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Ashley Madison Wants You to “Find Your Moment”

Poor Ashley Madison has gone in for some rebranding lately. After its data hack last summer, the resignation of its CEO Noel Biderman, continued controversy …

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UBT: “I’m unable to remain faithful to my perfect husband.”

Today’s Universal Bullshit Translator tidbit is this Salon article: “I’m the woman you met on Ashley Madison — How the rush of infidelity led to affairs online.” (You can …

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esther perel

Where’s Esther?

As this Ashley Madison hack has unfolded over the last couple months, I’ve begun to wonder, “Where is Esther Perel?” Surely this is the biggest …

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Ashley Madison, You Saucy Minx

So much Ashley Madison news, so little time. In the hack of Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman’s emails, I was not that surprised by the …

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inert chump

The Good Advice Chumps Won’t Take… Now

Since the Ashley Madison hack broke, a lot of folks have emailed me to ask — hey, did you get a huge swell of numbers …

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Infidelity Advice for the Newly Chumped?

So assuming some of the newly minted chumps from the Ashley Madison data hack wash up on our shores, what advice would you give them? …

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AM Genie Out of the Bottle

Boy was I wrong about the data dump. Faster than you can say “Noel Biderman is shitting his pants,” free Ashley Madison indexes have sprung …

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The Data Hits the Fan

Chump Lady is coming out of her sleepy vacation cocoon today to report on the Ashley Madison data dump. The hacker(s) made good on their threat. …

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Ashley Madison’s Data Held Hostage

Well, this was a nice tidbit of news to wake up to — Ashley Madison had their database hacked. According to the Guardian newspaper: Site’s …

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