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Womp, Womp Consequences for T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

Remember the crazy cowinky-dinks of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach from last week? How they just so happened to conveniently start a romance as they both suddenly found themselves separated from their spouses?

Well… busted.

The British tabloid the Daily Mail had photos of the two canoodling in upstate New York. Then stories started surfacing that Amy Robach was not the super, special Schmoopie she had imagined — T.J. Holmes has reportedly had several other (cough) indiscretions with staffers, including a three-year affair with producer Natasha Singh.

US magazine reports:

According to the insider, Holmes, 45, has had “inappropriate moments” with several of his ABC coworkers. His affair with Singh, 30, took place before his romance with GMA3 coanchor Amy Robach — which the former NBC correspondent, 49, knew was going on at the time.

“Amy is unlikely to care or be surprised by any more kiss-and-tells that come to light,” the source adds, alleging that Robach helped Holmes “cover up an indiscretion” in the past.

Nothing brings co-workers together like conspiring against Holme’s chump wife, Marilee Fiebig. Lean in, Amy. What sisterhood.

Holmes previously offered a glimpse at his marriage when he reflected on Fiebig staying with him despite his “best efforts.”

“That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine ass out the doooooooor,” he wrote via Facebook in 2020. “But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed a grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.”

Fuck you, T.J.

Marriage isn’t an all-you-can-eat shit sandwich buffet. T.J. ladles another heaping helping of humiliation.

Kudos to Fiebig for taking her superpowers to a divorce lawyer. Godspeed on that settlement, Marilee, while Holmes still has a job.

Speaking of which…

Holmes and Robach were taken off the air yesterday. “Temporarily.” While the network sorts out the damage.

Is that the sound of consequences?

More may be coming. The Sun tabloid reports that Holmes is under investigation for his relationship with Singh.

The U.S. Sun has obtained and reviewed a copy of ABC talent’s relationship clause, and one network source claimed the contract may have been violated when TJ allegedly began dating Natasha in 2016.

“There is an internal investigation into TJ’s relationship with the producer,” the network source said.

According to the source, the fact that TJ may have been in a position to assign Natasha tasks makes the relationship problematic.

The contract states: “Relationships between employees (including non-managerial employees) where one employee assigns the work duties or sets the work schedule of the other” may be prohibited.

Oh Amy, he’s all yours. Hope you both bond in the unemployment line.

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  • TJ is pure pond scum behind a good looking mask. I hope his wife takes all she can in a lump sum and then he gets fired for cause. She deserves to go off and live her best life!

    “Robach helped Holmes “cover up an indiscretion” in the past.”. She’s her own type of pond scum. And that children’s book about how wonderful blended families can be? Tainted forever I hope.

    I was definitely impressed by her when I met her but am disgusted by this. I hope I can never understand this type of behavior. I guess that makes me “normal”?

    I will be writing to GMA this morning to add my voice about these two being permanently gone from the network.

    • Love a good morality clause in an employment contract (too bad my ex and AP didn’t have one):

      Robach and Holmes’ affair may have also broken a “morality clause,” which states that talent must “act at all times with due regard to public morals and conventions,” according to a copy of the document obtained by the newspaper. The clause also stated that talent shall not take part in behavior “which tends to bring you or us into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule….or which might reflect unfavorably upon us, or injure the success of the programs.”

      • Cheaters are like toddlers peeing in a pool and thinking no one notices the yellow cloud. FW in my case was shocked and embarrassed to discover that some of his coworkers would do a joking countdown between the time he left a work event and the AP would ever-so-casually leave minutes later or vice-versa. He had written that the affair made him feel “immortal.” I’m sure he didn’t mean immortal as in “lasting notoriety” and “permanent punchline.”

    • Yep, there is nothing magical about either of these lumps of clay. Lots of talented appealing folks waiting in line to take their place.

      They had a shot and they threw it away. I am not a talk show fan, but I am guessing that as in all walks of life, “once you step in shit; that shoe ain’t ever going to smell right.”

  • I would have liked to do this myself to my ex and his howorker at the plant they worked at together but I went straight to a lawyer and filed. I was lucky enough to walk away with the house and half of his 401k. I know I won in the end by dumping him and letting her have him. I have peace of mind and that’s the best feeling ever.

    • SCG: peace of mind from FWs (whose sole aim it seems is to fuck up your life) is the best feeling ever! Also, the excitement of working together everyday fades fast once the “honeymoon” period is over. Then it’s a drag looking at the same dude 24/7. This T.J. using work as his hunting grounds for dates though: lazy, predatory, possibly sexual harassment. Amy isn’t too bright is she? And I definitely hope they’re served up some “just desserts” for the pain they’ve caused their families.

      • Did Robach experience actual FOMO watching this douche dog around at work– like, why isn’t he dogging around with me??? I’d imagine you’d have to be wired in a certain sick way to witness predation and feel “left out.”

