Category: Infidelity in the news

Matt Hancock, Busted

Many of our UK chumps sent me the news this weekend that their Health Secretary, Matt Hancock — the guy in charge of the coronavirus …

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Ben Zobrist, Chumped But Not Down

Never underestimate a Chicago Cub. He might be losing nine innings but then come back and…. Win the World Series? Yes and… sue the creep …

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Bill Gates

The Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce

Bill Gates is a cheater. And his wife left him. Those simple facts make Bill Gates incredibly ordinary, despite his vast wealth and world-changing charitable …

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s Lady Friend(s)

I don’t know what to make of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He seems to be a creature constructed entirely of pomposity and paste. His …

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Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn, The Latest Unicorn

The Reconciliation Industrial Complex has a new star — “self-love guru” now busted serial cheater, Derrick Jaxn. Seen here in a hostage video with his …

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Mighty MacKenzie

Talk about Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life. Congrats to MacKenzie Scott this week on her marriage to science teacher Dan Jewett. A solid guy, …

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Dump ‘Scorned’ Already

Here’s a word I’d like to see disappear from the infidelity conversation — scorned. (Almost always referring to a woman.) “Scorned Detroit Woman Lists Cheating Ex’s …

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Jason collier

Jason Collier, Serial Douche

Many alert chumps sent me the story of the Stinnett, Texas police chief Jason Collier, who was arrested this week for allegedly faking an annulment …

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Martin Shkreli

Smythe and Shkreli, Star-Crossed Schmoopies

Is anyone following the weird story of unemployed journalist Christie Smythe and her imaginary boyfriend and convicted felon Martin Shkreli? Now THIS is a unicorn …

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Jeffrey Toobin’s Troublesome Dick

To anyone catching up, U.S. legal analyst and journalist Jeffrey Toobin was given indefinite leave after whipping his dick out on a Zoom call. Thus …

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broken heart

Woman Has D-Day After Reading Ex’s Wedding Announcement

So how many of you had startling discoveries of infidelity after the divorce? It’s not unheard of here at Chump Nation. But one poor woman, …

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Man Sues Affair Partner — And Wins

Did you see this story last week? About the guy in North Carolina who sued his wife’s affair partner with a “homewrecker” law — and …

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‘Being Frank’ versus Being Chumped

The new Jim Gaffigan comedy Being Frank is a chump Springtime for Hitler — a terrible idea that someone inexplicably green-lighted. Of course The Producer’s “Springtime …

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UBT: ProJared’s Divorce Statement

The Universal Bullshit Translator was awakened from its slumber to several insistent tweets that it tackle some sort of ProJared bullshit. The UBT had no idea …

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Shocker. Rudy Giuliani Still a Cheater.

Well, he may look like Nosferatu, but his dick still wanders. Yes, ladies, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is back on the market …

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Monica Lewinsky Isn’t Going to the Ball

I interrupt this Fun Friday challenge to report the very distressing news that former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was uninvited to a vapid celebrity …

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broken heart

When the Pick Me Dance Turns Deadly

I read the news of a murder/suicide in Philly this week with a sad horror. Jennair Gerardot, 47,  confronted the woman who was having an …

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UBT: What Sleeping with Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity

Oh Modern Love, what-the-everliving-fuck? A bazillion of you sent me Sunday’s New York Time’s ML column — a look at relationships from the point of view of a …

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butt face

Australia, You Need to Up Your Scandal Game

Maybe I’m jaded by reading millions of batshit crazy infidelity stories over six years, or feeding Jesus cheaters through the Universal Bullshit Translator, or living …

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Mayor of Nashville Feels Really Sad About Her Taxpayer-Funded Affair

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry has a bad case of the sadz. She’s broken up with her hunky police bodyguard Robert Forrest, Jr. and would like …

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