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All Hail Joss Whedon the Conquering Douchebag

Joss Whedon, ersatz “feminist” and creator of the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was just outed by his ex-wife Kai Cole in a guest blog post at The Wrap, a Hollywood news site, as being a serially cheating douche. It’s a sad day for vampire slayers and cake eaters everywhere. Whedon apparently had a nice […]

Dear Chump Lady, My husband died. Then I discovered his double life.

Dear Chump Lady, My husband died unexpectedly about a month ago. I was devastated and my world fell apart completely. I thought he adored me. He demonstrated it to me with big acts and through little gestures; from thoughtful little efforts towards me to lovely dates and long evenings in each other’s company chatting over […]

New Life Tattoos Anyone?

New life, new ink? Tell me about your tattoos, real or imagined! Today’s Fun Friday challenge comes from my husband, pictured here in all his stubbly splendor, sporting his post-infidelity divorce tattoo, a 13. (Hey, that sounds like a Sesame Street lead in. “Today’s new life has been brought to you by the Number 13!“) […]

Dear Chump Lady, Why does my pink hair make me feel better?

Dear Chump Lady Here is a silly question. I have been through years of hell. In short, like most people here, my husband of thirty years cheated with a woman at his office 30 years younger then him. I went through all the usual crap including forgiveness, starting again, listening to him gaslighting, blaming myself, […]

Dear Chump Lady, Do they turn bad or were they always bad?

Dear Chump Lady, It’s been almost 10 months since D-Day. Things are slowly but surely getting better for me after finding out that my tramp of an ex had been cheating on me for the past 10 years or so. It was a tremendous blow to my heart and ego, but I’m starting to realize […]

Cheaters Suffer from “Low Self-Esteem”?

If you spend any time on reconciliation boards, you’ll read a lot of creative excuses being thrown around about the deep shame and inadequacy that cheaters feel. Really, it’s there buried deep under their secret cell phones, dating profiles, and FOO issues. The whole time they were screwing around on you, somewhere deep in their […]

Dear Chump Lady, I can’t get over being replaced

Dear Chump Lady, I was chumped big time. My once sweet, loving husband left me for a girl at work. Problem is, it was a total lateral move. She is about my age, has the same number of kids just like we do, is a full-time-working professional, like me. We even have very similar interests. […]

Chump Lady’s Book Now on AUDIO!

Hey guess what, CN? The Chump Lady book “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life” is out on audiobook, available for download starting on September 20! Tantor Audio bought the rights, and boy are they fast operators. I was surprised to see it would be available so soon! So if you’re interested, make my agent happy […]