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Kristi Noem and Corey Lewandowski: A Hypocrisy Supernova

There are Jesus cheaters and then there are Family-Values-Crytpo-Fascist-Elected-Official Jesus cheaters. The next level freaks. The sort of corrupt performative “Christians” whose gravitational pull of …

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Natalie Portman Chumped

Natalie Portman and her husband Benjamin Millepied have separated after 11 years of marriage, Us Weekly reports. — Pop Base (@PopBase) August 7, 2023 …

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Huw Edwards

Huw Edwards: His Double Life and Faithful Chump Vicky Flind

Vicky Flind is every chump. The betrayed wife of disgraced BBC radio presenter Huw Edwards — having suffered a very public and humiliating D-Day last …

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Cindy Silva

Daily Mail Chump Shames Older Woman

Kevin Costner’s first wife Cindy Silva shops for groceries 30 years after their marriage ended — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) July 3, 2023 …

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Cheating Bowling Coach Dumber Than a Bag of Rocks

Unrepentant creepy predator Steve Lemke had an affair with a student from a college championship bowling team that his wife coached. He had this to …

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Ashley Madison Study Finds Cheaters Feel Happy

Sit down, Chump Nation, I have shattering news to deliver. This is going to upend everything you thought you knew about infidelity. Are you ready? …

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Tim Elliott, Chumped But Not Down

You want to see something gross? This is my “wife” reading vows to my daughter on our “wedding” night! The guy holding the microphone was …

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Women Regrets Divorcing Her Cheating Husband After Watching New Fatal Attraction

I really can’t handle this much patriarchal, reconciliation bullshit before breakfast. The Daily Mail reports that Amanda Platell (whoever that is) regrets leaving her cheating …

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Gerard Pique

Shakira’s Ex Plans to ‘Keep Doing What I Want’

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Gerard Piqué (@3gerardpique) In Maybe You Should Keep Your Pie-hole Shut news, Shakira’s ex, …

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James Craig

Cheating Dentist Poisons Wife

Cheating dentist poisons wife… Reconciliation Industrial Complex to blame? If I was playing a game of Clue, that’s what I’d guess. Not Colonel Mustard in …

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bitter bunny

Carolyn Hax’s ‘Bitter Woman’ Pile On

It’s not your imagination that chumps are portrayed as bitter, controlling and deserve to be cheated on. Anyone catch last Sunday’s Carolyn Hax column pillorying a woman …

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Holmes and Robach

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Get Canned for Workplace Affair

  Well, this happened last week — the Good Morning America hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes — who were having a workplace affair — …

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Shakira v. Schmoopie: The Timeline

Shakira ‘devastated’ over ex Gerard Pique’s alleged affair with new girlfriend — Page Six (@PageSix) January 9, 2023 Pop diva Shakira learned one of …

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The ‘Side Chik’ — Krystal Hamburger’s Moronic Ad Campaign

Yum, yum. Sloppy seconds. The Krystal hamburger chain (that’s Krystal with a K, the stripper spelling…) launched a new junk food last October — the …

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Womp, Womp Consequences for T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

Married ‘GMA’ co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach allegedly had months-long affair — Page Six (@PageSix) November 30, 2022 Remember the crazy cowinky-dinks …

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The Crazy Synchronicity of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes

Isn’t the dating-while-married-now-separated synchronicity remarkable? Two people, just friends, suddenly shed their spouses in tandem and want the world to know, they never held hands, …

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Woman Gets $7 Million in Infidelity Post-Nup Clause

You know how I say around here, “Sorry is as sorry does”? And encourage any potential unicorns to get that sorry in the form of …

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Alain de Botton

Alain de Botton Can Bite Me

Why should Esther Perel have all my wrath? There are so many other cheater apologists. Who curiously scrub their sites after I ridicule them. Or …

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broken heart

Heart Broken: Take a Beta Blocker?

Kudos to Alain Brunet, a clinical psychologist and psychiatry professor at McGill University. He recently conducted research into the chump condition that did a couple …

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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde’s Cheating Timeline Busted?

Anyone following the whole Jason Sudeikis/Olivia Wilde breakup with Harry Styles playing the ingenue part as the Other Man? For months it’s been speculated that …

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