Category: Children and infidelity

Dear Chump Lady, I’m a chump, my brother is a cheater

Dear Chump Lady, I have a problem that I am not sure how to deal with my brother is a cheater and I don’t hate …

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“Our children deserved…”

Dear Chump Lady, It’s been a difficult time. I’ve been coming to the site often over the past two years. Many of you have similar …

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broken heart

Dear Chump Lady, We’re divorcing… and still living in the same house

Dear Chump Lady, My D-day was August 27th, 2017. He just came up to me out-of-nowhere once the kids were in bed and said that …

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Unicorn cage

“Does divorcing her make me the Bad Guy?”

Dear Chump Lady, I’m a chump guy here. Trying to make sense of how drastically my life and marriage has changed over the last several …

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Dear Chump Lady, The OW dresses my children in her clothes

Dear Chump Lady, I am 15 months into this crappy situation now, have just wrangled myself a good settlement that my soon-to-be-ex’s stepfather had to …

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“What do I tell my crying children?”

Dear Chump Lady I have been reading your site for weeks now after discovering (after several years of suspicion) that I am an enormous chump …

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bullshit bird

Keeping Secrets

To be chumped is to be conspired against. Does that sound paranoid? Over the top? Like I’ve got a tinfoil radio transmitter in my head? …

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Dear Chump Lady, I’m suddenly a single mom

Dear Chump Lady, I’m a mom of two young kids. (My son will be 3 in August and my daughter turned 1 two weeks ago). …

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no contact

The Perils of Flunking No Contact

There’s nothing sadder than watching a chump pick up the hopium habit again. I can sit here on the sidelines and frantically wave my arms …

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planet narcissist

Dear Chump Lady, He wants to move to New Zealand

Dear Chump Lady, We’ve been separated almost 10 months. He has a girlfriend and is still seeing her, as far as I know. He is …

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How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist

Once upon a time I got a call for a post on how to co-parent with a narcissist. So, here’s your article. If I were …

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Dear Chump Lady, Will anyone ever love me with stretchmarks?

Dear Chump Lady, I am two weeks post partum. I was left by my husband when I was 6 months pregnant. He had been cheating …

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Dear Chump Lady, I miss being a full-time parent

Hello Chump Lady, So I live in a part of the country that never snows. My ex and and his soon-to-be Ho-Wife took my kids …

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Dear Chump Lady, The cheater wants to take family photos

Dear Chump Lady, We have a newborn. He left and filed divorce when I was 5 months pregnant after I caught him on a hook-up …

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you suck valentine

Dear Chump Lady, How do I deal with my cheater dad?

Dear Chump Lady, I am a college student who watched her parent’s marriage implode four years ago due to my father’s infidelity. My mom, without …

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Dear Chump Lady, Do I have to be friendly with my ex?

Hi Chump Lady, My question is about whether I’m supposed to be friendly to my cheating ex-husband when around the children (14-year-old twin girls). We …

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Dear Chump Lady, He exults in my parenting “mistakes”

Dear Chump Lady, Here is where I am at —overall, happy. I managed to get my divorce finally finalized more than a year ago. I …

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Dear Chump Lady, Do I stay for the kids?

Dear Chump Lady, He says he doesn’t want to lose his family, that he’ll do whatever it takes. This is the second time he’s been …

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Dear Chump Lady, He brought his girlfriend and I lost my meh

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve done a ton of work on myself, I’m slowly reaching meh, and I’m practising no contact as much as is possible …

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Dear Chump Lady, The court wants me to say she is a “good parent.” I can’t.

Dear Chump Lady, I’m coming to the end of things with a divorce hearing shortly, on money and children matters next month. As part of …

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