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What Did You Think You Couldn’t Do That You CAN Do?

In yesterday’s post, Lola Granola discussed the belief that so many women have about their own financial incompetence and ability to provide for themselves. Economic vulnerability is a real stick-with-the-jerk force, I get it. But I’ve also read here time and time again, that when you leave a cheater, you figure it out. You gain […]

Enough with Divorce Shame

My cousin got divorced yesterday and I noticed today on her Facebook page that she wrote a very kind thank you to her friends and family who helped her through this difficult “journey.” She didn’t mention what that journey was — divorce. Several people wrote “You’re in my prayers,” and “hugs” and other supportive kind things, a few […]

Is He a Unicorn or a Narcissist?

He left her for the OW. Now he’s back on weekends. Planting a garden. Buying her gifts. Having sex. Is this… reconciliation? Chump Lady wields the clue bat.

It Took Balls to Cheat on Him?

Dear Chump Lady, Been married 15+ years, to the sweetest person ever. One reason I was attracted to her was because I knew there would never be a chance at infidelity. In 15 years nothing more than a few disagreements. I am rather passive and care free. In 2016 she changed jobs and over the […]

No Contact Fails — The Blooper Reel

This “Fun” Friday contest was suggested by an intrepid chump — no contact fails, the outtakes. If your chumpy existence was a Bloopers show — what mortifying episode would you highlight? That time you pet sat for her when she was in the Bahamas with the Other Man? Drunken sexting? Did you spend a few months […]

Why Does He Hate Me?

Hi Chump Lady, My ex cheated with Schmoopie, up-ed and left what I thought was the perfect life, home, and family, to move three hours away from me and my three amazing young girls to move in with a twice-divorced home-wrecking whore and her two kids. I’ve been fighting him now in court and through […]

Her Menopause Made Him Cheat?

I’ve read some blameshifting quackery in my day, but Guardian advice columnist Mariella Frostup takes the blood-soaked tampon. A woman writes in to say her partner cheated, and she wants to contact the Other Woman. And Frostup tells her the real problem is her menopause. The poor chump’s letter: The dilemma It’s the usual. He was […]