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New Age Cheaterisms

Cheaters seem well-versed in philosophy — the kind of Pinterest-board deep thoughts that can only be expressed by a sunset meme or a basket of kittens. So your Fun Friday Challenge …

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leave a cheater

What’s In. What’s Out

You know all those New Year’s listicles for what’s in for 2019 and out for 2018? I think CN needs one! Out: Pick me dancing. …

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Jingle Meh?

Dear Chump Lady, While I’m working on getting out of my situation, I sometimes distract myself with a little mental daydreaming and write new lyrics …

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butt face

The Selfies, OMG the Selfies

I believe it was UXWorld who said the other day, “The SELFIES. OMG, the selfies!” Which started quite the riff on embarrassing cheater affectations pre- …

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Chumpfetti, or How Did You Get Rid of Their Crap?

So yesterday’s post about Bea’s letter got me thinking about old letters, Valentine’s, tie-dyed license plate covers and other tokens of cheater affection. (To the …

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