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D-Day Anniversary Benchmarks?

Dear CL and CN, As I approach the one-year anniversary of D-day (September 26) I am taking time to reflect on what I did right and where I am. I’m proud that while I didn’t find LACGAL and CN until later, I didn’t make too many mistakes. I did dump him as soon as I […]

UBT: Esther Perel on Beyonce

Chump Lady had a very late night last night, and couldn’t craft sentences this morning even if you put a gun to her head or threatened to take away her pinecone elves. So today you get a rerun. The Universal Bullshit Translator shredding Esther Perel’s cultural commentary on Beyonce. Enjoy. The UBT can’t even. An […]

Love Is Not a Weakness, It’s a Gift

Hey Chump Lady, First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have so much appreciation, love and respect for you, and I wish you and your family the absolute best. Second, I don’t fully know why I am writing you this email. I don’t really have a question, as you’ve laid everything […]

Mother-in-Law Says: ‘Let Girlfriend Take Over’

Dear Chump Lady, It’s 4 months now after D-Day (got a text message at the death bed of my mum in May with heartfelt birthday wishes to the love of his life, whilst my birthday is in December) and 1.5 months since my husband of 30 years walked out on his family and is now […]

How the Hell Can I Live with Him Until I Can Get Him Out?

Hey there, Chump Lady. D-day 1 was almost a year ago and D-day 2 was almost 2 months ago, now. I won’t unpack the Baggage of Fuckery right now, as that would take too long and I have a tendency to write novels so I’ll spare you and CN. I’ve decided to leave and I […]

Got Jesus Cheaters?

Summer is ending and one’s thoughts turn to Jerry Falwell, Jr. Disgraced princeling to Liberty University. Sex scandal Jesus cheater? (Which one? I know… so many.) The guy having the three-way with the pool boy? Anyway, that didn’t turn out so well. After the bad publicity, he got shit-canned and Liberty filed a $10 million […]

More Snappy Answers to Chumpy Questions

Chump Lady, Please help me respond to well-meaning therapists or friends who say hurtful things like “You need to do self examining to see what it is about you that allowed yourself to be treated that way.” Have heard this way too many times I need a good response! The best I could come up […]

Is This Hoovering?

Dear Chump Lady I am no contact with my ex-boyfriend, and have been since August. He “wanted a break” in January, but I didn’t know that he already had his vastly inferior-to-me girlfriend already waiting in the wings. At this time, he would hoover me in once a month using some pretense (documents he could […]