuser. The most skilled never have to take their hands out of their pockets to neutralize their prey. I have a feeling you have stories that fit the definition of “Coercive Control,” which is gradually becoming a standard for criminal domestic abuse. In the UK, offenders can go to jail for up to four or five years as far as I understand. For the history of it, check out the book Coercive Control by forensic psychologist Evan Stark who’s been lobbying for CC laws for decades and had a direct hand in creating the legal standards in the UK and Connecticut.

      There’s a certain spiritual pain that comes with experiencing a misfortune or illness right before the remedy is discovered. But I hope that in your mind you eventually see this guy in karmic prison stripes.

  • I couldn’t care less about a bunch of out-of-touch relics. Symbols and figureheads of colonization and oppression.
    I’m from a monarchy (Sweden) and used to think it was harmless. But for what it costs taxpayers to sustain a royal family, the ROI ought to be a little more substantial than that.

    • Was your monarchy responsible for the situation in Malmo? I hear a lot about what monarchies cost but not certain decisions made by governments.

    • It’s interesting what the existence of a monarchy or lack of one does to cultural psychology. Part of my family is from Finland which never had an independent monarchy. At least in the past this reportedly trickled down into noticeable traditions like armed forces that formed through summer sports clubs where commanders were called by their first names. The under-armed Finns apparently beat back the Russians in the last invasion because Finns would easily form independent “guerrilla” cells that the Russian hierarchy– possibly because of having been too recently infected by monarchy– didn’t comprehend. Personally I’ve noticed that those old-timey Finn anarchic traditions have carried on into subsequent generations in the US. Two of my uncles were mistaken for socialists while actually being quite conservative (too much for my taste) because they successfully applied anarchic organizational principles to business. No titles, no oak-lined honcho offices, flat hierarchy, worker-run operations, fluid roles. My uncle used to laugh off corporate spies because, even if they managed to swipe a new product design, his competitors could never figure out that it was the structure that kept production, quality and innovation ahead of everyone else.

      Basically the businesses were run without kings which was unimaginable to competitors who couldn’t see that kings cost a lot in terms of production, innovation and money (the UK royal family costs UK taxpayers 102 GBP a year apparently.) The big challenge for organizations like this is an extensive process of finding employees who function comfortably and naturally without that hierarchy because not everyone does. Some people go mad without top-down structure and try to institute it with destructive interpersonal one-upmanship when it doesn’t exist. According to Pulitzer-winning cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker, humans have a primitive tendency to elevate icons in order to worship and follow them (with the secret hope of one day being king) just like our great ape ancestors and chimp cousins.

      At least with the celebrity circus the public elects the silly icons instead of inheriting them on an even more corrosive (eugenics, anyone?) “divine right” concept. Elected icons may even occasionally have merit and when they fall from grace, they lose their titles and cash flow.

  • I think most of the British people want the monarchy because it is the glue that holds them together. In order to have it there must be succession so occasionally they get a dud. I don’t know if he was allowed to be an adult. Since he went along with the idea of marrying a virgin I don’t imaging he was.

    I keep thinking about those two boys having to walk behind her casket. They appear to have survived because of her. Now Harry has put his popularity to helping injured vets. Those two brothers might make a difference because of Diana but look at the cost. They have to be nice to the woman who helped drive their mother nearly crazy.

    • “They have to be nice to the woman who helped drive their mother nearly crazy.”–Not an unfamiliar situation for the children of cheaters who claim their AP is their “true love” or “soul mate” or whatever ridiculous term they choose. If the kids want to have a relationship to dad, that shit sandwich is the price they pay, over and over.

      It’s interesting to me that Harry won’t do to Meghan what was done to his mother.

      • I’ve read Tom Bower’s book on Meghan and Harry, and I’ve just finished his very unflattering book on Prince Charles-that-was.

        I wouldn’t get too excited about Meghan. Her romantic relationships overlapped, including how she met and love bombed Harry (monkey branching up the social and wealth tree).

        They left in a huff when Meghan realised that being royal was actually quite boring, and when she was told she couldn’t monetise SussexRoyal.

        I’m Australian, and I think constitutional monarchy is an effective and stable form of government. It doesn’t mean that I have to like the Royal Family, any more than you have to like the President. You hold your nose and hope for the best.

        In the US you’ve had a long line of presidential cheaters. Yes, you can vote them out, but you tend to replace them with very similar people drawn from the same limited pool of very rich or well-backed dudes.

        There’s also a long history of corruption and graft and vote buying and expediency and covering up associated with the Presidency, which certainly puts Charles’creative accounting in the Duchy of Cornwall to shame.

        • Lola, we get to send them on their way after four years. After eight they have to leave.

          Who did Meghan harm in marrying Harry? Over here in the US it seems her African blood is unacceptable to others. See, she is ours. We do not like the horrible stories made up to sell newspapers etc. There seems to be an enormous amount of racism under the not so hidden surface.

          . I am sure for those of you who support the monarchy it looks like we are throwing stones. This was about cheating and has quickly turned into bashing countries and loyalties,

          This is for those of you who believe everything you hear and read about Charles, Camila, Harry, Megan, William etc. etc. etc. let me give you a real quick story. Years ago I was watching something called C-SPAN which is a free service for anyone in the United States and it covers the Senate, Congress and the White House and all other political things. One day there was a discussion between a newspaper reporter and a host and they took phone calls. This was about the very first war that the first George Bush made against Saddam Hussein. I don’t know what caused this caller to make this announcement but it made me realize that I cannot trust anybody that claims to know everything. He was a WWII sailor who went to Japan as it was declaring cease-fire. He was in the landing boat with two reporters who were laughing about a story that they had already sent in. The story described one thing and this sailor witnessed a completely different one. So somewhere in the archives is a news paper that has a completely false story about what happened when the Navy landed in Japan. So when we are reading and mulling over and gossiping about people I’d like to think it was the truth but it seldom is. I’m on Quora and you would not believe the vile stuff that’s written about Meghan. It’s disgusting.

          I don’t agree with the way Charles and Camilla acted but he’s your king. He expects your loyalty, not mine.

          • I don’t have an issue with monarchy v presidency or anything like that. It’s just that the Royal Family have been a guilty pleasure of mine for many years now, and I’ve read a lot, and done a lot of winnowing of what I’ve read.

            The best writer in this area without a doubt is Tom Bower. He’s careful, thorough, absolutely forensic, checks everything a zillion times, and has never been subject to libel action.

            I’ll leave the UK residents to weigh in on whether they think Meghan Markle was subject to racist attacks when she was warmly embraced by the entire (multi-racial) country, featured in documentaries about the Royal Family that made her look like a megastar, and given a multi-million dollar wedding, escorted up the aisle by the Prince of Wales and wearing one of the Queen’s tiaras.

            • This was about the palace sycophants. The secret people who jealously guard their jobs. I hope Charles cleans out the trouble makers. He walked Meghan down the aisle. I think there was real joy in the family then. She has stated there was no one to turn to about the whispers and innuendos running rampant. That is what needs to go.

              I had rather read about Ukraine hanging on and taking part of the country back.

              • Tom Bower’s book on Charles – and a multitude of other sources over decades, as well as the man himself when interviewed at any length – makes it clear that he is actually the epicentre and raison d’etre of the Palace sycophants, actively encourages them, dumps anyone who isn’t a sycophant, and can’t hear the word ‘No’ from pretty much anyone.

                Far from cleaning out the troublemakers, Charles has a long and well-documented history of protecting them, up to and including at least one rape suspect.

