Author: Chump Lady

5 Ways to Decode a Non-Apology Apology

If you’re a chump you might have a hard time distinguishing between a real apology and a non-apology. Welcome to Genuine Imitation Naugahyde Remorse. GINR is …

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What You Thought It Was vs. What It Really Was

In the early days after D-Day, caught up in the pick me dance, chumps have a tendency to romanticize cheaters’ affairs and the affair partners. …

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Unicorn cage

I’m Angry At Myself For Not Leaving Sooner

Dear Chump Lady. I recently read your book, and it’s helped me a lot to not contact my ex-boyfriend (which had previously been very difficult), …

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Do You Believe in ‘Affair Fog’?

Dear Chump Lady, My husband had drunk sex with a woman who works for him when our little boy was 9 months old and we …

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Alex Murdaugh, King of the Double Life

Judging by my mail, a bunch of chumps are triggered by Alex Murdaugh, sociopath extraordinaire. To anyone not following this family nut cluster: Alex Murdaugh …

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Mindfuck blender

Why Won’t She Admit She’s Cheating on Me?

Dear Chump Lady, Why is it impossible to get the cheater to admit to cheating? I have dozens of pictures of her and other guys …

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monkey love

Real Monkey Love vs. Barbed Wire Monkeys

I use the analogy here a lot of the Barbed Wire Monkey. Did you know bad monkey love was a famous scientific study? This scientist, …

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cheat on me

The Cheater Was My Best Friend And I Dumped Her

Heya Chump Lady, This is kinda outside your norm. I’m not a Chump but instead the ex-friend of the Cheater. I’m reaching out because I …

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Universal Bullshit Translator

UBT: Affairs Can Be Self-Care

Oh Bustle, you vapid little blip of clickbait… Of all the things you could choose to amplify on your site — world’s worse pizza toppings, …

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bitter bunny

Carolyn Hax’s ‘Bitter Woman’ Pile On

It’s not your imagination that chumps are portrayed as bitter, controlling and deserve to be cheated on. Anyone catch last Sunday’s Carolyn Hax column pillorying a woman …

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‘What I Did to HIM?’ DARVO

Dear Chump Lady, I recently divorced FW after learning that he’d had numerous affairs, slept with hundreds of women, and taken thousands of dollars to …

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unicorn problem

A Unicorn Ate My Facebook Page

Announcement: There’s a new private Chump Nation infidelity support Facebook page! Please join us! It’s got all sorts of bells and whistles. Zoom meet ups. …

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What Do I Say to the People Who Knew?

Dear Chump Lady: How is one supposed to relate to people the cheater told about his affair? These are people he burdened with his secret, …

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Universal Bullshit Translator

UBT: Cheater Wants to Get Back Together With Ex-Wife After 20 Years

Well, Dear Amy whiffed it this week with her reply to a cheater who was considering leaving his Schmoopie for his ex-wife — after 20 …

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Sex Addict Therapist Douglass Weiss Gets Divorced

Well, I don’t really keep up on the goings on of celebrity sex therapists quacks. So many unicorns, so little time. But an alert chump …

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broken heart

An Inconvenient Time for a D-Day

Dear Chump Lady, It’s Valentine’s Day, and in between reading your blog posts, I’ve cooked a steak dinner and given a lovely gift and card …

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How Is Your Pet Better Than Your Ex?

Today’s Friday Challenge comes from Mr. CL, who is besotted with our Golden Retriever puppy, Monty. I am less enchanted. Especially at 3 a.m. when …

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Voodoo doll

When You Need Cheater Twu Luv to Fail

We’re all about Meh here at CN — that Promised Land of acceptance where the pain stops and you don’t really care what your cheater …

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Chumps and Beards and an OurPath Podcast

Recently I was a guest on an OurPath podcast (the support group formerly known as the Straight Spouse Network), talking about the particular chump experience of …

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Universal Bullshit Translator

UBT: The Heart Wants John Tory in Office

Happy Valentine’s Day. The Toronto mayor John Tory resigned the other day for schtupping a staff member and the Universal Bullshit Translator is here for …

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