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Shakira’s Epic Takedown of Her Ex

I know we say around here, “If it feels good, don’t do it.” But, if you’re Shakira and you have a global platform to sing about your shitheel cheating ex, why not? “Bizzrap Session #53,” is now the number one trending song worldwide with 123 million views on youtube. I think that must feel very good indeed.

Here are the lyrics of Shakira’s blistering — yet danceable — takedown of Gerard Pique and his Schmoopie Clara Chia Marti.

Sorry, I got another plane
I’m not coming back here
I don’t want another disappointment
You go around saying you’re a champion
And when I needed you
You gave your worst version

Sorry baby I should have thrown you out a while ago
A she-wolf like me is not for rookies
A she-wolf like me is not for guys like you
For guys like you
I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you

This is for you to mortify yourself
Chew and swallow, swallow and chew
I’m not getting back with you, don’t cry for me, nor beg me
I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you
I only make music, sorry that it splashed you

You left me my mother in law as my neighbor
Media outlets at my door and in debt with the government
You thought you hurt me, but you made me stronger
Women don’t cry anymore, they cash in.

She has the name of a good person.
It’s clearly not what it sounds like
She has the name of a good person
She’s clearly the same as you
For guys like you
I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you

From love to hate there’s a step
Don’t come back here, pay attention to me
Zero grudge baby,
I wish you good luck with my supposed replacement
I don’t even know what happened to you
You’re so weird I can’t even recognize you
I’m worth two of 22 [year old]

You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo
You traded a Rolex for a Casio
You’re going fast, slow down
Lots of time at the gym, but your brain needs a little work too

Photos where they see me
I feel like a hostage
But all good with me
I’ll leave tomorrow and if you want to bring her over, she can come too

She has the name of a good person
It’s clearly not what it sounds like
She has the name of a good person
She’s clearly the same as you
For guys like you
I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you

What’s your favorite line? Women don’t cry anymore, they cash in? Lots of time at the gym, but your brain needs a little work too? Or comparing Schmoopie to a Casio watch?

Casio, not to miss a grand marketing, or perhaps trolling, moment, is now sponsoring Pique’s football team. And this, CN, is my favorite part. The man got burned. And then (I blame football-related head injuries) he was too stupid to know it. reports:

Gerard Pique was expected to have a response to this and he didn’t disappoint. He said: “Casio has sent us wrist watches. We reached a sponsorship agreement with Casio, the King’s League struck a deal with Casio”, said Pique while the streamers couldn’t stop laughing.

But it gets better. His teammates recoil at the “gift.”

Nobody during the stream was expecting this from Gerard Pique, especially not so soon after Shakira’s song was released. But Pique quickly made a last-minute announcement while he showed off a gray Casio watch. He added: “This watch will last a lifetime.” Fellow streamer Ibai Llanos attempted to play it cool and bewildered by Pique’s obvious dig at Shakira. “You must be joking”, said Ibai while the former defender gave everybody a watch.

Perhaps the funniest part of this clip is when somebody asks King’s League team owner Sergio Aguero why Pique made this announcement. He was quick to respond without missing a beat: “It was because of Shakira’s song, I think that’s why Casio is sponsoring us. Pique got anihilated by that song.”

Meanwhile, in Lose the Loser, Gain a Life news… Shakira took to Instagram and said:

“I never thought I would get straight to number one in the world at 45 years old and in Spanish.”

“I want to embrace the millions of women who stand up to those who make us feel insignificant. Women who stand up for what they feel and think, and raise their hand when they disagree, while others raise eyebrows,” she continued.

“They are my inspiration. And this achievement is not mine but everyone else’s. We gotta get up 70 times 7. Not as society tells us, but in the way we know best, which serves us to get ahead for our children, our parents and for those who need us and hope in us.”

Rock on Shakira, with your bad she-wolf self.

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  • When Shakira says “She has the name of a good person. It’s clearly not what it sounds like. She has the name of a good person. She’s clearly the same as you.”, that is also a dig! “Clearly” in Spanish translates to “Claramente”, and Piqué’s new girlfriend is called Clara.

  • Your post made my whole day!!! True that I can’t do it if it feels good but I’m delighted that someone else could…and made a huge profit at the same time.

    Favorite line?
    “I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you”. 😂 ❤️

    12 years post-DDay and who knows how many years before I found out, still cannot figure out why she stays. I guess this is why. They’re 2 of a kind!

    • And then I read THIS:
      “her children’s grandparents, who have already welcomed Clara Chia into their home as if she were their daughter-in-law”.

      Now I know they all suck!

  • Just like one of these IDIOTS to think the sponsorship is about THEM. (Well it is, but not in the way he thinks!!) Does he really think Casio is better than Rolex?? Wow

  • Between Shakira & Miley, I’m loving the music comebacks this week! Shakira didn’t just stand up for herself, she also stood up for her & Pique’s children (whom he clearly showed little concern for). How can you father kids properly if your attention is elsewhere?! It wasn’t Shakira’s awesomeness in question (although there are those trying to blame Shakira for Pique cheating, projection much??), it was Pique’s entitlement that had him bopping a not far-from a teeny bopper. Chia seed or Chia pet or whatever her clearly not-nice name deserved the blow-back too. Shakira is right, she’s top drawer & they’re not.

    • Funny how Shakira “like married” and 33 and Pique 23 when they started, and now Pique is married and 35 and Chia pet is 22. Sooo…

      • Bad publicity gets you seen probably more than good. Yeah, they’ll sell watches. But, no matter.
        Shakira makes it awesomely clear that she ain’t got no TIME for cheaters! 💪🏼🎵⌚️

    • I think it’s all very misogynistic, in your face to Shakira. The narrative that cheating is abuse isn’t out there. They’re trying to make her look like a sad and sorry woman who can’t get over a break up. She is clearly hurt and outraged (justifiably) and they are acting like she’s a petulant child by striking up that deal. Abuse isn’t funny.

