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Dear Chump Lady, Is divorcing him the right choice?

Dear Chump Lady, I need so help. I have looked through archives and posts and I just need some clarity on my particular situation. I’m struggling to get through each day. Let me give you some backstory: “Bob” and I got pregnant by accident. He wasn’t supportive. I lost my job and moved in with […]

Dear Chump Lady, Is she a cheater or a muse?

Dear Chump Lady, I am am 51 year old male who has been married to his wife for 27 years. There have been four distinct occasions when my wife “fell” for someone else, three of them led to no sexual or physical intimacy.  The one came about when she was open with me about her “interest” […]

Chump Lady Gets a Check

A little miracle happened Friday night — and I wanted to post and say thank you to Chump Nation. I came home from work, went through the stack of mail, and found a letter that looked rather ominously official. It was from the literary agency that represents my book — Leave a Cheater, Gain a […]

Therapy Fails?

Most chumps have tried therapy with fuckwits. No knock on the mental health profession, but therapists are not wizards. They aren’t going to hand out hearts, brains, and courage. You either bring that stuff to the shrink sofa, or you don’t. So today’s Fun (?) Friday Challenge is to share your Therapy Fails. It can […]

How Do I Gain a Life Before the Divorce Is Final?

Hi Chump Lady, I’d love yours and the input of CN on the transition between Leaving the Cheater and Gaining the Life. I feel I’m in transit, like I boarded the plane to Meh on Monday, and I’m about to touch down into Tuesday with a few bags and a little bit of hope. It’s […]

Dear Chump Lady, I built my whole life around her

Dear Chump Lady, I’m feeling so lost right now after getting chumped… She left me May 19th saying she didn’t know if she loved me anymore and it’s not my fault, she’s not angry, I did nothing wrong, she just doesn’t know if she wants to be in a relationship right now, she just needed […]

UBT This Jesus Cheater

Dear Chump Lady, So my husband of seven years fed me the fairytale. Everything you would want in a husband he encompassed. He was handsome, loving, supportive, kind, thoughtful, caring — the list could go on. He was also religious, which made me finding his text messages to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve even more fitting. I […]

When You’re Married and ‘Fall in Love’ with Someone Else

Dear Chump Lady, I am a recovering chump, happily divorced and living in the State of Meh. Your blog saved me, and I still read it regularly to remind myself how far I have come. My 17-year-old daughter (10 at the time of divorce) recently asked me about infidelity. She is aware of her father’s […]