        During college I was harassed in a very weird, jerkish way by a married behaviorism professor and noticed that his grad school assistant would glare at me as if I was somehow courting it by existing and traipsing on her territory. I don’t know if the professor had banged the grad student or if she was merely crushing on him but I was confronted with this bizarre reality that, on seeing a woman get a particular kind of attention, there was a twisted breed of people who would automatically assume the target wanted the attention and either make assumptions about the character of the target or feel jealous of it. I’d previously escaped two attempted assaults and was very wary of being tarnished and “marked” as “fair game” by onlookers. Part of the reason I brought the situation to the school’s mediation was to make it clear to the whole world I wasn’t inviting it.

          • No good deed goes unpunished. It’s risky. The professor threatened to project my letter to the mediator on the lecture hall screen for his grad class as a student project to identify linguistic evidence of borderline personality disorder. Not kidding. My mother’s best friend, the wife of a prominent local lawyer, heard about the situation and said, “Ah, mommy issues. I’ve got this.” and asked to be present at the session with the mediator. She suited up and simply sat next to me with arms crossed, glaring silently at the professor over her glasses until he was stuttering and groveling and offering to exempt me from the exam. After the meeting, she winked and said, “Just like I thought.”

            I wish I could have had her on hand when I entered the workforce. I never seemed to master that level of “terrifying resting bitch face.”

      • And, at the risk of sounding like a judgemental bitch, “Amy, lengthen that skirt!” I recall my Nana’s condemnation of vain and silly women who refuse to face the dictates of timely fashion as being, “Mutton dressed as lamb”. At 41 years old, Amy is carrying far too much beef on her mature legs to do justice to yon mini skirt, nome sayin’?

        • I totally get where you are coming from. My Grandmother would be ashamed! (LOL) But to me, Amy is looking pretty dam good – especially as compared to my flamboyant narcissist mid 50’s S-I-L who dresses like a 20-year-old biker bitch/street walker. Net hose under crotch hugging cutoffs, 8-inch spike boots, bustier, poofed up dyed blond hair, mid-riff wide open. And of course, all the bling that goes with it. While she’s very thin, and my sister say’s “I wish I had her self-confidence”, I personally cringe at how she dresses. My brother seems to love it though. Each to his own?

        • I don’t want to sound like I’m defending this person. But to be fair, if you’re referring to her on air clothing, she’s probably wearing what the network told her to wear.

    • I toyed with the idea of reporting FW and AP to their job because she was his direct report and I know they lied about their relationship when she got hired (he was one of the people who hired her). But in the end I didn’t. I figured him losing his job would only hurt me as I would be stuck paying HIM child support. AP walked out on the job without notice, when she left FW and moved out of state, so she ended up making him look really bad without my help.

  • Not to mention apparently he’s been an asshole to the staff. Even if you’ve been perfectly faithful it’s no excuse to be an egoistic prick.

  • What I find to be equally appalling is reading the all comments associated with this story in the general media. So many say “when you find true love you have to grab it no matter the circumstance” or “leave them alone, they’re consenting adults”. Does no one take into consideration that the spouses and children of these two did not “consent” to be a part of this heartbreak? Are people really that unfeeling to the innocent bystanders of this mess?

    • This! These comments totally disregard the reality of infidelity! Are people this desperate to believe in a fairy tale!

    • RachelBeth, I was about to comment similar to you. The hardest part has been reading the ignorant comments on the articles that these 2 idiots are “consenting adults” or “who cares”… I’ve also read “everyone does it!” and “They are so talented, who cares what adults do in their personal life?” I even saw women saying they’d cheat with TJ too because “He’s fine as wine.” Blecccchhh

      Chalk it up to ignorance (none of us knew the real pain of being chumped until we experienced it) and plenty of FW trolls posting to defend their immoral unempathetic shit choices. But please don’t bother posting to defend chumps… trolls attack and it teaches nothing to FWs — as we know. Just trust that TJ and Amy are getting exactly what their stupid asses deserve. It’s not even a fall from grace. They were on GMA3 … a “morning” show at 1pm that wasn’t a blip on anyone’s radar. Fuck them both.

      • I wonder if some people know anything about morality at all. It is horrible to read those ignorant comments. There is always an excuse for the cheaters; she is too young and unaware of the damage she is causing, he is depressed so he is lost, they fell in love, what can they do?!
        When I was in my early 20s, a married graduate student at the university tried to hit on me. I was really annoyed by him and told him that if he doesn’t stop this, I will make an official complaint to his professor. He got scared and I didn’t see him again afterwards.
        I was young and naive but I knew what he was doing was disgusting. It doesn’t matter if you are young.
        I believe all APs are selfish and in a way disordered.

        • They’re also ignorant about the aftermath that results from cheating. Cheating is traumatic to the innocent victims. Not only is it devastating for the chump it robs children of stability and a solid foundation. It implodes lives. It isn’t a simple children’s story of combined families that ends with happily ever after.
          TJ and Amy’s children have to endure the additional humiliation of their parents being in the limelight.
          Now that Amy is out of a job she can write another children’s book.

    • A total of eight children between them. And her daughters used to babysit his young children.

    • People who make those comments are either cheaters themselves or have clearly never been chumped. Infidelity is abuse on the betrayed partner and family. I have seen a couple (not many, but a couple)articles where it does seem the narrative is changing… references to the spouses and family being victims of this affair.