      • But don’t forget to note how Pique’s football peers are distancing themselves from him and his cracks and openly throwing him under the bus. Some might be cringing over Pique’s antics because they have families but obviously most don’t want to align themselves with losing side of some historic, viral phenomenon.

  • CN I’m confused about the mother in law lines meaning? I laughed how he missed the point, thought it was all about his greatness, with the Casio watches. When we stand up together, we win.

    • I think I get that line because I lived it. FWs are shameless and demonstrate no empathy, no awareness outside of themselves. What woman wants to live next to her MIL while living through this hell?

      After I left my job and apartment to be with my ex, the cowardly FW I’d been making a life with for over a decade abandoned me to be (secretly) with his 22-year-old intern OW, putting me in a position to take care of his hospitalized mother and her house and animals alone; he was hiding behind a smokescreen of getting sober and the sadz (and meanz), so I stepped up and did what I felt I needed to in a time of need for my life partner and his family. Won the clueless pick-me that time! Five years later, when FW was away for another job and taking “time and space” (and secretly reunited with OW I still didn’t know about), he left me to deal with moving nosy, lazy, selfish and demanding (and also very physically limited) MIL into “our” home, while I moved out because the relationship had become unacceptable beyond even my extreme spackling. I carried all his burdens on my shoulders and lived in a state of anxiety and uncertainty, and he felt comfortable putting me in that position. It was brutal and heartbreaking enough without knowing I was also being cheated on! At the onset of the pandemic, in desperate and fear-fueled attempt to reconcile after dday, I made the huge mistake of moving back into that tangled, fucked up skein, and MIL continued to be a thorn in my side. Good riddens; for all the losses I still feel, her presence in my life is not one.

    • I don’t think he missed point. I think he just doesn’t care and saw an opportunity to make money. He was just laughing at her.
      I love the mother-in-law line. So many mother in-laws support their cheating narcissistic sons. She’s just another witch of a mother-in-law. Shakira also put a witch out facing her mother-in-law‘s house on her balcony.

    • There is a great update/explanation on Daily Mail. The MIL lives behind her and apparently Shakira placed a witch on her balcony while blasting her new song. She’s my hero.

      “She also used another play-on-words in Spanish with the word ‘salpique’ in a clear reference to her ex, singing: ‘I only make music, sorry that I splash you’ which in Spanish is ‘Yo solo hago música perdón que te salpique.’”

  • Thank you, Shakira! This is perfect. If this song had come along a couple years ago, before I had mastered the art of No Contact or internalized the wisdom of “it it feels good, don’t do it,” i couldn’t have stopped myself from passing this along to fuckwit. (Now, “Meh…”) But I really could’ve used a powerful and validating anthem that tells it like it is for once, and a dose of Shakira’s “women don’t cry, they cash in” attitude would’ve been good medicine. Way to flip the script!

    • bread&roses, I’m still thinking of putting this out there on social media with a comment of support for Shakira. Let people connect it to my situation if they want to. To your point, I think it would help people who need to hear it, and anyone who’s upset by me posting it would just be revealing that they’re on FW’s side.

  • Maybe public opinion is changing? I read GMA3 made a personnel change, and if his football mates don’t understand his choice of a cheap watch, maybe there is hope? I’ve always wondered what kind of delusion goes on in an old man’s head when he hits on a 22 year old. He may think it makes him look like a stud, but I think it makes him look pathetic. When I was young and an old man hit on me, I always told him to go take his meds and a nap.

    One of my friends had a classic response to “Baby, where have you been all my life?” She said, ” Well, for at least half of your life I wasn’t even born yet!”

    It may sound like I am disrespectful of old age. I am not, I am a senior. I may admire the beauty of youth — I really enjoyed seeing the statue of David, for instance. But I did not lust for David. IMHO, that would be inappropriate. In real life, Beauty fades and Youth grows up. I can appreciate a nice-looking person, of either gender, no matter the age. It does not mean I want to have a relationship with them. There are social boundaries which should be respected.

    Singing about this Schmoopie and her philandering ex may make her feel good, but I think it gives them too many kibbles. She certainly is entitled to do whatever she wants to do, but I believe the sooner she pays them no attention at all, the happier she will be. Just my opinion.

    • I hear your point, Portia, but I think she took one for the collective chump team here. Shakira isn’t your average chump; she’s a global superstar using her impressive voice and power to shift the oft-marginalized and maligned chump narrative. I love that, if fleetingly, a chump anthem of mightiness is being celebrated around the world. I’ll take FU, pathetic FW & OW, over “It wasn’t me” any day. Added bonus, she really did hit this FW where it counts: his ego and image. And how often do chumps get to experience justice and enact legit consequences upon FWs? I didn’t, but I can enjoy her victory vicariously. I suspect Shakira is well in her way to Meh.

      100% with you in this, however: “He may think it makes him look like a stud, but I think it makes him look pathetic.”

      When I discovered that my ex was this kind of guy, I was shocked, disgusted and disappointed. He certainly was not perfect, nor was our relationship, but seeing FW’s pathetic communications with not one but two manipulative, flirty, very young women was powerful enough to instantly destroy the image of him I had constructed over 15 years. I’d tried to believe different explanations, but the hard evidence forced me to accept he was a stranger, and not a person I could love, trust or respect. That really was the nail in the coffin, that no amount of lovebombing or desire to avoid future losses and pain could spackle over. It was about integrity and authenticity, not forgiveness, which I honestly think I was capable of despite all he’d done.

