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How Cheap Is Your Cheater?

Once upon a time, GladIt’sOver’s ex presented her, apropos of nothing, with a half-eaten box of Wheatena cereal. As a “gift.” She told the story here and that telling detail has stayed with me ever since. It perfectly illustrates the Bounty for Me! Crap for You! narc dynamic. Today’s Fractured Friday Challenge is to play […]

UBT: ‘It’s not all sunshine and rainbows over here’

Dear Chump Lady, My wife and I separated last year after she had a year-long affair with a colleague from work. Later on it had become apparent that she had seen other guys prior as well, over years , she went to the city where her parents live and went out to bars to meet […]

‘I Work with the Other Woman’

Dear Chump Lady, How do I deal with the following situation? I work at the same organisation as my husband though in a different team. His other woman is in my team. She is full-time in the office, I am in the office for one day every two weeks for meetings (home based worker). In […]

UBT: “Blowing up the Marriage to Improve the Marriage”

A submission here from “Deaun” to the Universal Bullshit Translator that was too fucked up to pass over. According to my counselor [the affair] was a subconscious way of blowing up our marriage to improve it. It was physiological, my brain enjoyed the dopamine. I’m assuming from the “my brain enjoyed the dopamine” Deaun is the […]

‘I Fix Hearts. She Broke Mine.’

Hi Chump Lady, I read your book and I divorced my cheater, but I still feel like I’m not gaining a life. I’m a very busy cardiologist in a small town. In July 2018, I discovered my wife of 15 years (we had known each other for 25 years) had been having an affair with […]

What Are You Doing to Combat Loneliness?

Things can get a little lonely sometimes. New lives have their dry spells. (But remember, nothing is as arid and soul-crushing as life with a fuckwit.) I was writing to an Australian chump yesterday and sent a virtual ((hug)) and she wrote back thanks for the hug using the hashtag #combattingloneliness — and I thought, […]

“People Don’t Want to be Called ‘Chump'”

Dear Chump Lady, I like a lot of what you have to say, but I find your aggressive writing style makes me uncomfortable. People who get abused by infidelity don’t want to be called a “chump.” Can’t you find a more neutral word that captures what you want without insulting people who are already feeling […]

UBT: ‘Don’t give up on me!’

Dear Chump Lady, Long-time reader, first-time UBT submitter. I’m a gay man and was with my ex-boyfriend for about 7 years. I need some UBT help on a handwritten letter I got from him after official no-contact for a month and some change. I still love him and am weak in the knees after getting […]