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Daily Mail Chump Shames Older Woman

Poor Cindy Silva. The woman was just going about her business grocery shopping as a 66-year-old woman who looks 66. Not 66-botoxed-as-36. Or 66 surgically augmented to be age indeterminate. But — gasp! — gray and post-menopausal.

And worse! UNMARRIED!

But to the Daily Mail, Cindy has one immutable identity — as chunk of petrified wood actor Kevin Costner’s ex-wife. A woman who committed the unspeakable crime of shopping while wearing Birkenstocks. Excuse me, I mean aging.

THIRTY YEARS AGO, the former model and mother of three, divorced Costner for his wandering dick. Costner denied his dick was wandering. His dick, he claimed, was out conducting “a job interview.” That was after the paparazzi caught a hula dancer coming out his hotel room in the wee morning hours while filming the giant flop Waterworld.

What job? Sex worker? Anyway, Kevin wasn’t original with his bullshit. Cindy divorced his ass. For which she received an $80 million divorce settlement and a much better Kevin-free life.

But thanks to the Daily Mail people might be questioning Cindy’s mightiness, and focus instead on the implied reasons why Kevin’s dick (allegedly) wandered — Cindy was going to let herself go…

… Thirty years in the future. So hey, he had to screw around preemptively. And wasn’t that a lucky miss?

At the time, in 1995, the cheating scandal was very hard… on Kevin. He told Parade magazine then.

The collapse of my marriage was the hardest thing of all for me.’

For him! Can’t a dick conduct a few job interviews without the world falling apart?

Since then Kevin’s gone on to father four more kids, and enjoy another divorce, which wasn’t his idea either. Second wife Christine Baumgartner just dumped his ass this year. (Friendly tip, Christine, spend the next 30 years looking impeccable while grocery shopping, okay?)

Kevin’s representative stated:

“It is with great sadness that circumstances beyond his control have transpired which have resulted in Mr. Costner having to participate in a dissolution of marriage action.

Has your dick been cruising LinkedIn again, Kevin?

You know who doesn’t care — Cindy Silva out there living her best life. With fancy groceries and comfortable feet.

The Daily Mail can fuck right off.


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  • Happily single divorcee visits a supermarket. Happening soon in Newbury and …. Somebody tell these “journalists” how to distinguish news from brain numbing gossip.

    • The only reason she’s in the news again is because he’s in the news again. How annoying it must be to still be linked to the cheater you got rid of decades ago!

    • I have a feeling she’s not technically single. Anyone who’d gotten $80mil in a settlement would probably be wise not to marry a subsequent partner to avoid future estate battles and ensure inheritance went to their own kids. Silva has three adult children.

  • Read the comments on the Twitter post! So funny they totally roast the Daily Mail. What cracked me up was them reporting on grocery shopping and her driving someone to the airport! Ha. She got a GREAT settlement good for her!

  • Age shaming a woman who is mighty…that is low. I love CLs twist on this whole thing. Kevin bought-and-paid-for the second wife and he got what he deserved. I, and others here, as a former Chumps are fabulous second wives (forever-wife as my husband likes to word it) but we also dont judge remarriage as the goal…its one option – MIGHTINESS and MEH are the goal.

  • She looks happy! Good for her! She looks like a true queen and winning so well I hope she laughs at the article.

    • And I bet she was/is the sane parent, rocking being the solid mom her kids know they can rely on.

      I laughed when I read that he says “divorce is hard”. Kevin can pound sand.

    • I agree. She looks beautiful and real to me. What a strange world we live in.

  • I couldn’t read what was said about her in the article. Did they insult her? (Ad blockers).

    Anyway, she look great to me.

  • Must have been a slow day at the office. A woman in her 60’s getting groceries is not news. No matter who she divorced 30 years ago. I’ve got some hot front page stories too:

    35 year old lets the cat in the bedroom.

    40 year old cuts up food so small daughter can have lunch.

    37 year old snores through alarms again.

    63 year old farts.

    Details on page 3.

  • As I see it she’s holding her head up high. Eighty million gave him the sadz.

