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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Get Canned for Workplace Affair

Holmes and Robach
Daily Mail tweet


Well, this happened last week — the Good Morning America hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes — who were having a workplace affair — were asked to leave their jobs. As in, they signed exit agreements. As in, shit-canned.

Chump spouses of Robach and Holmes — I sure hope you got those divorce petitions in before the unemployment hits.

The Washington Post reports:

The network initially chose not to take action. Then, on Dec. 5, ABC News President Kimberly Godwin announced internally that she would pull the pair off air while she considered the best way to handle “an internal and an external distraction,” though she said the relationship did not violate company policy. A week later, Godwin told ABC News employees that the two hosts would remain off the air until a review was completed.

Network officials did not explain why Robach and Holmes would depart, but the decision came amid a drumbeat of tabloid allegations about Holmes’s other workplace romances, as well as claims that co-workers had complained about the pair’s relationship.

Yeah, that’s an awkward situation for the employment lawyers. All those potential lawsuits. So many workplace Schmoopies, only so many billable hours.

Apparently Robach and Holmes took the news well. They were seen straddling each other hours after signing their exit papers.

If you want the particulars of Amy Robach’s dry hump, you can see the tabloid pix here.

You have to admire the fumes of whatever magical reality they’re living on. I’m sure they were well-compensated on their way out the door and can go retire into eventual obscurity. But Amy, wake up. This pick-me-dance triumphalism is going to bite you in the ass.

For starters, one of his alleged last workplace fucks was an intern half your age. You’re not special cougar meat. You’re available. And now, unemployed.

As for T.J. Holmes, the guy has three daughters. Way to be a role model. His latest unfortunate soon-to-be-ex-wife Marilee Fiebig asked him to keep it classy during the divorce, but you may as well ask a goldfish to knit you a sweater.

Meanwhile, most of the furor seems reserved for ABC News for firing them. Not for keeping this #MeToo nightmare on the payroll? Kudos ABC. You should’ve done it sooner, but glad it’s done.

May the Schmoopies continue to spiral. Or stay locked in their death hug. Or whatever that is.

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  • Finally, an organization doing the right thing (although their motivation was probably financially and not ethically motivated).
    Consequences ❤️

  • I would’ve liked the FW and his ho worker to have been held accountable for their betrayal but alas it did not happen. Oh well, I got a more than decent financial settlement due to FW having the job (a job I helped him secure).

    Onwards and upwards as they say.

    Hugs to you all ❤️

  • The whole Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes saga lets us watch the creepiest of cheaters playing out live for ALL to learn from.

    I remember after DDay when I found out that AP was a mom of 2 boys about my son’s age… she was living as a single working mom while her husband had moved back to Germany (German citizen). I thought in my Chumpy-ass mind that AP could be reasoned with. I had EMPATHY. Maybe she didn’t intend to blow my family up. WRONG. She was self righteous. Full of herself. Flaunting it… even showing up at my house. I couldn’t believe it — and that added to my trauma.

    But no one else saw that shit. It made me feel crazy. And pathetic.

    Thanks Amy Robach — you’re demonstrating that special kind of stupid that only a delusional AP can — higher level too, since you’re completely fucking over your kids and husband while you dance around like you’re in the “right.” I don’t know what ABC is paying you to shut up and go home, but it’ll never bring back a career with respect or dignity.

    Amy Robach has proven herself to be a complete idiot and seems to be completely unaware of it. But she will be. Probably before the end of 2023. I mean, she KNOWS TJ cheats on everyone with everything… she really believes she will change that? 😂

    As for TJ Holmes… I’m crossing fingers and toes that this leads to some well-deserved, well earned lawsuits for sexual harassment or worse. What a creepy douchebag loser. May his wife get EVERYTHING.

  • It’ll be a false equivalency fest for sure. The naysayers will say it’s unfair for the boring, prudish people to suggest these liars should be fired “simply for loving each other”. They’ll leave out all the verified shenanigans — policy-violating overtly sexual workplace language and behavior, inappropriate/unfair professional opportunities extended specifically because of the nature of the relationship, power-leveraging and deception to keep underlings and other APs quiet and perpetuate their secrecy, and other pesky forms of “simply loving each other”.

    As with so many other stories, there’s nothing wrong with loving, or wanting or loving or having sex, or masturbating, or wearing clothes others wouldn’t, etc. It goes wrong when we do those things in ways that harm others, abuse power to force others to be complicit in our lies, violate agreements we’ve made, demonstrate that we’re deceptive, not trustworthy, etc.

    Journalists who build their lives on deception aren’t worthy to serve in the profession. Public trust is key to the work. Bringing extremely deceptive behavior to the workplace and/or engaging in it publicly when your work demands public trust is absolutely just cause for firing. They played, they lost, time to get lost. Someone better is waiting for their chance, and it’s time to give that chance to that better person for the job.

    No tears for the liar duo. No tears for their consequences.