    • These types are just shallow. They don’t have any self-reflection, or self-control. Toddler behavior, grabbing anything and everything that they want and then crying unfair when they get caught and punished.

    • I used to edit and monitor the social media page for an environmental health publication that regularly went after chemical and tech industry malfeasance. I got used to dealing with “brigading” by chemical company trolls and apologists. Some were on the payroll– either working in the industry or paid as “stealth marketers” (i.e., trolls)– and some were merely followers of industry-backed spin blogs disguised as pro-science “rationalism” who simply relished the sense of belonging it gave them to join a mob and were too stupid to understand that they were doing paid PR work for free. It wasn’t that hard to dox and flag these people and discover they were usually being sent out from the same online hubs and that their numbers were very limited. Some would post day and night under dozens of accounts so it created the illusion of a “vast majority.” They’d mob up on the comments sections with their aggressive defenses and sciency-sounding drivel to scare back normal commenters and create the impression that the “most people” loved the wonders of modern chemistry and dismissed silly little rumors of toxic dumping, ecological devastation, industry death squads suppressing eco activism in the third world, cancer clusters, etc.

      Anyway, consequently I don’t take cheater brigading as a true cross section of public attitudes towards cheating– especially not since Gallup polls over the last thirty years show that public approval for infidelity is only going down even as public acceptance of things like gay marriage and single parenting is increasing. Cheater defenders may not be organized like paid marketers but I think there’s a similar illusion of majority since cheaters– like chem industry employees or any abuser trying to get ahead of the narrative– tend to be more feverishly motivated to defend public figures who commit the same offenses than regular people are motivated to express condemnation. Meanwhile it seems ABC staffers are pressuring Disney to axe the two.

  • I predict a flurry of articles reflecting the “poor couple” being castigated for “falling in love.” The rate of divorce is high in the US. I believe there is a correlation with the rate of cheating — although I can’t scientifically support my opinion. So, if I am right, there are a lot of cheaters out there, and they want to justify their cheating instead of saying Mea Culpa. It’s a case of “I did this and I’m not a bad person” defense.

    It seems to me we have a cultural problem. We have high expectations and fairy tale desires for “Happily Ever After.” Materially, it is big business to spend huge amounts of money for glamorous weddings. I often wonder if the couple regrets spending big bucks for a wedding, and then not having money for a down payment on a home? I also believe people rush into marriage. I certainly have to say Mea Culpa to that!

    If we try to change the basic underlying cultural values which promote early marriage and early childbearing, we may be able to change the high rate of divorce and cheating. Again, theory on my part. But I am the mother of millennials, and I am very happy that my sons did not rush into marriage. They know my struggles very well, and the consequences of their father’s cheating. They still love their father, but they do not absolve him of any guilt which he certainly deserved. They want a stable marriage with clear expectations and clear goals and values. Neither want to cheat or tolerate a cheater — they have told me this, specifically. My oldest has married, my youngest would like to marry. He is searching for a woman with comparable goals and values. I honestly believe they are having a harder time achieving the goals they have than I did at their age, but at least they did not get pushed into marrying their girlfriend du jour from high school and college days. They both made plenty of relationship errors during that time, and I hope they learned from their mistakes. Neither blame the ghosts of girlfriends past for the entire demise of the relationships. They see (now) how behaviors on their part were not acceptable. They had to GROW UP.

    When I was young, my FOO had drilled the necessity of marriage to legitimize a sexual relationship. It was not stated exactly like that, but I had a long list of what it is acceptable for a “good” and “smart” girl to do. But it was clear that I could not have a sexual relationship that would be acceptable to my family unless I was married, or at the very least engaged to be married. I had a “dream” of what marriage was and felt obliged to marry soon if I had any sexual desires. I had no time to experiment, and learn who I was, or training to love myself or protect myself from bad choices. I was forced to take on adult responsibilities from an early age, but I was punished if I stepped out of line with my parent’s expectations. My parents always worried about “what the neighbors would think” even though they really did not know their neighbors. It came from their FOO culture. Their Fear was more important than my happiness.

    I made bad choices. I had to fix my picker. I didn’t have Chumplady. I had to put myself back together after being shattered, and it was a self-guided learning experience. At least my sons have a very different love and support system from their “sane” parent. They have made mistakes, and they are good people, IMHO. But they were not married when they went through their turbulent twenties. That is distinct difference, to me. It may not save them from future divorce and heartbreak, but at least their eyes are open, and they are prepared for bad consequences if they make errors. They are not babes in the woods, and I will always love them. That is a whole safety net that I clearly did not have.

    I hope the cultural changes I made will help my millennials build a better world when my generation is gone. I may be foolishly optimistic? Only time will tell.

    • I think the things you state apply to the generation just before X, but I am in Gen X. Dated 4 years before marrying. Klootzak and I were both in our early 30s. I spent maybe 1/4 or 1/3 the average what people were spending on weddings the year I married. My FOO was severe about no sex before marriage but couldn’t exactly control what I did when I was fully employed and renting my own home. And still I got chumped.

