Tag: Reconciliation Industrial Complex

Meaningless Flings and the Myth of the Good Cheater

So as of yesterday Esther Perel now follows me on Twitter. Which is big of her considering I told her to bite me. On the …

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They’re Not “Wayward”

May I just take a moment to say that I hate the term “Wayward”? As in “wayward spouse,” (WS) or as it is known in …

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Dear Chump Lady, Do I tell what she’s done?

Dear Chump Lady, So I’ve been chasing the unicorn of reconciliation for over a year now, but we’ve finally separated. I’ll be filing for divorce …

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The Futility of ‘Affair-Proofing’

Many chumps ask after they’ve been broad-sided by infidelity — What did I do wrong?  And how can I make sure this never, ever happens …

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Dear Chump Lady, As a unicorn, I am offended

Dear Chump Lady, I am writing on behalf of us unicorns. We exist, those people who reconcile (who you say are as rare as unicorns). …

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