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Connecting with Other Chumps?

One of the very best things about running this blog is that people occasionally send me their chump meet-up photos. Even better, they tell me how they gained that new life. Want to meet some mighty? Check this out from “indomitablechump”: Through the power of your website, I was able to connect with four other […]

“Does divorcing her make me the Bad Guy?”

Dear Chump Lady, I’m a chump guy here. Trying to make sense of how drastically my life and marriage has changed over the last several years. Its been a year and a half since I finally had enough evidence and confidence to confront my cheating wife. She had been having an affair for over 3 […]

Chump Nation Subject of ‘Curious’ Podcast!

Hey, want to know what I sound like? Chump Lady and Chump Nation were the subject today of Lynn Borton’s “Choose to Be Curious” podcast, which livestreams from Arlington Independent Media’s WERA. Lynn is a broadcaster extraordinaire and veritable one-woman NPR station. Check it out! You can listen here at the “Choose to Be Curious” […]

Dear Chump Lady, What if there was no sex?

Hi Chump Lady, What would you do if your husband did the following behaviors in an 11 year marriage (two early elementary kids)? He says this is all that ever happened. 1). Went to the strippers about 15 times since the year we had our kids). 2). Had 4 lap dances where strippers put breasts […]

Dear Chump Lady, Is this a unicorn?

Dear Chump Lady: I potentially have that mythical unicorn in my life. It shares its body with the original transformer that sadly still becomes my spouse on occasion. In the morning light with dew on the grass, the unicorn seems legit. Doing and saying the right things. Making good changes and taking responsibility for his […]

Dear Chump Lady, He wants me back

Hi Chump Lady, Thanks in large part to a daily diet of your advice, things have gotten pretty good for me recently. I’m almost at my 2 year No Contact anniversary, during which time I recovered my sanity, made new friends and reconnected with old, started doing well at my job, bought a house, and […]

Tell Me How You Suck

I have a confession. I make pasta wrong. Also coffee. Also stewed tomatoes. Moreover, I cannot properly close a drawer and because of this I am crazy and should be medicated. These are just a few of the myriad ways in which I suck, according to fat, bald, thrice-divorced (although the body count could be […]

Fairy Dust Forgiveness

One of my most popular posts here is on the difference between real remorse and genuine imitation Naugahyde remorse. I thought we should have a post on the difference between true forgiveness and fairy dust forgiveness. I like a good forgiveness story as much as the next person. I’m a preacher’s kid. I grew up believing it […]