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Divorcing the Disordered — An Interview with Dr. George Simon

From an upcoming article for HuffPo Divorce… Many of us might be inclined to describe our exes as “crazy.” After all, divorce doesn’t normally bring …

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When Narcissists Get Chumped

Did anyone read this feature in the New York Times magazine this weekend — The Professor, the Bikini Model and a Suitcase Full of Trouble? …

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Don’t Reason with a Narcissist

Got an interesting letter from “Chump Son,” who raises an issue most of us can probably relate to, if you’ve ever tried to reason your …

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Nugget O’ Insight

Reading all the Stupid Shit Cheaters Say submissions (and huge apologies, I’m so back logged on my cartooning, but I’m getting to it, promise) — …

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The Canard That Cheaters Have Low Self Esteem

If you spend any time on reconciliation boards, you’ll read a lot of creative excuses being thrown around about the deep shame and inadequacy that …

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Croquettes ego-boost

Ego Kibbles

Cheating is a profoundly narcissistic act. (Of course, cheaters don’t see it that way. Usually they cast it as selflessly liberating someone from the oppressive …

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