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Voodoo doll

‘He Brought His Girlfriend And I Lost My Meh’

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve done a ton of work on myself, I’m slowly reaching meh, and I’m practicing no contact as much as is possible …

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The Kid Calls the Felon OW ‘Mama’

Dear Chump Lady, I am divorced from a shitbag who decided to have an affair with a married coworker. Yes, I know, I should have …

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no contact

‘My No Contact Stinks’

Dear Chump Lady, My no contact stinks. You have discussed no contact in your book and on your website. Many of the CN regulars speak …

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Coronavirus and Co-Parenting with Fuckwits

Hello Chump Lady, I was married for 17 years, together 19. Left him in 2015, divorced 2016. I lived with him in a very remote …

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Stay friends

‘Why Does My Ex Want to Be Friends?’

Dear Chump Lady, Can you please tell me why cheaters so badly want to remain friends? A little background information — my ex-husband and I …

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Dear Chump Lady, Do I have to organize their video chat?

Dear Chump Lady, Some backstory before I dive into my current issue: My ex-husband (as of July) told me he wanted to separate in January …

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lysol ex

Dear Chump Lady, How do I keep the OW away from my kids?

Dear Chump Lady, I tried to take the high road regarding my cheating ex-husband having my kids around the OW (who he had a long-term …

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Dear Chump Lady, How do I stop being so mad at my ex?

Dear Chump Lady, How do I stop being so angry at my cheating ex? I get flashes of it and it makes me tired. He’s …

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bitter bunny

Dear Chump Lady, I want him to stay with the OW

Dear Chump Lady, I’m new to reading your column (just found it).  I’ve been divorced 10-years after 14 years of being married. I found out …

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stitched heart

Cool. Bummer. Wow.

Dear Chump Lady, Please help! I do not know how to navigate this entire divorce mess with my two teenage daughters. My youngest sees her …

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Dear Chump Lady, The OW dresses my children in her clothes

Dear Chump Lady, I am 15 months into this crappy situation now, have just wrangled myself a good settlement that my soon-to-be-ex’s stepfather had to …

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