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Why Is No Contact So Hard?

A lot of chumps falter when it comes to no contact (NC). It’s the most maddening thing — your brain will be very clear on …

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not a unicorn

UBT: ‘I’m Trying Right Now’

Dear Chump Lady: I am checking in for some support and encouragement as I enter the home stretch of leaving the cheater. The hoovering is …

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Attempted Hoovering Fails

You don’t happen to have that 19th century book on West Virginia coal mining, do you? How about my fountain pen? My grill brush? I …

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Schadenfreude and the FW Whisperer

Dear Chump Lady, I know by now you think you’ve heard it all, but I’m going way out on a limb and guessing you haven’t …

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He’s Back After ‘Ending It’ with OW

Dear Chump Lady, I just heard from my mother that my soon-to-be-ex reached out to her pleading after I had made it clear I was …

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no contact

Is This Hoovering?

Dear Chump Lady I am no contact with my ex-boyfriend, and have been since August. He “wanted a break” in January, but I didn’t know …

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bitch cookie

Bitch Cookie: ‘He Doesn’t Blame Me’

Hi Chump Lady, Chump me is getting a divorce, after catching my husband cheating on me for the third time. It was a “three strikes, …

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Rocking the No Contact

Incoming bullshit? Repel! Today’s Fun Friday Challenge is to tell CN how that no contact’s going. In yesterday’s post, Dr. Chumphead commented: You know, since …

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UBT: “I Needed You So Much”

Dear Chump Lady, I was wondering if you could run this e-mail by the UBT. I received this letter from my ex-fuckwit after 18+ months …

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UBT: The Couple Bubble

Dear Chump Lady, I got the following text from exhusband over the weekend: First: How to Create a Couple Bubble in Your Relationship Then: Hi, …

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cheater overlap

When You Discover Your Boyfriend Has a Married Girlfriend

Dear Chump Lady, Last week, I left my boyfriend of 11 months. I recently discovered that before meeting with me, he had been in a …

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Coronavirus Hoovering?

Hi Chump Lady, Do you think that toxic relationships can be re-started — years later after both of you have had other partners and lived …

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butt face

‘He sent me a poem on Christmas’

Dear Chump Lady, I got this poem from my ex on Christmas Day. What does it mean? What is the point? “I just wanted to …

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