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Hey, I have an announcement to make — starting on Thursday, Aug. 1, the forums are moving to a new platform, Discourse. What? Change? You …

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Dear Chump Lady, Why do you use foul language?

Dear Chump Lady, Why do you use foul language? My wife cringes when I use bad language (she is a linguist). It detracts from your …

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Why Do You Still Do This? A Peek Behind the Scenes at Chump Central

Maybe you’ve wondered where those Chump Lady columns come from. Do snarky elves visit in the night and leave them in your Facebook feed? Perhaps …

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Chump Lady

Yes, That’s Chump Lady in Español

You might’ve noticed something unusual in your Chump Lady feed — articles in Spanish! That’s thanks to the AWESOME Chump Nation patrons of Patreon — …

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Join the International Academy for the Advancement of Chump Studies

This one goes out to the pseudo-therapist-sexologist quacks everywhere and the diploma mills who love them. I’m rerunning my piece on Chump Credentials. Join IAACS now! …

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The Unicorn of Reconciliation

I Don’t Write for You

Dear Chump Lady, I love the UBT letters. But, what if a cheater realized their affair was the biggest mistake ever, and they were truly …

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planet narcissist

The First Chump Podcast!

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know, it took AGES but I finally just recorded and posted the first Chump Lady podcast over on …

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Good Advice, Bad Advice?

Hey Amazon chumps! You know who you are — sort of person who responds to crisis with research. How many reconciliation books did you buy? …

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When Entitlement Meets Vulnerability

This blog promotes a radical idea — that cheating is about entitlement and lousy character. Not unmet needs, not the baby weight, or your children, …

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Chump Lady Descends Into Middle Age

Happy birthday to me today. Every year I rerun this column, which has become one of the founding texts of CN. To the newbies, my …

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Dear Chump Lady, I can’t give up

Dear Chump Lady, Help. Help. Help. What is wrong with me? I simply cannot give up. The corner must turn? I haven’t done anything to …

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no contact

Dear Chump Lady, Can I go NC with my step-daughter?

Dear Chump Lady, My D-Day involved a stranger texting me about my cheater’s profile on a “sugar baby” site. He had spent $30K (much of …

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UBT: Chump Lady’s ‘attitude’

Dear Chump Lady, Here’s a gem. I told my ex to read your blog. “You might want to know that CL’s abusive condescending and completely …

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God Rest Her Soul

There would be no Chump Lady without Aretha Franklin. I don’t know what the soundtrack of your grief and triumph was, but mine was — …

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Chump Nation Subject of ‘Curious’ Podcast!

Hey, want to know what I sound like? Chump Lady and Chump Nation were the subject today of Lynn Borton’s “Choose to Be Curious” podcast, …

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Chump Nation Takes Australia!

I’m back from Australia! More than a little jet lagged, so if I don’t string sentences together with my usual panache, please forgive me. My …

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Chump Lady Heads to Australia!

Hey! Just a note to let you all know Mr. CL and I are shoving off for Australia on Monday. The blog will be in …

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Happy Blog Birthday, Chump Nation! Viva la Revolution!

Hey, Chump Nation, happy birthday! The blog turns 6 years old today! Have some cake! (Or, in the proper spirit, take away cake.) Viva la revolution, …

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A Chump in a Land Down Under

Hey, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, (or are just really adventurous) just a reminder to come check out my day-long chump talk in …

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My Gun Story… Or That Time I Found a Loaded Handgun Under My Bed

Esther Perel once infamously tweeted at me that my chump story “went beyond infidelity.” I’d fed some execrable article of hers through the Universal Bullshit …

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