    • “They’ll leave out all the verified shenanigans — policy-violating overtly sexual workplace language and behavior, inappropriate/unfair professional opportunities extended specifically because of the nature of the relationship, power-leveraging and deception to keep underlings and other APs quiet and perpetuate their secrecy, and other pesky forms of “simply loving each other”.”

      exactly, amiisfree.

      i just had my X’s longstanding workplace affair confirmed, after 2 years separated, and on the cusp of finalizing the divorce. the whole situation has been in play for years, i don’t know how many, but i’m guessing since 2019?TBH i don’t want to know how long because WHAT THE FUCK?

      late 2020 i discover X lied, has been out for dinner with Tisha and confront. he says he shared his feelings for her but they agreed not to meet for dinner again. right. he pretends to “think things through” and “take time and careful consideration while making such a big decision”. right. the entire time he’s devolving and saying weird and cruel things. you know how it goes.

      my X promotes Tisha to director in 2020. then the company moves my X to a different business unit. Tisha remains living with her husband until late 2022 then moves out of her marital home.

      that’s some devious business. and the company moves executives around so they can fuck. WHAT THE LIVING FUCK?

      of course, Tisha is 20 years younger and blond. HELLO CLICHE.

      i’m okay and well rid of a douche. my kids are okay. but Tisha has 2 pre-teen kids that are going to be fucked over by my X, an active alcoholic and malignant narcissist who has limited parenting skills. that’s what makes me cringe.

      the last few years of our marriage, i noticed my X’s secretary/PA acted differently around me. awkward. and so did a couple of the other managers/directors from my X’s business unit. BECAUSE THEY ALL KNEW. keeping secrets.


      PS just had to get that off my chest.

      • I believe I experienced the same. People say to themselves that it doesn’t concern them and to mind their own business. But afterwards, I couldn’t help wonder how many of the fuckwit’s co-workers knew what was going on but didn’t have the decency to let me know. It’s really hard not to wish something so detrimental on them so that they know what it feels like to be “the last to know.”

        • I too experienced the cold co-workers. I stupidly brought a cake to the hospital for my husband and his associates. The secretary acted like she had zero idea he was married. Probably because he told her he wasn’t. Fast forward a year later when I knew he was cheating and so did our sons. One bought a tracking device and put it on his father’s car. FW found it, took photos of it and texted it to a female, married colleague. She thought it was hilarious. Now, low and behold, her husband has cheated and left her and she’s so SAD—turning to my ex-FW expecting sympathy or something. All of the complicit are a-holes and deserve exactly what they get.

          • Agree Faithful, I had an old colleague laugh when it happened to me and invited ex and AP to her party

            Happened to her now and she’s pick me dancing like a goodun

            Who’s laughing now bitch

            There is nothing remotely funny about cheating

          • The answer is everyone but me. Not ONE person had the decency to tell me, or even to ask if I was okay, let alone ask my side of the story. These were people who had known me for 10 or even 15 years. They’d known OW for a couple of months. They all sided with her and FW. I was no longer invited to events. They were giving gifts to FW and OW as a couple. It was disgusting. Another betrayal.

          • God, I wish I knew. I suspect their whole office knew or at least had an inkling, and the few times I was invited to events with office staff near the end I did certainly feel like people were being awkward and aloof with me (then FW complained that I was rude to his employees and that people said he acted differently and not himself when I was around, lol, wonder why). Near the end, FW was made President of a statewide association in his area of business and Schmoopie wrote a 6 page gushing speech and had a party for him in the office for it that she ended with calling him her best friend and saying “we love you.” He had the nerve to forward me a copy of said speech, and I thought this was inappropriate and weird and would be shocked if in addition to their 10 year history of over-close “friendship” and after hours time at the office and the fact Schmoopie had just left her husband nobody found this weird, but who knows. Apparently FW was still so over-sharing with his ex wife that even she had sort of figured it out before I did, to the point where when he told her we were breaking up she apparently asked if it had anything to do with Schmoopie.

            • QoS, I saw that! So glad I never signed up for Master Class, and now I make sure to block their ads. Spreading her narrative is morally and ethically negligent. The harm that Master Class will help her do…makes me shudder.

              • Basel van der Kolk, of the Body Keeps the Score, included her in a recent panel conference on trauma. The book is still great but I no longer have high regard for him. No one seems to look deeper than Esther’s recent shape shifting to cash in on the trauma circuit.

              • Boston Globe had a piece (a few years ago ?) about van der Kolk being a workplace bully. So there’s that. Birds of a feather flock together.

          • I couple of them were common friends. Would come and go to our house as they wished. I was always happy to see them, I would cook for them, I would insist that they have to eat with us, stay longer, I helped them with anything they needed, even when they hesitated to ask anyone’s help. I was always there for them. One of them would even call me “you’re my little sister”.
            I completely cut all my ties with them. I do not want to hear from or about them. I do not care about their explanations. What a waste of time.

          • I forgot to add. I met some of his male co-workers in one of those parties. They were praising me to my ex-husband, telling him I was such a nice person.
            But when these same people found out about his lies, they fully supported him saying, we live only once! No one questioned him, no one said: hey I do not know NotFromVenus at all, but she does not deserve this, no one deserves such lies..

            They met me once only, they liked me very much and then they supported my ex- husband’s lies.
            I could not care less about them.
            They all moved to different cities, and I know that they and my ex- husband are not in touch anymore.

        • I totally understand because I felt the same. But I feel they didn’t tell me because they didn’t want to lose their jobs….ick. I learned FW kept my leaving him a secret for a full year!! It came out when my attorney subpoenaed his bank (where he works). Ouch. Now I’m sure people can piece that together. But I’m sure nothing will happen anyway.