      • bread&roses, my experience was so similar to yours in terms of the moment I realized I never knew any authentic bit of my husband and I would never respect him again.
        The week my STBX was forced to move out of our home by his attorney, I found online posts where he was hitting on an 18 year old girl and internet search history for abusive sexual activities with barely legal girls. Up until then everything I had found involved him and women who were close to our age group (40s).
        It was absolutely disgusted as we have a 16 year old son who has a 17 year old girlfriend and here he was looking at & pursuing girls only a year older than that. Again and again he had been telling me he couldn’t believe I was kicking him out (despite his attorney being deeply involved in that), he hadn’t cheated in over a year , and he only ever wanted to be married to me. The thought of kissing a man who wants to sexually pursue an 18-year-old when he is in his mid-40s with high school aged kids makes me want to vomit. I will never be attracted to him again!

        • We were in our mid 40s when he told me I couldn’t compete with 20 yr olds. After the fact of me finding condoms again, extreme blame projection, and a prostitution confession.
          Our daughter was around 17. It made me physically sick. I never allowed her friends over after that if he was around.I’m sure he’s still paying those young sex workers cause he can.

      • Celeb’s have something the average chump doesn’t — a platform. In this case, I respect her right to use her platform for something as personal as this situation. She did make a hit to his ego, even if he appears oblivious. She did speak up for the chumps of the world, and point out his faulty thinking. I love music, and appreciate it is healing. She created a torch song for those who love too much, and realize what they want is reciprocity.

        I was raised by and married to Narcissists. It took me forever to understand why. I was looking for a hero, and there is a difference between being confident and being self-centered. That discernment, and training myself to contain my empathic nature when I was actually enabling the narc took a great deal of work. I thought I was working toward a joint vision with someone who could do things I could not do. I was ok with being a supporter. I could organize and clean-up, and keep the home fires burning. Everything I did for the narc had a greater cause in my mind. I finally figured out I could never please my dad, no matter what I did. I could never do enough for my spouse, no matter what. Narc’s never appreciate, and they believe they are entitled to all the praise just for showing up. They never thank the “support staff.”

        For the entitled, even bad attention is better than no attention. They think they are everything that is important. I had to learn not to believe in that self-importance. I had to accept we did not share a vision, I was not even in the same vision or important enough for acknowledgement to the Narc’s I was working so hard to please. I learned that folks like me give away those kibbles of attention that the Narc’s do crave. I learned my attention was valuable, and came at the cost of reciprocity. When I finally figured that out, I was free from the spell of my own belief system. My paradigm shifted. I have value and deserve respect, and the Narcs in my life were empty, hollow shells. I stopped giving them kibbles, and they finally went away.

        I appreciate that Shakira is already a powerful force, and she needs to use her power to accomplish her goals. No criticism for her. I just hope she moves on and doesn’t give this jerk any more kibbles. He obviously doesn’t deserve them.

  • He’s just a Casio and he’s so stupid or such a gold-digger that he’s willing to be even more humiliated for a buck. Casio is now what all the skumbags are wearing….they were willing to tarnish their brand for a short term visibility, but long term it’s going to cost them. What woman is ever going to buy a Casio as a gift?!

    • Yeah, I was fine with Casio — nostalgic and retro, minimalist, fun and affordable — until now! Scumbags is right. Hope their new campaign backfires.

      • Ha! Krystal should throw a Casio in with the Side Chik combo. Another questionable choice of spokesperson and branding. Claramente, I’m missing something.

    • Yea Casio really sucks. They went team Cheater in a big public way and tried to mock Shakira. They are saying they support cheating, no integrity and breaking up families. Good luck with that!

  • what i love? 123 million hits. she needs the $$.

    an extension of this story is how shakira ran the song on repeat on the outside speakers at her house, the one that is across the street from her MIL. and she hung up a witch that faced in the direction of her MIL’s house.

    i kinda love those details.

    i know, i know. it’s best not to respond.

    • “an extension of this story is how shakira ran the song on repeat on the outside speakers at her house, the one that is across the street from her MIL. and she hung up a witch that faced in the direction of her MIL’s house.”

      LMAO! Hey, if you’re gonna respond, that’s the way to do it.

    • The advice not to do what feels good is solid legal counsel for most people who can’t get away with it unscathed. She could. For all the classic warnings about revenge being self destructive, there are studies showing that a little bit of it improves people’s outlooks.

  • “She has the name of a good person
    It’s clearly not what it sounds like
    She has the name of a good person
    She’s clearly the same as you
    For guys like you
    I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you”

    I really like this part of the song, my ex tried to tell me her dude is a good and known member of the community.

    • Josh: what else would she say? He’s a liar & sneaky as fuck? Nope. She’s gonna try & make you feel bad while glorifying her partner-in-crime. My then spouse tried to pull the same b.s. on me. I bought into it for a minute (maybe two) then I realized she IS his level. They act like really immature 12 year olds that my grown kids can’t stand to be around them.They deserve each other way more than I deserve to be with someone like him. A chump here wrote this recently “water always finds its own level” & I love that!

      • Oh yeah, I’m at meh with her. I can separate what she says in our conversations from reality, I don’t even engage. These conversations are about our children, but she has to sprinkle stuff in like that. The other comment was I’m learning and putting the work into this relationship, I’ve learned a lot.

        I just have to laugh.

    • Same. But the shmoopie had been fired from its previous job on moral charges, so I knew the truth. The FW and her shmoop are garbage people.

