The Unicorn of ReconciliationChump Lady is the one support infidelity community on the internet that does not assume or promote reconciliation. Read my arguments against unicorns here.


I don’t believe “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” But I do believe that entitlement feels better than humility and people prone to escapism and abusive power dynamics tend not to get character transplants. Change is hard and the odds are long. I think you have better things to do with your life.

Why entitlement gets in the way of remorse: Reconciliation and Entitlement.

Sorry is as sorry does. Is It Real Remorse or Genuine Imitation Naugahyde Remorse?

Oh, and science says — in the largest infidelity study ever conducted — that people who leave cheaters have better lives.

Do you need a pep talk? Trust That They Suck.