• This! He said “I didn’t think you cared” or “I didn’t think you needed me?” This while I took care of the house and kids while he was “fooling around”. He also started asking me weird questions like “Why did you get gas at the such-in-such gas station?” He was tracking me with the credit card?? All this is what I call crazy-making and to distract what he was doing to make me on the defense. It’s easier to cheat on someone you are fighting with, less guilt. Drug and alcoholics do this same move so they have a good excuse to use again. Blame shifting for sure. My faith and trust in him were what he was banking on, yup they pick the sweet girls, nieve, forgiving heart, etc…Oh, by the way… Everyone just loves my husband… He’s so friendly and outgoing. When I checked our phone records, our two teenage sons had less text messaging than my 50 yr. old husband…WTF?!! Latching on to people that couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to show up on his death bed, because they are just shadows in his life. Yea, he’s so great. He also picked up a heavy drinking problem (you know to deal with his guilt and shame) insomnia too, because how can you sleep with all this guilt, shame, and missing other women? But hey I’m just having a 6 pack every night to relax while I watch the game or work on my truck and blast blues music in the garage. I pay the bills on time, I bought you a house and car, I take you on vacation…What do you want from me? Um, your honesty, your word, your integrity, respect, and loyalty. That would be nice.
    How about the whole deal?
    Working in the garage is also a perfect time to text other women. Golfing for 4 hours seems like plenty of time to cheat… Yard work too… I’m taking care of the yard while I text other women. But hey it’s not cheating because I’m not really touching them. Watching porn isn’t either. So I get my sexual needs met with my porn habit and my emotional needs met by having emotional affairs… but none of that is cheating on you? Then what is it? What’s left for me? Change my mind… If you’re not doing those things with me, what or who are you doing them with? When you are investing in other women, (Mr. Stockmarket guy) how is our account doing? What are you supposed to be doing with those Vows we said? Love, Honor, and Cherish who?? He said I’m 100% committed to you. If that’s true (numbers guy) Then 0% of your care and attention would be going towards other women…right? I’m no math wizard but I would love to share the statistics of cheaters and what his odds are…how a divorce would cost him, etc… But why be a Debbie Downer and kill all the fun huh? He does know it’s cheaper to keep me than to leave me, so he will do everything he thinks he needs to do to keep me around…waiting for the dust to settle, and then he will start up again. The whole cat and mouse game. I’m a chump on the fence for sure.

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