                The Royal Family is very, very weird. It’s part-psychology lab, part-train wreck, part-soap opera, and part-morality play, but with fabulous costumes. I find it difficult to look away, especially when it’s 24-7 free coverage, as it is right now.

  • Just the other night CNN had a documentary on the royal family and they mentioned Diana’s dramatic weight loss, bulimia, depression, and severe decline in her mental health. The princess was stuck in a dysfunctional, unhappy marriage, in her own words ‘there were three of us in this marriage, so it was quite crowded’ so no wonder she was puking and depressed! Her marriage with the cheater was bad enough, but to have the entire world know is so much worse…

    • But it’s so predictable that King Cheater III who had a beautiful, smart, kind wife whom was also a caring mother to his children, chose to ‘affair down’ with Lady Horseyface of Frumpshire instead.

  • I keep seeing memes saying “if you’re a side chick hang on. Camilla is now queen”.

    The number of people who’ve said “they’re married now” to me is shocking. People really do think marriage legitimizes affairs.

    • And it helped that Diana died, of course. That was the start of Camilla’s acceptance over here. The ex would have preferred it if I had been dead and he tried to drive me to suicide by his behaviour. Even if I had understood that I was supposed to leave him, my brain was doing addled I couldn’t have got the energy together to do so.

      • My ex is married to my ex best friend now. It would be far easier for their history rewrite if I no longer lived, too. She is still miffed I have his last name. It isn’t because I am pining for him, it’s because that is my children’s last name and I had over 20 years of strong professional experience with it. I am considered an SME in my field and it would have been a pain to change it. These people are insufferable twits, aren’t they?

    • I made a reply to this meme on IG that as a victim of infidelity, there is no respect for Camilla. The account owner replied “It’s just a meme and Diana cheated too” which shows the smugness of those who have not lived through infidelity hell. It’s not about tit for tat here. Camilla and Charles knew what they were doing. And who wants to be known as a side chick?

    • I suspect this is a vocal minority. A study found that less than 3% of extramarital affairs end in marriage and even then suffer a higher rate of subsequent dysfunction, adultery and divorce than other second marriages. That gives credence to the idea that gambling addiction is associated with “mate poaching” through the dark triad connection. That’s a lot of risk and sewage to climb through for such slim odds.

      It actually pleases me no end that Camilla has become the universal symbol of all sideys. Now when thinking of a side piece, the first association in everyone’s mind is to a bloated, shrill sack of shit trailed by cringy gossip and public disdain. It doesn’t matter if the shrill sack of shit is wrapped in ermine and married to Ichabod Dorkmeister, nobody wants something like that to represent them. Fun. I know with certainty that the former AP in my situation is cringing down to her shrill, bloaty toes.

  • Whenever I’ve seen Camilla, the Tampax Queen Consort in the news ( and believe me, I don’t purposely look for her) I’ve never once not had the fact that she is his mistress run through my head. It’s the first thing that hits me before her odd ball hats.
    She is a woman with very compromised scruples and sorely lacking integrity.
    They have been married some 17 years now and she is STILL his mistress in my eyes and I’m sure most of the world’s eyes too and that can’t be changed up. It’s the big monogrammed “ A” on every frumpy outfit she’s worn for decades that can never be taken off.
    Yeah, that seems to me some cringe worthy karma she can never be done with. And all she won out of the deal was a sparkly turd of a man who now gets to wear a jeweled crown on his royal turdy head. Bad investment.
    Character matters. Those are two words I keep on my bathroom mirror.

    • “They have been married some 17 years now and she is STILL his mistress in my eyes and I’m sure most of the world’s eyes too and that can’t be changed up.”

      I think that is true for us commoners too. That is why so many adulterers try to move or hide their stories. I am sure my fw and his whore rewrote their relationship to exclude years of them screwing me over. In their case they were both such distasteful folks that they still had trouble wherever they went. Got asked to leave one church and were shunned out of another church. Neighbors hated them.

      I only got the highlights from my son and his wife, but I had no trouble believing it to be true. Two dysfunctional folks living out their bliss. Certainly not the stuff of fairytales.

    • Did you get a load of the giant mushroom that she wore on her head today at the church service in Edinburgh?!

  • I have the same reaction to Camilla as I do to Charles: both of them are cheaters so bleccchhh.

    Feel the same way about the ubiquitous “bubbles” TV commercials with Ewan Cheater McGregor narrating. Bleccchhh.

    • Yep two dysfunctional folks found each other. They just happen to have power and money, and live amongst many other powerful and wealthy dysfunctional folks. Much like our own leaders.

      I think Hillbillies get a bad rap, compare them to royalty and our government elected officials and they don’t look so bad. I say that as a bonified hillbilly, though I never saw the inbreeding and lifestyle that jokes are made from. Broad brush and all.

      Also at this point the only Tampons Camilla is using is for UI. It is a fate most of us, man or woman will face; if we are fortunate enough to live that long.

      • From one hillbilly to another, thanks Susie Lee! I’d bet money there are far more branches in our family trees than in the Royal family…

      • Raised in a hillbilly culture — not all bad. I would like to see many things change, but these folks prioritize working hard, and show up at your door with food or offer help during a hard time. I have to respect that. Thanks for pointing out stereotypes are not really representative of the real people. They are just short cut generalizations made by one culture about another.

  • ‘A man who, if his eyes were set any closer together, would be a cyclops.’

      • Oh, I’ve had that thought (about the very close set eyes) every time I’ve ever looked at Charles!

  • I’m betting that Charles will be a big disappointment as King & that will be the karma of him & Camilla, HRH side chick. His first speech was gratingly too posh despite his words. It’s too bad tampon & trousers hadn’t been allowed to marry each other in the first place so others like Diana & side chick’s first husband hadn’t been the collateral damage.

    • MichelleShocked: forgot to include that I’m Canadian. I loved the Queen despite my unease of colonialism & imperialism. To me, she symbolized a grandmother, but I don’t feel the same about her son.

    • Yes, a proper analysis/deconstruction of his speech would be very interesting. From what I heard, he doesn’t have good writers. I didn’t read any media commentary on the vapidity of his remarks. There was a bit of “he doth protest too much, methinks” about it. His infinite sadness etc etc, … I was hoping for better

  • I am more bothered that Charles gets to be king. I am not British though so it isn’t my business. I will let them sort out whether or not they even want a monarchy. I will say, as an American, I always liked Harry best.

    • Nah. Harry’s a prat too. Remember the Nazi uniform? Currently he’s fulfilling his assigned role as tormentor of the adulterers. Big Bro and the Missus have to behave themselves.

      I’m a Yank married to a Brit. My assigned role is to convey the royal gossip to my professedly uninterested spouse.

      • Oh and by the way … there were extensive rumors of a wandering dick in the first years of the Kate/WIlls marriage. Their highly skilled PR team would have you believe that Wills is a devoted family man, but like father like son.

  • The papers keep telling us Brits we love her now. Err not outside posh London society.

  • What I remember is when the interviewer asked, in their post-engagement interview, if they were in love, and Diana quickly answered, with some indignation, “Of course!” and Charles followed with, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.” It seemed to be an odd question to ask of a newly engaged couple, but it was quite revealing. Charles also made a comment about his enjoyment of running around in secret, disclosed with a gleeful smile. Presumably he was referring to his proposal to Diana, although he was still seeing Camilla. Altogether, very telling.

    How unfortunate to have a known cheater and adulterer as the “Defender of the Faith,” and head of the Church of England.