  • Kevin Costner is a creep. His first wife dumped him for cheating, so he married a woman young enough to be his daughter and had a second family with her. Then his second wife dumped him for cheating. Will the third wife be young enough to be his granddaughter?

    As for Cindy Silva….she has a beautiful smile and a glorious head of silver hair. She’s living her best life. I know I’d rather be her than anybody else in that tawdry mess.

    • And she wears great bloody shoes at the supermarket 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • I was truly baffled by this one. The Daily Mail’s obsessed with some lady shopping for groceries 30 years after she divorced some shitty actor who makes shitty movies? What the hell?

      • Except for Hidden Figures! That is a great movie… mostly because of the other actors…

        • LOL I forgot he was in that movie. You’re right, the other actors made it great, not Costner. I’ve always found him underwhelming and forgettable, and I didn’t even know he was a cheater until this post clued me in.

  • Do I spy flowers in that cart? Once when I was dead broke, I bought flowers at the local female-owned market. The young clerk noted how pretty they were. I said, “I shouldn’t have bought them. I really can’t afford flowers.”

    He said, “You can’t afford not to be them. We need all the beauty we can get.”

    Cindy Silva is a lovely, confident woman. Her skin is flawless. That smile! And she buys herself flowers.

  • Wait, what, cheater keeps cheating and not only that keeps getting caught, STILL can’t grasp the concept of

  • What a weird life the folks at The Daily Mail live. A woman shopping for groceries is news? As far as I know the entire focus of it is to show women in bikinis. Oh, a having “unnamed sources” for gossip.

  • She looks SO HAPPY.
    And that’s the only story we need about this pic.

  • I see flowers in her grocery cart and a smile on her face and a woman who is comfortable in her 66 year old body. 80 million dollars buys you a lot of insulation from the pressure women face to meet impossible and misogynistic standards of beauty. It gives me great pleasure to know Cindy can laugh her way to the bank over the Daily Mail’s attempt to shame her for the radical act of aging naturally.

    • And look what the Daily Fail is doing to Shakira

      Headline: Shakira ‘was in an open relationship with Gerard Piqué for three YEARS’ before couple’s bitter separation amid claims he was unfaithful and had been living alone for weeks before split

      Lede: Shakira and Gerard Piqué were said to be in an open relationship before accusations of infidelity led to a bitter separation and subsequent custody agreement over their two children.

      “Were said,” “claims,” “accusations,” “bitter.” Hmmmmmm, misogynist much?

      • The only one that thought they were in an open relationship was El Pique, because Shakira was devastated by his infidelity and she wrote two hit songs to prove it. Now that right there is mighty. Lol.

  • Kevin’s gone really dirty pool/scorched earth with his accusations: Christine’s beauty enhancements (any bets that Christine worried about aging gracefully like Cindy because Kevin didn’t find it attractive?), putting rumours out there that Christine had an affair with a former tenant (which the tenant strongly denied) and inferring that Christine is lazy because she’s a SAHM who takes care of the kids (not a nanny, but her). I don’t know if Kevin cheated again or not (because Christine is staying classy and saying nothing about Kevin)…but I sure don’t like him waging war against the mother of some of his kids. Shows that he’s got some rotten at the core.
    P.S. I hope Cindy is “meh” and living her best life away from all that circus.

  • The Daily Mailer should take pictures of Kevin leaving the drug store with his refilled prescription of Viagara, Preparation H and Beano-O.

    Look out all you 20 somethings. His man flute will operate, but you might get some tail winds!

  • Wow, the paps at that worthless tabloid are reduced to snapping candid photos of somebody who was married to a has-been actor thirty years ago.
    Then the drones who produce the rot they publish had to come up with a “story” to go with the photos. So we have these hard-hitting facts to digest; she wore Birkenstocks, bought groceries and flowers and later dropped a man off at the airport!
    Thanks for that riveting story, Daily Fail.

  • I’d rather have her life, than his! And good on her for taking a nice chunk of their money with her. She looks happy as a clam, and her silver hair is gorgeous.

  • Normalize women aging naturally!

