Dear Abby Kicks Infidelity Ass

I gotta say, I love Dear Abby. She takes about five sentences to say what Carolyn (cheater apologist) Hax takes about 500 turgid, rambling column inches to spit out. She’s like your sensible, Midwestern mom. Today she just nailed being on the fence about leaving a cheater.

Today’s, August 1, 2012, column:

Dear Abby: I found out my husband has been corresponding with prostitutes he picked up when we went on vacation. He emailed them twice, but the second one hurt me the most. He sent her money. I confronted him and was ready to end the marriage, but we have a son.

He denied having sexual contact with the women and said he was just flirting, so I forgave him. But I told him I won’t tolerate it a third time. He agreed to have marriage counseling and do his part to convince me he will change.

Is it worth it to try again for the sake of our son? I don’t trust him anymore, but I still love him. — Ready to Let Go

Dear Ready: When a man gives money to a hooker, it’s usually for a reason. The reason isn’t charity; it’s for services he wants rendered. (And they don’t take money in arrears.)

No one can decide for you whether or not to stay in the marriage, but before making any decisions, make it your first priority to contact your doctor and be checked for STDs. Who knows what your husband might have picked up while “flirting.”

If you do decide to remain in the marriage, you’d be wise to schedule regular appointments for STD checkups. Your husband has shown himself to be not only a philanderer but also a liar.

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11 years ago

Well that was spot on. But she got one thing slightly wrong:

“Your husband has shown himself to be not only a philanderer but also a liar.”

Pretty sure those always go together. Never heard of/met a philanderer yet that wasn’t first and foremost a liar. That’s just how they roll!

11 years ago

I know the real Abby is dead , and this is her successor. But, I seem to recall her telling one woman who had discovered her husband’s cheating to just sweep it under the rug.
Perhaps this new person writing has ore sense.