  • the tampon queen. ha!

    as a canadian, i don’t have much to say about camilla, the tampon queen. i mean, she’s showed us who she is therefore we can’t expect much of her, moving forward.

    further, she’s married a tedious man who is prone to impatience and anger–

  • I am just glad that Charles and horseface never had children. They would have been butt ugly with those two.

  • I will forever hear consort as the verb (habitually associate with (someone), typically with the disapproval of others).

  • Camilla is the OW. My fuckwit has an OM. I am not really concerned with a random piece of shit — the world is chock-o-block full of them. Let’s rally against Charles instead — long live Charles! Sir King Fuckwit.

  • I am actually crying laughing reading this this morning. Thank you CL! Great way to start the week. Honestly, WHO CARES? They get each other, there is no better example than this. I worry more about the fate of the Queen’s corgis, who will apparently be banished as King Tampax prefers Russels

    • Sadly FW Andrew is getting the corgis along with ex Sarah Ferguson (bet she’s glad to be divorced from him!). I’m guessing they’ll take good care of them but Andrew gives me the creeps.

      • Andrew and Sarah still live together and always have done. So I guess the corgi/dorgi will be living with both of them. Shall we plan an intervention (both A and S were cheaters).

        • Ah yes. The man who doesn’t sweat, and the woman who knows that her lifestyle completely depends on her relationship with him.

        • The whole corgi episode is a brilliant example of narcissistic gift-giving – the kind that many of us have been on the receiving end of, from our respective cheaters.

          You know, the gift that’s all about THEM, not about you.

          The Queen had deliberately not been replacing her corgi family as they passed on, because she knew the end was coming, and that her kids didn’t feel the same way about corgis that she did (they used to nip a lot and weren’t popular with the extended family).

          So of course, having been told this, what does Andrew do?


          Because after all, it’s what HE wants, not what she wants.

          The first puppy he gave her had disabilities and had to be put down – SO HE GOT HER ANOTHER ONE.

          That tells you all you need to know about this guy.

  • It gets worse. Google the new prime Minister. She had an affair with her mentor in 2004. It destroyed his marriage, but she is still married. The country is now run by successful cheaters

    As we say in the US, it is what it is

  • As an American, it’s impossible for me to understand a monarchy in the modern age. To me, the new King and his mistress show what you get when you prop up an idle family of party boys, pedos, and cheaters — and the hangers-on who think proximity to power make them special.

    • “To me, the new King and his mistress show what you get when you prop up an idle family of party boys, pedos, and cheaters”

      You mean like the Trumps? The Kennnedys?
      Sorry, couldn’t resist. ????
      America is by no means immune to propping up douchebags, so I fail to see why the British affection for the Royals is impossible for Americans to understand. America had a kind of untitled royalty in the robber barons of the gilded age, and that tradition has been continued into the modern era.

  • If like me you root against all sorts of unearned entitlement, of which monarchy is the supreme example, you can welcome King Tampon and his horse-faced side piece as powerful tools to corrode the system from the inside out. Elizabeth lived well on the dole but did it with constancy, dignity, and panache. These two manky prats bring none of that to the table. Here’s hoping the U.K. finally sees fit to end the expensive and ugly charade of royalty.

  • Oof. I’m struggling to buy the spin that she won a turd. And I really want to buy it!

    Camilla has no financial concerns and her husband seems to worship her. Yes, she needs to smile and pose for pictures while wearing silly hats, but maybe she’s into that. And she’s a f*ck*ng queen, albeit with a permanent asterisk by her name, which is her own little shit sandwich, but she’s probably used to choking that one down by now. A little high tea from the royal china probably eases the swallowing.

    I know this is an unpopular take, but maybe we need to come to terms with the fact that sometimes APs do get something of value in the end.

    That said, I think it’s important to remember that this is not a zero-sum game. Just because the AP might get something of value doesn’t mean that the chump doesn’t as well. Chumps get freedom from a shitty partner with poor character. Chumps gain new lives! They report back here all the time that they are happier.

    Let’s face it: tongues will forever wag when it comes to Camilla and Charles.
    Diana will remain more beloved than either of them. The tampon story will live on.

    But I suspect time will smooth out some of the kinks in their reputations because many people are invested in a feel-good monarchy.

    I’m glad I don’t really care.

    • “I know this is an unpopular take, but maybe we need to come to terms with the fact that sometimes APs do get something of value in the end.”

      Agreed, even in fw/whores case she got something of value. For a while she had plenty of money and a house. For only about five years until he gambled it all away, but even then he still had enough pension to pay the bills and she quit work at about age 37 and never worked again the rest of her life. She certainly didn’t live on easy street, but she didn’t have to pay the bills and as long as she kept her mouth shut and let him do whatever, she wouldn’t have to pay bills. As crappy as that sounds to me, it was still better than her previous life of constant struggle.

      She also likely lives in her fairy tale of their twu luv. She is too old now to snag another meal ticket, though I am betting she has tried on a few old farts at her trailer court. She had tried to snag several married men before she finally found one stupid enough. No reason she wouldn’t at least give it a go again.

      • I don’t think they get something of value. Value is in the eye of the beholder, and an arrogant, entitled dishonest character rot of a partner is not anything of value, whatever fancy rare priceless expensive rocks (proclaimed as such by the DeBeers family) come with it.

    • If we think the kind money and fame linked to monarchy are things of value, then Camilla probably did get something. But aside from her character defects and the noted lack of character or charm of her husband, the new king, she’s living in a very dysfunctional system, one so bad that one of her stepsons fled with his pregnant wife to another continent to get away from the abusive control and racism they were experiencing.

      I don’t count the money and the stuff–that’s just making comparisons that keep us chumps caught in the web of bad values held by the cheaters. Diana wasn’t better off because she was too damaged to get past the “I need a man” stage of development. I’d bet she was busy comparing her single life with Charles’s “happiness” because he had a relationship, such as it is. But Harry and Meghan show us that it’s healthier to reject the “stuff” surrounding the monarchy in order to “gain a life.”

      • When Harry and Meghan reimburse the British taxpayers for the cost of their wedding from their Netflix/Spotify money, I’ll be impressed.

        When I left my family, I left the money behind too. I am sorry to say I don’t trust them either, for many reasons besides this one. And I was the featured guest of Oprah Winfrey on 4/15/92. She made fun of me for being in therapy. My personal experience with her adds to my distrust of M&H.

        I know Harry went to rehab at one point, and I am curious about whether he is sober now. I have not heard that he is.

          • Oprah.

            At one point on the show, she said to me, derisively, “Have you been in therapy for a while?” Her questions were provocative, and I did not react Jerry Springer style. Her producers also deceived me, in regards to the format of the show. All evidently with the intention of getting me to react.

            I have the episode on DVD and a file with copies of all the ensuing correspondence. I have a very different opinion of St. Oprah than most people, based on my personal experience with her.

            • I also learned from that experience that what actually happens behind the scenes can be very VERY different from what is presented in the media. Verifiable facts from the insiders involved are what I am interested in.

    • I agree. They do often get something of value *to them.* Since it is not something we value, by all means let them have it.

    • As much as we may not like it, it seems both Camilla and Charles absolutely love each other and are very happy. That’s life.

  • Now every sidey thinks they’ll be Queen Consort or Prince Consort of Great Britain, lol.

    • Ha ha ha in their warped little minds that’s exactly what they think!!

      And we all get to laugh our socks off at them ????????????????

  • I have zero use for the royals, but a request to judge their reprehensible actions rather than their appearances, on behalf of frumpy, horse-faced cyclopi who have kind hearts and behave themselves.

  • The two of them make me sick. I’ve always suspected Diana was killed by the monarchy’s (Charles’s?) henchmen to be rid of his rival for public affection. I know that’s what XH and AP would have wanted — my death. Evil.

