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The Annual Christmas Freak Countdown

It’s time again for our Cheater Freak Christmas Countdown! To the newbies, every year we try to best each other with our cheater freak stories. The winners get their submissions cartooned and the top 12 freaks appear in a “On the First Day of Christmas” cheater freak countdown post! The stories told are legend here […]

Making a Vow to Yourself

Introducing another guest post by UXWorld. Today ends UXWorld’s 10 months of living-together-while-separated hell. He writes: December 1, represents a milestone. This decree marks today as the end of 10 months of stressful and unwelcomed co-existence, of witnessing constant and tangible reminders of betrayal, of enduring verbally and emotionally abusive language, and of harnessing all of my inner strength […]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like D-Day…

One of the lasting “gifts” of infidelity for me is that the holidays can’t roll around without me thinking, “Someone’s going to have a D-Day right about now.” D-days, otherwise known as “discovery days” or “damn my life is nothing like I thought days” or “dial a lawyer now days”,  can happen anytime, but they’re more […]

UBT: “Monogamy Is a Gift”

You know you’re wading in deep bullshit when you see the title “The Unsparing Genius of Esther Perel.” Oh please do spare us. Sorry. “Leading Mindful Living Expert” and “Certified Yoga Therapist” Ira Israel broadcasts to The Good Men Project and Huffington Post that Esther Perel is nothing short of GENIUS. (Like picnics are a few sandwiches short. Or […]

Dear Chump Lady, Don’t confess an affair?

Dear Chump Lady, A lot of advice nowadays paints confessing an affair as worse than having one. Can you please rebut the following arguments? Confessing an affair is disrespectful and selfish. Only confess if you’ve been caught or you’ve contacted a STD. If neither happened and the affair is over, keep it to yourself. Cheating […]

Dear Chump Lady, How do I make it through the holidays?

It’s that season again and it’s time to rerun this column. If you’re in a bit of a holiday slump, this goes one out to you. For the survivors of previous sucky holidays, tell the new ones how you did it in the comments. Thanks! — Tracy Dear Chump Lady, I am six months out from separation. Facing […]

Things We Are Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, Chump Nation! Have you started your turkey basting yet? I’ve got a 20-pound behemoth to prepare, so forgive the brevity of this post. Today, as promised, we’re going to do that traditional Thanksgiving thing of going around the table and saying what you are thankful for. (Yesterday we got to vent our spleens.) […]

Things We Are Not Grateful For

By popular suggestion, today we can vent about all those annoyances of a cheating ex we are not grateful for. However, tomorrow — on Thanksgiving — I’m going to make you go around the table and say what you ARE grateful for, fair warning! On this quasi-holiday though — let it rip! You might imagine your […]