      FWs can strike at any age and I don’t think the amount spent on a wedding has anything to do with it. They screw around on chumps who eloped as much as those who spent $50,000. The average age of people at their first walk down the aisle has been increasing for years but FWs still going to FW. FWs have a high sense of entitlement and age and economics don’t change that. No chump should blame him or herself thinking they married too young or whatever. FWs have no morals and are skilled at manipulation. That’s all there is to it. Seeing red flags is hard because our inclination is to trust.

      • I’m Gen X too. Very similarly I was in my late 20s, FW in his early 30s when we married. Dated for 2 1/2 years before we married, but I’d known him close to 7 years. I was a virgin when I married (FOO very strict on that, but even though I was no longer religious, I still thought it was a good idea). We had a very modest wedding, most of which we paid for ourselves, with some help from our families. We bought our own home five years later, without help. None of that mattered. FW cheated after 10 years of marriage and I NEVER thought he’d do that to me. It took me ages to believe my own eyes and ears (he, and she, adamantly denied it). FW was also extremely abusive and I didn’t recognize the red flags in all those years before we married. I would now, after my experiences, but I didn’t then, and neither did my family (though they didn’t approve since he wasn’t Christian; I explained that neither was I!).

      • You are right, of course. The cost of the wedding has nothing to do with the character of the couple or likelihood to cheat. It is the obsession with materialism that bothers me, the willingness to spend extravagant amounts of money to have a high visual impact. It’s not the world I grew up in, so it makes me uncomfortable. For me it is ostentatious, and very entitled to feel you must have such a display. It seems to me to be a choice for those who are more concerned with how things look than how they really are. But again, such things were not part of my “norm” and there is nothing wrong with choosing to spend your own money any way you please. Since I didn’t have that option, I don’t understand it.

        My cheaters would have cheated regardless of our wedding particulars, regardless of their willingness to repeat vows they never intended to honor. But I was young and unprepared. I never expected anyone would ever even think of doing something so hurtful. I believed I was old enough to make those decisions, and I was clearly a chump.

        I guess I hope that my children grew up in a different world, with different expectations, and a different support system. Hopefully, they will have a different outcome.

    • “We have high expectations and fairy tale desires for “Happily Ever After.” ”

      I respectfully disagree. I think most folks (in my age range) beyond the age of 18 knew marriage is not all about happily ever after. I don’t think the cheaters are the fairy tale believers, nor are the faithful. Maybe the cheater just give up, or never intended to keep the vows anyway.

      I was married at 18, and I took it seriously. My fw may never have, I will never know for sure. But, we both knew the rules and we both knew that marriage would be good times and bad and you work through it together. Back then there really weren’t many safety nets for bad behavior; and most of our parents couldn’t afford to bail us out.

      I am a BB and pretty much all of the folks I know who married in our time frame had, or are still having long marriages. Not all, but most. There may have even been some cheating involved; but if so they worked through it.

      But I get that in the big picture though I am aware of a lot of folks, it is still a small sampling.

    • portia, My mom married at 18 after meeting my father during her first year of college. My dad was 25 and in his senior year of college; he served in the military for a few years after his first 2 years of college. Anyway, as was very typical then, my mom never lived independently before marriage. She did after she left my alcoholic, unfaithful father, and I think she was surprised at how well she managed. She used to say “Everything’s so much easier now.”

      She brought me up to believe that it was OK for a woman to be single and independent, and to “try before you buy!” I never asked her exactly why she said that…

      Anyway, I think I was fortunate in that I wasn’t taught what you were taught. In fact, I was very fortunate in my mother, and of course I’m only appreciating her now that she’s gone.

  • I’m having difficulty finding the clip, but apparently the duo made comments on-air Friday. He complained about having had a “long week”, she defiantly “looking forward” to the weekend. Sad sausage and bunny boiler.

  • The breathtaking misogynoir of T.J. describing Marilee “with her built-in black woman superpower.” Fuck right off, T.J.! I hope Marilee gets a fantastic and quick settlement.

  • Soon to summarize, they’re all pieces of shit? Got it. Disgusting. Hope their twu wuv survives public humiliation and unemployment.

  • Sooooo to summarize, they’re all pieces of shit? Got it. Disgusting. Hope their twu wuv survives public humiliation and unemployment.

  • Hopefully they will both have long term consequences. It is just sad that there are so many out there that support cheaters by brushing it with true love, the heart wants what the heart wants. No, these two deliberately lied and cheated without regard to their spouses. They did not have an honest conversation with their spouses. Of course, they claim that nothing was going on until they had both left their partners (yeah, right) just image management there.
    I just hope these two FWs meet the karma bus soon. They will soon discover that FWs are gonna FW. No sympathy when that happens (as it is bound to happen because both have established patterns).

    • These two were high on being powerful, maybe even thought they would be the next Joe Scarborough and what’s her face…another cheater.

    • Yep, when my FW married whore and went on to quickly cheat on her, I wish I could have been a little voice that said; well if you had treated him right he wouldn’t have cheated.