    • I think it’s much more mundane than that. Here in the states our cops can do something called a PIT maneuver on a speeding car. All you have to do is barely touch the bumper and it takes all the traction off the highway and spins the car around. I think a paparazzi got to close, touched the bumper and spun that car right into a concrete pillar and kill Diana. That one small mistake killed their money maker.
      They can’t do much with Catherine because she knows how to act in public and never does one thing wrong. Megan, unfortunately, had an American personality and was not going to sit around and let them do to her what they did to Diana. And thank goodness for Harry because he was not going to let his wife be treated that way. With all the news outlets now it’s almost impossible to make it through life without somebody not seeing you do something stupid. So far I don’t think William and Catherine have done so. If this family of long lives follows suit Charles will be gone in 20 years and William will be 60.
      My suggestion to Charles would be to unload some of those castles. Buckingham and Windsor could be museums. Get that much off public responsibilities.

      • Meghan is a known quantity from her long life prior to Harry, and an excellent and accomplished grifter. She sells private gossip (much of it demonstrably lies) for money, because she won’t ever get an acting gig again.

        Harry is thick as mince and never saw active service during his deployment. In terms of the rest of his character, he has inherited his father’s lifelong habits of entitlement and blaming others for his unhappiness.

        Meghan has joked about being one plane crash away from the throne. If I were the Princess of Wales, I’d keep her well away from my children.

        • Lol! Definitely. If Charlie and Camilla are crap, then so is stupid Harry and the lazy prat he married. For two wealthy individuals, both him and old Meggy do nothing but whinge and whine about how hard done to they are. Meggy needs constant adulation, praise and glory. Hence the obsession with constantly looking for cameras and moaning! Charlie and Camilla are bad, and Harry and meggy follow them right behind!

  • Camilla’s husband was a serial cheater and she was crazy about him. You think she would have had at least one brain cell that would have realized that it was as painful for Diana as it was for her.

  • I don’t wish to be unpopular; I just want to express an opinion. I rewatched The Color Purple this weekend. It made me think or many things in my life and put them in historical perspective. The characters that Opra and Whoopie played were on a spectrum in that movie. Oprah was a fighter and Whoopie was a survivor. Both learned that other women were not necessarily their enemy. Both lived in a cruel time and situation. I thought both characters resonated with times in my life where I was on a spectrum, and the story had an improbable happy ending. The storyline was men were in charge of women’s lives, and they did whatever they wanted, and the women somehow carried on.

    I believe the story of the British monarchy also serves to illustrate this spectrum. We are fascinated with The Crown, and Downton Abbey, and Shakespear has told these stories over and over. Still, women have been considered less than, men have ruled, and women somehow carried on. Although I do believe in character, and I do believe we are responsible for our actions, I also believe we must be clever enough to survive. The old adage is men are afraid women will laugh at them, and women are afraid men will kill them.

    I loved a man deeply when I was in college, the physical attraction was strong. But we were not meant to be. I married other men, unsuccessfully tried to love them and maintain a marriage, but that was not meant to be either. I have never forgotten my first, deep love. Now that I reflect back within a historical perspective, I don’t believe that love would have sustained either. I had to learn to love myself and live an independent life before I ever felt successful.

    I think the rules of living in a monarchy, or any system where one sex dominates the other and the rules for marriage and breeding are regarded as some type of Darwinian march to the Survival of the Fittest Bloodline are destined to fail. We are humans, with compassion and feelings and we don’t always make the right choices. If you are an educated and independent woman who controls her own life, you may well look at the whole Charles, and Camilla, and Diana story with disdain. But put all of them into historical perspective. Charles was born to be a king, Camilla, for some reason loved Charles, but was told she could never be his wife, or queen. Diana wanted to be a princess in a fairytale but look how that worked out for her. William and Harry grew up camera and media adjacent. Every mistake they ever made has been scrutinized and criticized. How awful for all parties.

    Who knows what will happen to the monarchy? It will not harm my life either way and is not my business. I don’t really know these people. But I do recognize human tragedy when I see it.

  • I just read about Camilla’s ex Andrew Parker Bowles. He was just as bad as Camilla. He had multiple affairs during their marriage. One of them was with Princess Anne- Charles sister who he continues to be good friends with. He is The Godfather to one of Anne’s children. Those must be fun family dinners. Hugs to all us chumps who choose to live with integrity and build a life of freedom.

  • The Diana/Camilla situation is drastically oversimplified by those who stay angry about it after decades.

    Charles was in love with Camilla, a married woman. Obviously I don’t endorse that but I will say that at least it seems to have been an abiding love.

    Being the first in line to the throne, he was expected to produce an heir. So he was never going to give 100% to his future bride and though he tried to opt out, he was pressured at 31 years old to get on with duty. I’m fairly sure that he couldn’t marry a divorcee back then so there was no way that he and Camilla were going to be together legitimately. Camilla was also in her mid-thirties, so the healthy heir window was fast disappearing. It just wasn’t going to be viable for royalty.

    No, I don’t endorse him cheating and for the world to see.

    Diana was a 19 year old with obvious mental frailty. This was never a match that should have been made, he embarrassed her from the very start with his Godawful, “whatever love means” statement on television that he really didn’t have to make. Charles at 31/32 handled this entire thing like a manbaby rebelling against his parents and Diana was the collateral. He openly wore cufflinks with his and Camilla’s initials even on his wedding night. It’s one thing to not love your wife; it becomes a whole new battle when you don’t even respect her on the most basic level. That would ruin even the most robust person. Whether or not Charles ever stopped dipping his wick with Camilla, he treated Diana disgustingly.

    What nobody ever seems to mention, however, is the fact that Diana’s own family sold her out. Zero regard for how the pressure was going to exacerbate aforementioned mental frailty. He actually met Diana when she was 16 while he was dating her older SISTER. So it really does seem that the Spencers were going to climb by any means necessary.

    Thus you have the perfect storm of a manbaby in love with a woman he can’t have while being expected to produce heirs to the throne with a woman 12 years his junior who clearly doesn’t have what it takes to be under the microscope all the time, let alone be under the microscope while being so shoddily treated. A woman whose own family didn’t have her back and pimped her out like a brood mare.

    Predictably, Diana’s mental state declined to a point where she was bulimic, openly self-harming and, according to some interviews, becoming jealous of nannies so that whenever William and Harry had a semblance of stability in their lives, it was quickly removed.

    It’s suggested in some circles that she suffered Borderline Personality Disorder. While her actions line up with that diagnosis, it’s difficult to tell if this was true or if she was just an abused, trapped woman acting out (and in). That said, it gets a little harder to forgive when children are involved and this is where my sympathies start to run dry.

    Downvote and castigate me for this if you like but I don’t think it’s proper for a 36 year old mother to be out drinking and partying with several men. Anybody blaming her death 100% on the paparazzi needs to look at the entire picture.

    Camilla could have done the decent thing and stopped cheating, agreed. But with regard to Diana, I wonder if it would have made much difference. Charles simply didn’t love Diana, he would have conducted himself like a spoiled, obstinate child regardless. The outcome may have been much the same, sadly.

    What I can say about Camilla is that she has served us for 17 years with dignity… but that’s a lot easier to do alongside a man who isn’t killing you every day.

    As an aside, it’s disappointing that you saw fit to mention the British Empire in connection with the Charles/Diana/Camilla debacle. The two aren’t related and the sins of the British Empire – which number very low when compared to the sins of OTHER empires/regimes that it isn’t currently en vogue to mention – were committed before Elizabeth even got near the throne.