      • All of the friends from my husband’s university department knew about his affair with gradwhore, but sat across from me at dinner parties for 8 bloody years without saying a thing. I think I would have preferred them to be cold to me so I at least had a clue.

      • Same here. Clients, co-workers and staff all knew BUT I also found out that the affair made everyone uncomfortable. Eventually both were asked to find another firm to “move to”.

        I promise that the feelings of anger and disbelief will subside over a lot of time. Not go away but subside to a level where you can just tuck it away.

      • for me, i imagine the letters and forms on HR files,statements declaring relationships, that sort of thing. and then scheduling corporate meetings to discuss the arrangements and rearrangements required. meanwhile, there are 2 spouses oblivious to the machinations.

        how do you set an agenda for that kind of meeting?

      • It irks me to think people knew and didn’t do anything.
        Many digest the bullshit fed to them by FWs and their flying monkeys. Tales about “how bad you were” and that ” FW was _____( insert an adjective) an had no choice”. It is sickening.
        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”
        I had a whole church community turn against me but the pendulum has swing back now and most, not all, know what happened. There are those that wish everything she said was true. At times I want to rub their faces in it, but I don’t. That being said the priest has not gotten off so easy.

        • Seeing the congratulations being posted when FW and OW eventually (4 years after they satrted the affair) came out as dating, like “it took you long enough!”, “I saw that coming”, etc. was pretty upsetting.

          I cut every last person who stayed friends with FW and schmoopie, including some family members, out of my life. Life got much better after that.

      • I’ve been infuriated and also couldn’t understand all the supportive comments/blame-shifting on facebook regarding TJ/Amy affair such as “well, who knows went on in their homes”, or “the heart wants what the heart wants”, etc., I couldn’t understand family/friends/co-workers who know of affairs happening, but seemingly collude with their silence or “looking the other way”. I’ve come to believe that at least some of these people are, or have been, cheaters in their own lives. I think that’s why they turn a blind eye, because they are guilty themselves.

      • I found myself in this situation. It is my profound hope that karma revisits every single person who knew and kept silent with a betrayal of the very same sort. Am I bitter? You betcha. I thought those people were my friends. I trusted them to have my back.

    • Amiisfree wrote, “There’s nothing wrong with loving, or wanting or loving or having sex, or masturbating, or wearing clothes others wouldn’t, etc. It goes wrong when we do those things in ways that harm others, abuse power to force others to be complicit in our lies…”

      In college I studied Bertholt Brecht’s theatrical device for instilling horror in audiences by revealing horror in mundane contexts. It’s been dubbed “Brechtian” but Brecht himself called it “gestics” and it’s been used heavily in film, theater and journalism ever since. To describe it, he used the example of a parade which, for all its festive pomp, is just a banal, familiar event. “Gestics” is when the mundane procession takes place over corpses. One example of it is the sickening beer garden scene from the film Cabaret.

      I’m sure cheaters would love to elevate cheating to the lofty sphere of art but probably not in the Brechtian sense of joyfully humping on a heap of debt, wrecked lives and permanently fucked up kids.

      • Another creepy aspect of that scene is knowing that Joel Grey was cheating on his wife at the time.

        “Even though her husband Joel loved her and the children, he began to seek relationships with men. After twenty years of marriage, a period he later told PEOPLE was “the happiest of his life,” he came out to Wilder as homosexual and was cheating on her.

        Not long after the revelation, Wilder filed for divorce which was finalized in 1982. Playbill asked the actor if his wife had suspected he was gay, to which he replied:

        “None. Know why? Because I was totally in love with her. We were living totally a heterosexual life. I made a decision what I wanted in life: a family and a career.”

        All about him.

      • What an entitled jerk.

        “They’d actually met briefly once before (she didn’t recall), and Grey was immediately entranced. Grey always dated women, searching for a wife and perspective mother. In Wilder, he found her. They dated briefly and wed in 1958.

        It was a tempestuous marriage, where they argued largely about her career. He wanted her home, and if not barefoot, pregnant with child. In retrospect, he admits he was something of a bully and far from supportive. In fact, once when she was appearing in a play in Chicago, he flew out from New York with his dirty laundry for her to wash.

        “In my defense,” he says now, “I never officially asked her to do it.”

      • Thanks for the link Hell of a Chump. I watched the beer garden scene today; have watched it numerous times before. The old man gets me every time.

      • “I’m sure cheaters would love to elevate cheating to the lofty sphere of art but probably not in the Brechtian sense of joyfully humping on a heap of debt, wrecked lives and permanently fucked up kids.”

        Spot on. While Amy wraps her legs around TJ for the paparazzi… There should be pictures showing the reactions of their children to their cheating parents’ antics. And the abuse the kids are likely taking from other kids at school over it.

  • Aww…the latest “twu wuv sell our soul mates & why we stabbed our spouses in the back” couple! Gotta keep putting that image out there! Fuckwits & OW/OM truly try hard to convince us, don’t they?! We can see how this script is gonna go. Sorry, Amy, this isn’t going to work out well for you. Andrew (your husband, remember?) probably sees it too & why he seems pretty chill. He knows karma is coming. As for TJ, his karma may not be as obvious, but hopefully his wife hits him where it probably will hurt him the most… $$$

  • And after it doesn’t become the love story of forever, misogyny will complete the story—he will be “rehabilitated professionally” and she will not.

