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Why Do You Still Do This? A Peek Behind the Scenes at Chump Central

Maybe you’ve wondered where those Chump Lady columns come from. Do snarky elves visit in the night and leave them in your Facebook feed? Perhaps a wicked fairy pricked a sleeping baby, muttered a curse, and the child grew up to be a blogger instead of a sensible accounting major? Magical goats? Nope. It’s me, […]

Snark and Dance Tunes

Lately, the very clever UXWorld has been breaking into show tunes with every posting. Taking whatever the talking point of the day is and composing a cheater ballad to go along with it. A Friday Challenge was born. Have you ever wanted to put “I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You” to […]

Is Betrayal ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened to You’?

Dear Chump Lady, Thank you for supporting so many betrayed people. I’m 1 month from D-day. A reader submitted a comment on a recent article, “I’m going to make this the best thing that ever happened to me.” That angle is so interesting because infidelity is often the worst thing that has ever happened to […]

UBT: “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life”

Well, I hope you enjoyed your background reading yesterday, CN, and can properly focus your minds on some new David Brooks bullshit. (Or have at least bought the missing gravy boat on his wedding registry.) What? Two days of David Brooks? Look, if you think you feel bad, imagine how the Universal Bullshit translator feels, […]

David Brooks Can Bite Me

I’m sure you’re all thrilled to crumbs to learn that New York Times columnist David Brooks — deli meat snob, scourge of single mothers, and misunderstood love moppet — has a new book out. “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life.” From the guy who left his wife for his muse much younger research […]

Dear Chump Lady, Is this weird?

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve recently just attended the baby shower of a fellow chump friend that I met recently. She told me the story of her past chumpdom and she now has a new partner and baby on the way. All lovely, but… in attendance at her baby shower was her first husband’s affair partner. […]

What Are You Taking Back?

In the early days after being chumped, the world often feels like a field of landmines. You step about carefully, so as not to set off the trip wire of Affair Objects of Great Significance. Motorola cell phones, BMWs, the crappy hotel chains of Harrisburg, Pa. Totems by which the affair was conducted. Polluted things, […]

Dear Chump Lady, I’ve got a Bunny Boiler

Dear Chump Lady, My D-day was March 2017. OW, aka the Yoga Whore, is a woman who had met Porky Pig on a beach vacation when they were 14 years old. She hadn’t seen him or been in contact with him in 46 years but, when her second marriage failed, she looked him up on […]