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broken heart

COVID Roommate Becomes Other Woman

Dear Chump Lady, It’s been 6 months and I’m ready to tell my story. In March of 2020, right when my city got locked-down for …

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Chumped by Two Chumps

Dear Chump Lady, I guess you can say I’m a chump-variant in that I had a runaway cheater. Married over 24 years to someone I …

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The Family Next Door

I’ve gotten a few notes asking me if I’d seen the new Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door about the murder of Shan’ann …

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Close Encounters of the Fake Tears Kind

I don’t know about you, but one of the most shocking discoveries I had being chumped was that my ex could cry on demand. I …

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Dear Chump Lady, The lies are crazy

Dear Chump Lady, I am 18 months out from D-day and 12 months from divorce. Your blog had helped keep my sanity in check and …

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