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Did the Affair Partner Tell You?

One of the lousier ways to find out you’re a chump is having the news sprung on you via the affair partner. There are worse …

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She Admitted to Cheating, Then We Had Great Sex… WTF?

Good Morning Chump Lady, I am probably going to word vomit on you, as I am still completely and utterly shocked. So I apologize in …

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Shark Eyes and Dead Stares

In a recent post, a thread broke out on the shark eyes FWs give you when you confront them with their lies. What is that …

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Holiday D-Days Anyone?

They really pick their moments, don’t they? About this time of year, there’s an uptick in new members to the chump club no one wants …

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His Double Life Was Revealed After Death

Dear Chump Lady, My husband was 55 years old, no known health conditions, he was taking no medication. Last August he was hospitalized and operated …

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5 Things NOT to Do When You Discover Cheating

Very few people navigate chumpdom gracefully. Accept that you’re going to wobble and fail sometimes. It’s okay. The goal, upon finding out that you’ve been …

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How to Leave a Cheater — Your Care Team

Last week I got a letter from a physician, Kimberly, who told me part of her medical practice is dealing with the newly chumped. We …

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