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Single at the Holidays?

Today’s post goes out to anyone who’s feeling a bit morose about being single at the holidays. Why should I feel morose, Tracy? HUH? Are you saying I’m LESS THAN because I’m alone this time of year? Hey, just because I’m not coupled up wearing matching holiday reindeer sweaters with some Goober doesn’t mean I’m […]

‘My Sister Is Cheating on My Brother-in-Law’

Dear Chump Lady, My identical twin sister recently confessed to me that she has been cheating on her husband. We were out with two other girlfriends and talking about relationships (one of our girlfriends just divorced a cheater and we were celebrating her freedom from that douche canoe) and my sister said, “My husband is […]

How Did You Line Up Your Ducks?

We talk a lot at CN about “lining up your ducks” — stealthily doing your reconnaissance work before you leave a cheater. Getting financial records, saving money, seeing lawyers on the sly… To be chumped is to be underestimated. Why of course you trust them! You’d never dream of asserting yourself. Bleat on with your […]

‘My Husband Got Engaged’

Dear Chump Lady, My husband got engaged. (This statement does not contain a typo, although even a search engine tried to get me to add “ex” to the topic prior to displaying the full results as apparently even the internet knows that this isn’t appropriate behavior). We are still married. Last night, he posted on […]

Can I Break Grey Rock Just This Once, Please?

Dear Chump Lady, Divorce papers have been filed. Cheaterpants STBX moved out 7 months ago. Fill in the gaps with your stereotypical serial cheater husband, primary OW around for the last 10 years, D-Day 10 months ago, and you get the picture. I had an awesome 3+ month grey rock streak. I thought I was […]

UBT: ‘Emotions at Many Times’

Hi Chump Lady, I was wondering if the Universal Bullshit Translator could help me translate this one. I was in a relationship for a year. Things had been good up to that point, but then he was liking very sexual photos of girls on his Instagram (girls that he knew) and began pushing me for […]

Holiday Traditions You No Longer Must Endure?

Keeping in the theme of thanks, today’s Friday Challenge was suggested by a CN member — Holiday Traditions You No Longer Must Endure. When you lose a loser, you lose so much more — crappy gift giving, marshmallows on sweet potatoes, insufferable drunk uncles… And if you’ve ever spent holidays as a chump, there’s also […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Gratitude and Jello Salad

Happy Thanksgiving, CN! Hope you’re out there (in the US anyway) getting your turkey feast on. If this is your first holiday post-fuckwit, do something nice for yourself today. Like enjoy all the pumpkin pie for breakfast you want. If you’re sharing with kids, and its not your turn this year, pro-tip for next time: […]