    Every country on earth has attempted to expand territory through warfare yet this is conveniently forgotten. The British Empire doesn’t smell of roses but it did a lot of good that has been swept under the rug.

    We’re taking two weeks out of the other 52 weeks of the year that are dedicated to Pride and BLM etc to mourn our sovereign who served us faithfully for 70 years. If certain people are going to attempt to ruin this for us with more ‘hate your heritage’ social conditioning, our patience will run out and we’ll start having REAL conversations about colonialism, slavery and despotic leaders.

    • Americans are fully aware of the “hate your heritage” drum beat.

      I choose to ignore it, and love my heritage, but not ignore the bad parts of it.

      Truth is no country can have it both ways anymore.

      • Yes, America appears to be quite the pressure cooker now.

        I agree. No country, race, group, etc is perfect and we must learn from the wrongs of the past.

        However, the current narrative is heavily and unfairly weighted and the only reason anyone is ever going to want you to hate yourself and stay on eggshells is so that you are more compliant. What is true for chumps can be further expanded to groups. This is nothing to do with improving as a group.

        These movements have no interest in righting the wrongs of the past, they merely look to leverage them.

        I won’t comply.

        I won’t look the other way while ‘activists’ muscle gay people out of their own movement or when BLM leaders embezzle money, enabled in part by lies and half-truths about colonialism.

        I will never dance for the honour of anyone’s contempt and I won’t enable movements that are to the detriment of everyone of every group.

        • Sally, I think people from other countries have no concept of your monarchy. I am in the US and from birth, by osmosis, we are divined to be individuals. It says so in our constitution. The minute people take the oath to be United States citizens they will tell you they know their rights. It is so clear to all of us that no one in this country is above anyone else that the idea of monarchy is just a foreign concept. It does not mean we don’t think a lot of your queen because we do. She kept her country together for 70 years. On the other hand I don’t know how she managed with Edward. To my way of thinking this is a terrible important piece of information for William and Catherine. They had better make sure that their son and daughter , who are not going to be king or queen, have lives of purpose.

    • No not every country on earth has attempted to expand its territory through warfare. Not true at all. Colonialism wasn’t about ‘warfare.’ It was the systematic domination,exploitation and oppression of other countries in some cases sustained over centuries,which for its victims brought death,starvation and attempted cultural annihilation. For many the British monarchy is a symbol of this imperialism. And just because other imperialist countries might have been more cruel than the British does not in any way excuse or exonerate them.

      • They did. They just failed. And that’s ultimately what this is about, it’s sour grapes. I notice that the loudest anti-British colonialism voices tend to have paypal links at the ready and are living very comfortable lives in places apparently stepped in blood.

        Systemic domination seems to have worked out very well for countries like India, whom we gifted an entire infrastructure.

        Attempted cultural annihilation? Assuming that’s true, how come you view that as a terrible thing yet the attempt at cultural annihilation we’re seeing now is met with thunderous applause? Why is the severity of this atrocity not uniform in your eyes?

        “And just because other imperialist countries might have been more cruel than the British does not in any way excuse or exonerate them.”
        But it’s funny how the sins of the British Empire are the only ones ever leveraged. I thought we stood against cruelty in general, not just cruelty by one people. Seems a bit xenophobic, ironically, to focus on only one group AND for the lesser sins.

        I don’t limit my observations to imperialist countries, far from it. Cruelty is a human disease. But for all the horror we inflicted, it’s strange how figures such as Robert Mugabe never seem to get a look in. It’s strange that certain countries still take slaves to this day whereas we abolished slavery in 1807. But we’re racist if we dare point out THAT cruelty because ultimately, the point isn’t about improvement and it isn’t about protecting others. It’s about dancing for social points much the same as dancing for FWs.

        Justice must be for all. While you’re myopic towards whatever your current oppressor uses against you, millions continue to suffer silently.

        • British people are fed a certain glorious narrative about their history. They know little or nothing about the suffering their imperialism caused in my experience because it isn’t taught in their schools. And yes attempted cultural annihilation…the native language of my country was systematically wiped out almost by the British. Members of the Royal family are commanders in chief of certain British regiments such as the one that murdered innocent civil rights marchers in Derry. So yeah I specifically have an issue with the British colonialism. ‘Assuming cultural annihilation is true’. It’s historical fact.And of course it’s a terrible thing when it’s your culture that’s being annihilated. As for the British ‘gift’ to India…at what cost to the people who suffered under British rule. I’m not the myopic one here

        • “Attempted cultural annihilation? Assuming that’s true, how come you view that as a terrible thing yet the attempt at cultural annihilation we’re seeing now is met with thunderous applause? Why is the severity of this atrocity not uniform in your eyes?”

          Are you talking about people who are anti-royal being cultural annihilatiors? If so, that only shows you don’t know what cultural annihilation is. Hint- it’s done at the point of a gun rather than by criticism.

          “And that’s ultimately what this is about, it’s sour grapes.”

          That reminds me of mean-girl bullies who insist the only reason people don’t like them is because they’re “just jealous.” It’s narcissistic and it’s ridiculous. Again, for your own sake I suggest you stop this because you are making yourself look bad.

    • “If certain people are going to attempt to ruin this for us with more ‘hate your heritage’ social conditioning, our patience will run out and we’ll start having REAL conversations about colonialism, slavery and despotic leaders”

      ….what does this even mean? If the uppity colonials don’t STFU you’re going to hurt their feelings by, I don’t know, pointing out that the US had an entire civil war over slavery? We know, we know.

      Literally nothing is preventing loyal subjects of HRH from mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth, and from blocking or scrolling past people saying negative things about them.

      • Yep and apparently the uppity colonials even have PayPal accounts now. How very dare they.

        • I found it ridiculous as well, Dee Dee.
          It’s irritating, and illogical, when anyone claims to somehow be aware of facts about the private lives of millions of other people and uses those alleged facts, which are irrelevant to the issue in the first place, to try to discredit their opinions.
          I can’t understand being so sensitive to anti-monarchy opinions that it would justify such a tirade, but then again the monarchy doesn’t mean jack to me. Still, it’s smart to pick your battles and no matter how one feels about British history and culture, a bunch of entitled toffs like the Royal family is not the hill to die on. Hopefully it’s just an off day for Sally.

    • You think the Spencers were “climbing” when Lady Diana married HRH? Naw. Their lineage is traced back further than the Germans in the House of Windsor. And the Spencers are actually British nobility themselves.

      If Diana was a social climber (laughable), then what must you think of Kate & Pippa, “the Wisteria Sisters?”

    • Charles and Camilla began dating when neither were married. As the older non-virgin, she knew she wasn’t marriage material for the Prince of Wales. She used Charles to make Andrew Parker-Bowles jealous to get him to marry her. She knew he wouldn’t be faithful, but she didn’t care. That’s how she played the game. When Charles came back sniffing around playing sad sausage, her husband was happy to be a cuckold. I’m sure she was surprised when Charles & Diana divorced.

      The King Charles honeymoon is going to wear off quickly. At 73, he’s shown the world who he is. He’s not going to change. A self-entitled baby. I’m just waiting for the first temper tantrum. Perhaps when the Commonwealth dissolves, and Canada & Australia decide to self-rule.

      That’s what Camilla won. A hallow crown.

    • “Every country on earth has attempted to expand territory through warfare yet this is conveniently forgotten.”

      Sorry, but that is false. I take your point about British colonialism being single out, but you won’t be able to support that point with claims like that. It’s whataboutism in addition to being untrue.

