Category: Infidelity in the news

Elon Musk

The Elon Musk Super Douche Affair

In Wow What a Loathsome Person news, the world’s richest man and Tesla founder, Elon Musk reportedly slept with his best friend’s wife. I know …

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Martin Shkreli

Shkreli Smythe Schmoopie Karma

Somewhere the chumped ex-husband of Christie Smythe must be having a hell of a laugh. Smythe is the star-crossed Schmoopie of Pharma Bro swindler Martin Shkreli. …

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Shakira Got Chumped

Hips don’t lie, but Gerard Piqué does. Shakira — “Queen of Latin Music,” multiple platinum-selling global artist, with a reported net worth of $750 million, …

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Jesus cheaters

A Busy Week for Jesus Cheaters

Have you guys been following the Jesus cheater news this week? Sunday, the Southern Baptist Convention released an explosive 300-page report on sexual abuse within …

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Hulu’s Candy: Twu Wuv and Axe Murder

Here’s a nightmare: Your best friend is screwing your husband. And then she kills you with an axe. Not only does she get away with …

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bad choices

Would You Tell a Dying Woman She’s a Chump?

Here’s a hard question: Would you tell a dying person they’re a chump? (Yes, Mondays are improved by a Hobson’s choice for breakfast.) This was …

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When Soul Mates Go Splat

Leave it to me to miss the snark event of the season. (I’ve been moving house.) Several alert readers sent me the travails of life …

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Melinda Gates

4 Ways Melinda Gates Keeps Her Divorce Classy

 CN, if you ever wonder if you’re changing the narrative, take heart. Melinda French Gates just spiked one over the net for Team Chump …

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Camilla Queen Consort

Several of you asked me to weigh in on the whole Camilla gets to be Queen Consort controversy. And, I’m sorry to disappoint you, I …

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Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker’s Hasty Retreat

A bunch of you sent me the news yesterday that Jeff Zucker has been buried in giant avalanche of schadenfreude. The now former-CNN president suddenly …

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Colleen Le

Woman Donates Kidney to Cheating Boyfriend

Well, CN, you may have been chumped, but at least you got to keep all your organs. Did you see this news item about the …

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Dan Brown

DaVinci Code Guy’s ‘Secret Life’?

Is it credible that a man who made his fortune on tales of conspiratorial intrigue was accused by his ex-wife of having a double life? …

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Alice Evans

Alice Evans Will Not Go Quietly

Dear Chump Lady, I would love to read your opinion on Alice Evans and how she is handling her betrayal and divorce. I’m torn between …

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move on from bullshit

UBT: Esther Perel on Beyonce

Chump Lady had a very late night last night, and couldn’t craft sentences this morning even if you put a gun to her head or …

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Kane Mansir

3 Chumped Women Expose Army Lt. Col. with Double Life

Several alert chumps sent me the story this weekend of serial-cheater Army Lieutinent Colonel Richard Kane Mansir and his double life. Three chumped women  — his …

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Matt Hancock, Busted

Many of our UK chumps sent me the news this weekend that their Health Secretary, Matt Hancock — the guy in charge of the coronavirus …

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Ben Zobrist, Chumped But Not Down

Never underestimate a Chicago Cub. He might be losing nine innings but then come back and…. Win the World Series? Yes and… sue the creep …

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Bill Gates

The Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce

Bill Gates is a cheater. And his wife left him. Those simple facts make Bill Gates incredibly ordinary, despite his vast wealth and world-changing charitable …

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s Lady Friend(s)

I don’t know what to make of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He seems to be a creature constructed entirely of pomposity and paste. His …

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Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn, The Latest Unicorn

The Reconciliation Industrial Complex has a new star — “self-love guru” now busted serial cheater, Derrick Jaxn. Seen here in a hostage video with his …

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