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What’s the Dumbest Lie You Ever Fell For?

We’ve all been chumped in some pretty outlandish ways. Today your “fun” Friday challenge (is this fun or mortifying?) is to tell Chump Nation what’s the dumbest lie you fell for? Other than “forsaking all others til death do us part.” I’m not even saying you had to swallow it whole — you may have […]

Forgiveness Trolls

Once upon a time, I got my dander up when some troll commented on the Translating Other Woman-ese post. She was an artful troll though, the sort many of you probably encounter in your day-to-day life. The sort of person who notices your big, cracked open heart, peers in and sniffs, “Gee, you really should do something about […]

Dear Chump Lady, Should I fight for her?

Dear Chump Lady, My wife and I decided to start separation and divorce today. She really is my best friend and we’ve been together 17 years this September, married 11. We have two kids and one that was a baby when we got together, now 19, 15, and 9. It’s been a rough time here and […]

You Get Over It – A Chump Story

Today’s column is a guest post from Rarity — who left a cheater, and gained a life. Enjoy! — Tracy My husband effectively abandoned me for another woman when I was pregnant with our second. Our 7-year-old was disabled (22q deletion syndrome) and I was trying to finish a master’s degree. I hadn’t worked full-time since […]

A Chump Minstrel Show

Some of my remaining chump baggage is that I’m unable to watch infidelity depicted in popular dramas without wanting to hang the writers. To wit, “Striking Out” the Irish hit T.V. series about Tara, a plucky solicitor whose lunkheaded fiancé cheats on her with a coworker, the night of Tara’s hen (bachelorette) party. (Sorry. I’m about to solidify the narrative that […]

New Infidelity Euphemisms

Cheating is such an ugly word. That’s why the Reconciliation Industrial Complex has so many euphemisms. Cheating? No, they strayed or were wayward. (Blown off course! Get it? Apparently, the real fault was that they lost their compasses…) Fuck buddy? No, mistress, friend, or lover. So much more sanitized that way. And cheaters themselves give us so many euphemisms! Disgraced […]

Dear Chump Lady, Do you think my married boyfriend loves me?

Dear Chump Lady, I met my boyfriend while he was married (25 years) and living with his wife and two teenage children. We became friends and he opened up about not being happy in his marriage, they had grown apart, didn’t sleep together, etc. His wife found out about our friendship and insisted on marriage […]

Dear Chump Lady, When does this get easier?

Dear Chump Lady, A month ago was My D-Day where I found out my wife of 5 years (partner for 10) and mother of my two beautiful girls aged 4 and 1, had been having an emotional and physical affair with a co-worker. If you would have told me 12 months ago that this would happen I […]