    And while we’re at it, let’s stop defaulting to comments/compliments about women’s looks. (“You look great!” “Did you lose weight, what’s your secret, I need to lose weight too.” “Omg, you’re xx years old, you don’t look a day over yy!”)

    I accidentally married a man who felt entitled to a wife who looked a certain way. During our engagement, he told me point-blank: “Whatever you do, don’t ever get fat, because I hate fat women and I don’t want a fat wife.”
    Naive 23-year-old me married him anyway. And spent the next 18 years failing to live up to his standards and being punished for my shortcomings.

    It’s taken me almost 15 years to work through the body image issues that resulted. My mental pendulum has swung from body shame to body positivity to body neutrality with a healthy dose of body appreciation.

    I turn 55 this year. I’m 100% comfortable in my postmenopausal chubby body, with my naturally gray hair, and my wrinkled skin with its age spots and cellulite.

    Despite a bum right knee, my body is doing its job – being the vehicle in which I move through this one wild and precious life I’m given. Enabling me to mow my lawn, make art, go on hikes, dance at concerts, and occasionally date with complete confidence.

    Or, like Cindy Silva, go to the store for groceries and flowers. Except in paint-splattered overalls and knockoff crocs. Good thing my ex isn’t Kevin Costner or the gossip press would have a field day.

    • I’m right there with you and Cindy, WW. My ex thought wearing sweats to the grocery was tacky so I didn’t. Now, almost eight years happily divorced, I still smile every time I walk into the grocery wearing sweat pants.

      • Hey Beth, if I see you at the grocery store wearing sweats, I’ll smile at yours and you can smile at mine. My friend mentioned she had expanded her “sweatpants radius” to include the market – thought it was hysterical.

        • You can’t win. I love wearing dresses and my stbx would complain when I was in another “house dress”. Now I wear the house dresses on purpose every where, especially for pick ups and drop offs 😂

    • Oh God, the ex fuckwit told me exactly the same thing! And like you, I married him anyway. What were we thinking !

    • I had a student who had that 1/100,000 “Barbie Body”. At 18, she was so gorgeous that any straight male who saw her was turned into a babbling idiot (I saw it happen). She was also brilliant (Chem. Eng.). She understood that her challenge would be to find a mate who would love her when she started aging, when the boobs started sagging, etc. She told me that she often felt like some guy’s “ornament”, and, once that feeling hit, she was gone. At one point, she even volunteered in a program where she would go and help teach the blind. She was sick of being lied to, fed ridiculous lines, all because she was beautiful.
      I lost touch with her, but have always wondered if she found that right guy. She was a real gem.

    • WW, I just love your whole post.
      She’s beautiful, but honestly why does that even matter?
      Love the term “body appreciation.”

      • Dontfeellikedancin, thank you! To me, too much of the body positivity movement is still about objectifying women’s bodies and displaying them.
        Body appreciation feels like a better description of what I’m aspiring to: Inhabiting my body and appreciating it for the things it allows me to do and experience.

  • I saw the tagline and came here to say the Daily Mail can fuck right off and after reading your post happily found that you beat me to it, CL. Also their comment is stupid. It sounds like it took Cindy 30 years to wander into a grocery store and maybe it did because 80 million dollars buys a lot of Instacart. 😂 I’m 61 and I’m calling my 60’s my “fuck it era”. It looks like Cindy is too. She looks happy. I didn’t even notice her shoes and I’m guessing no one else who saw her lovely smile did either.

  • So she’s single, looks happy, has her FREEDOM, and it’s Independence Day!
    Freedom and independence from creepy, lying cheaters is the best life!

    • Good thought, Beenthruit!
      Happy Independence Day! It’s every day, without a controlling Fuckwit! WhooooHoo!

  • Gosh, she looks fabulous! I always wondered what happened to her. Glad she’s living her best life. This isn’t the lady who has to do her own shopping. But she’s normal. Anyway, I hate snarky little f’ers that think it’s ok to make fun of older folks. Kiss our wrinkly arse, dumb shits. Oh. And have a nice day.

