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broken heart

Am I a Bad Friend for Not Supporting Friend’s Affair?

Dear Chump Lady, I am a fellow chump who 4 years ago was betrayed, gaslighted, emotionally abused, on and on, by my partner of 8 …

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Why Does Everyone Assume Cheating Is the Chump’s Fault?

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve recently been pondering something that irks me, and would really appreciate your opinion. In various conversations with some friends over the …

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How Do I Explain My Divorce?

Hi Chump Lady, Could you please offer some advice as to what to say on your dates regarding why you’re divorced? Like you, I’m twice …

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Mindfuck blender

He Denies He Cheated… And Our Friends Believe Him

Dear Chump Lady, I am 33 years old and two months post-discovery of my ex-fiance’s affair, which was two months long with a sleazy girl …

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Did the Affair Partner Tell You?

One of the lousier ways to find out you’re a chump is having the news sprung on you via the affair partner. There are worse …

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Should I Tell the Other Chump?

Dear Chump Lady, My husband had an affair 4 years ago, which I recently found out about. They are no longer having a sexual relationship, …

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cheat on me

‘My Sister Is Cheating on My Brother-in-Law’

Dear Chump Lady, My identical twin sister recently confessed to me that she has been cheating on her husband. We were out with two other …

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Can I Break Grey Rock Just This Once, Please?

Dear Chump Lady, Divorce papers have been filed. Cheaterpants STBX moved out 7 months ago. Fill in the gaps with your stereotypical serial cheater husband, …

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cheater manifesto

Telling People… How, When, Regrets?

So, following up from yesterday’s post about not going quietly, I thought a good Friday discussion would be about chumpdom disclosure. Who did you tell? …

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Alice Evans

Alice Evans Will Not Go Quietly

Dear Chump Lady, I would love to read your opinion on Alice Evans and how she is handling her betrayal and divorce. I’m torn between …

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Should I Tell Grandma She Was a Chump?

Hi Chump Lady, I’m writing today because my 95-year-old-grandmother’s dementia is progressing and it has me thinking about the story of her life (and what …

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Voodoo doll

‘Hero’ Cheater Is a Deadbeat

Dear Chump Lady, December marks three years since D-Day with the 21-year-old babysitter (among others). We had been together for 5 years, married for 2. …

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UBT: ‘Accept My Truth’

Dear Chump Lady, My children, 4 and 7, and I had a talk the other day. I asked my son why he thought his parents …

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Friends Disapprove of Her Divorce

Dear Chump Lady, Plain and simple here is my question. After many, many years of suspecting my husband of adultery, he finally told me after …

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broken heart

The Other Man Wants to Come to Mom’s Funeral

Dear Chump Lady, My mother died suddenly last Friday. I’d started grieving her when out of the blue this bloke called her phone and asked …

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Ex Tells People She’s ‘Liberated from a Loveless Marriage’

Dear Chump Lady, After being quarantined with Covid for the month of November 2020 my wife came home and announced that she wanted a divorce. …

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6 Thoughts on Character Assassination

A lot of my Chump Lady mail can be divided into two categories, “I got chumped… what are people going to think?” and “I got chumped… …

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Therapist Says Not to Tell Anyone Her Husband Cheated

Dear Chump Lady, Do you think chumps should tell their family and friends that the reason they are separated from their spouse is because he/she …

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congrats on your divorce

Enough with Divorce Shame

My cousin got divorced yesterday and I noticed today on her Facebook page that she wrote a very kind thank you to her friends and family who …

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bitter bunny

How Are You Changing the Narrative?

Today’s award for righteous sass goes out to KatiePig. When confronted with the faux sophistication of cheating apologists, here’s her response: This is me at …

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