    • I love that she dragged the cheating partner into it. They are not innocent. They have a hand in bulldozing a family and they profit from it. This Clara tart posted a yawn emoji on her Instagram about the song. The opportunistic whore thinks she’s just so above all this drama. She helped cause it.

    • While sleuthing financials, I found FW’s online diary entry where he sulked that I’d told him all he’d ever find as a married guy were “shit women.” That’s what he was upset about– that I’d dimmed his cheating prospects. I didn’t put it quite like that and he obviously personalized it. I said his cheating relied on the fact I’d never do to him what he did to me if only because I’d never get involved with the kind of trash men who’d even consider dating a married woman and I wouldn’t let anyone like that within a thousand miles of my children.

    • “I really like this part of the song, my ex tried to tell me her dude is a good and known member of the community.”

      Ugh. I got a version of that too. “You’d like her! She wants to be your friend”. He also suggested only half-jokingly that we should remodel and add on to our house. That we could all live here and eat dinner together. It sounds very sister-wives/poly but I can assure you that was not his intention. (Not that I would have been keen on that either, but at least that situation exists in reality for some people ) This was when he was frantically trying to figure out how he could leave his wife for his schmoopie, without having to upend his kid’s life and have anyone know what a cowardly POS he is. I don’t think he really thought I would go along with that, more like a panic response to realizing the consequences of blowing up your marriage, which is that you essentially blow up your entire life and the people made to suffer because of it tend to have strong feelings about it. The amount of times he has looked at me since and said things like “rent is so expensive, how are we going to afford two households?” Gee, Dude, I am not sure, but these seem like things you could have considered before having an affair for 4 years. Also, he’s makes more than me and presumably will move in with schmoopie so why he wants me to play the violin for his financial woes is beyond me.

      • The ex does the same thing, complaining about her house, and will tell me I could get a fixer upper. Like, you wanted this, be prepared to pay market value on you house, which almost doubled your payment. They’re so obtuse.

  • The narrative is definitely changing. The world is laughing at Piqué, and we all know how FWs hate being laughed at.

    • Yep. And in a smaller world, that is kind of what happened to my ex fw. He started schtupping his direct report, actually he was schtupping her before she became his direct report, he used his influence to get her hired on. Of course no one knew this until several years later when a ticked off employee filed an ethics complain against him.

      Had they filed years earlier it would have been so much better for me. Likely they didn’t know for a while.

  • 21] Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? [22] Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.
    And then we go♥️ she’s such a gem

      • I dont know where she is with it, but she owed millions in back taxes in Spain not too long ago. I hope she can pay her taxes and set her sons up in a nice home

        • I just googled her net worth and she has $300,000,000…so she can pay her taxes and afford lunch money for the boys, so that is good.

  • Did you see Shakira’s video that came out before this one, Monotonia? As a chump and career-long, devoted Shakira fan, I found it brutal to watch. It is one of the most raw visual portrayals of the heartache from betrayal I’ve ever seen. Breaks my heart all over again that Shakira’s going through it, too. In some ways it feels like a gift.

    • Thanks for sharing. Lyrics sound like she was crushed. Now she’s angry and mighty.

      Main Results
      Oh oh oh
      Oh oh oh


      you will live forever
      Tú vivirás por siempre

      Oh oh oh
      Oh oh oh

      Baby, yeh
      Baby, yeh
      My life is now based on monotony
      Mi vida ahora se basa en la monotonía

      My mind reproduces days where I had you
      Mi mente reproduce días donde te tenía

      And although I asked you not to let go of my hand
      Y aunque te pedía no soltarme de la mano

      Your fingers were smooth as piano keys
      Tus dedos eran suave como las teclas de un piano

      I’m still not used to it and that time has passed
      Todavía no me acostumbro y eso que ha pasado el tiempo

      But there’s no way I’m getting over it
      Pero no hay manera de que lo supere

      My mind is already aware and even suggests
      Mi mente ya está consciente y hasta le sugiere

      To my heart that I erase you but he doesn’t want to
      A mi corazón que te borre pero es que él no quiere
      He begs me and says that he is dying
      Me suplica y dice que se muere

      Give time to time and not speed it up
      Que le dé tiempo al tiempo y que no lo acelere

      But it is that he refuses to start from scratch
      Pero es que se rehúsa a comenzar de cero

      It doesn’t matter to me to wait for you seven February
      Me da lo mismo esperarte siete febreros

      Notebook and pen, I dedicate another day to you
      Libreta y lapicero, te dedico otro día

      I look at the photo on the wall of how you smiled
      Miro la foto en el muro de cómo sonreías

      Maybe it’s an oversight, if it’s something wrong
      Tal vez sea un descuido, si es algo indebido

      The penalty has been my favorite uniform
      La pena viene siendo mi uniforme preferido
      I miss seeing you at Christmas, wearing my coat
      Me hace falta verte en Navidad, usar mi abrigo

      God asks me to be patient, one day I will go with you
      Dios me pide ser paciente, un día iré contigo

      Where smiles are the letters of entry
      Donde las sonrisas son las cartas de entrada

      Where you can fly free and your wings are not clipped
      Donde tú puedes volar libre y no cortan tus alas

      More or less like a fairy tale
      Más o menos parecido a un cuento de hadas

      But this one is better because life doesn’t end
      Pero este es mejor porque la vida no se acaba

      Who have I deceived by pretending to be happy?
      ¿A quién yo he engañado aparentando ser feliz?