  • She looks a damn sight better, and happier, than Costner does! “What would you like better, Cindy, $80m, or old Costner back? Door No 1 please.”. 🤣😂🤣

    • Yep, and I mean no disrespect o Cindy, but I am betting many Chumps; if they had several million in assets to help them heal, would have been much less stressed. Especially those with small children to worry about.

      • I agree with you. It’s so easy for Gwenyth Paltrow to “consciously uncouple” and Bruce and Demi to remain friends given that none if them were struggling to support their kids or keep their house. Being chumped has another layer of pain if you’re financially trapped by a FW. I don’t remember who said it but I remember a quote that “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never bought a divorce.” If you have the means to get out or kick the FW out, it sure is a lot easier place to be in.

        I have struggled to rub two nickels together in my situation and feel like I have served a prison sentence since the last D-day. My freedom will be bought by a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on my part. When I say I will never ever marry again, I really mean it. I’m embarrassed by how many years it has taken to get myself in my position to finally break free. It will all be worth it and I won’t look back. But dang I wish I had better financial wherewithal to have gotten out long ago.

  • My comment here is off-topic but I wanted to share that I am presently engaged in a terrible conversational thread on Carolyn Hax’s terrible advice (in WaPo today) to a chump in distress. Her advice is to do yoga and meditate.

    Anyway, I jumped into the fray by pointing this out in my comment and then responding to the people who vehemently support the cheater and his ‘mistake.’

    Now I am all emotional and furious and in disbelief about the prevailing sentiments and pushback to, what appears to me, common sense around lying.

    All to say that I don’t understand how Tracy can write this blog every day without having a heart attack. I feel like I could physically throttle some of these idiot apologists.

  • Figures. Kevin Costner. What a fuckwit. The FW XW was enamored of him. Perhaps she sensed a fellow FW? Who knows? Who cares?😂 I sincerely hope Cindy Silva never notices The Daily Mail’s bullshit. After all, what does it say about a paper that stoops to following former spouses of famous people to try to make them look bad? Nothing good, that’s for sure!🤣 Rock on, Cindy, and happy Fourth, CL & CN!

    • I suspect there’s an element of “looking for Mr./Ms. Goodbar” in a lot of FWs, like they’re on a mission to find the one who will out-FW them or worse. FW in my case had a penchant for fellow cheaters and even darker people than himself. When a workplace whistleblower contacted me and ratted FW out, at first I couldn’t figure out what the attraction was because all his targets during his “trying to have an office affair” spree (only one followed through on the drunken flirting and the rest just fleeced and ditched him, lol) were ghastly hobbits. But the whistleblower had dirt on the whole clusterfuck and it seems they had one notable thing in common aside from being married or engaged– they were all reportedly nasty sociopaths, users and backstabbers.

      After D-Day, I pointed out to FW that one of his “crushes” had even directly plagiarized his work. I don’t know why I bothered. Hopium? Fear? Social science research? He just stared blankly, didn’t ask to see evidence of it, didn’t want to know. He also couldn’t seem to grasp that the AP had monetary motives despite our ravaged family finances and the trail of “gimme-gimme” emails he forgot to delete. Same blank look. When I learned the AP wished me dead, I had the chilling realization he’d eventually drag some psychopathic bunny-boiler into his family’s orbit in his dissociated Freudian quest to find his vicious mommy’s double.

      How does one “pickme dance” with that? Stalk a celebrity? Strangle some puppies? The horror.

      • Great post, but hobbits are adorable, not ghastly! 😄 Whores of either sex are orcs, though.

  • First, I have been wearing Birkenstocks since high school, both in and out of fashion, because they are worth every penny for arch support, so I see no issue there! Second, for those who read the imbedded articles, Costner is the same as the STBX. At our mediation, and even through his lawyer at trial, the STBX complained that he did not want a divorce. No! You don’t want consequences. (And yes, I am that fabulous.) Cheaters simply dread the thought that you are going to be free of their misery and their ability to control your every move. Heck! The STBX was informing the court from the witness stand how I could spend my settlement money, and only a fraction of what I am entitled to as well! Which, in hindsight, the STBX was also informing the judge that I needed 1/4 of the assets, while he will suffer with 3/4! (Cheater logic!!!)

