Category: Cake Eating

Was Gonna Come Around… Really

One of the biggest mindfucks cake eaters play is this notion that gosh, they were going to be a properly repentant spouse, but you just …

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When the Cheater Has a Personal Epiphany

Did anyone see this article on HuffPo today — “Why I Cheated on my Husband”? It’s quite a masterful mindfuck. Really, I think my ex-husband …

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“I, Cake Eater”

Recently someone named “The Affair Partner” wrote to Chump Lady. I thought the lengthy comment deserved its own post. Why? So I can dice it, …

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Cheater Word Salad

Chump Lady used to be a think tank editor in her younger days. Think tanks are those marble buildings on K St. in Washington, D.C. …

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“It Wasn’t About You”

One of the stupidest things cheaters say is: “It wasn’t about you.” This is both infuriating and true. It wasn’t about you. They were not …

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Dear Chump Lady, Why do cheaters get married?

Dear Chump Lady, Why do serial cheaters get married? I really don’t understand this. I’ve been married four years and recently found out that my …

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The Unified Theory of Cake

Cake eating is the preferred Nirvanic state of the unrepentant cheater. It’s the situation in which the cheater has the affair partner (AP) and the …

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