    • Yup, that’s probably how it will play out…unless he gets tapped for workplace sexual harassment lawsuits. Then he’ll be another Matt Lauer.

  • Marilee Fiebig asking TJ for discretion, sadly that ship sailed.
    Amazing that the schmoopies and ABC learned nothing from the Matt Lauer debacle.
    No surprise FW was screwing his younger than all our children Howorker after the Metoo uprising. Then he used that when I said he had to fire her.
    That and she is racially mixed and he claimed that could be used against the business, all lies. That’s what liars do. Many rules don’t apply to small businesses and Florida is an at will employment state. They’re together, in their drug haze I’m guessing, NC for all. I’m surprised Marilee Fiebig didn’t file first…

  • Idiots.

    She’s 49 years old and the odds of this lasting are zilch and the only thing attracting any other men is her big fat severance package ABC gave her to keep her from suing them.

    And he has 3 daughters he is actively fucking up because he’s such a douche bag. Daughters with fathers who are shitty men are much more likely to have serious mental health issues. Ask me how I know.

    I feel a lot of guilt over how picking such a crappy man to have kids with, affects my girls and will continue to even after he’s no longer in the picture (he killed himself almost a year ago.) We spend a lot of time on mental health now and just trying to be okay with enjoying some things of life. His birthday is on Thursday and once again, we navigate the emotions it’s bringing to the forefront. Such fun.

    Anyway…. He’s seriously a shitty father to those girls. That the most infuriating thing.

    • Yeah he is. They are shitty parents to either gender child though. My FW brought his male kids (of ages where they are well capable of understanding what happened) around the AP repeatedly and even around her together WITH ME. How on earth you could think it is acceptable to expose your children to your cheating is beyond me. Immediately started bringing her to his kids events the second I was out of the picture. In addition, he has no problem following the filthiest Instagram accounts on his totally public account that said children also follow him on. There is just no ability to process consequences. She also has 2 very young daughters and I guess sees no problem exposing them to a man who thinks publicly displaying all your sexual fetishes (which includes bdsm, toting her to sex clubs and hotwifing her) is totally fine and normal. Class acts those 2.

      • This reminds me of a former friend. She was mid-thirties, with two elementary/middle school kids. She was a single mom, successful entrepreneur and a total bombshell who dated a lot. Well, she got serious (for her) with an unremarkable guy in his twenties and flaunted an Instagram photo of his naked butt in the sheets on her bed! It was black and white, sooo artsy (eye roll). Can you imagine? Her kids could see that. (Poor kids. Their dad is a loser, too.) Finding that inappropriate and tasteless does not make me a prude, and anyone who says otherwise is a creep.

        Soon after, she confessed (more like bragged) to me about how she was the OW in an affair with some carpenter doing work on her house; evidently, the “poor guy” was a wreck but couldn’t resist my friend, and it became a saga — which clearly boosted her ego. I avoided her after that — easy, since she didn’t live near me. After dday, and thinking back, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if she and my ex “connected”… although I was never remotely suspicious or jealous because I’d assumed FW shared my negative opinion of her!

  • It’s funny, one theme we see come up on this site over and over is the idea of “what makes the AP think they won’t also be cheated on by the “prize” they have won?” It is constantly a question we all ask. And we all know the answer is the AP thinks that they are special and they have found true love and that is why they couldn’t help but cheat, it was destiny. But what’s this one’s excuse? He’s been cheating all over the place and presumably she knew that going in. The mind truly “wobbles”.

      • I’m not convinced she’s delusional. She’s smart enough to be an anchor on a national news show, so she is t stupid. She’s as self centered as he is and cares about image. Maybe she engaged in it expecting to be fired and get a big fat paycheck/notoriety or whatever.

        She’s not going to be the jilted mistress. My money is on her doing the dumping first and being able to blame him for the breakup so she can flip the victimhood card.

        He should be careful of HER, IMO.

    • IMHO these types are looking forward from 3″ directly in front of their faces. They live day to day for the moment and don’t think hard about the future (other than the future faking stuff – We’ll travel around the world together on a sailboat secure in our miraculous love and never wear shoes again!). It’s like everything around them is black and white, except where they focus their stare, that is in technicolor, and no one ever had that specialness like their specialness.

  • My Ex FW (just finalized the divorce yesterday!!! Whooo hooo!) does the same thing. Tons of workplace Schmoopies, all of them reporting to him. I keep waiting for the day for his company to wise up, but alas. At least he’s not my problem anymore.

  • I may have grown too cynical. I don’t think this story will be newsworthy for long. These two have been basically gone for months, now it’s official. Another story will come along. I worry about things like bad policing, international warfare, simmering terrorism in the middle east, and climate change. I basically cannot find time to follow the lives of cheaters. There are too many of them, and they are all entitled, and they will leave a scorched earth of emotional pain for anyone they come in contact with. I actually cringed at the thought there may be another trial for two notably repugnant entitled whackado’s. What new disgusting detail must we learn next?

