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UnicornWelcome to Chump Nation.

Chump Lady is the alter ego of blogger, cartoonist, and journalist Tracy Schorn, author of “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life – The Chump Lady’s Survival Guide.”

If you’ve been cheated on, and have Googled infidelity resources for support, you’ll find the interwebz are full of false hope (aka “Send me $400 and I’ll affair proof your marriage”) and victim blaming (“What did you do to drive them to cheat?”) Here we call that profitable psychobabble the Reconciliation Industrial Complex. Chump Lady is NOT about saving your relationship — this is a support site to save your sanity.

Chump Lady is your friend who shoots straight, decodes manipulation, and tells you to put down the hopium pipe. There is a good life on the other side of this nightmare. Leave the jerk. You’ll feel a lot better.

How do I know? Because I lived it. And millions (millions!) of other chumps lived it too and survived. This site is our collective wisdom.

You’ll discover that the Stupid Shit Cheaters say and do is not original. The arc is pretty predictable. And once you see how the game is rigged, you can leave the table.

This site continues to exist because I believe in the persuasive power of a gazillion archived chump stories to change the infidelity narrative. Cheating is abuse. The chump condition, however, is entirely curable. (Lousy character, not so much.)

Glad you found us. Welcome!

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