      “We’re taking two weeks out of the other 52 weeks of the year that are dedicated to Pride and BLM etc”

      Okay, that’s insane in addition to being untrue. It also smacks of white/straight fragility. Sally, you have interesting things to say, so I suggest you stop this line of argument before you talk yourself into a reputation as a bigot that you can’t get out of. If you aquire that reputation, few will bother to read the interesting things you have to say and that would be a shame.

    • “obvious mental frailty”
      Funny how easily one makes a diagnosis.
      And further comments about Diana’s mental health from certain circles.

      Many of us here were described the same way by those that promised to love us.

      If someone isn’t a professional who actually dealt with a patient, then it’s speculation and/or gossip.

      • This was posted far below the post about Diana as a young woman before her marriage to Charles

    • Yes indeed. The past was terrible but why should today’s people be sorry for it? It’s like expecting the child of a felon to be expected to be forever sorry for its father or mother’s crime? Ridiculous.
      Talking of empires, loads of countries in the past had them, and still do. Why not talk about the Spanish empire? The French empire? Even Poland had one way back in the 14th century. What about the Roman empire? Do the British need reparations and apologies from Italy now? Why not? The Romans invaded Britain and stayed there for centuries? What about the Vikings? What about Hawaii? Isn’t that part of the American empire? Talking of the usa , isn’t that a major world power that has interfered in many countries around the globe ie Vietnam? Sorry not sorry, many countries have done bad things including countries in Africa and Asia ie Japanese towards the Chinese, Rwanda massacre, tribes against tribes etc. Sadly it is human nature but Britain is not the only country that has done nefarious stuff and no one should apologise for the sins of their father.

  • For me the biggest irony is that QEII and Camilla were “getting along” well recently. WHAT so Prince Charles marrying a divorced woman did NOT lead to the collapse of the monarchy and/or nation? Who could have known!

    I can’t help but think of the alternative history– so what if Charles HAD been permitted to marry Camilla instead back then. (Assuming she wanted to divorce her then-husband for Charles). Lady Diana Spencer would never have been princess, but she also would probably still be alive. What a lot of human misery would have been spared.

    (in the annals of “people who would have been spared tremendous pain if the royals had been ok with divorce–see exhibit B, poor Princess Margaret).

    But I never really got why the “divorced royal” thing was such a taboo. The whole Church of England was STARTED to facilitate a divorce. So it all never made much sense to me.

    • Because THAT divorce was to benefit a man. Henry VIII could sire bastards right and left and catch God knows what diseases but a woman doing the same was unthinkable.

      Suitors of child bearing age were also required to be virgins and this rule was only recently dropped for William and Kate. I could see the point here in that it keeps the line definite but, yet again, it only ever applied to women.

  • Royal life looks like such a dull, regimented existence. Blah. Enjoy that, Camilla!
    The cheater talk is pretty hilarious, and goes to show what they really are, when you peel away the mask they wear. My X and his last OW were such posers, and I always knew I was the authentic one, bringing my love and devotion, adoring and protecting our kids, and him, before the scales were ripped off my eyes! They were cheap carnival clowns, practicing nasty games, and then also having the nerve to act like they were above everyone else! I never saw such bold, misplaced braggadocio. Camilla reminds me of that. They are so delusional, and we are the cool people!
    I’m secure in the knowledge that I’m real.

  • I’m not super up in arms about this one because:

    (1) He probably would have married Camilla from the start had his family not interfered and railroaded him away from her. I’m not saying that makes his cheating okay; I’m saying this particular affair probably never would have happened if monarchy weren’t already terrible to begin with.

    (2) Diana was a cheater, too, and the “other woman” in someone else’s marriage. She had an affair with her bodyguard, Barry Mannakee, who was married with two daughters. I can’t imagine what it was like for his wife doing the pick-me-dance against Princess Diana, whom the whole world worshiped. I’m really sorry Di got cheated on and I’m sorry for the terrible situation she was thrust into, but reactive affairs are not okay. I’m also sorry that she died the horrible death that she did, even a cheater doesn’t deserve that.

    What Charles’ ascension does highlight is just how stupid monarchy is. A do-nothing buffoon like Charles never should have had an entire life of notoriety, wealth, power, and prestige; he should not be the “king” of anything, even if he’s largely a figurehead. Frankly, no one should be born into so much money and prestige as to be shielded from a lifetime of consequences—but I guess that’s a discussion for another day.

    For my own part, I remain marked safe from caring about the British monarchy since 1776.

    • The “Diana was a cheater too” misses the point.

      Everyone is responsible for their own actions and choices. It doesn’t negate that Camilla knowingly cheated with a married man and blatantly gaslit another person. Diana’s decision to have her own affairs is also inexcusable. To me, there is no sliding scale on the infidelity spectrum. 100% cheater, with no deductions for someone else not sticking the landing.

      Also, “probably” wasn’t in Charle’s marriage vows. But Diana nailed the “there were 3 in the marriage”.

      Unortunately, no one was behaving like the adult, and now there are two very wounded adult children (William and Harry), both acting out in their own hurt ways.

  • HRH = His Rottweiler Ho

    (My apologies to Rottweilers everywhere)

    King Cheater lll = ????

    Queen COHORT (or co-whore-t)

    I am going to stay on the cheater angle and not digress into the hornet’s nest of attached debates around the issues monarchy, British history and colonization, William cheating stories, Harry and Meghan, etc.

    This situation is an uber public example of what a royal mess an affair creates, pun intended, and how cheaters royally complicate the everloving shit out of every single relationship, family or otherwise, they are a part of, down through subsequent generations, pun also intended.

    As the monarchy stands at present, the only way for King Cheater lll and Queen Cohort to redeem themselves a little tiny bit would be for him to abdicate. In my very extremely undereducated inexperienced outside the UK American-of-UK-heritage amateur armchair Monday morning quarterback truly humble opinion, and again, sidestepping debates around attached issues such as William being a cheater, etc. This whole thing is a big sticky ooky icky quagmire that reminds me that the internet and social media is just the biggest bathroom wall in the universe that I want to give my attention to sparingly.

    I can’t imagine the suffering and impact of William and Harry’s daily dose of Camilla (Creepella) shit sandwiches. The children that get caught in the crossfire of cheating have my deepest sympathies and the lion’s share of my concern. ????

  • Okay, by all accounts, Diana was having affairs BEFORE Charles reignited his relationship with Camilla. So who’s the chump? There is always this constant conflict between being royal and being a person, and if they didn’t live in this dynastic bubble, I doubt he would have married her or they would have divorced very soon after Harry was born. And, by all accounts, they were friendly before she died, with the united goal of raising their sons as best they could. I’m not a royal apologist, but I do take exception to the ageist comment about Camilla not having her period (I haven’t had one for 15 years, and I point out that he’s criticized for marrying a much younger woman and then criticized for marrying a woman his own age). Also, the comment about Charles and soil. Whatever his faults, he was one of the first public persons to promote organic farming and sustainability. This deserves a pat on the back, not a diss. IMO. In regards to not having a job for 73 years and shaking hands and cutting ribbons (which he has done since being invested as Prince of Wales at the age of, what, 21?), Her Majesty seems to have done the same job for nearly 76 years doing exactly that. Whether the monarchy has a role in the 21st century is a separate discussion. So my take is, yes, diss Charles for accepting money in suitcases from Saudi princes with ties to brutal regimes. That’s a legitimate criticism. Being a cheater in a marriage where they were both cheating and it gets very murky. IMO.

