Chump Nation
Looking to connect with other members of Chump Nation? Need 24/7 support to get you through this mess? Check out the CN community on Reddit and Facebook.

These are closed, private groups where you can get anonymous support from fellow chumps. You will need to ask a moderator to join and will need an existing Reddit and/or Facebook account.

Pro tips:

  • While going through a divorce, or a messy break up, don’t reveal your safe space to your cheater.
  • Consider creating a new online persona just for chump support.
  • Don’t use familiar screen names. Exs and Schmoopies have been known to stalk.
  • Don’t share identifying information. Always a good rule, but especially when you’re getting out of an abusive situation.

These are run by Chump Nation volunteer moderators. I am not responsible for the content on these sites. It is a very difficult and thankless job to moderate large forums, so just like with all social media, beware of scam romances, trolls and other beasties. The peer support you can get is invaluable (I could never have survived chumpdom without it), it’s a chance to do Zoom meetups and find a real-life meetup near you, but it’s a wobbly, vulnerable time, so use common sense when talking with strangers.

Chump Lady Reddit Instructions:

  1. If you don’t already have an account, sign up for Reddit. It’s free. Pick a reddit name that will not identify you. You will need to provide an email or something to identify yourself when you sign up, but that private info will not be visible to other users on reddit or even the moderators.
  2. To send a message to the mods requesting to join the private ChumpLadyNation subreddit, which is called ‘r/chumpladynation‘, click the link here:
  3. Use the message window that opens to tell the mods of CLN your basic info… you’re a chump, maybe your handle in Chump Lady comments, or any other info so that the mods will know that you are not a troll. Make sure the ‘from’ field contains your reddit name.
  4. The mods will let you in, usually within a day or two.

Chump Nation Facebook Instructions:

  1. It’s a closed, private group. You can request to join here.
  2. You will be asked some questions in order to be admitted. Don’t skip this part.
  3. You’ll get an answer usually within 24 hours.
  4. You have the ability to post anonymously *sometimes*. If you want permanent anonymity consider creating a fake Facebook account just to be on the forums.