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Chumps and Beards and an OurPath Podcast

Recently I was a guest on an OurPath podcast (the support group formerly known as the Straight Spouse Network), talking about the particular chump experience of …

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Does Social Media Encourage Cheating?

Dear Chump Lady, First and foremost, thank you for writing Leave A Cheater, Gain a Life! It was immensely helpful, but I still can’t seem …

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When They Won’t Leave

There is no hell like the hell of in-house separation. You’ve been a good spouse appliance. Why should those perks end? What’s for dinner? I …

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The LGBTQ+ Chump Perspective

Dear Chump Lady, Your blog and book have been real lifesavers for me, and they’ve helped me both frame my own experience and describe it …

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Untangling the skein of fuckupedness

Is He Gay? A Lost Soul? A Sex Addict?

Dear Chump Lady, I’m writing to you as I was forwarded your website by my therapist. I found myself in a shrink’s chair when I …

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Dear Chump Lady, She’s a cake eater. And gay.

Hi Chump Lady, I am a lesbian and have been in a relationship with another woman since March of 2013. In June, I found out …

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