Category: Reconciliation Industrial Complex

James Craig

Cheating Dentist Poisons Wife

Cheating dentist poisons wife… Reconciliation Industrial Complex to blame? If I was playing a game of Clue, that’s what I’d guess. Not Colonel Mustard in …

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Every Bit of Lousy Reconciliation Advice

Hey Amazon chumps! You know who you are — sort of person who responds to a crisis with research. How many reconciliation books did you …

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Do You Believe in ‘Affair Fog’?

Dear Chump Lady, My husband had drunk sex with a woman who works for him when our little boy was 9 months old and we …

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unicorn problem

A Unicorn Ate My Facebook Page

Announcement: There’s a new private Chump Nation infidelity support Facebook page! Please join us! It’s got all sorts of bells and whistles. Zoom meet ups. …

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