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Got a Pep Talk?

A few months ago, I read about this research that found that one of the best ways to face a challenge is to give advice to someone else facing the same challenge. HellOOoo… whole premise of Chump Nation, amiright? We’re ahead of science! Quartz reports: Writing in MIT Sloan Management Review, Lauren Eskreis-Winkler, a Wharton psychologist […]

The Fog Comes Softly on Little Cheater Feet

I was going to write a column today, but I realized this morning I was out of milk. And that meant no oat squares for breakfast. Plus, I had squandered all of the blueberries on my husband yesterday (and milk) making him a milkshake. So I wasn’t in my right mind when I did the […]

Dear Chump Lady, Why do I feel a new man is the answer?

Dear Chump Lady,  I have been divorced for 2 years (total 4 years with the separation) and my ex quickly moved on with another woman. Even though I know for a fact their relationship is dysfunctional I still feel he “won” and that he is viewed as a happier person because he is in a […]

‘Is it my fault my ex ran off with our nanny?’

Dear Chump Lady, My ex-husband cheated and ran off with the nanny. According to my ‘friends’ and family, it’s all my fault and they knew all along that this was coming. I feel like I’m being abused and cheated on all over again when they say these things. Can you please please put these sentences […]

Dear Chump Lady, Can I leave for an emotional affair?

Dear Chump Lady, I’m not sure if I belong among your chump ranks. My husband of 11 years developed an ongoing emotional affair with a woman at work. I could tell something was in the works with him and approached him with tears in my eyes, asking him to set boundaries with her and not […]

When your ‘match’ is a married motivational speaker

Friend of this blog, and interior design blogger superstar herself, Laurel Bern, recently sent me a funny account of her dating travails. Sick and tired of being alone after six years and with the writing on my meh mug, long worn off from repeated dishwashings, I put up a dating profile on match.  Yeah. I […]

And the Valentine’s Day Winners Are…

Do you need a giant dose of snark today? Chump Nation DELIVERED on infidelity Valentines! It was quite a job to curate these. So much cleverness, so much Schmoopie humor, so many sad sausages worthy of derision. We had THREE haiku winners and one limerick stunner. Thank you everyone for participating and winners, email me […]

The ‘Bitch Be Crazy’ Red Flag

Here’s a situation I’ve encountered many times among dating friends. Friend will swoon with excitement over new man in her life. Man is divorced. Being the horrible Chump Lady killjoy that I am, I’ll ask why. (Sorry, Mr. Prospect. You don’t date someone I love without being vetted.) And invariably I’ll get the nebulous tale […]