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Dear Chump Lady, What do I make of this “goodbye letter” from my ex?

Dear Chump Lady, What do I make of this goodbye letter from my cheater ex? It has been 7 months since since we said our goodbyes …

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Dear Chump Lady, Why does he want to remain friends?

Dear Chump Lady, My husband has said that he cannot bear the thought of never seeing me again after our divorce. He wants to remain …

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The Hail Mary Play for Kibbles

Yesterday’s post we were encouraging JJ to leave her husband (who really left her… anyway go back and read). She’s got a one-way ticket back …

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Dear Chump Lady, Did I do a bad thing?

Dear Chump Lady, My ex got involved with my daughter’s hockey coach. It lasted a year. I discovered months of “I love you more and …

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Dear Chump Lady, He wants to be FRIENDS?

Dear Chump Lady, I wish I had found this website a year ago. I would’ve of saved myself a lot of heartache. Reading the stories …

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Dear Chump Lady, He’s worried about his girlfriend, WTF?

Dear Chump Lady, I discovered my husband of 25 years and two children has been having five-year long affair. After he admitted that he was …

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Croquettes ego-boost

Ego Kibbles

Cheating is a profoundly narcissistic act. (Of course, cheaters don’t see it that way. Usually they cast it as selflessly liberating someone from the oppressive …

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