      I am sure that is what she thought. Oh Susie treated him like crap, me and my magic pussy will keep him true.

  • So Amy got with a known cheater. That’s the epitome of AP hubris, isn’t it? But then again, she’s a cheater her damnself.

  • This is a Disney company, as well as ABC, and it’s up to us to let them know these hosts do not reflect our values. The contact for ABC’s news department, which includes Good Morning America, is BROOKS LANCASTER.
    Email is [email protected].

    Per Rebecca’s comment, above and copied here, I see a call to action for Chump Nation. Here’s the comment:
    Robach and Holmes’ affair may have also broken a “morality clause,” which states that talent must “act at all times with due regard to public morals and conventions,” according to a copy of the document obtained by the newspaper. The clause also stated that talent shall not take part in behavior “which tends to bring you or us into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule….or which might reflect unfavorably upon us, or injure the success of the programs.”

    Portia predicted this will generate a flurry of articles sympathizing with any criticism of the couple and work-related consequence, and sympathy from other cheaters who want to justify cheating.

    I hope fellow members of Chump Nation and other chumps will respond as required, by communicating our
    disdain, contempt and disgust.

    Per the Wall Street Journal, they are not anchoring GMA3 for an unspecified length of time, and ABC News president Kim Godwin reportedly told staffers that GMA anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes “will be off air while network figures out how to best handle situation,” WSJ‘s Joe Flint tweeted Monday. “Calls it a distraction but not a violation of policies.”
    Looks like ABC needs to hear that their conduct DID lead to disrepute, scandal, contempt and ridicule, and that it reflects unfavorably on them.

  • “I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine ass out the doooooooor,” he wrote via Facebook in 2020. “But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed a grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.”

    Hard to count all the problems with this statement. First of all, it’s incredibly offensive to objectify your WIFE publicly by throwing in a gratuitous comment about her body part. Way to turn a supposed compliment into something demeaning. Secondly, her race has nothing to do with her tolerance of your bullshit. Again, an attempt to deflect so that no one actually looks at the FW’s abuse. Don’t turn your abuse into a black power moment, you ass.

    • Race actually does have a lot to do with it, with perceived tolerance at least. It’s a very common trope/stereotype, the endlessly resilient Black woman who can put up with being fucked around on and raise the kids single handedly etc. Him reinforcing that is disgusting. To suggest that tolerating bullshit from your partner is commendable, as opposed to abuse, is disgusting.

    • I’m particularly disgusted by “dooooooor” business. Like what, he’s yelling it at a party while raising a toast? “Hey! I’ve been an abusive prick, but she was an awesome victim! And how about these hors-d’oeuvres? Shout-out to Carson’s Deli!”

      • Right. Reminds me of Lizzio’s Good as Hell “if he don’t love you anymore, walk your fine ass out the dooooor”

    • Yes, the minute I read that I felt sick. He’s basically saying his wife will stay and stay and stay no matter what crap he dumps on her or does to her. So he’s calling her a doormat.
      I doubt she took that as a compliment – and there’s a lot of ‘all about him’ in this supposed compliment.
      I stayed and stayed and stayed in my first marriage because of my children and my sense of commitment and love. I remember my ex writing “thanks for putting up with me” in an anniversary card. It didn’t fill me with warm fuzzies.

      • Oh, and the fact that he said that publicly…OMG! It’s like screaming to the world that he is so fantastic his wife will stay regardless of his horrible behavior… He’s just that special.

  • No adoring fans, kiss ass subordinates, spotlight and now they are unemployed. Highly unlikely people will be pounding on their doors with job offers. These two will last about 5 more minutes.

    • Yep there are hundreds if not thousands of pretty boys and girls who know how to talk waiting in line. It is not rocket science.

  • Amy and TJ:
    🎶Fairytales can come true, it can happen to you if you’re…………..willing to destroy people to get it! 🎶 (Which we know you certainly are!)
    Consequences have been earned it seems, it’s just a shame the chumps have to get the consequences too and less of a monetary settlement perhaps.
    Still, getting away from these freaks is gold in itself.
    My daughter sent me a headline yesterday, “Indonesia bans sex outside marriage”. ( even for their visiting tourists to Bali or wherever, that should put quite the dent in their tourism!)
    You can get six months in jail for cohabitation and up to a year for adultery. It’s a ridiculously laughable law, but I can’t say I didn’t dream of my ex behind bars last night and sleep so very soundly.
    Amy and TJ are your oh so typical and pond scum cheaters that believe themselves to be so ‘special’ who the stars aligned for and miraculously found “real love” together.
    Shouldn’t be ALL be so happy for them?!🤮
    Yeah, that’s right and Santa is coming down my chimney in 17 days too. 🎅🏻🎄

    • Sorry for all the typos in my post, lol! That’s so annoying.
      My kids and I have an ongoing ‘family dictionary’ we’ve been adding to for years for things that really need a definition, but don’t have one.
      The newest add on recently was
      “ premature textulation” – we don’t have the official definition written up yet, but it’s basically sending a text, email, post or what have you that you feel you’ve thoroughly proofread, only to discover all the errors after it posts. ( another example is:
      Acute disphonia – (n) the sudden flush of terror experienced when you pat your pocket and don’t feel your iPhone)
      I have a lot of fun with my kids! 😊👍

  • News like this almost makes me wish I still had facebook to make a little “Wonder where I’ve seen this before” post.

