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broken heart

He Cheated on Me with Prostitutes

Hi Chump Lady, I just found proof and eventually received a disclosure from my boyfriend of 1.5 years that he has been cheating on me …

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cheat on me

‘She Must’ve Made the Right Decision to Cheat’

Dear Chump lady, Seeking your advice on the following: Background, was with partner for 16 years who decided the grass was greener with a married …

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What If I Leave and He Really Loves Me?

Dear Chump Lady, I am unofficially in purgatory. I have been 22 months in wreckonciliation with my cheating husband who cheated with an ex coworker …

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timid forest creature

‘Broken’ Cheater Cheats Again

Dear Chump Lady, I need help, I know I do. My beloved wife of 26 years has cheated on me. Again. The first time was …

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Narcissist Goldfish

Why Can’t He Be Happy for Me?

Dear Chump Lady, You’ve helped me more than I can say in the wake of D-day almost a year ago after the RIC threatened my …

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not a unicorn

UBT: ‘I’m Trying Right Now’

Dear Chump Lady: I am checking in for some support and encouragement as I enter the home stretch of leaving the cheater. The hoovering is …

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I Can’t Believe I Just Said That

Today’s Friday Challenge was suggested by Mr. CL. It was inspired by a comment he read on last Friday’s post where a chump told her …

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Waiting for karma

Angry Feelings Still That She ‘Got Away with It’

Hey Chump Lady, Thank you so much for your site. Once I found it and discovered that I had my own agency and that my …

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Jealousy and the Leggy, Blonde Other Woman

Hello Chump Lady, I have this unhealthy obsession over the woman my ex-boyfriend of two years left me for. A year after it happened I …

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Colleen Le

Woman Donates Kidney to Cheating Boyfriend

Well, CN, you may have been chumped, but at least you got to keep all your organs. Did you see this news item about the …

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broken heart

Is She Really Just a Close Friend?

Dear Chump Lady, My fiancee has a (married) BFF who is an ex-lover. They used to hook up whenever they were single. Early in our …

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UBT: ‘My Ex Owes Me Money’

Dear Chump Lady, I found out my 40-year-old ex-husband was cheating on me with a 19-year-old in Feb. 2018, shortly after found out she was …

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Red flag

‘I Didn’t See Any Red Flags’

Hello Chump Lady, My D-day was almost 3 months ago. It wasn’t a marriage but a 10-year relationship, since teen years. I am 27, she …

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Schadenfreude and the FW Whisperer

Dear Chump Lady, I know by now you think you’ve heard it all, but I’m going way out on a limb and guessing you haven’t …

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ring cam

Busted by Doorbell Cam

If you’re going to cheat on your wife, probably best to turn the doorbell cam off first. On this viral TikTok video, @kaylie271 found her …

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chasing unicorn

I Love My ‘Wonderful’ Addicted Cheating Wife

Dear Chump Lady, This is the first time I have put our story out there into the infidelity community. We have been married 30 years. …

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He Apologized. Now What?

Dear Chump Lady, I have been divorced for 10 months (separated for almost two years) From my husband of 22 years. He cheated on me …

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Can I Break Grey Rock Just This Once, Please?

Dear Chump Lady, Divorce papers have been filed. Cheaterpants STBX moved out 7 months ago. Fill in the gaps with your stereotypical serial cheater husband, …

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Her Husband Wishes She Were More Porn-like

Dear Chump Lady, My husband of 20 years has been replaced by a terrible person. He has gaslighted me in the strictest sense — insisting …

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Signposts to Meh?

Friday Challenge by popular demand — how did you know you were getting to Meh? Were there signposts along the way? A certain point where …

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