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cheater overlap

Her Husband Wants an Open Marriage

Dear Chump Lady, You’ve written cogently about the way cheaters employ a double standard rather than asking for open marriage.  So I’d like your take …

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broken heart

Ethical Non-Monogamy Was a Bust

Dear Chump Lady, I was in a relationship for 15 years, married for the last five. I’m not wired to be jealous over sex — …

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monkey love

Is Monogamy Abuse?

Dear Chump Lady The thing that I wanted to talk to you about has nothing to do with cheating, but everything to do with monogamy. …

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Serial cheater

Dear Chump Lady, I don’t think he’s a narcissist

Dear Chump Lady, I’m a chump who discovered my husband’s year-long affair that took place nine years ago while dealing with the fallout of me …

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The Pick Me Dance and Polyamory

Hi Chump Lady, I think I’m almost out of the woods with getting over my cheater, but right as I get to “meh,” I realize …

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Chump Lady on Orgies

An alert chump once sent me an article in Vogue, “That Time I Went to a Sex Party” by “Slutever” Karley Sciortino.  As it appeared …

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Dear Chump Lady, We divorced… and now she wants to reconcile

Dear Chump Lady, Prior to finding your site, and just after D-Day in 2012, I was an active member on another infidelity site. Fortunately many …

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Open Marriage Skepticism

I love the New York Times, but last week they irritated the ever-living fuck out of me by running their Open Marriage series on the …

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UBT: “Please Don’t Give Up On Me!”

Dear Chump Lady, Long-time reader, first-time UBT submitter. I’m a gay man and was with my ex-boyfriend for about 7 years. I need some UBT …

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Dear Chump Lady, My husband is trying to pimp me out to strangers

Dear Chump Lady, So my husband confessed to pimping me out to random strangers on the Internet in pursuit of sex (for the third time). A …

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UBT: Renegade Sex Therapists

Raise your hand if you think good sex is an important part of a good relationship. Oh, hey, is that all of you? I think …

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cake man

Dear Chump Lady, My husband wants a polyamorist marriage

Dear Chump Lady, My husband has just announced that he is a polyamorist. He is sleeping with at least two other woman at the moment …

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A Polyamorist Speaks Out

Dear Ms. Schorn, Reading your blog post “Monogamy Is Not the Problem” made me feel quite frustrated, misunderstood and mocked. I wholeheartedly agree that cheating …

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Monogamy Is Not the Problem

I’d like to give a shout out for monogamy. It’s really been maligned of late, called “unnatural,” — or worse, hegemonic and bossy. It gets …

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An open letter to Dan Savage

Dear Dan, I’ve always been a big fan of yours. Coining the acronym for Dump the Motherfucker Already (DTMFA)? Brilliant. Creating the “It Gets Better” …

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