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Years Later and No ‘Meh’

Dear Chump Lady, I was married 20 years. It was around year 18 that my ex started the implosion, blaming me for his unhappiness for …

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Roll the tape

Should I Send Her the Tape?

Dear Chump Lady, First of all thanks very much for your book and blog about which saved my life when I discovered my husband’s affair …

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cheater manifesto

Is Reporting Him Revenge?

Dear Chump Lady, My ex cheated on me with a very good friend for almost 2 years. We were actually couple friends as well. She …

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‘I Trolled the Other Woman’

Hello Chump Lady, I screwed up. I fed the beast. I know you say “If it feels good, don’t do it,” but I confronted my …

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Dear Chump Lady, How can I hurt him to the core?

Hi Chump Lady, Do you have any tips on how I can hurt him to the core? We were together 10 years. No kids. He …

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Imagine Justice

Chump Lady is feeling a little stabby lately. This is what comes from following the news cycle. I won’t get into it. I try to …

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Dear Chump Lady, Where do I go with this anger?

Dear Chump Lady, After a year of being told lies about an affair I finally found the truth on the laptop. So he’s 50 and …

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Dear Chump Lady, Revenge is a bad idea, right?

Hey CL, Me again. God, I am overwhelmed with wanting to send Mike’s emails to Leah. Or even just the last one. WTF is wrong …

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