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Bitch Boots and Other Talismans

Wonder Woman has her bulletproof bracelets and Samson has his hair — what’s your totem of strength? We often say around here “Put your bitch …

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The Moment You Knew You Were Mighty?

Today’s Friday Challenge is inspired by this week’s Humans of New York feature. Venus’s story could be lifted out of CN. Please check it out …

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Holiday Traditions You No Longer Must Endure?

Keeping in the theme of thanks, today’s Friday Challenge was suggested by a CN member — Holiday Traditions You No Longer Must Endure. When you …

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Best Sad Sausage Performances

A pernicious and predictable bit of mindfuckery after D-Day is the Sad Sausage. Did you find evidence on a cell phone? This is absolutely heartbreaking! …

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Worst of the Flying Monkeys?

Today’s Friday Challenge by popular demand (from last week’s Friday Challenge) is… … Flying monkeys! I don’t know about you, but those winged primates used …

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Your Friday Challenge Is…

Today’s post is gonna be meta. Your Friday Challenge is… Friday Challenges. What would you love to see Chump Nation weigh in on? Worst RIC …

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butt face

Cell Phone Names for FWs

By popular request, today’s Friday Challenge is… What do you call your ex on your cell phone? Blocky McBlockface? Do Not Answer? Do you have …

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esther perel

Infidelity Is Abuse: Discuss

Imagine you’re on a podcast with Esther Perel. Or it can be any smug Reconciliation Industrial Complex quack of your choosing. Or perhaps it’s an …

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Waiting for karma

D-Day Anniversary Benchmarks?

Dear CL and CN, As I approach the one-year anniversary of D-day (September 26) I am taking time to reflect on what I did right …

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Jesus cheaters

Got Jesus Cheaters?

Summer is ending and one’s thoughts turn to Jerry Falwell, Jr. Disgraced princeling to Liberty University. Sex scandal Jesus cheater? (Which one? I know… so …

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Rituals for New Lives?

Today’s Friday challenge comes from ChumpAsItIs. She writes: My story is the same as many others, more than 20 years of marriage, ex-husband stepped away, did …

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Rewrite Your Story?

Hi Chump Lady,  D-Day 1 for me was in 2013. He was sleeping with a colleague; she was a divorce attorney in the midst of …

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stitched heart

Support in Unexpected Places?

Hi Chump Lady, I was wondering if you’d be willing to do a Fun Friday Challenge about the unexpected members of the “tribe” of true …

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Leave a Cheater, Adopt a Dog

Best Public Service Announcement EVER goes to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for “Dogs don’t cheat. Adopt a Life Partner.” Spoofing the Ashley Madison hack, the …

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I Need You Like A….?

Today’s Friday Challenge is a riff on yesterday’s UBT topic, the sad sausage lament, “I needed you.” UXworld commented: “I need you” line I couldn’t …

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sleeping bag

Most Psycho Reaction to Being Busted?

In the early days of the blog and holiday Freak of the Week contests, we had a winner with BarristerBelle who described her then-husband’s reaction …

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Mindfuck blender

Reframe It

I often think of CN as a place to deprogram chumps from the RIC. To “decolonize the mind” in the words of the great Kenyan …

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Leave a Cheater, Change Your Surroundings

Today’s Friday challenge is a riff on yesterday’s post about selling the family home. How did you change your surroundings in your new life? Did …

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lysol ex

Ever Run Into Your Ex?

I know the interwebz are full of listicles on how to Clairvoyantly Uncouple for the Children. But they never include the kind of advice you …

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New Words for the Chump Condition?

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve been thinking about the being mighty part of moving on lately, and I think I have a new term for the …

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