      If my happiness is only with you
      Si mi felicidad solo está junto a ti
      You are in a place where flowers are brought to you
      Estás en un lugar donde te llevan flores

      Where sorrows and fears are no longer felt
      Donde ya no se sienten penas y temores

      Where one smiles if they say I love you
      Donde uno se sonríe si dicen te quiero

      My consolation is knowing that you went to heaven
      Mi consuelo es saber que te fuiste al cielo

      Maybe your body is surrounded by more people
      Tal vez tu cuerpo está rodeado de más gente

      You are in a place where you no longer feel
      Estás en un lugar donde ya no se siente

      After a while, no one notices you
      Después de un tiempo, nadie te tiene presente

      I swear that if it’s for me, you will live forever
      Te juro que si es por mí, tú vivirás por siempre
      oh oh oh yeah
      Oh oh oh, yeh

      you will live forever
      Tú vivirás por siempre

      Oh oh oh, baby, yeh
      Oh oh oh, baby, yeh

      This is a story based on real life
      Esto es una historia basada en la vida real

      When you lose the love of your life
      Cuando tú pierdes el amor de tu vida

      that you can’t get it back
      Que no lo puedes recuperar

      Let her, yeh eh, be happy
      Déjala, yeh eh, ser feliz

      (You will live forever)
      (Tú vivirás por siempre)

      Oh oh oh oh
      Oh oh, oh oh

      oh oh baby, yeh
      Oh oh baby, yeh

      • Thanks for posting and translating the lyrics. Apparently there’s also a first song, this is the second, and Tracy linked to the third. Some comments for the second song were terrific, like this one:
        “@ivonebezerra197 Shakira has always sung about her loves and heartbreaks. I don’t understand why there are people treating her as ardent when, on the contrary, she is brave for accepting the reality of her separation and saying it out loud. She is a great woman who does not have to keep quiet about what she feels to please others and even less to protect Pique who was the one who threw her under the bus. And because of her children, he was the one who made everything public without showing her the slightest respect for being the mother of her children. So we must stop so much hypocrisy and harass women to shut up to protect unfaithful, unprincipled and unscrupulous men.” In the second video, BTW, she’s grocery shopping when a man shoots a hole through her chest with a bazooka, and she literally carries her bloody heart in her hands as she sings.
        Looks like Shakira is changing the narrative on a global scale.

      • Based on lyrics, it sounds like it’s about grief over somebody’s death. Why would she say the FW went to heaven and is “in a place where flowers are brought to you.” That means a grave. Perhaps it was about the death of a beloved family member?

      • Actually, these are the lyrics to Shakira’s Monotonia. I saw the ones you posted, too, so not sure why there are two sets of lyrics out there, but below is the English translation of the song in the video I posted. Defintitley some chumping bargaining happening here, on her way to mightiness.

        It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine
        It was the monotony’s fault
        I never said anything, but it hurt me
        I knew this would happen

        You were doing your thing and I was doing the same
        Always looking for prominence
        You forgot what we were one day
        And the worst thing is that

        It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine.
        It was the monotony’s fault
        I never said anything, but it hurt me
        I knew this would happen

        Suddenly you were no longer the same
        You left me because of your narcissism
        You forgot what we were one day
        Hey hey hey

        You were distant with your attitude
        And that filled me with anxiety
        You didn’t even give half
        But I do know that I gave more than you
        I was running for someone
        That wasn’t even walking for me
        This love has not died
        But it’s delirious
        Now of what there was, there is no more
        I tell you honestly
        You are cold like Christmas
        It’s better that this is over now
        Don’t repeat the movie to me again, I already saw it
        Baby, I love you, but I love myself more
        It’s a necessary goodbye
        What was once incredible became a routine
        Your lips don’t taste like anything to me
        Now it’s all the opposite
        And the worst thing is that

        It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine
        It was the monotony’s fault
        I never said anything, but it hurt me
        I knew this would happen

        You doing your thing, and I was doing the same
        Always looking for prominence
        And you forgot what we were one day
        Hey hey hey
        Hi Music Hi Flow

        • Shakira found out later that he had been cheating with the younger (typical) coworker whore. Then she realized that all the negativity, gaslighting and distance she experienced in her marriage while she was trying to make it work, was because he was cheating and devaluing her while he’s screwing the 22 year old tarte. So she wrote the current song based on this new information.
          Cheaters leave us for someone else, but then they try to make it look like it’s because the relationship wasn’t great. But the relationship wasn’t great, because one of the members was a cheating fuckwit.

        • Many of us have lived this. It was monotonous and he was cold and distant because he was using us while he was investing in his cheating partner.

    • Her Monotonia song out before this one, that Elkay mentions, depicts one of the stages that chumps transition through.
      Lyrics like, “It was not your fault nor mine.” And “It was monotony’s fault.”
      Show us that she realizes she was hit dead center by a cannonball, but is unable to process the impact with full clarity, and is confused and taking some blame for it. ( still smoking the hopium pipe, RIC anyone?, maybe this is not over if we both take some blame for it?)
      The new song out now, shows her progress with awakening to the reality of what the POS cheater actually did to her, with her rage and fight back response. ( it wasn’t me, it was him all along!! The fog is clearing the fuck out stage .)
      Her ‘I’ll show you’ response, IMO, let’s him and Schmoop know that she’s more hurt by the break up than he was, and she hasn’t gotten over it.
      It’s the primary occupier of her brain power, tasty kibbles for cheaters to know.
      So, it’s kind of a win for him at this point, I think.
      I do appreciate the song, nonetheless, but kind of see it as fighting back a child with a childish response. ( “feels good, don’t do it”, how tough that is to actually do!!)
      Yeah, the hardest thing in life is to rise above these dregs of humanity, but no one does that without first showing their weak underbellies, I believe.
      At least we are human and loved with all we had. It’s not really a weakness, of course, just our injured strength on display.
      Well, in Shakira’s making beaucoup bucks and exposing her damaged underbelly to the world ( and what a belly it is!) maybe she is helping other chumps who are still curled up in balls on their bathroom floors rise up, get angry and fight back. That alone makes the song worth it I think. Anger needs to happen. Why not Shakira leading the troops out of hell?!
      But the reality is, as we are all working on, and some have got too already, making him completely obsolete in her beautiful and talented life is the golden watch out. That’s when the good can start pouring back in, and the toxic sludge drained off.
      She’s not there yet, she loved a worthless loser, that’s a long healing journey we can, sadly, all relate to more than we care to.

