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Dear Chump Lady, How do you ask for a divorce?

Dear Chump Lady, What you think is the right way to ask for a divorce? Does there have to be a justifiable reason beyond just feeling incompatible? Is it okay to ask for a divorce if you feel yourself falling in love with someone else? I often wonder how things might have been different for […]

Have a Bitch Cookie

It’s time for another round of Bitch Cookie! For those of you new to CN, part of the lexicon here (introduced by member emeritus Rumblekitty) is “bitch cookie.” A bitch cookie is that reward jerks demand for doing something they should be doing anyway as a matter of decency. Would your co-parenting fuckwit like extra credit for taking […]

The Stranger

UXWorld shares this powerful guest blog post with us today. He gave this talk at a storytelling event — and I give him big points for bravery talking about the chump experience in front of a live studio audience! Way to be mighty! Without further ado — “The Stranger” by UXWorld. This is a story I never […]

Dear Chump Lady, He apologized. Now what?

Dear Chump Lady, I have been divorced for 10 months (separated for almost two years) From my husband of 22 years. He cheated on me for the final two years of that marriage until I found out and confronted him. He thought we would live together until the divorce came through. It took me two […]

UBT: “You Were So Perfect, I Had to Cheat”

Usually cheaters run chumps down and blameshift their affairs. You Weren’t Meeting Their Needs. You suck. They love you, but just not in that clandestine-hooker-profile-rent-a-room kind of way. Yet every now and then chumps get this particular bit of mindfuckery from the self-pity channel: “I cheated because I was insecure and needed a distraction. I suffer from low self-esteem […]

Dear Chump Lady, Please help un-chump my mom

Dear Chump Lady, The question I have is not about me (although I have been chumped by my last boyfriend as well), but about my chump mom and my cheater dad. They got divorced 8 months ago (everything is final) and living in separate places, but my mom is having a very, very hard time […]

Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties and Things That Cheat in the Night

Today’s Fun Friday Challenge is to create a Halloween scenario for cheaters. This shouldn’t be much of a stretch here, folks. What’s more heart-stopping and stomach-churning than infidelity? You can approach the Scary anyway you want. Horror film trailer? It came from the Deep, trailing a path of slime and ooze…IT WANTS YOUR FAMILY!!…IT BOILS […]

Chump Lady Answers Her Google Queries

I did this once before and I figured it bears repeating — today I’m answering the terms and questions people plug into to search engines to find me. There’s some weird shit in those 3 a.m. Google searches of the soul. the other woman is blocked on my husband phone but still leaves voicemail how How? […]