    I know my limitations. My worry and concern for some of these giant problems is not going to change them either. Part of my self-therapy is borrowed from AA — I accept I cannot change things beyond my control. I try to focus on what I can accomplish today. I sincerely hope that when my time is done, I will have done more good things than bad things in my life. I hope my legacy will be alive in the minds of my children, and that at least a few of my motherly cautionary tales will save them from some avoidable future disasters. But, and this is important, it is up to my sons to live an authentic life and not act like an entitled whackado.

    Chumps see the good in people. Chumps have hope. These are not bad things, but without accepting your enthusiasm and encouragement cannot change the outcome for another creep with bad intentions, you can become too invested and possibly destroyed. Optimism gives us a reason to have hope for a better future. I hope these two get everything they deserve. I hope the general population will tune into the reality that bad players exist and heed some warnings. I hope my belief system is not unrealistic enthusiasm gone bad. But the cynic inside me wonders why I have paid any attention to these horrible people? Is this interest in viewing another trainwreck productive in some way? Maybe. But I hope I forget who these two are soon.

    • Agree!!!! 8 years out the life I’ve built with the encouragement of CL and the great Chump Nation leaves little room for this nonsense. I’m an attorney and have been doing pro Bono work for the wrongfully accused where DNA evidence proves innocence. Yesterday, a six year project I helpedwork on resulted in the release of a teenager who spent 21 years in prison wrongfully. TJ/Amy who?

      • Wow! That kind of dedication to that kind of cause is awesome to me. It reminds me of the young me who was outraged at the Trail of Tears, and the Holocaust. I wonder where that young angry girl went sometimes. When I learn a lawyer is chasing true justice in our weird legal system, it gives me hope again. Sometimes I think the world pays too much attention to loser/cheaters. Other times I think maybe we can actually do something about sexually inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. I just know I am not as sensitive to or surprised by that type of behavior, while genocide and the threat of nuclear annihilation still go on unabated in our world. When will we ever learn?

  • Here is a line from Mr. Sparkles personal ad (or one of them at least), “I’m looking for someone to help me find that spark that gets lost in a long-term relationship. But, I’m not looking to change my situation or anyone else’s.” He needs sparks and kibbles at all times. Much like these two cheaters.

    Even my X fuckwit realizes that the “spark” wears off in long-term committed relationships (with normal people, it becomes a deeper love, but not for the entitlement-oriented partners). And so that is all these fuckwits chase… the spark… the “I’m special” feeling… the high of “new”.

    I expect we’ll see some good civil litigation filings against Holmes for workplace sexual harrassment and little ho-bag Robach will realize she wasn’t so special after all. Two families destroyed.

    At least GMA showed some ballz in the end. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of the douchebag duo.

    • Hmm…what does she tell herself…..that TJ was only using the others for sex but he actually left his wife for her- so she’s the most special of all? He was kind of trapped when the ass grabbing pics came out – who knows if he was even going to leave his wife? You can tell by all the pics- he’s not as into her as she is him. Oh the resentment that will kick in.
      They are both just so stupid….such an amazing career, flushed
      down the toilet along with the respect of their kids, colleagues,
      and people with a moral compass.

  • First let me just say that the otters are way cuter.

    I was kind of surprised that my ex was not canned seeing as how he was a flight instructor at the time and Schmoopie was the wife of one of his clients who was none too happy when he found out. Not a good way to keep the clientele happy. I guess he had enough other happy customers that they ended up giving him a promotion instead of firing him. From a financial/child support standpoint I was relieved, but from a moral and good business practice standpoint I thought the company was out of its mind.

    • The military is finally starting to change; however “starting to change” means exactly that. “Starting”. I recall back in about 1984 the fuckwit’s words when talking with someone. He said, “What goes TDY, stays TDY.” (TDY stands for temporary duty… whil they’re working away from home.) I’m sure that the only reason ABC did something is because they feared retribution. It will happen again and again just like it has happened since the beginning of time.

      • “What goes TDY, stays TDY.”
        I heard, “What goes on tour, stays on tour.”

        It has such a sing song-y ring to it that it almost seem harmless.😣

    • In my situation, it appears FW’s psychopathic, married-but-closeted boss encouraged drinking on the job and hookups among staff as a means of control. The guy was a drunken cheater himself and preferred it when staff and associates were bound by the rules of “mutually assured destruction.” I should have known something was up when FW, who’d previously complained the boss was a creep and a bully, suddenly started wormily rhapsodizing about their close working relationship during the affair.

  • I recently read the following allegory that can apply to the Holmes-Robach mindset as well as that of the vast majority of the cheaters, sociopaths, narcissists we’ve encountered:

    Grandfather says to his grandson, “Boy, a fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil. He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, lust, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.”

    He continued. “The other wolf is good. He is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The same fight is going on inside you — and inside every other person too.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked the grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

    The grandfather simply replied, “The one you feed.”

  • My strongest dislikes for Workplace Schmoopies are Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. And to showcase their true colors, this occured: in November of 2015, a certain candidate for president mocked the journalist, Serge Kovaleski, for having a disability. Joe Scarborough laughed at that candidate’s antics, saying it was so funny. Mika just shook her head. Since then, Joe S. has never issued an apology, nor stated any regrets (that I could find). (And trust me, I looked. A lot.)