  • I had read that she is being treated as Diana was treated by Charles. Gone is the gushing married romantic and in is the barking, sniping and demanding Little Prince. Be popular but not too popular. Never upstage him. Never question him. He is the Sun that Camilla revolves around.

    And they can say what they like about Harry and Wills and their wives just loving Camilla but I heartily doubt it.

  • It’s time for these outdated institutions to go, and taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund their lifestyles.

    There were already rumors that they’ve been unofficially separated for some time but staying together for appearances sake, keep separate bedrooms and now Charles has that pesky cash for honors scandal to deal with. Camilla has demonstrated that she’ll do anything to be royalty, including eating the crap sandwiches Charles likely tosses her way on occasion, and the upcoming coronation will just be more image management for them.

    • I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in rumors about the Royals. Fleet street lives off creating those kind of rumors. Sometimes they turn out to have a legit basis but more often they do not. It’s like the stopped clock that is right twice a day.
      Separate bedrooms is standard with royalty anyway, so in itself it means nothing.

    • Charles and Camilla have always lived separately. She has always had her own house and her own family and grandchildren.

      Charles lives in a series of six houses, year round. He prefers not to have his routine disrupted by her grandchildren. She’s always been called in when he wants her, or when he’s had a tantrum and needs soothing.

      This stuff has been in the public domain for years.

      Buckingham Palace is big enough for this arrangement to continue.

  • I suspect their relationship benefits from the kibbles of centrality and perceived victimization, just like all cheaters.

    I’m trying to wrap my head around the prevalence of cheating in all cultures and income levels. So many (truly) wounded families.

  • The new PM’s husband is a known chump. Yup, Liz Truss cheated on her husband four years into the marriage. They kept the marriage together, whatever that means!

  • Thanks for the belly laugh this morning! I don’t follow the royals, so I’d never heard of “Tampongate!”

  • Did this conversation actually HAPPEN?!? Oh Lort I’ve been under a rock a long time. that’s hilarious…and disgusting
    Great post.

    • I know. I hadn’t seen it either. What a couple of shit piles.

      But, I am still stunned that folks actually send dick pics to others, and that the recipients actually look at them. I learned that from Weiner Gate.

    • If memory serves, it was an intercepted cell phone call. The paparazzi did it and had a jolly old time reporting it.

  • A short story or a book or a film is telling a story about people, real or fictional. I was a psych major who, as is common, came from a troubled family, and as such, I am fascinated by relationship dynamics. I was also a literature major.

    The story of the royal family is interesting to me in the way that the story of other people, real or fictional, portrayed in a book or a movie would be. And to be frank, the current chapter of the House of Windsor is much better than House of Dragons, which so far has been boring and disappointing compared to Game of Thrones.

    People were criticizing King Cheater for dismissively waving his hand, indicating for assistants to move the items on the desktop before he signed the documents at the accession ceremony. I thought he was waving away the ghost of Diana. Didn’t anyone else see her? ????

    • During the proclamation ceremony, at one point Camilla’s eyes bulged and she went pale and looked like she’d been shot. It was as if she’d recognised someone in the audience. Perhaps that was who she saw.

  • Whatever. Sometimes the mistress “wins” the sunsets and the rainbows while the chump seemingly never does. That’s life and life, often, is unfair.

    Once I realized that, I was truthfully so much closer to meh and peace than ever before.

    Don’t waste your precious life waiting for karma.

  • Let’s not get do you or do not support the royal family it’s no the issue. Charles and Camila got together by cheating not only on Diana but there two children. He said he was not going to be the only Price of Wales who never had a mistress . He and Camila are disgusting and I pity both Harry and William who not only had to deal with a separation but the death of there mother . There are no winner here in this story

  • I’m from UK. As I see it they’ve had to do an extreme makeover on Camilla and a big PR job to appear appropriate . She isn’t Queen she is the Queen Escort. ( sorry consort ahahaha) and would prefer a quiet life in the country but now has to go globe hopping with King Charles and face spotlight the public and media. Side chick to Queen memes are sattire. I don’t think they can ever lose that image . Every time I see a packet of Tampex I think of them with disgust.

    • Apparently she is very lazy, hates overseas, hates hot countries, and gets terrible jetlag. She has to be sent ahead to ‘acclimatise’ in a luxurious hotel without him first.

      Make of that what you will.

  • Queen Consort that’s a good name for an OW. Maybe use Charles for FW.

    The Royal family is ‘fucked up’. There was no moral compass (Andrew!!!) Maybe there is now with Will, Kate, Harry and Meghan. I live in hope. I welcome these young people to come along and shake it up. The media full of haters, for Meghan especially…. Well they can go and royally (no pun intended) fuck themselves.

    I attended my aunts funeral today who was estranged from her son and his family. The words spoken at said funeral triggered one of my daughters who FW refused to meet one day in a coffee shop (she wanted him to meet her new born son… his grandson) but he meets her brother and sister. How cruel can someone be…. very very cruel! She got very upset during the service and afterwards explained to me that she will never accept him, his new life or any wife that may come along because he denied her and her newborn son. She said that to her he is dead. There you go. I picked this arsehole and he broke my baby’s heart. Unforgivable.

    Anyhoo. Hugs to you all CN ????❤️

    • So sorry for your daughter, but she at least had the gumption to cut daddy dearest out of her life. Good for her! Far better than to try and continue to please a defective bottomless pit. Consider your grandson lucky that he’ll never have to deal with his sack of shit “grandfather”.

  • Every time they show her ugly horse face on tv I think of Princess Diana & how beautiful she was inside & out.
    She didn’t deserve him although she loved him dearly. She should be there with all the royalty & surrounded by people who loved her. She was Queen
    even then. Evil sometimes win ????
    Hopefully the British people won’t accept Tampax as such. ????

  • I don’t envy her, but I’m sure she’s totally unaware of how ridiculous she is to us peons and what a dullard Charles is. She thinks she’s hit the jackpot. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to rich, entitled people. As far as she’s concerned, they both fart expensive cologne rather than methane gas.

  • Okay, , long time reader and former chump. Chump nation seriously saved my life 12 years ago along with you, Tracy. No one despises a cheater more than me, believe me. But… I cannot get on the bash Camilla wagon. It’s very easy to lean into the pretty memory of the beautiful princess wronged by her husband. That’s basic romantic tradedy standard. But let’s not forget how many lovers the Princess of Wales had on the side and no matter what the reason, she was equally as adulterous as her husband, more so if you go by the numbers. The simple fact is that if you follow a linear timeline, Prince Charles was faithful to the one woman he loved from the start- Camilla. He desperately wanted to marry her but his mother and the Institution flatly told him no way. Camilla knew it was a non-starter and so looked somewhere else to find her husband. We all know the rest of the story. Diana sprung up from the ground as if from the seashell in Botticelli’s painting and the world was enraptured. But the marriage was wrong from the start, and while I blame Charles for not having the guts to say I’ll marry who I want, I blame the late Queen even more for forcing him to marry someone he had no real affection for. The chump in all this was definitely Diana, because she bought into the fairy tale even though it wasn’t real. But she was chumped by more than Charles, she was jumped by the entire Royal family. Diana was a hot mess of emotional baggage from a very dysfunctional childhood because of her own parents divorce and that just was magnified by the whole situation . So she cheated, and he went back to Camilla and cheated and both were punished as a result, Diana the most because if her life had gone a different way who knows but what she’d still be alive with a family living in the country somewhere. Just a beautiful charming non-entity of the minor aristocracy set.

