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maintain your dignity

When Does the Pain Stop?

Dear Chump Lady, Tonight is a hard night for some reason. It has been 11 months since D-Day. And since then stories of other affairs …

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Stay friends

Stupid Shit I Thought About Infidelity Until It Happened to Me

In the past, we’ve catalogued Stupid Shit Other People Say about cheating. However, I feel it’s only fair to acknowledge that I was once capable of saying …

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UBT: Investigative Questions for Couples Experiencing Infidelity

Every crime needs an investigation. Not to worry, Inspector Esther Perel is on the case! And now you can be an amateur sleuth too thanks …

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Narcissist Goldfish

Devastating Writing on Making Your Needs Small

Whoever this writer CJ Hauser is, she’s done an absolutely magnificent job of describing the chump condition. Go read her. Go buy her book. A …

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cheat on me

When Men Are Cheated On

If Google analytics are to be believed (and they know everything right?) about half of the people who read here are men. Where are they? …

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Rejection man

The Silent Chumps

The first year I started this blog, I was asked to appear on a HuffPo video panel. The subject was on being friendly with your …

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word salad

Esther Perel Can Bite Me

I first wrote this take down of Esther Perel’s bullshit in 2014. She’s only gone on to greater fame and word salad, which is striking …

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How to Find a Lawyer and Other Chump Survival Tips

A lawyer chump recently wrote me and asked for a column on the pitfalls of choosing a good attorney. Now in the spirit of legal …

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Living with Uncertainty After Infidelity

I remember once upon a time when my life was going to Hell, a friend wrote me a cheer up email and ended it with …

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UBT: What Sleeping with Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity

Oh Modern Love, what-the-everliving-fuck? A bazillion of you sent me Sunday’s New York Time’s ML column — a look at relationships from the point of view of a …

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How to Save Your Marriage After Infidelity

(No, not really. I’m just trying to mess with Google Analytics today.) Many people tell me they wish they’d found Chump Lady sooner, before their ex …

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esther perel

Where’s Esther?

As this Ashley Madison hack has unfolded over the last couple months, I’ve begun to wonder, “Where is Esther Perel?” Surely this is the biggest …

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