    When you behave like a POS, you ARE a POS. And then, when you are called out about your behavior, and you try to dodge the issue, and/or act all innocent or cowardly about it, that is being a chicken.

    And that is how I define the term “Chicken Shit”. You are not just a POS, you are a Cowardly POS.

    I have known a LOT of Chicken Shits in my time. And there are SO MANY of them in positions of authority.

    P.S. Chump Lady, could we maybe, someday, have a Friday theme on Chicken Shits? (I realize it can be viewed as just of variant on Fuckwits, but I do see some nuances.) (;->)

    • I called the fuckwit a coward to his face. They all are. If I was so bad to be married to, then he should have just divorced me. They’re cowards because they’d rather put up an image than be exposed for who they really are.

      • “They’re cowards because they’d rather put up an image than be exposed for who they really are.”
        Yes. They are cowards, too, because they want to test the new relationship before breaking off the old, just in case the new one doesn’t work out.

        At least that was the case with my x. He needed to monkey branch to someone else; being alone for any length of time is untenable for him. It took him almost 3 years to be sure that the AP was a guaranteed place to land.

        Of course, this person who absolutely cannot be alone, saw no problem at all in creating a situation where I was left completely alone.

        I still can’t wrap my head around such a gross lack of empathy and self-awareness, except to say that he simply didn’t think of me at all because he was so wrapped up in his own quest for happiness. Oh, and he’s a narcissist.

        When I pointed out that he’d left ME alone, he argued that I had everyone and that he only had schmoopie. #cuetheviolins. He couldn’t seem to wrap his head around my pain. In his mind, it was a math problem. FW+1 (AP) – (spouse+kids+family+friends) is less than Spinach-FW. Eh, maybe the math does check out.

  • These two losers are clearly on the glide path to well-deserved romantic disappointment and professional anonymity. I see in their future a few months co-hosting “WAKE UP, BAKERSFIELD!”, a predictable breakup, arias of self pity, bad plastic surgery, and not much else.

  • I’d love to hear everyone’s snarkiest proposals for the dialog between those two FW’s as they skipped off into oblivion

    • “I’d love to hear everyone’s snarkiest proposals for the dialog between those two FW’s as they skipped off into oblivion.”

      Robach; “It’s no big deal. Let’s renovate your condo and get our own show on HGTV like those other cute couples. You can do the construction and I’ll do the design. I’m gifted that way, you know.”

      Holmes; “Woo hoo! Bring on demo day!”

      Two months later;

      Robach; “Okay, so HGTV didn’t bite. The hell with them. We can just solve cold cases and get a show on Investigation Discovery.”

      Holmes; “Woo hoo! Let’s find Jimmy Hoffa!”

      Two months later;

      Robach; “TJ, it’s time to add content to our YouTube channel. Today we’ll be talking about manifesting our heart’s desire.”

      Holmes briefly looks up from his phone while he’s texting a chick and grimaces.

  • I’m with you Chump Lady on the Kudos to ABC for doing the right thing. I am a bit perplexed as to why a division of Disney wouldn’t have had sufficient workplace smoopieism consequences written in to every contract. I mean call me old fashioned or clueless but isn’t the imagine of the whole organization at stake here? Considering how Mrs Holmes reacted and the veiled statement of condemnation from one of Amy’s sons has peered into the hurt felt by the innocent by standers of the clusterfuck you’d think that the “Imagineers” at Disney would have contemplated a similar scenario. One of the things that plagues me is how this Roebach allegedly helped her scallywag cover up previous affairs yet knowing he was a belly crawling low life she jumped for her turn on the giggle stick

    • I’m cracking up. “Giggle stick”? ROTFL

      I think we know what route Robach took to climb the ladder. I worked in media and it’s sadly common. The system makes life miserable for the rest of us but there are always these types who ride it until their teeth fall out. Her aiding and abetting harassment of other women, banging the harasser and reports of drinking on the job sound like classic leathery-cheerleader-from-hell booty-climber behavior in my experience.

      • …aiding and abetting [the] harassment of other women, [while at the same time] banging the harasser…..

        O. M. G. – – this is what I had witnessed and experienced in my career – – – thank heavens that I retired 6 years ago

  • As long as they’re haaaaapy, the damage done doesn’t matter. Kids? Place them in therapy, they’ll get over it. Ex’s? Take the money and shut up please. Why are you so judgmental? You know, if you were a better person, I wouldn’t have done this. I’m just living my best life.

    They have no self awareness.

    • I could have written your words. My ex FW said the same thing about the kids—therapy and shouldn’t they want HIM to be happy? He just wanted to live his best life with his much younger, paid companions. After all, he’d worked hard (while I raised the kids, kept the house, shined his halo as husband/father) and he deserved to spoil his drug addicted princess of misfortune–poor thing, she was kidnapped by a drug cartel (keep rolling your eyes) and needed $4k dropped off in a park to secure her release. But if I was a better person, I’d understand. #bestlife.

    • I agree with this too. I know other chumps have heard it but one of his most used lines to everyone in regard to his exit was “I deserve to be happy”. Of course, he could not do it the honest way and instead had to lie, cheat and steal his way out. Luckily, I was able to recover the majority of his dissipation. But to them it is all about DESERVING to be happy.

