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Ex Thinks They Must Have a ‘Relationship’ for Their Daughter

Hi Chump Lady, Stress chump here. So for anyone who doesn’t know my story – I’m in the Armed Forces and my wife of 6 …

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bitch cookie

Bitch Cookie: ‘He Doesn’t Blame Me’

Hi Chump Lady, Chump me is getting a divorce, after catching my husband cheating on me for the third time. It was a “three strikes, …

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Getting a Friendly ‘Weird Vibe’ from Ex-Wife

Hello Chump Lady, My ex wife and I divorced in July and since then, I’ve gotten very strange vibes from her. I discovered she was …

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Stay friends

Why Does Everyone Want Me to Be Friends with My Ex?

Dear Chump Lady, What is up with the world asking me to be friends or friendly to Cheater Ex-Husband (XH)?! I am two years out …

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