    And as everyone talks about Tampax gate let’s not forget squidgy gate and her own taped private conversations with one of her married lovers. At the end of the day they should have probably divorced even sooner. The fact she was killed so shortly after the divorce is the real tragedy in all of this. But convoluted as it was, Charles never wavered from loving Camilla. it has stayed the primary relationship in his life ever since. I do believe that, had he been allowed to marry her when they were young, he would have been a totally faithful husband to her. I guess I have more understanding of his commitment, albeit to the woman he was not allowed to marry originally, then most people do. Diana cheated on him. Charles cheated on Diana. But I don’t think Charles ever cheated on Camilla outside of allowing his family to dictate who he should marry in life. And that was a tragedy for all.

    • “His blatant relationship with Camilla made Diana question marrying him in the first place. She said she told her sisters she couldn’t go through with it, and they told her she had to do it. “They said: ‘Well, bad luck, Duch (her childhood nickname), your face is on the tea-towels so you’re too late to chicken out,'” Diana said.”

      That sounds like cheating to me.

      My understanding is that Charles’ relationship with Camilla was never over. That he could not have Camilla and the throne, according to his mother, whose permission he needed to marry (as is still the case with a few others in line for the throne). And I think at that point, Diana, who was 19 and had some baggage of her own, was in love with Charles and maybe playing Ultimate Pick Me Dance? I was a basket case at 19 and would have been eaten for breakfast by a thirty-one year old man and his older girlfriend.

      BUT Diana went through with the wedding, and that is on her. I was on a date with at 19 with a man who was about 31 (that is a huge age difference at that age) and partway into the evening I realized he was probably married. I was pissed and asked him to take me home.

      AND Diana does not get a pass for cheating. I knew that was wrong long before I was a 19 year old basket case.

      My sympathies are overwhelmingly with William and Harry, who as children were dragged into that whole mess and undoubtedly saddled with some major baggage. ????

      You can’t prosecute or arrest someone for cheating. Or bash them either? What kind of consequences are allowed? None? Bashing is the least, and most benign, of what they deserve. IMHO.

      The debate about her is on the BBC News right now. She campaigns against domestic violence. Cheating is a form of domestic violence, which makes her a perpetrator of what she campaigns against. (I guess I am bashing here.)

      Can you say “cognitive dissonance”?

  • I get a popup car ad here playing “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone every day and get it nowhere else. Must be a chump writing the ad algorithm.

  • Thank you for this, Chump Lady. Someone has to see that the Emperor has no clothes. Your post today is a fitting tribute to 2 world class Cheaters. Yes, marvelous things can happen to cheaters who walk all over their marriage partners – both of them, King Chuck and Queen Consort. Their lives illustrate the epitome of ‘life is not fair’. Diana is dead, and these two are King and Queen.

  • In their dysfunctional, upside-down Universe, Charles and Camilla strategized together and chose Diana to be his “OW with the royal advantage” for their pre-planned triangle, with Charles acquiesing to Diana’s need for marital affection just enough to secure her position (via her youthful body) as an heir-making machine. Since C & C considered themselves a committed couple “B.D.” (Before Diana), they needed a naive chump to fit into their royal affaire de coeur. I suspect Camilla’s husband was probably privy to the arrangement for quite awhile, he had his own life to fulfill. When Diana finally became wise to the reality of the situation, she rightfully rebelled. While two cheats don’t make a right, she knew she was a second fiddle figurehead in the game and lashed out.

    In this Tim Burton fairytale, the Tampon King and his Queen Consort seem to get their happily ever after. And to help ensure that happily ever after, they have numerous houses at their disposal and hundred of empty rooms with plush velvet drapery to choose from if/when they have a “I can’t stand the sight of your face right now” moment. Or, when Charles throws a smirky-fit over the wrong pens being placed on his intricately carved desk. Cheaters sometimes win, even if it means some snarky members of the media will refer to you as a Rotweiller. RIP, Queen Elizabeth.

  • Shouldn’t each nation cherish its own false idols? It’s one thing for the British to be attached to their monarchy, but the number of Americans devoted to the British Crown never fails to astound me. We did win a war of independence and all that. We have our own lousy dynasties and celebrities right here for those who wish to partake.

    As a distant cousin of another monarch who should also hang it up and get a job, I can’t relate to any of it. At least my cousin is only dim and boring, and has managed to keep his doubtless unimaginative misdeeds out of the media. All the scandals are provided by the prime ministers and party bosses. Every now and then a bunch of them go to jail or resign and are replaced by fresh crooks. The one time the old country got it together to elect a reasonably honest PM from across the aisle, the minority party stymied every serious effort at reform and regained power shortly afterward.

    Are the “happy couple” really happy? I personally doubt it, because they must play the part for the rest of their overly scrutinized, magnified, commodified lives. I read an interview with the Duchess of Windsor (a real nasty piece of work) with something to the effect that she hated going out for dinner, because they were constantly under scrutiny and every last word of their conversation had to be witty and so very, very happy. They could never be seen as anything other than the perfectly turned out couple living Happily Ever After. That sounds like pure hell

  • I just think of her as “the Rottweiler”, one of Diana’s pet names for her. That works for me. But really, as an American, I don’t give two figs about royalty.

  • Watching him grimace and scowl like a spoiled man baby as he frantically waved for his servants to move the pen box, MOOOOOVE THE PEN BOXXXX, right before geefully signing himself in as king with his fat fingers made my skin crawl. He is SO EXCITED that his mom is out of the way!
    Camilla gets all of that.

  • Such a breath of fresh air to read something remotely negative about the death of the Queen. Nothing against her personally (I didn’t know her) but Jesus this gut-churningly 24/7 media sycophantic coverage is turning me into even more of a Republican than I’ve ever been.

    Yes. She’s dead. It’s sad. But come on – thousands of people die every day and the world doesn’t stop turning.

    Rant over.

    • Yep, and same when they drag out services for our leaders. I get a couple days or so, but dang weeks and weeks. To me it seems kind of disrespectful to the dead.

      But, to be fair I have never been a fan of the traditional funeral set up. I am so glad for us peons anyway, it is changing a lot. The rising costs is a big part of the change, but either way it is changing.

  • I wondered if Chump Lady would write on this topic. I think…that Charles and Camilla deserve each other. They’re a pair of cheaters, and who knows if they’re actually happy or if it’s all image management.

    I’m old enough to remember the whole Charles and Diana saga. There’s just no way to get around it; he behaved very badly towards her. And yeah, I know she cheated too, but at least she didn’t marry him under false pretenses.

    The shadow of Diana will be over his entire reign, which is the least of what he deserves.

    And I don’t think I realized until just the last few days what an enormous shit sandwich William and Harry have eaten (and continue to eat) because they’ve had to accept Camilla.

  • Charles and Camilla wanted to be together. Yes, they went about it poorly and it took too long a time, but from all appearances they are content and haven’t cheated on one another, either. Sometimes a particular marriage just isn’t meant to be. One hopes that Camilla’s ex fared okay and that had she lived longer, Diana would have as well. Either way, they were each better off not being tied to a spouse where the love and commitment were not there. It seems water under the bridge at this point.

  • Yes, but how did Tampax make out?
    Were sales up? Down? Did they fluctuate every time there was a major news story with Chuck and Cam?

    I’m sorta wondering….

  • Its the old saying you can put a silk hat on a pig but its still a pig. She will never be Diana and she did everything she could to make life hard for her. Wearing white to Diana and Charles wedding etc… Charles is lower than scum and theres no excuse for him. His Great Uncle gave up the throne for a woman he loved if he loved Camila so much why didn’t he do the same?

  • I am not a monarchist, but I respected the Queen. She was elegant and graceful. Camilla is not a queen material. She is far, way far from it.

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