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No Contact Fails — The Blooper Reel

This “Fun” Friday contest was suggested by an intrepid chump this week — no contact fails, the outtakes. If your chumpy existence was a Bloopers show — what mortifying episode would you highlight? That time you pet sat for her when she was in the Bahamas with the Other Man? Did you drunk text a booty […]

UBT: My Husband Stopped Cheating on Me After 35 Years

The UBT can’t even. The Universal Bullshit Translator got several requests to shred the Guardian’s “Family” feature (seriously editors, FAMILY? Really?) “My husband has stopped cheating on me after 35 years“. It’s the confessions of a woman who stood for her marriage and at last report has won a decades-long pick me dance. Among the […]

Dear Chump Lady, She won’t move out

Dear Chump Lady, I came home from a doctor’s appointment early to catch my wife of 20 years cheating on me with an old friend of hers. When I opened the back door I heard someone running upstairs and my wife standing in the living room looking at me. His clothes were on the sofa […]

Dear Chump Lady, How can I hurt him to the core?

Hi Chump Lady, Do you have any tips on how I can hurt him to the core? We were together 10 years. No kids. He cheated. I left straight away. We didn’t even talk about the details of the affair. I mostly felt anger and disgust. I moved to a different city. Cut off all […]

Man Sues Affair Partner — And Wins

Did you see this story last week? About the guy in North Carolina who sued his wife’s affair partner with a “homewrecker” law — and won a $750,000 verdict? North Carolina is one of 8 states that still has “alienation of affection” laws on the books, although they are rarely enforced. So, this win is […]

More Stupid Shit Cheaters Say

I know I have a page for this, but why hasn’t Stupid Shit Cheaters Say been a Friday Challenge? The time has come. When I started this place, I naively thought I would catalog the crazy. More naively, I thought I would draw it. I had no idea I would get literally thousands of submissions, […]

How to Leave a Cheater — Your Care Team

Last week I got a letter from a physician, Kimberly, who told me part of her medical practice is dealing with the newly chumped. We all know the D-Day experience — the shock, the weight loss, the sleeplessness. Since I’ve done this blog, however, I’d never heard from the medical side of things.  Kimberly, former […]

Dear Chump Lady, I don’t know why I still want him

Hi Chump Lady, This is Kayla. I’m a 17-year-old high school senior. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 9 months due to him cheating on me. He was my best friend: we hung out every single day, all day. He was my first love and my first long-term boyfriend. I saw that he […]