    But then I move on with my day.

  • I saw this yesterday and knew CL would be all over that shit. “Fuck you TJ” indeed!
    ” I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine ass out the doooooooor,”= Sooooo gross.

    After I read this yesterday I stupidly looked at the comments which were largely: “What’s the big deal? They’re consenting adults. Leave them alone.” Then I had to bleach my eyes.

  • Two news anchors in my area (a smaller market) left their spouses for each other. Then there’s Joe Scarborough and Mistress Mika and their years-long affair before they finally divorced their spouses and married. Odious.

    • Good old Joe was a congressman from the panhandle of Fl. He got all revved up in DC, left his wife and children, married again, left her for Mika. And lest we ignore the other side don’t forget that married reporter Pete Hegseth got another woman pregnant, got another another woman pregnant and I am not sure if they married. Jesse Watters left his wife and kids for a woman who posed on Instagram. They are now married. All three of those men think I will listen to anything they say. They cheat and lie…my two favorite things in a marriage.

      • Susie…you just gave me a chuckle with “gag a maggot.” My late mother often used that phrase – never knew anyone else to say it until now. She grew up east of Cleveland so maybe it’s regional.

        • @Hurt1
          My dad “gag a maggot off a gut wagon”… CA family born and raised so not midwest specific.

  • I can only hope that the heads of Disney & ABC News decide to cut these two loose. The only way to change societal attitudes of looking the other way and tacit tolerance of cheaters is to enforce consequences.

    • A lot of these companies have boxed themselves in after tail hook and the metoo era. Now they are kind of between a rock and a hard place.

      They gleefully fired folks they didn’t like, then the noose started tightening around those they liked.

      And just to be clear as messy as it got, the exposure of tail hook, and the metoo movement have been overall positive and shined the spotlight on a lot of piles of shit.

    • Very true. Society looked the other way on so much for so many years. When cheating gets widely recognized as a form of control and abuse we will have truly arrived. Feel as a society we need to be woken to this.

    • GratefullyDivorcedDad, I hope so too, I really do. I would guess it will depend on how much the bigwigs care about bad publicity.

      But I’m not optimistic. I suspect they’ll be kept off camera for a month or two, and then they’ll be back. Possibly not together. Because social media will move on to something else. Unfortunate.

  • the TV is a box of images
    i hold against my scarred chest
    when will he notice
    i’m damaged?

  • my smile is wide, my eyes are
    green. there’s money in this television gig
    and women dancing

    no one understands me

  • First off I want to puke….secondly, I’ve worked in several industries where infidelity is seemingly expected. I’ve been the go to guy for those that needed advice for both how to proceed after being cheated on and how to deal with the guilt of being the unfaithful one. I swear I felt like a Catholic priest in the confessional sometimes. This scenario is so text book that it seems to be coming from the pages of that mythical book we talk about here aka “The Cheaters Handbook ” ….I’ll just say what I tell all the folks that I’ve worked with that crossed the line and who had been traumatized by infidelity especially in the workplace…Never Shit Where You Eat

    • Yep.

      My ex didn’t lose his job, but he got demoted, put back out on the street amongst all the PO’s he had likely shit on during his ascent. She got transferred to another job, about got a police officer killed by messing up a dispatch call and got fired.

      Reminds me of the old adage: “careful how you treat folks on your way up the ladder, you may have to pass them on the way down”.

  • Television news personalities make their living covering human interest stories, often adding their own spin as a segue. Marital infidelity and abandoning families should be violations of an employment morality clause resulting in job loss. Maybe followed by some “Monday morning quarterbacking” where cheating is never forgiven.

  • I never stepped foot at Asshat and HoWorker/Wife’s place of employment, even though I helped build the company from it’s beginning, having faith that his quitting a job and starting a new business with no guaranteed income was going to work, as long as I did all the wife appliance requirements to give FW complete & unfettered time to work. I remember once, he even called me out of the blue to profusely thank me for being such a great support, reacting to the daily multiple calls his cousin (and co-owner) received from his abusive wife (yep, they’re still married). Probably the only acknowledgment during our 25 year marriage that I had “value” as a SAHM.

    But during divorce, Asshat gleefully told me “we checked with an attorney, and there is no workplace violation”–I had repeatedly stated that diddling a worker who was a direct report was a violation of work rules. I had to laugh, because obviously they needed that declaration as “protection”, which made me realize people were not taking that relationship laying down. People notice, but make decisions based on their own interests, not for my morals. But they are paying attention. FWs mistake silence for acceptance. Nope.

    I wonder when these examples are splashed across the internet, how my kids feel. Anyway, they are quickly going to realize they aren’t prizes and there is plenty of talent out there. As their spouses found out, people are replaceabe, including FWs.

  • Something tells me he’s gonna look a lot less attractive to Amy when his ass is standing in the unemployment line.

