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Your Best No Contact Strategies

Today’s fun Friday challenge to all you clever chumps out there is to tell CN your best no contact strategies. Oh, I know it’s simple to delete a phone number or unfriend someone on social media — I’m talking about the mental discipline that keeps your itchy trigger finger from hitting “send” on that 14-page, single-spaced […]

Dear Chump Lady, How can I hurt him to the core?

Hi Chump Lady, Do you have any tips on how I can hurt him to the core? We were together 10 years. No kids. He cheated. I left straight away. We didn’t even talk about the details of the affair. I mostly felt anger and disgust. I moved to a different city. Cut off all […]

The Trickle Truth is Neither Trickle Nor Truth

Add to the list of Reconciliation Industrial Complex euphemisms I despise — “trickle truth.” I’ve ranted about “wayward” before and the “fog,” but it only recently occurred to me that “trickle truth” is equally moronic… or Orwellian. (Moronically Orwellian? Deviously Orwellian? Anyway…) “Trickle truth” is like “truthiness,” the term comedian Stephen Colbert coined for the rebranding of […]

UBT: You’ll regret it

Dear Chump Lady, I was chumped, D-day May 5, 2016. While I was at home raising our two babies (aged 2 and 1), my husband was constantly absent watching my stepdaughter play volleyball. He couldn’t miss a single match, wouldn’t let me go while he stayed home with the babies, wouldn’t compromise on anything. Turns […]

Do You Have to Forgive a Cheater?

Betrayed people get caught up a lot on the notion of forgiveness. Taking the high road. Turning the other cheek. Being the bigger person. Let’s face it, after you’ve been cheated on — it’s all a big shit sandwich. Generally, you only have to eat that particular “I forgive you” shit sandwich if you reconcile […]

Going No Contact with Stuff

So the other day ChumpDude left this comment: It was 20 years and POOF he’s no more in my life. Just gone. But not gone because all of the memories. The shit he left around that I am still finding. And living in the house we shared for those 20 years. Still watering the plants […]

Miracles Happen on Tuesdays

A couple amazing things happened this past Tuesday. The first one is that this blogometer flipped to 15 million page views. Oh but that’s just views. What’s that in people? That’s 2.7 million unique visitors. Apparently a few of you stick around Chump Nation long enough to read the other pages, getting us  to 15 million views. Wowza! […]

UBT: Joseph’s Letter

If you’ve spent any time on reconciliation boards, you’re familiar with Joseph’s Letter. It was written by a member of a defunct forum “BAN”, but appears at Surviving Infidelity and Marriage Builders. It’s a plea from a man (Joseph) to his “wayward wife” to please answer questions about her affair instead of doing the ol’ rug […]