  • All the sex-pozzy defenses of the affair in comment forums create an illusion that the majority of people are FW sympathizers but I think it’s just an example of how energizing shared guilt is. According to Gallup polls, FW apologists are a tiny minority but apparently just louder and more driven to brigade and make public displays. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, ABC was reportedly under heavy public and industry pressure to can Robach and Holmes.

    • He’ll of a Chump… I’ve read several of the comments about this in the news feeds and your absolutely correct. I have gotten into spirited conversations with some and have concluded that many of those in support of the scheming scoundrels are about 14 or 15 years old either chronologically or mentally…its the way of the troll

    • “According to Gallup polls, FW apologists are a tiny minority but apparently just louder and more driven to brigade and make public displays.”

      True. Empty barrels make the most noise.

  • Amy Robach will regret throwing her career away. Not right now, but in 6-12 months. He can’t keep it in his pants and has apparently never been faithful to any woman. Amy’s not special, it’s only a matter of time. TJ Holmes is a slimy creep. I hope his ex takes him to the cleaners for child support.

  • ‘You have to admire the fumes of whatever magical reality they’re living on.’🤣. Amy is very rich. TJ is very finished. He will stay a while with his sugar mama. Amy is scratch your head clueless.
    -friends with cheating partner’s spouse (but she still uber flaunts affair)
    -with a certified dog, but she flaunts winning the super cheater
    -Straddles for pictures to show just how thrilled she is to be fired (very classy and trying too hard much?!).
    She did everything in her power to present herself as: trashy; a horrible friend, a rotten stepmother; an unfortunate mother; a narcissistic employee, an abusive wife (cheating with TJ while parading her husband and their co-written ’Better Together” book on her show….sitting there while TJ refers to Andrew as a dear friend);
    endless cringe worthy PDA; stupid to throw her life’s work away for a romantic buzz …..with a player no less.
    TJ is a whole other story……
    They really do deserve each other.

  • I hate the ‘everyone deserves to be happy’ argument.
    Since when do we all deserve happiness on the backs of others?
    I also hate the ‘companies should stay out of the bedrooms of their employees’ argument. I despise arguments that sound fine on service level, but really misrepresent the situation.

    • People do not know the difference between joy, happiness, and contentment. And they look to others for it, and when they do not get it from them, they leave because that issue lies with them, but they have no self awareness or don’t want to figure it out.

    • How can a company stay out of the bedrooms of its employees, when those employees drag their bedrooms into the workplace?

  • Look at those two, acting the goat. It will be interesting to see what happens once the spotlight is off them, they’re starved of the heady attention and narrative of ‘us against the wooooorld’. Haha, just kidding, we already know where it’s headed.

  • These pics are proof that Cheaters are delusional, entitled, narcissists just looking for new, shiny, fanning.
    They’re acting like a couple of idiots because they are idiots.
    The sad part is idiots tend to hurt innocent victims, in order to get their idiot fixes.
    Truly disgusting.
    Glad they got shit canned. It is what they both deserve.

    • Yea, this.

      Where the fuck are any of their kids…I have seen zero pics of them tending kids. Ohhhh…I remember, the chumps are doing the parenting.

      These 2 drip narcissism out of every pore

  • I think part of the reason that onlookers continue to espouse apathy regarding why anyone cares or incredulity at why they should be fired for something consensual and “nobody’s business” is the same psychology of an AP. Namely, people want to believe that their spouses must have done something terribly wrong to cause them to screw someone else, and that everyone deserves to be haaaappy, because doing so allows them to put their own heads in the sand regarding the fact that this could happen in THEIR relationship. Everyone thinks they are special and that nobody could do this to them because they are a good partner. Being cheater-apologist or even outright chump blame-y furthers this framing, just like AP’s like Amy think they have the magical something that stops serial cheaters from cheating. For outsiders to think otherwise is to admit their own unpleasant vulnerability.

  • You know someone’s a schmoopie when they are metaphorically standing in a tunnel on some train tracks and they seem oblivious to the train coming right at them.

  • Amy Robach’s got history. She was in a relationship when she got with Billy from Melrose Place (still can’t be bothered to remember his real name – he’ll always be Billy to me.)

    • It’s Andrew Shue, her partner before this latest episode. So he shouldn’t be too surprised, and perhaps that’s why he’s staying relatively quiet about it, because their relationship didn’t start under the most auspicious circumstances either, and he’s not going to bring attention to that by pointing the finger.

  • Regardless of the company’s motives, the fact that a couple of cheaters received a consequence for their deplorable actions made my day!

  • Can someone please tell me what to do. My husband just told me he wants a divorce. Fine. Great. But I am a SAHM with no family in this state. I need to take my kids and get to support, but I don’t even know how to begin. Any words of wisdom? I am terrified. He is not a good person and I am afraid of him, but that’s not enough to get any protection from the courts because there is no physical abuse. Fraud, forgery, lying, deceit, cheating, and narcissism out the ass, but he’s never hit me.

    • Hi Sable, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. A better platform for getting answers to these questions, as well as getting ongoing support, is the “Chump Nation (Infidelity Support)”Facebook group. Another good one is the “Covert Narcissism Group” Facebook group. Hugs to you!