  • It’s a pretty sick Schmoopie who helps her married FW cover up other affairs. This is a case of what my mother used to call “water finding its own level,” in this case a very low level.

    • Not to mention the fact that she was friends with his wife. Her daughter babysat their daughter. They dated as couples. The level of betrayal is 🤮.

  • This unfolding tragedy really hit me. I’ve been struggling with this story as it has elements of mine.
    My ex is a physician, has his own practice. His married paramour was a friend of mine whom I convinced the office manager, and my husband at the time, to hire in his office. I wrote her cover letter and assembled her resume, gave her a ppep talk and coached her on her way to her interview. (UGH! God I was SUCH A STUPID CHUMP!!!) She was hired and we continued to socialize together, volunteered together at our children’s school, had holiday office parties together, I taught their daughter, had long texting conversations for years.
    My ex is a serial adulterer and my former friend knew it. She knew EVERYTHING about his abuses over the years, and still she chose to fuck him. Unbenounced to me, my husband had helped her land a high paying job as a rep for an international medical equipment supplier. And it just so happened my ex was the major implanter of said medical device and only one in her “service area”. When my ex filed, she ran for the hills. I guess she wanted the trips, gifts, attention and fucking, but not the consequences.
    As soon as I had solid proof of their affair, I told her husband. She denied it, he attacked me for “hurting the children” and “making thing up to cause problems”, ….it was a bad scene. It hurt at the time, but I knew that the truth would come out in the end. I told him I would give him all my evidence and sources of evidence AFTER my divorce was over. I also told him I wish I has a husband who loved me as much as he obviously loved her. I know he was in for a lot of pain and hurt, but I did what my morals asked me to, which was to tell him the truth. What he and they did with that afterwards was their business. The Skankawhoreus’s husband said she wanted my evidence. LOLOLOL….ummm….ya no. I’ll give it to your husband later. She then confessed, her husband tearfully apologized and it was done in my mind. WELL……someone ratted her out to her employer. Apparently there is an ethics clause that you’re not supposed to fuck clients. Especially if you’re both married to other people. Since my ex was the only doctor she was “servicing” in her territory, she was given the option to quit or be fired. She quit.
    THEN the story was IT WAS MY FAULT!!! Attacked by her, my ex, our mutual acquaintances. My response was how in the world is them fucking my fault? Because I told, because I didn’t keep their secret. It is still very upsetting to me to be attacked and blamed for her losing her job. Apparently it’s okay to fuck your friends husband, your boss, your client, your kids teacher’s husband, but none ever threaten someone’s JOB!
    Presently, three years later, they are secretly married, contracted together at a local hospital to run a clinic, named specifically as my ex as “physician”, and the Skankawhoreus as “nurse” through her business as an umbrella, then her business pays my ex’s business as a second umbrella, he has been paying my support through his business, (I’m NOT a business expense!), paying business taxes on that support instead of hi personal taxes. It’s insane the money laundering, tax evasion, and artificial income suppression that is happening. All to avoid paying me and our son the money that is due to us.
    My attorney said there’s really nothing I can do. It would be costly to prove it all, then convince the judge that what they are doing is wrong, then to get any money awarded. They could easily say they gave themselves a “shareholders loan” and explain it all away. They are the only shareholders and employees of their businesses, and each business lists their home as it’s address. At this point we are talking tens of thousands of dollars they have screwed me out of while I struggle as a single mom who’s been out of the workforce for 20 years. Too old to be a desired hire, and needing further education, but having no money to pay for it and a child needing his education, that my ex is currently fighting me in court to not pay. Not even a dollar. They suck and this is SO unfair.
    This has been therapeutic to get off my chest. CN is a safe place to vent and be understood. I’m sick and tired of choking down the shit sandwiches while they dance off into the sunset in a shower of cash and financial security. “Look how happy they are” was recently said to my son. Like, see, it was meant to be, worth it, okay,……because THEY are happy. Barf-o-rhama

    • BlueChumparoo , once your divorce is final, you could report him to the IRS, and state and local tax authorities. There might not be any consequences, but audits can be a lot of trouble.

      I’d consult your lawyer before you do that though.

  • I agree that there are plenty of other eager and talented people to take their place. They are not special and there is no reason the network would need to keep them. There is a change in on air talent all the time. With the #metoomovement you would think that his previous affair with the uneven power balance would have cost him his job. If she was upset that he broke it off or didnt get a story she wanted she could have totally sued.

  • Haven’t read all comments yet but some of the links are taking me to generic pages of US Weekly cheating scandals with no story of Robach rather than the story CL is talking about.

