ResourcesOther Blogs I Recommend by Dr. George Simon. Dr. Simon, friend of the blog, is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience with personality and character disorders. He’s the author of “In Sheep’s Clothing” and “Character Disturbance.” His blog has terrific articles on manipulation tactics and what makes manipulators tick. — This is one-stop shopping for everything personality disordered. Great forum, especially for those in “unchosen” relationships (like family members), and check out the 100-traits of disordered people.  A safe and completely private online support group for wives and partners of “sex addicts.” For women only. Nominal subscription fee. — Plain-language legal information for victims of abuse. This place has every divorce law for every U.S. state explained and an online legal service clinic for victims of domestic violence, staffed by law students. Cannot say enough good things about the work these people do.

The Happy Hausfrau Porch (Private Facebook group) — Single parenting? Frustrated navigating divorce? This is a great group of people slogging the same slog and doing it with humor and compassion.

Our Path Formerly known as Straight Spouse Network. Support for those dealing with infidelity and their partner’s closeted sexual identity all at once.

Divorce Minister — Run by DM, an evangelical Christian, he challenges the religious community’s victim-blaming and reconciliation-only narratives around infidelity and divorce.


Dating Resources

Baggage Reclaim — started by a woman who used to be an OW and wised up. All about boundaries with players and other good stuff.

Captain Awkward — because dating is awkward as hell.



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