Tracy SchornTracy Schorn is the award-winning blogger and cartoonist known as “Chump Lady.” She’s the author of “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life – The Chump Lady’s Survival Guide” (Hachette, 2016), which has been an Amazon #1 seller in divorce. Her work has helped hundreds of thousands of people leave abusive relationships.

Since 2012, Tracy has been forging a new narrative about infidelity that champions self-respect and self-care for those cheated on. This stands in contrast to the conventional victim-blaming discourse that encourages betrayed partners to own their part in their abuse and assumes reconciliation.

Her work as an expert on infidelity has been cited at the New York Times, the Associated Press, Huffington Post, and BBC radio, among other sources.

Since 2023, Tracy also co-hosts the “Tell Me How You’re Mighty” podcast with fellow journalist Sarah Gorrell, a BBC radio presenter and single mother of four. Together they showcase stories from those who have left cheaters and improved their lives for the better. They also speak with therapists and thought leaders on sex addiction, single parenting, divorce, and relationships.

Tracy was formerly the state news editor at the AARP Bulletin (circulation 38 million) and has written for AARP, Smithsonian magazine, the World Bank, and the U.S. Department of Defense, and other outlets.

Her commentary and advice on infidelity comes from lived experience and cataloging the experiences of millions of others. She put her critical thinking skills, honed from a life in journalism and academic publishing, and turned them toward the bunk of the Reconciliation Industrial Complex.

Tracy as Chump Lady is the friend who shoots straight, decodes manipulation, and tells you to put down the hopium pipe. There is a good life on the other side of this nightmare. Leave the jerk. You’ll feel a lot better.

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