    • I just dug out a giant box of little Birk shoes and sandals the kids have grown out of since grade school, polished them up, gave some to friends and the rest to charity. I would always find “pre-loved” Birks on Ebay and then get new Birkenstock foot beds when it was time to pass them down to the next kid. I didn’t want them ending up with the knee and foot problems I developed in my teens, probably the downside of growing too fast and high arches. My dad had the same problem. One of my sons went from 5’2″ to six foot in four years. My daughter, who had terrible growing pains in her legs at one time, trimmed the outside “toe area” of a few pairs of cork foot beds to fit her “cute” shoes. Now none of the kids have issues and I don’t have foot pain anymore.

  • Credible hearsay: at a swank party at my parents’ friend’s apartment, I was very excited to meet a woman film producer and asked her what I should eventually study to do the same. Because my parents were always warning me, we got around to talking about the “casting couch.” She went wide-eyed and told me about the time that she– in a professional capacity– was riding in a limo with Costner when he reached over and, without a word, tried unbuttoning her blouse. She said she pushed his hands away and said, “What are you doing?” and he just stared blankly. I think I said something edifying like “Eew” and she laughed a little too hard. I imagine the incident was still pretty fresh that her voice was still shaking when she spoke about it. This was long before #MeToo and while Costner would still have been married to Silva.

    Remember my spiel about how not even rock stars always get their top tier bootie targets and that, though they’ll never brag about it, for every “score,” cheaters probably bat out countless times? They probably also scare the shit out of people.

  • Honestly, this is a fantastic example of fuckwit logic. The article is all about how she grocery shops and takes a friend to the airport, such a far cry from her life married to a famous actor!

    Except it’s fucking not. Famous actors grocery shop and give friends rides too. I work in a store where famous people come in to do totally boring but necessary things. This is real life.

    FWs don’t understand that. They think every single day should be like being on the red carpet at the Oscars. It reminds me of my own FW who once told me that every birthday should be better than the last, every Christmas, every vacation, etc. and no day should be “routine” because that’s so boring. How in the fuck is that sustainable?! It’s not. That’s why it isn’t possible for them to be happy. Every day can’t be your fifth birthday where mommy took you to Disneyland and you got to ride a fucking pony and you got a giant cake that looked like it was made of fucking legos. They want every day to be like that and since it literally cannot, they don’t appreciate anything they do have. It’s pathetic and exhausting to be around.

    • KatiePig, in your your list of laughably insane FW expectations, we probably should include that they also believe every orgasm should be better than their very first one 🤣 which is to say it must be somehow better than the last one they had that day or whenever. They have wildly unrealistic expectations of everything in life including their own physiology. This is the mindset that leads to escalations into scenarios “beyond routine” in other words into the very dark, taboo, the grotesque etc
      This is the FW road to perdition….

      • Oh yeah, you’re right. I remember shortly before the end my ex started buying supplements to make his orgasms more enjoyable and I was just shocked because it’s like, an orgasm isn’t good enough anymore?! You can’t even enjoy having an orgasm anymore?! It has to be enhanced?! Like effing seriously?!

        Then later I started to find out just how disturbing he had become in pursuit of that better orgasm. Very dark, taboo, and grotesque indeed.

    • This is so true. And the FW expect us to make it like that for them, without actually expending any energy on it themselves. It’s like the old ‘how many narcissists does it take to change a lightbulb?’ joke.

      • Answer: none, because someone else should do that low level shit

        • One narcissist to hold the bulb up to the socket, and then the world revolves around them.

      • Yep. I remember one year I did the twelve days of Christmas for my ex with little gifts each day and he sat me down to criticize the gifts and tell me how I could do better the next year. Never did that shit for him again. It left such a bad taste in my mouth. It seemed so out of character for him to do that and be so entitled and ungrateful. Now I realize that was just his true character peeking out.

