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He’s Back After ‘Ending It’ with OW

Dear Chump Lady, I just heard from my mother that my soon-to-be-ex reached out to her pleading after I had made it clear I was …

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He’s ‘Saving’ the Other Woman

Hi Chump Lady, I have been married to my possible soon-to-be-ex for 25 years (M 53). I should have left in 2007 when he had …

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Getting a Friendly ‘Weird Vibe’ from Ex-Wife

Hello Chump Lady, My ex wife and I divorced in July and since then, I’ve gotten very strange vibes from her. I discovered she was …

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not a unicorn

‘He Had a Complete Change of Heart’

Hi Chump Lady, My favorite thing about your writing about cheating is how swiftly and ruthlessly you cut through the waffling to reach the unpretty …

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The Plan B Offer

If things don’t work out with her, perhaps you and I could work things out. This was submitted to my “Universal Bullshit Translator” inbox. It’s so …

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