      • Considering her clout, I thought it was civically responsible to model pluck and gallows humor in response to abuse. Christina Aguilera did the same a few decades ago with the song Fighter. Aguilera admitted to RuPaul years later that the song was based on an ex who was secretly gay. But because the ex in that case didn’t parade his own cheating or try to get ahead of the narrative, the song was taken as just a song and an inspiring kickass anthem coaching would-be victims to stand up for themselves. It’s not Shakira’s fault that her ex’s public antics made it clear the song was specific.

  • Not just women…but chumps
    “I want to embrace the millions of ‘chumps’ who stand up to those who make us feel insignificant. ‘chumps’ who stand up for what they feel and think, and raise their hand when they disagree, while others raise eyebrows,”

    There’s a skanky hoe who’s done this to her husband on the other side.

  • She probably paid for nasty bitch mil’s house, too. I daresay his teammates think he’s a jerk and a fool to eat burgers in. Joint when he had prime rib at home. Creep cheaters. Eat shit, Clara cow.

  • Fraudster went to a dating site and fell for the picture of a person who claimed to be in her twenties. Within about two months, he had invited her to move in with him, and had found a place for them to live. He exulted to her that he couldn’t wait to walk around town with her on his arm and everyone asking what that old dude–he was mid-sixties– had to get such a hot babe like her. When I read that email, during the few weeks between DDay and booting him out, I told him nobody would be wondering, they’d know, “It’s the money, honey.” “Her” emails were incredibly disjointed and illogical. He later told me he thought she was mentally impaired, and that appealed to him, because she would look up to him and never question his choices or decisions.

    “She” turned out to be a catfisher, but it seems that her age and hugely inflated breasts and butt were what he was after. He proposed less that a year later–while he was dragging out our divorce– to another woman under 30.

  • Hi! I wrote to CL here a couple years ago, when my mom left my fuckwit father and was pretty much a wreck (as was I, for a good few years). I still read the blog every day. Fast forward to today and I’m dancing to the Shakira song with my awesome Latino husband, who is as happy as I am that a cheater got epically slayed. Chump Lady, you are the best! Thank you, always!

  • We are always advised to eat a second shit sandwich by not telling the truth about the cheater. Particularly when we have children, the onus is on us, in our darkest moments to put on a brave face and not disparage our children’s parent (see Toni Collette’s gratitude comment).
    People get abused, their lives get torn up, they are robbed of so much… and then they have to act like nothing happened. And the abuser gets away with it by making bullshit statements like the marriage was in trouble. Then there’s ridiculous conversations about timelines…, they were separated, they weren’t separated, they should’ve divorced first before going public…. The bottom line is they were cheating, they threw their spouse under the bus. They threw their children under the bus.
    Thank you Shakira for using your platform, thank you TJ Holmes wife for speaking out. People with power need to start speaking the truth about this entitlement and the damage it does.

    • I ate the shit sandwich for the ‘sake of my (minor) children!!’. FW profited from that tremendously. Well, I’m divorced now and those minors are now adults. Keeping the ugly truth from kids, no matter what their age does even MORE damage than telling them age-appropriate truths.

      And FW would have led and profited from this had he not married one of the APs. That’s when I sat all the kids down and told them the full truth. I am not obligated to gaslight my kids. They are now adults and need to navigate that relationship with FW. They absolutely said not having a full picture of the bullshit harmed them.

      Do NOT eat the shit sandwich.

      • This is something I struggle with. I have a 13 year old who doesn’t know anything yet, but this is the year I’ll file, STBX knows that , I have a lawyer, just need to pay the retainer. Anyway, at some point sooner than later, we have to tell our kid. And on the one hand, I agree, asking me to pretend like we just drifted apart and decided amicably to split is just one more shit sandwich for me to eat. And if I eat that sandwich, it benefits my STBX and his AP greatly. But if I tell my kid, “oh your dad met AP and they fell in love while we were married” my kid is going to hate the AP, and likely have a lot of resentment towards their dad. And that isn’t going to be good for the kid. I feel like there is no good way to deal with this. I am hoping others that are further along in the process will chime in with insight.

        • They way I look at it, everyone deserves to live in reality.

          Just like your spouse did a terrible thing when they cheated and lied about it, you would be doing a disservice to your kid to turn around and lie to them. They deserve to know, even if it hurts – maybe even because it hurts.

          Then you stay the sane and trustworthy parent, the parent that would never leave or lie. Your kid has stable ground to hold on to.

          Saying you “drifted apart” is scarier in a lot of ways. What does that even mean? Will you “drift apart” from them one day? Is that what love looks like? Will they “drift apart” in their relationships, always leaving or being left the second things aren’t perfect? What do you have to do or how perfect do you have be for someone to want to stay?

          I said “Dad was not bring truthful with me, and was not being physically safe in our home. When someone is lying or hurting us, we have a duty to protect ourselves, so Dad will not live with us anymore and we are getting divorced. I will never, ever, leave you and I am here to help you figure out how you want to feel about all this.”

