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How Cheap Is Your Cheater?

Once upon a time, GladIt’sOver’s ex presented her, apropos of nothing, with a half-eaten box of Wheatena cereal. As a “gift.” She told the story …

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What Are You Throwing on the Virtual Bonfire?

New year, new you. Anything you want to purge from the detritus of your old life? (Aside from your ex that is. I’ll assume you’ve …

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And the Cheater Freak Winners are….

So much freakiness. So difficult to choose. Where to begin? The pregnant chump who walked in on her husband blowing their lawyer? The guy who …

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Cheater Freak Christmas?

In years past, I’ve done a Cheater Freak Christmas Countdown! where we try to best each other with our cheater freak stories. In the past, …

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When Closure Is Eaten by Bears

Need a present for that hard-to-buy for chump in your life? Consider doomed salmon. Oregon-based Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center had a campaign to name …

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New Age Cheater Goop Speak

Bullshit artists have a real way with words. One of my favorite Stupid Shit Cheaters Say submissions ever was: “I didn’t cheat on you, I …

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word salad

Word Salad or Word Wisdom?

After parsing a lot of word salad through the Universal Bullshit Translator yesterday, I thought today’s Fun Friday challenge would be to share the succinct, …

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The Weirdest Things They Took or Left Behind

The other day we marveled at the cheater who walked out on his chump, but not before helping himself to all of her homemade soup. …

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Write Your Own Clickbait

You know what stands between you and a Cinematic Love Story For The Ages? A boyfriend, Tracy? A bad profile? Good sense? No. Schlock. The …

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Snark and Dance Tunes

Lately, the very clever UXWorld has been breaking into show tunes with every posting. Taking whatever the talking point of the day is and composing …

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Imagine Justice

Chump Lady is feeling a little stabby lately. This is what comes from following the news cycle. I won’t get into it. I try to …

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What’s Your Patronus?

If you could summon all your guts and courage into one being, what form would it take? Today’s Friday Challenge is to tell CN who …

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Infidelity Valentines

It’s February 1 and you know what that means? Insipid displays of cut-rate chocolate and polyester teddy bears? No! It’s time for the Infidelity Valentine’s …

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leave a cheater

What’s In. What’s Out

You know all those New Year’s listicles for what’s in for 2019 and out for 2018? I think CN needs one! Out: Pick me dancing. …

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Jingle Meh?

Dear Chump Lady, While I’m working on getting out of my situation, I sometimes distract myself with a little mental daydreaming and write new lyrics …

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Schadenfreude Snark

Yesterday’s breakout moment, about the perils of breaking no contact, was Tbone’s assertion that if she hadn’t looked at her ex’s social media, she never …

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twu luv

Twu Wuv Vows?

Dear Chump Lady, Six years ago I went full out marriage CSI detective and uncovered a long term, on and off affair my then-wife had …

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Worst Gift Ever?

Well, I threatened to do this Fun Friday challenge after my birthday thread (a pen… a tie-dyed motif license plate cover…) on Worst Gifts Ever. …

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lysol ex

Ever Run into Your Ex?

OptionNoMore suggested a column the other day — share the time you stood tall after having to face your ex or Schmoopie 5.0 at an …

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butt face

The Selfies, OMG the Selfies

I believe it was UXWorld who said the other day, “The SELFIES. OMG, the selfies!” Which started quite the riff on embarrassing cheater affectations pre- …

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