Tell Me How You’re Mighty Podcast

Welcome to Tell Me How You’re Mighty — the podcast about surviving infidelity and other hard stuff.

Your hosts are Tracy Schorn (aka “Chump Lady”) and Sarah Gorrell — a radio presenter with the BBC. A pairing that’s akin to inviting a junkyard dog to your tea party. Sarah brings the dulcet tones. Tracy brings the snark.

We talk about infidelity, relationships, parenting, and, of course, mightiness.


Be on the show! Ask a question or briefly tell us about your mightiness. You can leave us a 90-second voicemail here.

More about Sarah Gorrell

Studied law. Visions of sweeping round court in a dramatic fashion. Realised more likely to be involved in petty disputes than high court drama . Relocated dramatic sweeping ambitions to radio.

Gathered experience. University Radio Nottingham, BBC Nottingham, commercial radio. Non-glamorous overnight presenting shifts on industrial estates.

London and post-graduate diploma in broadcast journalism followed by Lantern Fm. Afternoon presenter, voice of the Lantern gnome.

Then Plymouth Sound. BBC Cornwall and the regional evening share. Populated by poetry reading regulars. Braved the backlash of banning poetry. Boosted the audience. Introduced diverse voices. One of them, a dominatrix, got Sarah her first Sony (Radio Academy) nomination. Two more Sonys followed then some network presenting.

Finally Brighton breakfast. A Frank Gillard award when a listener invited Sarah to follow through her gender reassignment surgery. Now to be found discussing anything from bereavement to whether naturists bare bottoms are socially acceptable in a pub environment.

More about Tracy Schorn

Tracy is a journalist and cartoonist who runs the popular advice site She’s also the author of “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life: The Chump Lady’s Survival Guide” (Hachette, 2016).

A liberal arts major with a peripatetic career, her most recent straight job was state news editor at the AARP Bulletin. Covering voter suppression guides during the Trump years broke her brain and she returned to freelancing, which gives her more time to tell people to leave jerks.

A most recent accolade: her protest sign — a drawing of herself screaming into the void — now resides at the Smithsonian.


Ask Chump Lady

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