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If Cheaters Wrote Children’s Book Titles…

In homage to Mistress/Vatican Ambassador Callista Gingrich, whose impression management resumé includes writing children’s books, today’s Fun Friday Challenge is to craft children’s book titles written by cheaters. Talk about your fractured fairy tales… Examples might include: The Monster at the End of this Divorce Summons Winnie the Complicated The 500 Dating Profiles of Bartholomew Cubbins […]

Jesus Cheaters

I once wrote a tongue-in-cheek column, “Don’t Date This Person,” which had a glaring omission — Jesus cheaters. That’s probably because Jesus cheaters are their own distinct category of fuckupedness. Could anything be more narcissistic than thinking you speak for God? I realize the other major world religions have their versions of Jesus cheaters too. Christianity doesn’t have […]

Dear Chump Lady, We had a good life. Why did he cheat?

Dear Chump Lady, I come to you as perplexed and heartbroken. When you think about how many people experience this kind of betrayal, it is really a sad thing. I had been with my soon-to-be ex-husband for almost six years. Despite his two children from his first marriage, (and another child he found out about […]

Dear Chump Lady, Why blame the chump?

Dear Chump Lady, Why are these so called experts so rabid about blaming chumps for their part in creating a situation where they got betrayed? Can’t they just admit that cheaters are sick fucks?  Ugh. I loved my ex-husband and he knew it.  I did the whole forgiveness thing and he acted remorseful and ultra […]

Huma Finally Leaves

You may have seen the news last week — finally, Huma Abedin has filed for divorce on Carlos Danger, (aka Anthony Weiner), her pervy, sexting, boxer-brief-throbbing, disgraced politician husband. The news was announced Friday, the same day Weiner plead guilty  to transferring obscene material to a minor. Weiner will next be sentenced to jail and must to register as […]

Stupid Shit Schmoopies Say

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering your partner’s secret correspondence to a fuckbuddy, you know how ridiculous kibble-speak can be. Devastating? Sure. But also hilarious in a gallows humor kind of way. What’s more absurd than the breathy adolescent sweet talk of two cheaters in limerence? Your fun Friday challenge is to share that stupid shit […]

The Bitch-Be-Crazy Red Flag

Here’s a situation I’ve encountered many times among dating friends. Friend will swoon with excitement over new man in her life. Man is divorced. Being the horrible Chump Lady killjoy that I am, I’ll ask why. (Sorry, Mr. Prospect. You don’t date someone I love without being vetted.) And invariably I’ll get the nebulous tale […]

UBT: “You’re nobody’s muse.”

Stupid Shit Cheaters Say still surprises me. Sure 99.9 percent of it is trite and well-tred cheater speak, but every now and then a nugget of pure mendacity stands out. A nugget like — “You’re nobody’s muse.” Oh hey, I’m sorry Cheater. Yes, I’m not a daughter of Zeus. Was I supposed to inspire you to greater […]