• My liar, cheater, faker owned this entire meter. The longer the time since DD the more I realized how he chumped me on every level.

    I’m a published cartoonist, too, CL. Your style is tops. I love this toon.

  • This encompasses every Howorker by husband went after.. Especially H.H.B. Aka “fitnessgirl????

  • Whoa, the “sociopath” cheater abuser looks almost exactly like my ex. The hair, the eyes, the facial hair, even the ears.
    When we were married, I had finally accepted that he was a covert narcissist with the insistence of my therapist that he was one, no doubt. It was very difficult as I knew enough about narcissism to know it’s a permanent personality disorder, and “there’s nothing to work with”.
    It took a 3 year long divorce, a lot of therapy, from 3 abuse counselors to help me see, realize, and accept the reality of him being a sociopath that me and my son were lucky to escape from with our lives.
    Even your artwork captures these disordered people. For me, the visual helps solidify the image/reality of who he is, and he’s nothing special, because Tracy can draw a cartoon depicting his “type”. You are truly gifted. Thank you for all that you do and share.

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