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The Unlikelihood of Immediate Remorse

There was an article over at HuffPo once on how a cheater should tell their spouse they’ve been having an affair. A discussion on tell versus don’t tell. (I’m not going there — duh, TELL. Yes. Of course.) But what interested me about the interview with Dr. Scott Haltzmann is his peculiar warning that cheaters might […]

Dear Chump Lady, Why do you use foul language?

Dear Chump Lady, Why do you use foul language? My wife cringes when I use bad language (she is a linguist). It detracts from your heartfelt advice. I bought your book on Amazon and it is right on. Do yourself a favor and cut out the potty mouth. Your truly, Jim Dear Jim, Thank you […]

All Those Times You Didn’t Cheat

If you believe the popular commentators on infidelity, unfaithfulness is an affliction that can happen to anyone anywhere anytime. All of our relationships are under the constant assault of sparkly new acquaintances and old Facebook crushes. And the only bulwark against the novel pussy/dick menace is a $399 “affair-proof” your marriage webinar. Affairs, we’re told, […]

Dear Chump Lady, Am I just a chump stereotype?

Dear Chump Lady, When I found your book I had been one of the suckers that was searching the RIC sites for answers. I had no clue that someone like you existed and those sites were all I could find with my limited computer skills. Needless to say your site is my go-to place now, […]

Dear Chump Lady, I can’t compete with their fabulousness

Dear Chump Lady, Here’s my tale of woe. After thirteen years and four children, my husband decided apropos of nothing to leave me for his ‘girlfriend’ of one month who happens to have no kids but many, many tens of millions of dollars. There was no talk of reconciliation (except for three absolute bullshit marriage […]

Dear Chump Lady, The lies are crazy

Dear Chump Lady, I am 18 months out from D-day and 12 months from divorce. Your blog had helped keep my sanity in check and I do reasonably well with no contact. However this past weekend, I had a new experience happen. I received a call from one of ex-husband’s ex-girlfriends (she didn’t know she […]

UBT: ProJared’s Divorce Statement

The Universal Bullshit Translator was awakened from its slumber to several insistent tweets that it tackle some sort of ProJared bullshit. The UBT had no idea what a ProJared was, as the “Pimp my dragon mount!” segment of the economy is unfamiliar to a simple analog machine. Apparently, among the savvy sorts who fancy themselves goblins, ProJared […]

When Mother’s Day Sucks

Dear Chump Lady, Exactly one year ago from Mother’s Day, I was opening gifts, receiving flowers, and left alone in the morning to catch up on some much needed sleep. The next day I woke up with so much gratitude, I said to my husband, “Thank you for a wonderful day, I am so grateful […]