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Debunking Why Happy People Cheat

I’m sure you’re all curious “Why Happy People Cheat.” There are about a bazillion Why Happy People Cheat articles on the interwebs, from the Atlantic Monthly …

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Stupid Things People Say to Chumps

People say a lot of stupid, insensitive things to chumps. It’s everything from the grossly mistaken — “Gee, the affair partner doesn’t seem all that …

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get over it

‘Why Won’t She Get Over It?’

Here’s a bit of etiquette the New York Times was asked to weigh in on this week: “I Cheated on My Wife, Why Won’t She …

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My Friend Won’t Listen to Your Advice

Dear Chump Lady, My friend reads your blog, but doesn’t take your advice. I (and several other friends) have coached her through the hurts and …

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bullshit bird

Have a Chat with Schmoopie? Just Don’t.

The Universal Bullshit Translator has choked down Lori Gottlieb’s “Dear Therapist” dreck before. But like an undigested glob of upchuck, she’s back. Splat. With advice …

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Pain Shopping, Anyone?

A chump wrote to ask me what I thought about “pain shopping.” I had no idea what it was. So I asked her, “What’s pain …

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UBT: Affair Proof Your Marriage

“Affair Proof Your Marriage” articles are so ubiquitous, I hesitate to feed them to the Universal Bullshit Translator. It just rolled its circuits at me. Really? …

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Your Most Ridiculous RIC Nuggets

If you were ever an Amazon chump, somewhere there moldering on your bookshelf (or ashen in an incinerator somewhere) are the 50 Save Your Marriage …

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You Might Actually Suck, But You’re Still a Chump

Several people sent me the HuffPo article that ran recently “4 Huge Mistakes I Made As a Wife (Now Ex-Wife).”  On the shallow face of it, …

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promise bullshit

The Cheater Was Going to Stop… Really

Following up from Monday’s “Ignorance Is Bliss” post, I’d like to throw a bucket of cold water on another cheating fallacy — that it’s okay to …

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forgiveness troll

Stupid Shit Other People Say

It’s not just cheaters who say stupid shit. Other people are horribly insensitive too! Everything from the grossly mistaken — gee, the affair partner doesn’t seem all …

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UBT: Ask Your Spouse Directly If They’ve Been Cheating

People send a lot of dumb articles to the Universal Bullshit Translator, so it takes a whole lot of stupid for the UBT to be …

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Apologize to Your Cheating Husband, Says Quack

If people ever think I made up the Reconciliation Industrial Complex, that it’s a wee bit overstated, consider this misogynist piece of crap that ran in …

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UBT: You cheated for the excitement!

Today’s Universal Bullshit Translator fodder comes from SELF magazine. (Something narcissistically dunderheaded from a publication called SELF? No, you don’t say.) What To Do After Cheating …

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Family Therapy with Your Abuser — WTF?

If you ever thought the Reconciliation Industrial Complex has gone too far, get a load of this — “Domestic abuse victims to join abusers in …

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The “Anyone Could Cheat” Defense

The other day “Roaring” left this comment: I had an email exchange with my (former) minister earlier today that really frustrated me. I reached out …

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Dear Chump Lady, How can we challenge blameshifting therapists?

Dear Chump Lady, I find myself truly saddened, perplexed, outraged, confused? Am I going crazy? or is this really the philosophy around infidelity and how …

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UBT: Mo’Nique’s Give Men a Pass for Cheating

So, this was in my Facebook feed this week, and probably yours too — comedian Mo’Nique gave an interview saying you should give your spouse a “pass …

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The Myth of the 50-50 Marriage

A trope of reconciliation sites is the line that you brought 50 percent of the problems to the marriage, but the affair is “100 percent” …

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Worst Infidelity Advice?

  Worst infidelity advice ever? Don’t decide anything for six months to a year. If I could wave my magic chump wand and eradicate one …

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