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Divorcing the Disordered — An Interview with Dr. George Simon

From an upcoming article for HuffPo Divorce… Many of us might be inclined to describe our exes as “crazy.” After all, divorce doesn’t normally bring …

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Dear Chump Lady, Am I an asshole for wanting to leave?

Dear Chump Lady, My husband cheated almost three years ago. Since that time he has been remorseful and been the husband that he was before …

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Dear Chump Lady, I’m afraid to tell him I want a divorce

Dear Chump Lady, My husband doesn’t want a divorce, and he said that he wants to rebuild what we have. I’ve told him that I …

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Financial Infidelity

People who will screw around on you, will often screw you over financially as well. Are you in the dark about their affairs? You’re probably also in …

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“We Grew Apart”

Chump Lady recently got into an exchange of comments with a fellow “Zalkreb” on Huffington Post. (Should we trust the opinion anyone who sounds like …

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A Reluctant Cheerleader for Divorce

I really never thought I’d be a cheerleader for divorce. Hell, if you’d asked me 25 years ago about divorce, I’d be horrified to discover …

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