A Dinesh of a Mess

This just in.

God must really love a hypocrite. Dinesh Dsouza, conservative Christian  “scholar” and filmmaker in the Obama bashing oeuvre is cheating on his wife. Who is this lucky woman? He introduces her as his “fiancé.” Except it was recently pointed out to him at a Christian values conference they were attending together, Dinesh, dude, you’re already married.

Dinesh wasn’t sure where to go with that, so he covered both bases. He claimed he and his wife were separated. Which came as news to his wife, I’m sure. And then later that day, when the board of the Christian college he teaches at began sniffing around this, he filed for divorce. Oh, and then he suddenly called off his “engagement” with the fiancé he insists he wasn’t sharing his hotel room with. (But was witnessed doing exactly that.)

There’s so much wrong with this. Beginning with — who takes their fuckbuddy to a Christian values conference?  How does a man who looks like a forest gnome with bad eyeglasses entice anyone back to a hotel room? I dunno. Maybe he’s taking pointers from Newt. How that man ever got laid, maritally or extramaritally, continues to amaze me.

Dinesh is just another in a long line of “Christian” family values spokesmen who’s talking out of his ass. All that morality for the little people, none of it applies to you. Narcissist think. I’d shake the hand of the guy who confronted him at that conference though and reminded him he had a wife at home. That was the Christian thing to do.

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11 years ago

Ha! What an absolute dink. And yes, I’m wondering how he managed to lure anyone into his room, although beer goggles do lead to some pretty funny decisions.

11 years ago

Hm, let’s see what the Bible says about adultery:

Exodus 20:14: “You SHALL NOT commit adultery.”
Deuteronomy 22:22: “If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman MUST DIE.”
Leviticus 20:10: “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress MUST BE PUT TO DEATH.”

Yeah, kind of ambiguous. I can see why (even though he holds himself out as a Biblical scholar) he might’ve been confused.

Ass clown.

11 years ago

Check out this article from San Francisco. Then read the comments. Righteous!


11 years ago

What a total pillock.

Blue Eyes and Bruises
Blue Eyes and Bruises
10 years ago

One of the best moments for me in the whole 10 week insanity of “I’m leaving; Take me back I’m begging” roller coaster:

A friend (about a generation older than me) told me what her son (my age) said at a yearly gathering of friends to which my husband took his girlfriend. (These were all people who’d known my husband about a decade longer than they knew me.)

friend: That’s not your wife.
My Husband: Yeah, whatever.
Friend: NO! That is not your wife. Your wife is at home, raising your daughter.

I’ve since found out my Ex husband (whom I refer to as “Andy” in this persona), has basically lost almost all of his friends because of his affair, how he treated me, how he treated our daughter, and how he treated his friends. He thinks I’ve been spewing lies about him.

1) Its not slander if its true.
and 2) I’m not the one who was running around publically cheating.

Most of our mutual friends had messed up childhoods, many of them destroyed by the very behaviors my “Andy” is now embracing and rubbing in people’s faces.

By keeping my mouth shut and my head down, I’m somehow psychically shoving this shit down our mutual friends’ throats?