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Your Friday Challenge Is…

Today’s post is gonna be meta. Your Friday Challenge is… Friday Challenges. What would you love to see Chump Nation weigh in on? Worst RIC book you ever read? Former Switzerland Friend Get Chumped? Lamest Celebrity Fauxpology? Ooh, or how about brain injury? A show of hands if you thought your D-day was caused by […]

He Left to Join the Circus

Dear Chump Lady I think my friends are getting sick of my rants about my abusive ex and sometimes I just don’t know when my rage and sadness at the unfairness of it all will stop. My incredulity at his awfulness is the gift which keeps on giving. Hard to summarise it all here, but […]

UBT: How to Get Proof They’re Cheating

People send a lot of dumb articles to the Universal Bullshit Translator, so it takes a whole lot of stupid for the UBT to be agog — but this one takes the biscuit. “Here’s how to get definitive proof your partner is cheating” by HuffPo. You’ll never guess what the secret is — YOU ASK […]

Friends Disapprove of Her Divorce

Dear Chump Lady, Plain and simple here is my question. After many, many years of suspecting my husband of adultery, he finally told me after 50 years of marriage that he did cheat. At first he said it was a one-time thing, which after many hours of “discussion“ turned out to be 15 years of […]

Hopium and the ‘Power of Maybe’

You ever wonder why hopium is addictive? Apparently, there is some interesting brain science on this. You’d think, when you get a kibble (he went to therapy! she says she loves me!), you’d get a reward. (Or in brain science lingo, your neurotransmitters get a dopamine hit.) But this fellow, Robert Sapolsky, professor of biology […]

Cell Phone Names for FWs

By popular request, today’s Friday Challenge is… What do you call your ex on your cell phone? Blocky McBlockface? Do Not Answer? Do you have a special ringtone? (Hells Bells by AC/DC comes to mind…) In an ideal world, you’d just rock the total no contact, but many are still in the grey rock trenches […]

I Unfriended Him

Dear Chump Lady, I unfriended and unfollowed my cheating husband on Facebook and Instagram. Apparently, he just found out and sent me this text, “You really unfriended me?” How should I respond? Thanks, Kathy Dear Kathy, You should not respond. Welcome to no contact, Grasshopper. No contact is a discipline. You’ll get the hang of […]

‘I Want Him to Stay with the Other Woman’

Dear Chump Lady, I’m new to reading your column (just found it).  I’ve been divorced 10-years after 14 years of being married. I found out from my then 2-year-old that her daddy was “naughty” because he kissed “girl.” We also had a 10-month old baby at the time.I knew from the look on his face, […]