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Yes, That’s Chump Lady in Español

You might’ve noticed something unusual in your Chump Lady feed — articles in Spanish! That’s thanks to the AWESOME Chump Nation patrons of Patreon — …

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Join the International Academy for the Advancement of Chump Studies

This one goes out to the pseudo-therapist-sexologist quacks everywhere and the diploma mills who love them. I’m rerunning my piece on Chump Credentials. Join IAACS now! …

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The Unicorn of Reconciliation

I Don’t Write for You

Dear Chump Lady, I love the UBT letters. But, what if a cheater realized their affair was the biggest mistake ever, and they were truly …

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planet narcissist

The First Chump Podcast!

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know, it took AGES but I finally just recorded and posted the first Chump Lady podcast over on …

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Good Advice, Bad Advice?

Hey Amazon chumps! You know who you are — sort of person who responds to crisis with research. How many reconciliation books did you buy? …

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When Entitlement Meets Vulnerability

This blog promotes a radical idea — that cheating is about entitlement and lousy character. Not unmet needs, not the baby weight, or your children, …

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Chump Lady Descends Into Middle Age

Happy birthday to me today. Every year I rerun this column, which has become one of the founding texts of CN. To the newbies, my …

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Dear Chump Lady, I can’t give up

Dear Chump Lady, Help. Help. Help. What is wrong with me? I simply cannot give up. The corner must turn? I haven’t done anything to …

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no contact

Dear Chump Lady, Can I go NC with my step-daughter?

Dear Chump Lady, My D-Day involved a stranger texting me about my cheater’s profile on a “sugar baby” site. He had spent $30K (much of …

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UBT: Chump Lady’s ‘attitude’

Dear Chump Lady, Here’s a gem. I told my ex to read your blog. “You might want to know that CL’s abusive condescending and completely …

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God Rest Her Soul

There would be no Chump Lady without Aretha Franklin. I don’t know what the soundtrack of your grief and triumph was, but mine was — …

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Chump Nation Subject of ‘Curious’ Podcast!

Hey, want to know what I sound like? Chump Lady and Chump Nation were the subject today of Lynn Borton’s “Choose to Be Curious” podcast, …

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Chump Nation Takes Australia!

I’m back from Australia! More than a little jet lagged, so if I don’t string sentences together with my usual panache, please forgive me. My …

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Chump Lady Heads to Australia!

Hey! Just a note to let you all know Mr. CL and I are shoving off for Australia on Monday. The blog will be in …

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Happy Blog Birthday, Chump Nation! Viva la Revolution!

Hey, Chump Nation, happy birthday! The blog turns 6 years old today! Have some cake! (Or, in the proper spirit, take away cake.) Viva la revolution, …

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A Chump in a Land Down Under

Hey, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, (or are just really adventurous) just a reminder to come check out my day-long chump talk in …

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My Gun Story… Or That Time I Found a Loaded Handgun Under My Bed

Esther Perel once infamously tweeted at me that my chump story “went beyond infidelity.” I’d fed some execrable article of hers through the Universal Bullshit …

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broken heart

Where Did Chump Lady Come From?

I was not always a bad ass. People say the nicest things to me on this blog, and I feel compelled to remind them that …

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Chump Lady Tweaks Her Site

Hi, just a housekeeping post, to inform you guys of a few changes here at Chump Lady. “Whoa, where’d the annoying ads go?” you might …

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Chump Lady Is Coming to Australia!

When I started this blog, I never imagined I would hear from chumps around the world. Heck, in the early days, I didn’t realize the …

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