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caught cheating

He’s Sorry He Got Caught

Dear Chump Lady, When I asked my husband why he kept cheating, his reply was — he never thought he’d get caught. What would have been a better …

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UBT: The Apology That Never Came

Hello Chump Lady! I’ve got a fine bit of BS here and I’d like to see what you think. Brief background: My ex-wife had an …

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Forgiveness troll

Fairy Dust Forgiveness

One of my most popular posts here is on the difference between real remorse and genuine imitation Naugahyde remorse. I thought we should have a post on …

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The Dying OW’s Confession

Dear Chump Lady: My soon-to-be-ex, was a serial cheater. D-Day #1 was in August of 2018, when one of his mistresses sent a confession email …

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The Unlikelihood of Immediate Remorse

There was an article over at HuffPo once on how a cheater should tell their spouse they’ve been having an affair. A discussion on tell versus …

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Real Remorse? Or Genuine Imitation Naugahyde Remorse?

So you’ve been chumped and you’re trying to decide if your cheater is truly sorry. Is it real remorse? Or is it genuine imitation Naugahyde …

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