          In the end, my teen didn’t shed a tear. Just said, “Ok that makes sense.” Afterwards, when it was just me and him, he was more relaxed and calm at home than I had seen him in ages. His personality started to shine out again. I can see now that telling him was a gift that taught him that abuse is not love and you don’t have to tolerate it from anyone, even your mom or dad ❤️

          • Thank you. This is helpful and good to hear. I say they “don’t know anything yet” but that is not entirely accurate. They don’t know there was an affair, they don’t know we are divorcing. But as is all too common in these cases, my STBX is also just an emotionally and verbally abusive asshole, and my kid is not dense, I am sure they see THAT. And I mean, I WANT my kid to know the truth bc it models something important. My husband wasn’t treating me fairly or with respect, so I am leaving. That is one “good” thing that can come out of this whole mess, my kid seeing their mom stand up for herself. Lying or hiding the truth and using those loose terms of “drifted apart” doesn’t allow for any life lessons to be learned.

        • I hear you, decades after my parents were divorced, I found out he was a cheater –( that wasn’t the reason for divorce). But I really wished I hadn’t had that information. Nobody wants to see their parent in this light. I think in that case there was no reason for me to know except for the fact that my mom got it off her chest and it made her feel better.
          There are things about the father of my children that they will never know, because it won’t serve them at all in life. They will never ask because it would never occur to them.
          But if your children ask, I see no reason to lie. You value family, you value honesty, you were loyal, and that’s not what you got in return so you womaned up.

        • Tell him the truth. Why do you feel that you should control his feelings about his father or anyone else? People and their damned secrets.

  • Why do I constantly keep getting livebeam ads in-between comments? The last one shows a buxom woman with ‘we’ll keep it a secret’ pasted over her assets. It is really disturbing.

    • I know! I commented about that a couple days ago! I suspect someone at the company who hosts this site thinks it’s a hilarious burn.

      • I’m sure some could do without the triggers but they’re indirectly sponsoring this wonderful forum. Boy, what a burn. They sure showed us. 😉

      • I have reached out to the AdNetwork and they promised to stop offensive ads. (They sell the space, so it’s based on bids, apparently.) To help me report, screenshot it, tell me what browser and if you’re on a mobile or desktop and email me at

  • Whether Ferrari or Twingo, Rolex or Casio, isn’t it interesting that the cheaters always seem to think of their partners as objects? Chump Lady has often referred to this as the spouse “appliance.” These disordered individuals aren’t capable of empathy, sacrifice, or bonding. They lust after and acquire lovers with the same emotional depth that they’d shop for a wristwatch or a car. For a few months or years they’re proud of the shiny new thing, and I think they might even believe that they’ll love the object forever, keep it for a lifetime. But before long, the newer model comes along and BOOM! They discard the old item as if it were nothing, ashamed that they ever thought it was cool. And, instead of just thanking the object for its service and moving on, they malign and destroy the discard on the way out.

    Again, to quote CL, “they have an elevator shaft where their soul should be.” But this version is a bottomless vacuum of need, powered by insecurity and shame, and they will never stop the endless consumption of people and things in their quest to fill the hole.

  • In response to those who say don’t give them kibbles.
    Yes they get kibbles. The problem is cheating is always swept under the rug, as many other types of abuse have been throughout history.
    If people who have a platform don’t start speaking out, and there continue to be few consequences for this type of abuse, why should we as a society continue to support marriage?
    Society doesn’t have an awareness as to what cheating is. Society roots for ‘luv’ at the expense of all else.
    Society tries to equate those who don’t support cheating to church lady types.
    Shakira is showing everyone, she ain’t no sexless church lady. She loved and sacrificed for her marriage, and in return was betrayed. And she’s saying Not Ok, they are both horrible.
    And they are. And more narcissistic, entitled people who trash families should be outed.
    Let’s not pretend all is peachy for the person who was abused and that it just happens, so they should get on gracefully.
    There are many things throughout history that just “happened” and people were told to put up with quietly. Until people start speaking there will be no change.
    Frankly I don’t care that they get more kibbles, if that is the price that has to be paid to get more awareness out there about the abuse that is cheating.

  • Sing it loud, sing it proud, Shakira!

    Artists use their life experiences to create. IDGAF what the traitor thief liar loser cheater criminal perceives, thinks, feels. It’s out of my control and I’m not going to enter the Manipulation Olympics by altering my responses hoping to control the kibble supply of anyone, especially a lowlife.

    I speak up for ME. I speak up for my daughter. I speak up for other people that have been harmed by the deceptive sexuality of others. My decision to act or speak is made based upon what will be helpful to me and to others. I don’t think keeping quiet ever improved anything. I will always be the little boy in The Emperor’s New Clothes at heart. There is a time to speak up, to do something, and a time to say nothing and do nothing. It’s
    a daily practice, dependent on circumstances, and every day I pray for the wisdom to know the difference. I want Shakira on my pit crew.

    When I stop monitoring my responses in relation to and independent of how the cheater might react? That is what “moving on”, healing, recovery, freedom and true neutrality and detachment looks like to me.


  • Numbers don’t lie. It looks like the media has been totally wagging the dog on the idea that there’s some groovy, sex-pozzy mass cultural shift towards acceptance of infidelity. I’d love to see Perel accuse Shakira’s hips of being “repressed.”