  • Speaking of faux-sisterhood and covering up “indiscretions” for abusers, apologists typically complain that everyone blames side pieces but frankly I had more disgust for FW’s lesbian “work-wife” for a) repeatedly pimping to make herself indispensable to FW by arranging after-work bar sprees with interns from the office (whether they were game or not), then playing beard to disguise attempted workplace hookups as innocent work meetings; b) fluffing FW’s ego when he batted out with a series of office doorknobs; c) pouring on the oozy, leg-humping flattery by which FW began to negatively compare my not-so-suck-uppy work-a-day wife/parent behavior (not kidding about the leg-humping. I saw the woman– who looked a bit like Mad Mag’s Alfred E. Neuman in a wig– simu-humping FW’s thigh and cooing like a stripper as a “joke” in front of 150 colleagues); c) plying FW to pay for her massive bar tabs and meals with family assets; d) sending FW links to podcasts peddling cheating as an exuberant rebellion and casting monogamy an unnatural suffocating trap, e) inserting herself into the industry’s harassment/rape awareness board.

    The last bit was the cherry on top and gave me a sickening revelation about why institutional and workplace reporting systems feel like they’re occupied by perp-coddlers a lot of the time. I’d experienced this repeatedly in a narc-filled industry and had full-body flashbacks while watching the “HR” scene from The Assistant ( I would guess that, just like child molesters and other pervs are drawn to positions of trust and professional roles that give them power over their designated targets, chronic abuse-enablers are drawn to gate-keeper roles where they can squash victim reports. Pure evil.

    FW was more secretive and defensive about his flying monkey than he was about the AP. APs may come and go but a facilitator, pimp, cover-up artist and mojo-fluffer has permanent utility. I didn’t have that much trouble finding icky emails and affair bills from the AP after D-Day but FW went to outrageous lengths to hide correspondence and expenditures related to his flying monkey. I once found a trashcan stuffed with carefully shredded and concealed “love notes” from the work wife that always started “Dear Captain”– shudder. “Captain” is what fundy trad wives are supposed to call their husbands. I read an article later defending the “lesbian loophole” for flirting with men at work as a career strategy– the idea that it’s okay because the work flirt isn’t following through with supply closet blowjobs and it’s a way to punk the status quo. It was followed by a slew of comments from LGBT calling the idea toxic, complicit and corrosive. I refrained from sending pimp lady the link.

    I always had a great relationship with my mother and emulated her model of loyal friendships with other women. I started out with high expectations from the “sisterhood” so the shock of seeing women stab others in the back was probably amplified in contrast. I suppose if someone had low expectations of women to begin with they wouldn’t get much of a jolt from the experience.

    • “I once found a trashcan stuffed with carefully shredded and concealed “love notes” from the work wife that always started “Dear Captain”– shudder.”


      • I know lol. I grant FW all the blame but, you know, please don’t feed the narcs with treacly tradwife deference. It makes them fat and they’ll end up mauling tourists.

  • What kind of an idiot do you have to be (and inject another word of your choice) to have a super great career
    & get involved with a public, big time cheater, and ….. be complicit in his abusive ways towards his wife (and her friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!)?

    The fact that they have ruined their credibility and careers is one more thing that won’t serve their children and abused former spouses.

    • I agree.

      When I first started to become suspicious, I remember thinking; no I am wrong; he may have cheated in his youth, but he is not stupid enough to throw his whole life’s work (along with mine) away. Guess who was wrong.

      Truth was he was throwing it away as we were building it. I am sure he didn’t think he was, but it was exactly what he was doing. He thought he was the one that would pull it off without any harm to himself. Guess who was wrong.

      • I know! FW risked his great career for his latest twu wov- but alas, no career consequences for him. They told him they were ‘disappointed’.

  • Love consequences. Those 2 obviously thought they were so smart. Trust that they suck.
    If the network brings them back on the show together, I’ll never watch.

  • These 2 are just beyond vile. I hope his previous screw-around with the producer sinks his sad little ship once and for all. As for her, covering up that other affair for him was bad enough. I say this largely with the feeling that there are probably multiple people in my FW’s office who know or have a pretty good idea that he and his subordinate OW have been involved, and have done nothing. Hope they all get their karma some day too.

    • I feel the same way, WBOL. Everybody at my FW’s work knew, including his boss. They made it obvious, going off for lunch together for an hour and a half (when they were only allowed 30 minutes) and spending every break together. Nobody so much as suggested they tone it down or at least stop dating while on the clock. Fuck all those people.

      Love your screen name, btw.

  • Supposedly, Amy also stayed friends with the former cheating partner… the one who had a supposed 3 year affair with TJ.
    Amy supposedly posted pictures of the former cheating partner and herself -the current cheating partner, having fun – on Instagram,
    for his wife to see.
    So much empathy here.

  • “That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine ass out the doooooooor,” he wrote via Facebook in 2020.
    But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed a grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.”

    That’s gross on so many levels. Stereotyping black women, even if it appears to be complimentary on the surface, is not okay. I bet he thinks he sounds all woke and shit instead of like the massive douchenozzle he is. I’m sure any amount of grace and patience are incomprehensible to *him*. This SOB openly admits to emotionally abusing his wife to get her to leave.
    What a 24 karat loser, and schmoopie, covering for his rapey conduct with underlings. They totally deserve each other. He’ll cheat on her, too. Guaranteed.

  • Last week Amy and TJ were quoted as saying that they’re both consenting adults and didn’t care what anyone thought of them getting together.
    Wonder if they care now..

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