• I bought my demented EX a laptop pc for Christmas the year I was laid off of my job. (He bought me nothing that year. No surprise.) He repaid my kindness by reconnecting with an old GF from high school thru Facebook. When he asked the Brokeback Bitch if she’d fuck him, she said ‘yes’. That’s all my EX fuckwit needed to hear before chasing down that well used kibble-hole. A match made in heaven!

    1. When I messed around with the Internet router settings to *disrupt* his chatroom conversations with her, he’d scream at me, while pounding his fists on my locked bedroom door, ordering me to “fix it” for him so he could continue his online chat with the Brokeback Bitch. Umm…Oh Hell NO!

    2. The desperate Brokeback Bitch pick-me danced double-time by offering my EX not only free Kibbles, but invited him to live with her on the weekends…and at age 57, after HER second divorce, SHE STILL LIVES WITH HER MOTHER, IN HER MOTHER’S HOUSE! ? (WTF? Her Mother must be soooo proud…)

    3. My EX had to run & hide in his bedroom to cry as I made my dinner one night, because it smelled sooo good & he misses MY cooking!

    I’m a talented & creative home cook that loves to try gourmet recipes!

    Happily, karma, being the bitch she is…

    I found out that the Brokeback Bitch’s idea of a gourmet meal is a burger patty fried in worchestershire sauce – to a hockey puck consistency, of course. Then she slaps it on a plain bun and serves it with a side of microwaved canned corn.

    ROTFLMAO!!! ?

    Neither a delicious or healthy meal. HA! Just knowing that the only way he’ll eat this well ever again is if he orders out…and pays for it. It makes me all warm & fuzzy on the inside!

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