    • Fuck yes SHE CAN!! A shed load… and be in comfortable shoes while she does it. Goals right there…. GOALS!!!

    • I’m sure she could hula if she felt like it. She looks supple and limber (Birks add to that impression– prioritizing alignment over image, etc.). $80mil pays for a lot of private Pilates.

      I think I aspire to be her.

    • I remember before getting married, I was already making my needs so small. Klootzak would never send me flowers, though once in a long time he would bring home a cheap bouquet. And I said that was enough. When he was gone on deployment, the other wives were receiving beautiful flower deliveries. Their husbands had made arrangements with florists and prepaid for flowers to be delivered for birthdays and anniversaries while they were away. Me? I received none. “I would rather give you flowers in person,” klootzak said.

      After that first D-day, I don’t recall him ever bringing me flowers after that. Even after the birth of our child. Several years ago when I went back to work, I started picking up bouquets of flowers for myself at the grocery store when I shopped. Sometimes I put them on the dining room table but more often they are on the desk in my office so I can enjoy them while I work. Because flowers make me happy and I gave up expecting klootzak to ever do anything in the interest of my happiness. All those flowers he said he would give me in person never materialized. And when I saw the emails from OW thanking him for sending them flowers, I knew he wasn’t shy about buying flowers; he just didn’t want to send flowers to ME.

      Fuck him. I’m making up for lost time. Good for Cindy!

  • The Daily Mail can fuck right off.


    The Daily Hate Mail

    The Daily Fail

    The Daily Race Hate Mail


    Yeah nuff said!!!! (nuff as the kids say 😆)

    I despise that paper. I despise cheaters. Chumps welcome to my open arms….. It wasn’t anything you said or did, the way you look or how you ‘let yourself go’ sadly you invested in a total loser who was unworthy of YOUR awesomeness 🤗🤗🤗

    You ARE awesome… Go live your best life cheater free ❤️❤️❤️

    Hugs to you all ❤️

  • Funny this should come up today. This morning someone asked me what I would do if he said he was really sorry and wanted to get back together. I said, “No one on in the known or unknown universe has enough money to pay me to do that.”

    I have quite a collection of Birkenstocks, living in the town where they are headquartered and having regularly attended the big annual sale they used to have. I have Manolo Blahniks. I just got a custom pair of red Swarovski crystal Converse from a seller on Etsy. I love makeup. I love not wearing makeup. I had highlights for years. I quit getting highlights during the pandemic and have let my real hair color grow in. I get Botox. Sometimes I paint my nails. I love getting decked out. I love dressing down. I have a pickup truck. I have a couple of vintage Mercedes. Three kinds of bicycles; road, street, and mountain. A collection of reading glasses now that I need them. I have a thing for serious cozy sweaters. Sometimes I eat out of the takeout carton. Sometimes I use the china I collect. I love Filet O Fishes. I love restaurants with Michelin stars. Classical music or New Age or NWA or metal or jazz or whatever. All kinds of music. I DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS ABOUT ANYTHING I WANT TO DO OR HAVE OR BUY OR EAT OR BE OR EXPERIENCE. Though I still manage an oversized load of anger, pain, and fear, I have been drunk on independence since he left. I am who I want to be for ME. I am still deciding who that is. I might change my mind at any minute. I want a little treehouse. I wish I could live in Castel Del Monte in Italy. I am so so so so tired of other people telling me how to be. I have resisted it since I was little. In 1972, I was visiting my grandmother and I found orange, green, black and blue nail polish on our trip to the dime store. I bought it with my allowance. I thought she was going to pass out. Too bad, Grandma. I was with a “man” for twenty seven years who felt entitled to buy and do and be whatever he wanted for while criticizing me and judging me and controlling me and making me miserable for trying to do the same.

    Be who you want. Have what you want. Do what you want. Live, and love, and let live.

    I think we are having ice cream for dinner tonight. Mooohahahahahaha!

    • Life with a cheater means you get to be a hyper vigilant tap dancing pretzel, a mind-reading performing object who’d better be who they want, and even then you will never be “good enough” because you will get changed like a dirty shirt in their endless quixotic quest to fit a person in the gaping hole where a soul of their own should be.

