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UK Chump Meetup?

Hey, Mr. CL and I are going to be in London! We’re hoping to meet up with some UK chumps on Sunday afternoon, March 12. Care to join us?

Venue as yet to be determined, but I’m open to suggestions. Somewhere in central-ish London, preferably. If you’re interested, email me and we’ll work out the particulars.

Hope to see more of CN in the coming year and have more meet-ups. I’ll also be in Wellesley, Mass for Jane Does Well on Thursday, March 30.

What, are you crawling out of your introvert blogger cave or something?

Yes. And I may even comb my hair.

Cheerio Guvnor! (insert Dick van Dyke cockney accent…)

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  • I would so love to be there. I live in the north east of England but would definitely travel to such a gathering. Please keep us up to date with when and where!! X

  • Would love to be there but I will be in Hull with a fellow chump enjoying Strictly Ballroom! I so rarely leave London (end of the Metropolitan Line) these days too! Next time ….

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