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‘I Want to Blast Them on Facebook’

Dear Chump Lady, I just found out after 5 or 6 years of absolute insane digging (mental breakdowns, trips to rehabs, gaslighting to the extreme, abuse that would cause anyone to want to kill themselves) that my dear darling husband’s side piece is no other than my fucking NEIGHBOR!!!!! I was on here about a […]

Marine Chump: This Is Worse Than Being in Iraq

Dear Chump Lady, Here’s my story and I’ll try to keep it short. I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve been married for almost 20 years. We have three kids 20, 18 and 6. Shortly after we were married and had our first kid, I joined the Marine Corps. Life was pretty good; we went […]

Infidelity, Divorce, Kids — How Did You Navigate It?

Hi Chump Lady, I wish I would have found your site a decade ago.. alas spilled milk… I’m in a 19 year marriage to a selfish/self centered woman who I chumpily still love. 13 years ago she found an affair partner online that I found out about. We went to counseling and “reconciled”… Since then […]

‘I Turned the Tables’

Dear Chump Lady, Married 31 years, chumped the last 2 (that I know of), 2 kids early 20s. I did it all, untangling the skein of fuckedupness, rode the unicorn for a while, smoked a lot of hopium, dined at the buffet of grief, anger, etc. and went back for seconds and thirds. Moved out […]

UBT: Mother’s Day Wishes from the OW?

I got pinged over on FaceBook last week about an email a chump received from the Other Woman, telling the chump how she could be more magnanimous on Mother’s Day. The chump’s divorce isn’t final yet, but OW would like to offer a masterclass in graciousness For The Children! Yes, we all want lessons in comportment […]

Why Blame the Chump?

Dear Chump Lady, Why are these so called experts so rabid about blaming chumps for their part in creating a situation where they got betrayed? Can’t they just admit that cheaters are sick fucks?  Ugh. I loved my ex-husband and he knew it.  I did the whole forgiveness thing and he acted remorseful and ultra […]

How Do I Find the Courage to Leave?

Dear Chump Lady, I married my husband in June of 2015 after being together for 6 years. He is the only man I have ever been in a serious relationship with. In December of 2015, my mother died unexpectedly. I was a complete wreck for at least a year. He was my ROCK. In June […]

Tell Me How You’re COVID-Era Mighty

So today’s Friday Challenge is an mightiness update for the current hellscape we find ourselves living in — global pandemic, murder hornets, bad hair — and tell CN how you’re coping. To the people who are teaching themselves Cantonese and macrame-ing wallhangings with fibers they harvested from their own free-range sheep — I salute you, […]