    We’re probably going to hear some noises in the press about the deleterious effects of the song on Shakira’s children but I’m wondering how pop-referencing pundits or publications would manage to maintain any scrap of cool cache while pitting artistic expression/freedom of speech against family values. Occasional social media tantrums about “parental alienation” are getting heavily trolled along the lines of “It’s a song, chill,” “El hijo de mierda [Pique] was already talking shit before the song,” “Adele made a career out of it,” “You’re boring,” “Tell me you’re a cheater without telling me you’re a cheater,” and “Where was that energy when pique was cheating and tearing apart his family?”

    • There’s already been backlash towards Shakira. And ridiculous pro man cheater comments saying he’s all about the kids… 😂 he’s focussing on his kids. Some people have even said 😂 that Shakira’s song is misogynistic because she’s slagging another woman and reducing women to objects (we are not watches).
      BS to all of it. Give me a break!

      • Apparently Chia doesn’t “sound nice.” And she’s “equal” to Pique. I’d say that’s getting off pretty easy for pilfering marital funds, enabling abuse and potentially cross-infecting an entire family. As far as objectifying, the song is full of double meanings and Easter eggs and I assumed the car/watch thing related to CeeLo Green’s Xbox/Atari.

        Shakira just did a happy shout-out to another diss track– Beyonce’s “Lemonade”– and released a song with Beyonce and Bizarapp.

  • Not really the point but I think Casio marketing isn’t as off kilter as some comments suggest. They are an established company to the extent that you know what you are buying and who they use to advertise it is largely irrelevant. The sponsorship of the football team is a good thing and their name is associated with a global moment. In 6 months time we will all be watching another video and the Casio brand will still be at the same price point in the market place.

    • I agree with Looby_Lou except that I’d add that Casio knows exactly how stupid some people are and how to take advantage of them. The fans probably have no idea of the song but the stupid soccer player dude fell right into the trap and did not disappoint Casio.

  • Poor Shaki… I mean, she’s just tired of chumpdom. This isn’t her first, though seems to be the most disappointing to date. It seems like politicians and soccer players are on the top of the list of the least faithful individuals on the planet, no matter what sex and gender (from a biological perspective), or whatever social construct of gender you want to be considered and/or believe in.

    Please remember what happened to her with a former argentinian politician. That resulted in one hit called “No”. Lyrics are in spanish as well, you might just wanna look at them:

    Mark my words: be careful with some types of high profile people! especially some types of politicians, some political activists, some lawyers, some psychologists and some soccer players!

  • I love the quote on IG. I believe when somebody stands up against an abuser and a cheater, they stand up for all mankind and womankind. Cheating will not break her, and her strength is an example to us that one we did not cause the cheating, we could not cure it, and we could not control it, and if it could happen to her, it could happen to any of us, and we can all rise.

  • I was waiting for this post since her song was released and chump lady didn’t disappoint.
    First, I thought that Shakira was giving Pique kibbels with the song, but I’ve realized that if it helps with her healing then beat it!

  • Oh yeah, it’s awesome. She’ll complain that houses are expensive and she can’t sell hers, and then say you could buy a fixer upper with my quit claim She also said I have a nice apartment, it’s not, it was completely trashed They are so obtuse.

  • “Women don’t cry anymore, they get paid.”


    My XH was at it again this weekend. He knows it’s my birthday tomorrow; he always did seem to find ways of ruining my birthday.

    I didn’t cry, instead I cashed his child support arrears check and bought myself an expensive specialty tall woman sweater. If he wants to piss me off, he can pay for my retail therapy.

    • Spoilerism– stock part of personality disorders. Reminds me how sleazy lawyers like to file nasty motions on Valentine’s Day or your kid’s birthday. Wear that sweater proudly. 😉

  • Another writer on this thread referred to Shakira’s Monotonia video. Wow – the images of the heartache caused by cheating and betrayal were so validating.

    Words will never describe how the betrayal of infidelity feels, but those images nailed it.

    Hard stuff.

    Thank you for your courage Shakira.

  • The song and the reaction to it were discussed on the BBC’s Radio 4 programme. And the conversation wasn’t about ‘poor Pique’, in this football crazy country. It was more about Shakira having made him look like a fool. Building on Helen Skelton’s appearance in Strictly, we might just be inching towards a change in the message.

  • My favorite line: I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you. I can relate…

  • ‘Shakira put a witch mannequin on her balcony, facing her former mother-in-law’s house (because apparently the mother-in-law helped facilitate Pique’s affair). Shakira’s suspicions about the affair were first aroused because she returned from traveling and found someone had eaten her jam, which Pique does not touch. (Eating a person’s snacks is some low-down behaviour!) Finally, in her new hit, Shakira sings about Pique swapping a Rolex for a Casio and a Ferrari for a Twingo so Pique says he signed a deal with Casio and drove a Twingo to a meeting. Some are saying this means he has the last laugh, but does it? To me it seems like he got caught, his children are moving to the US (she has custody in Miami) and he still has an eye on what his ex is doing. If he’s so happy with his 23-year-old girlfriend, why is he playing games with Shakira’
    from Lainey Gossip

  • The best line is she says…
    “Her name sounds like that of a good person.. but Clear *pause* ly.. she’s not what she seems”
    The way she says clearly is
    “Clara”… (pause) ..”mente” which is the schmoopie’s name
    Clara being the Schmoopie’s name. It is SO SAVAGE. I love her.

  • I loved Casio‘s response.

    Clarifying there’s no „deal“ with Pique, threatening legal actions if he keeps using their name-
    at the same time showing solidarity for Shakira.

    Pretty unique.
    So many people buy and enable the affair narrative, or don’t say anything at all. I’d hope that response would be plastered all over social media.

    Great job, Pique and his schmoopie, being utterly ridiculous.

  • >