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Time for Another Mightiness Check In

Well, I sure am feeling the CN mightiness after yesterday’s epic blog birthday. THANK YOU for the Patreon love. But I wanted to check in, as I do here periodically, and see how your mighty is going. Did anyone see that story in the Washington Post about Anthony Anderson the amazing kid who sings German […]

Happy Blog Birthday, Chump Nation! Viva la Revolution!

Hey, Chump Nation, happy birthday! The blog turns 6 years old today! Have some cake! (Or, in the proper spirit, take away cake.) Viva la revolution, CN! We are changing the infidelity narrative. Have you noticed how “pick me dance” has slipped into the lexicon? Or how the comment sections on those blameshifting RIC articles are […]

When Affair Partners Marry

The other day I was watching TV and this ad came on for glitzy, casino holidays in Oklahoma. God help the ad executives who were trying their darndest to make Oklahoma look sophisticated and “fun.” Instead of the tornado-afflicted backwater that it actually is. (And is anything sadder than a casino?) Who sets their sights so low that they’d […]

UBT: 7 Reasons Your Husband Left You For His Emotional Affair Partner

I think family therapist Lisa Bahar might be trolling us. I’ve read some asinine relationship listicles in my day (HuffPo I’m talking to you), but this one takes the biscuit — 7 Reasons Your Husband Left You for His Emotional Affair Partner. (Spoiler alert: It was you. You suck.) “She filled the gap and was […]

Dear Chump Lady, How do I stop the smear campaign?

Hey Chump Lady, D-Day was November 20, 2017. I was coming home late after working one of my 4 jobs I had taken to sustain my wife’s insatiable and inscrutable spending habit and found her asleep, phone still in hand in the middle of a text conversation with another man she had known for years, […]

Time for Another Round of Bitch Cookie!

Every fuckwit deserves a prize — a bitch cookie! For those of you new to CN, part of the lexicon here (introduced by member emeritus Rumblekitty) is “bitch cookie.” A bitch cookie is that reward that jerks demand for doing something they should be doing anyway as a matter of decency. Would your co-parenting fuckwit like extra credit […]

Dear Chump Lady, What happens to couple friends after divorce?

Dear Chump Lady, I am 6 months post divorce after discovering my ex-wife’s infidelity in September 2013. This holiday season my children (12, 8) are with my ex-wife abroad with her affair partner on holiday with my ex in-laws. It sucks that my kids spend time with the man that helped break up my family […]

The Perils of Flunking No Contact

There’s nothing sadder than watching a chump pick up the hopium habit again. I can sit here on the sidelines and frantically wave my arms and shout “NO! DON’T DO IT!” But if you’re determined to chase unicorns, there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I promise you, 99.9 percent of the […]