    • Hi Sable, sorry you are going through this very tough time. Go to the front page of this website, below this post, and look at the posts there for a kind of starter kit of what to do when you first discover you’ve been chumped. If you click on archives and put in search words in the grey bar, posts will come up too. Your local citizens advice bureau may also be able to offer advise on the support and resources available in your state/area.

    • Sable, get a lawyer. The FW is likely hiding money, so a forensic accountant will be neccessary as well.
      You say he has commited crimes. There is your leverage to get him to comply with support orders and pay your legal expenses. If he knows you will report him if he doesn’t cooperate, he’s more likely to behave reasonably. However, you absolutely must get to safety before negotiating. If he’s a criminal and you are afraid of him, a spousal abuse shelter will take you and the kids in. Shelters recognize that emotional abusers can be just as dangerous as batterers. Leave while he’s out, and make sure you empty the bank account on your way there. What’s he going to do about it? You can report him for fraud and forgery. You’re holding all the cards, provided you have evidence. Put an untraceable spy app on his phone if you have no other way of proving it.

    • Please call your relatives no matter where they are. They will find a way to help you as best they can.

      If you can find evidence of a felony or ties to career criminals, you may be able to get your soon-to-be-ex put in jail. A lawyer can advise you. Good luck to you

  • Workplace affairs create a toxic work environment. You should certainly he able to fire people for doing that. My FW told me that people at work used to give him the stink eye when he was with his whore, but she convinced him he was imagining things and that nobody knew they were more than friends.
    It’s satisfying to know that gaslighters can be gaslit by other, more experienced gaslighters. Sheesh. How dumb can you get.
    Of course people knew. They did almost nothing to conceal it. It was so brazen and juvenile that they were leaving notes under each other’s keyboards in full view of others. That wasn’t fair to their colleagues. I’d certainly resent it if I had to put up with a couple of cheaters flaunting their slutty antics at work.
    I bet plenty of people at ABC resent those two in-your-face cheaterpants clowns as well.

    • OHFFS , agreed, but I would think it can be hard to fire people just for an affair, especially if the workplace is not in an at will employment state. I’m not a lawyer, but, even in an at will employment state, where in theory an employer can fire you at any time, for any reason, HR departments will usually insist on documentation to justify the termination. They’re concerned about lawsuits.

      That said, if employees are violating company policies, for example, falsifying timecards or expense reports, or not meeting performance standards because they’re distracted by the relationship, or constantly late, or taking long lunches, or whatever, then the company has justification for the termination. And if there’s a supervisory relationship, and there’s a policy against managers or supervisors dating direct reports, then there’s a justification right there. Or, if there’s a policy about coworkers dating. I doubt most companies bother with policies like that though because it would be hard to enforce.

      Many years ago, I worked under a director who was having an affair with another director at the company – both parties married. (I actually didn’t find this out until after I left the job.) Coworkers of mine had heard them arguing in our director’s office. The door was shut, but the office wasn’t soundproof. Our director was given responsibility for month end close at a division of our company in Canada, so she traveled up there each month, supposedly to oversee the month end close. The first time she did it, it didn’t seem odd, but then she kept doing it, and I wondered why. (I’m sure there are lots of competent accountants in Canada.) It turned out that she was traveling up there to meet the other director, who was Canadian. They were staying with friends of his. Anyway. the director over my former department was eventually fired. I don’t know what the exact reason was, but possibly for lying about her travel.

    • Gosh, that sounds like my ex and his schmoopie. Everyone at work knew, but nobody said anything. Their cubicles were covered with cutesy little notes to each other. They thought they were hiding it so well, but… FW even spun it to me that coworkers in their building were starting “false rumors” about them and he was so upset and had to speak to our boss about it. Except the rumors were completely founded.

      Later, Schmoopie tried to get ME fired because she claimed I was harassing her, but fortunately my supervisors didn’t buy that BS. They gave HER a lecture when they called us both into a meeting, and I’ve never seen someone leave a room as quickly as she did when it was over. I stayed and chatted to everyone, and it was pretty clear they all knew exactly what was going on. The hiring manager told me that some day I’d laugh about it all, and she was right.

      Eventually FW and OW both left the job because they said *I* was making things uncomfortable for them (I stayed and am still there, and I got a promotion and a huge raise). But I wasn’t doing anything but sitting in my cubicle working. I think everyone else (who knew he was married to me) was what was making them uncomfortable. They both went to work together at a new place, but he went first and was instrumental in her getting hired, and I strongly suspect they lied about their relationship til after she was employed, because he was technically her supervisor there. When schmoopie left him she walked out without notice on that job he’d gotten her, refusing to answer their calls when she didn’t show up. I’m sure that made him feel humiliated, as he must have sung her praises to them. Apparently she hadn’t qualified for the position she applied for originally, but they “created a position” for her. LOL. I think she answered phones, and probably took a pay cut. She was shitty at her job when she worked at the same place I did. I work near the boss’ office and would hear her getting reamed out about her mistakes frequently. After they left, a number of coworkers finally felt okay to tell me they heartily disapproved and were sorry for me, and were supportive, including my boss (who even helped me move).

  • This is crazy to me. I don’t share any business at work at all with anyone let alone have some sort of affair- imagine on national television too. Classy

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