    • …..of course with the caveat of NOT HURTING ANYBODY…..

      • Oh, of course without “hurting anyone.” Because that doesn’t fit their self image. Never mind if they routinely hurt people.

        My family moved from NYC to the burbs when I was little. Because they were a bit traumatized by the crack epidemic in NY, my parents asked the suburban real estate people about drug use in the area. My parents always laughed at the response: “There are no drugs here because that would effect real estate.”

        How’s that for narc logic? “It doesn’t rain here because we don’t like mud/I can’t be a soul-killing abuser because I project a nice-guy image!”

        Btw, there were a a lot of drugs in burbs. The neighbor’s bully teen son– the one who sicced his hunting dog on me at age 9– was later arrested for trafficking.

        • My PS came in under the wrong original post. What I meant to say up above was:

          “Be who you want. Have what you want. Do what you want. Live, and love, and let live….with the caveat of not hurting anyone.”

          • That works very well in the way you meant and also the way I misunderstood it. 😀

    • I want to print this entire comment and roll around in it. This. ALL OF THIS. I don’t have quite the means you do by any stretch. Klootzak took my convertible which I don’t want any longer. I now have my grocery getter hatchback I drive to my Botox appointments. I’m a sucker for all things Kate Spade and share your soft spot for a Filet O Fish. I work out but I will always look like I love cheese, because I do. I attend the opera and baseball games. I get my hair highlighted and my feet pedicured but camp out in the woods. Most of my house is kept super clean but you almost can’t see the top of my work desk. AND I AM DONE WITH BEING CONTROLLED. I am done being told my hair should be longer, my waist should be thinner, and I should never wear black, even though I feel it is my power color. DONE. I was criticized for buying our son an extra bottle of Flintstones vitamins when they were on sale. They say you can tell the size of a person based on the size of the things they get upset about. I get upset if my child gets hurt. Klootzak would get upset if I parked 1” too far forward in the garage.

      I can’t live my life with those stupid rules anymore. I bought a sea glass green paint for the guest bathroom vanity so the walls singing can begin as soon as possible. Let someone else have this little dicktator; I’m done. Call me Mame. Life is a buffet.

      • MWE… I love your post.
        I remember when I first found this place and I was sooooo depressed… seeing the name Klootzak always made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that, too. TMT

  • Joanne Woodward, did anyone shame her? Hey, I’d rather be in clogs with flowers and good food, then be under a cheater ANY DAY! Give me liberty or give me death rings true on this 4th of July. My divorce from my second cheater just came in July 1. Grey hair and attitude is in. Life with dignity and joy. Cindy, I love you! Who needs a user abuser? No one! Rock your life!

    • Joanne Woodward as the Schmoopie in Paul Newman’s first marriage.

      There was an obituary in my local paper awhile ago & she was probably a fellow chump. “She saturated her remaining three decades with joy and life enhancing activities.” That’s exactly what Cindy is doing and she looks AWESOME!

  • Good gravy, I hope to look so fabulous and formidable when I’m 66! Carry on Cindy, wherever you are, in whatever you’re wearing. You’re an important role model for the rest of us chumps!

    And for the love of Strunk & White, where did Kevin Costner’s representative learn to write that Orwellian English?

  • That headline reads like it came to us via the Onion, so ubiquitous is this kind of media attention. I love Kevin’s use of circumstances beyond his control and transpired. From the article I read, aside from any possible cheating, it looks like the pandemic may have heightened his wife’s awareness of the weight he wasn’t pulling in their partnership, and she dumped his ass. Cindy is looking great, actually.

  • I’m still confused as to what’s wrong with wearing Birkenstocks to the grocery store? Lol

  • The article is so stupid It’s actually funny.

    My favorite is when they say “it’s a far cry” from her previous life of red carpets and galas. Um…yeah! A much better life!

    80 mil and she gets to go shopping in her sandals and not give a shit what some tabloid says?! And not have to deal with a FW?! Sounds like she won.

    I’m sorry she didn’t get a hundred mil!

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